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Chapter 23: Goodbye Gotham

It was deadly silent that night as Scarlett sat waiting for this plan of Jack's to take place. She had no idea what was going to happen or how but she knew it would be tonight. She chewed on her straight jacket again hoping to free herself, so she was useful when he came to get her. Maybe part of her hoped she could touch him again as well, it had been so very long since she had felt his skin against her own.

He had told her nothing other than to sit as far away from the door as possible. So she sat her back against the back wall of her cell but when the hours passed by and still there was no sound Scarlett began to worry, but then just as she was about to give up hope.
"Working late, Doc?" came an all too familiar voice before a gun shot was heard and a signature cackle.
"La la la la la" sang Joker's voice and she swore she could hear him skipping.

"That one their big fella," said Joker's voice and then there was a strange, groaning sound as the door to Scarlett's cell visibly bent inwards until with a mighty crash and broke from the wall and landed with the door still in the frame, inches from her feet flat on the floor. An enormous man with muscles that looked as though they were about to burst out of his own skin, stood in the doorway. His head was mostly bald but there were a few strands that still persisted, though it looked as though he ripped at them with his enormous hands. The man stared at her for a moment before he roared at her so viciously that she felt the spit from his mouth hit her cheek.

"Now, now Aaron what have we said, happy thoughts. This is a lady and we show ladies respect" cooed the Joker and finally, she could see him. Though he was still dressed in his grey tracksuit bottoms and a grey t-shirt, he was grinning again and she beamed at him. He looked like Joker again.
"Jester, this is Aaron he's helping with our escape," said Joker as he moved into the room and began to cut her straight jacket from her.
"Oh J," she laughed as he pulled her to her feet and he just grinned.
"I got you a gift," he said happily and she smiled before he handed her a handgun with a paper flower stuck onto the barrel.
"I love it," she said and he giggled before he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the cell.

Aaron the giant of a man was now breaking other patients out. Joker pulled her through the rabble as somewhere above them an alarm blared out. A few guards were on duty but didn't even see Joker and Jester coming as they tried to control the other patients and soon both guards had a bullet between the eyes. It all moved so quickly as Joker and Jester ran through the commotion of the Asylum riot, every guard they came across lay dead by the time they were through.
"I killed that Doctor lady for you," announced Joker as he rounded a corner with Jester in tow.
"Oh how romantic" she laughed and Jack cackled again, before he shot her a look that told he did indeed think his actions were very romantic and the only made her smile more.

They were heading straight for the main entrance, when the beast of the woman Heidi, who had taken pleasure in torturing Jester as best she could, rounded the corner blocking their escape. Her enormous chest was heaving as she starred angrily at the pair. Joker raised his gun towards the woman, but Scarlett held up her hand.
"No, I want to," said Jester in a voice similar to a child asking for a sweet.

"Oh of course, go ahead, princess," said Joker as he lowered his gun. Jester pulled out her own and pointed it at the enormous woman who was staring at her with venomous eyes.
"You weren't very nice to me," whined Jester shaking her head at the woman.

"Are you going to say sorry?" asked Jester but the woman only sneered.

"SAY SORRY" Joker roared in a voice that was almost demonic.

But still Heidi stayed quiet and so without blinking Scarlett lowered her gun and in a swift movement, fired twice blowing out both of Heidi's knee caps. The gargantuan woman roared in pain and collapsed to the floor.
"I'm sorry" she sobbed lying at Jester's feet.
"Pardon, I didn't hear that" Jester cackled and the woman cried.
"I'm sorry, you psycho bitch!" Screamed Heidi tears streaming down her face.
"Oh, that was the wrong answer," joked Jester happily before she fired again catching Heidi in the throat. Joker allowed her to stay for a moment and watch the woman who had tormented her, choke on her own blood, her eyes desperate. Jester seemed to fill with life and joy. Once the life had completely drained from her and hole in her neck had stopped squirting, Jester allowed Joker to pull her away and towards the large double doors that lead to the foyer.

