Bittersweet Revenge

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"..." - Speaking

... - Thinking

... - Actions

CHAPTER 1 - Prologue

Mars, Saturn, and Venus, were kneeling over the other senshis' lifeless bodies crying hard. The hooded figure just stood laughing as his masked followers did the same.

They had snuck into this house at midnight and now five out of the eight original senshi had lost their heads quite literally. (Pluto is the guardian of time and is not there)

The only reason they were able to even come close was because all of them had been asleep after an exhausting day. But now that three were awake they could no longer attack the young girls. Even the dumbest of the group knew just how powerful an angry Senshi could be. So with this thought in mind, the 15 hooded 'monsters' made a hasty retreat, but not before flying the well known dark mark into the sky.

Voldemort had struck again...

"Sir. We just received word of another Dark Mark..." came young Percy Weasley's voice.

"Dispatch another clean-up crew to the location," said the wizard pinching the bridge of his nose as if it would ease his ever-growing headache. I should have listened to Potter and Albus when I had the chance thought Fudge... the Minister of Magic

"Yes sir! Right away." and the over enthusiastic red head left to dispatch a team of wizards to clear up the mess caused by yet another Voldemort attack.

"M-M-Mars... W-what are we going to- to do! If the police come they m-may think W-WE did this!" sobbed Hotaru whom, at the moment, was a nervous wreck, being comforted, in vain, by a crying Mina.

"I-I don't know Saturn. I just don't know!" sobbed Rei hugging Serena's dead body to her. It may have been hard to see, but Serena and Rei were the very best of friends... almost sisters. Sure they would bicker a bit (A/N: ok that's the understatement of the century!) but they cared for each other like family. They should have never left Crystal Tokyo.

"We have to be strong girls... First things first. Lets de-transform before someone shows up," whispered Mina, her leader instincts kicking into effect though she was still an inch from a nervous breakdown.

They all nodded sadly and touched the gem on their Tiara's.

They sadly picked up the others' transformation wands and the silver moon crystal, and put them all into their a-joined subspace pocket. Then they took Serena's Moon sceptre, Ami's computer and her earrings, putting them into the pocket too.

At that moment, Artemis and Luna managed to scramble out from under a toppled over wall, devastation in their eyes as they saw all the dead bodies and the state of the only three survivors...

"Oh girls I'm SO sorry... There was nothing we could do to stop them. They were wizards and we're just... Cats..." Luna breathed deeply, trying to hold back her tears.

"I feel so guilty." Sighed Artemis, hang his head low in respect to the Queen and her dead guardians. Rei just pulled Serena to her again and continued crying.

That was how the clean up crew found them, crying their eyes out and holding their dead friends. Each girl was soaked in blood that was, thankfully, not their own.

"Are you girls ok?" called one of the men in charge through all the fallen bricks and cement.

Finally breaking their way through to them, using Magic of course, they literally had to drag the three girls away from the messy scene. All three were sobbing uncontrollably, shoulders shaking and tears running in rivers, as cries for their friends' lives went up to the gods from the three warriors.

But the gods could not return the beautiful senshi back to earth. Not yet. Destiny had a different road for the remaining three girls to take, if the world were to live on... Yes fate was cruel indeed to these devastated three, but nothing could be done for them. Their destiny has already been decided.

They were to avenge the deaths of their closest friends.

Revenge on the one wizard responsible for the deaths of countless wizards, witches and muggles alike. Yes fate was cruel... but it was cruel to the heartless ones for when this was all over, taking the right path, could bring back all their joys and more.

"My god it's a massacre in there!" exclaimed a man as he saw all the heads that had been separated from the female bodies. "But what I don't get is why he cut their heads off instead of using the Avada Kedavra curse like he normally does." He sighed sadly as he used magic to transport the bodies into coffins with their right heads.

"Beats me." Sighed his friend as they began to cast charms, this way and that, trying to fix the place up, "But what's even weirder is how did those three girls survive... I mean, he could have just as easily killed them too..."

"Yeah. Oh well. It's impossible to understand the mind of a deranged, psychotic, hate filled wizard, who only lives to destroy..."

At The Medical Van.

"You girls are mighty lucky you know that? Not many have been aloud to live after a meeting with the dark lord himself." Smiled the matron kindly as she looked each girl over not even finding so much as a scratch or a scar...

"Well? How are they?" asked the same man whom had called out to them earlier.



"Well they are completely uninjured and not a single mark is marring their bodies. They are in perfect health except for the very deep depression they seem to have slipped into." Sighed the Matron.

"I see. Poor girls. I am so sorry you had to go through this. But now I'm afraid that I must wipe your memories. I do not believe I have ever heard or seen you in the wizarding world. You cannot know of these things..." he sighed sadly taking out his own wand, "I am sorry." He said pointing his wand at the three girls and muttering the memory charm.