Aaron the giant had caught up with them and was breaking through the doors that lead to foyer, behind Jester were hundreds of escapees just waiting to get out. With one enormous push the double door broke apart and opened with such force they ricochetted off the wall of the foyer and swung back inwards catching one inmate off guard and breaking his nose.

Joker somewhat dragged Jester to the front desk and pointed the gun at the guard that was sat there.

"Me and my lady would like to check out, so we will be wanted our things," said Joker as he draped an arm around Jester shoulder, and smiled with a sickly sweet smile. His gun still pointed at the guards head. The guard took a quick look around before deciding it was best not to argue with the hundreds of inmates and especially not with the psychopath pointing a gun at his head. The Guard unlocked the room where all the personal items were kept and Joker smiled.
"Much obliged," Joker laughed before he shot the man in the eye and headed for the room. Joker found all his things smiling at the note on bag which read.

"Name: Unknown

Alias: The Joker

Address: Unknown

Next Of Kin: Unknown"

He snatched up the clear plastic zip lock bag that held all his worldly goods and glanced over at the girl beside him who was holding her own equally large bag.
"Lets get out of her, gorgeous," he said and Scarlett laughed loudly.

He grabbed her hand again and pulled her through the rabble of inmates. The sound of the alarm filled the air still as they made it out into the fresh cool night air, at the bottom of the steps leading up to the asylum sat a lone black car and Joker laughed with triumphant as he led her towards it. The sound of police sirens was breaking through the sound of the Asylum alarm as Joker held the door to the back passenger seat of the car, with one final look behind him he jumped in beside her.

"Go Go," he said excitably jumping up and down in his seat slightly as the car shot off, the blue lights filled the rear view mirror as they headed away from the asylum. Just as Joker was about to lean out and fire at the cop a great lumbering form leaped at the police car and turned it over. Aaron roared at the police officer as he climbed out the wreckage of the car before Aaron lumbered over to him and literally pulled the police officer apart. Tearing his limbs from his body like he were made of wet paper.

Jack's cackles filled the car as it raced away from Asylum and Scarlett turned to him and with both hands she grabbed his face and brought her lips to his. He responded almost instantly as he wrapped his arms around her and brought her as close as possible. They crashed teeth in their sloppy and manic kiss but as they pulled away both were grinning.

Jack peered out there back window of the car and nodded to himself when he saw nothing but empty streets.
"Could we just stop here for a second" Jack called out.
"Sure boss," said the driver and slowly the car pulled to a halt at the side of the road.

Jack held up a finger motioning for her to wait as he got out the car and closed the door before climbed into the passenger seat.
"I've got a problem," said Joker to the driver who suddenly looked worried but made not motion to move.
"You see me and Jester are not going to get caught again. So the fewer people to know where we are going the better, so I'm afraid your services are no longer needed. It's nothing personal" said Jack before he raised the gun and fired.

It was horrific not only had the shot been such close quarters that the drivers head had essentially exploded but also the noise inside the car a reverberated causing Scarlett to become incredibly disorientated. By the time Jack had dragged the body out of the car and dumped it on the sidewalk before getting back into the driver seat, she had only just got her head to focus again, her ears still ringing and her eyes watering slightly.

"We are going to have to leave Gotham for a while," said Jack and he drove the car away from the curb.
"Oka,y" Scarlett said

"Come get in the front," he said and she nodded and with some difficultly, she pulled herself into the front passenger seat.

"Where are we going to go?" Jester asked as she looked out the window of the buildings rushing by.

"I don't know yet, just not Gotham" Jack didn't say much more after that and Jester watched at the passed by the sign that read. "Now leaving Gotham, Thank you for driving carefully" and she sighed Gotham sure had been a lot of fun.
"Don't worry Gorgeous, I'm not done with Gotham yet, we will be back before you know it." He said reaching across the car and squeezing her thigh slightly and with a grin Scarlet lay her head on his shoulder.

"I love you, Jack," she said and Joker glanced at her on his shoulder and smiled.

"Me, too Gorgeous"