It hit the three girls full blast but when the light died down, all three were still bawling their eyes out, the charm having no apparent effect on them.

"What the-"

Rei looked up and glared angrily at him, "Stupid wizard! Our abilities surpass yours by light years. You think your magic will have ANY effect on us!" she practically screamed in hysterics burying her face in her hands, and sobbing, "How are we ever going to break this news to Queen Selenity? How are we going to tell Endymion! Serena's dead, Ami's dead, Lita's dead, Michelle's dead, Amara's dead! God I feel so ashamed."

Year's back, they had somehow managed to bring back the 9 kingdoms from ruins and revived their people. Even the girls weren't sure how it had been done. It was all a blur but what was important was that it was done and they were alive. But now the Queen of the Crystal kingdom and the heirs of the other four planets, were dead. God they would have a LOT of explaining to do.

"Rei! Why'd you tell them that!" Hotaru screamed clamping her hand over Rei's mouth, "They aren't supposed to know about Queen Selenity!" a deep intake of breath and she clamped her free hand over her own mouth. Mina just sighed and stood, transforming right in front of them.

"I'm really sorry, but no one on this planet is to know of Lunar Queen Selenity or the other 8 kingdoms. This will not hurt you in the slightest." She said using her Venus crescent V attack to erase their memories of anything remotely like The Moon Kingdoms.(A/N: Hey I know it doesn't normally do that but in this fic, it can! My Fic my rules!) She quickly de-transformed and sat beside the other two girls hugging them both.

"I know you girls have been through a lot but I'm sorry to say I've never seen you in the wizarding world so I'm going to have to erase your memories..."

"As nice as that would be, I'm sorry to say all three of us are witches." Lied Hotaru. It was half true. They could be witches but they were just so much more than that... they were three of THE Legendary Senshi of the 9 planets and the Moon... But no one was to know that. At least not yet...

"Really? You seem underage..." he paused looking at each of the three thoroughly, "Yes how old are you each?"

"The two of us are 16 and Taru here is 15."Rei said, attempting to wipe her tears.

"I see. In that case you all must still be in a wizarding school of some sort..." he trailed off when the all nodded no, "But that means you're all under age witches... hmmm maybe I should go and see Dumbledore about this. I think he would enrol you at Hogwarts if you have the talent-"

"Oh believe me, we have more talent in magic than you could possibly imagine." Mina cut him off, resting the side of her head on top of Hotaru's as she held the weeping girl in a motherly embrace...

"Ok but you're going to have to trust us..." he said as 10 wizards came out of the house, putting away their wands,

"All signs of magic have been erased from the house sir. We should be leaving now before the neighbours get curious and poke their heads out to see what's going on..."

"Alright let's go. Girls would you like to come with us? We'll drop you off at Leaky Cauldron, and explain to Tom, the situation. I'm sure he'll let you have a room there for free until the school year starts." He smiled kindly at the three upset girls.

"Um I don't know-"

"Rei, we can't stay here and you know it! Besides I'm not ready to face the others yet. And we can't even go to them until Setsuna gets back."

"Yeah Taru's right Rei... Besides, if worse comes to worse, we can protect ourselves very well."

"Oh alright. I guess..." she sighed heavily as she allowed an old wizard to help her up. "But we need to do something first..." she sighed going back into the house. The other two got the gist and went to pack clothes into their subspace pockets too.

"So what do you say Tom?" asked the wizard in charge, leaning across the bar counter.

"Ok. They can stay here until the school year starts. Have you even spoken to Dumbledore yet?"

"No. Fudge is going to right now. But I don't see why they wouldn't be accepted if they do have a lot of talent."

"Yes you're right. Well where are they?"

"Outside in the van. They've had a rough night and are very depressed. Like I said before, 5 of their friends were slaughtered in front of them, so they're a bit shaken."

"Poor girls. Well I'll go get them a three person bedroom, ready."

"Ok, I knew you'd understand us Tom! You're a good man."

"Thank you but if the good of us don't stick together, then we will have no chance in passing through these dark times." Smiled Tom, heading up the stairs to prepare a room.

10 minuets later.

"Alright the room is ready for you girls. Follow me." Tom smiled kindly ushering them up the stairs and to room number 17, "Here you go, one of our finest 3 person rooms. You can stay for free... Isaac has already explained to me what has happened..." he added, opening the grand oak doors and ushering them in.

The room was indeed a fine one. It had deep, blood red carpet, and red mahogany walls, which the top half was covered in stylish royal print, wallpaper. There were 3 double beds lined along one wall, with enough room for two people to walk side by side, in between them. It had a large fireplace with a 3 matching sofa chairs, facing it. There was also a large closet in the room that was enchanted to fit more than it normally should have. Through the only other door in the room was a medium sized bathroom for personal use.

"Oh my! Thank you so much!" exclaimed Rei as she took in her surroundings.

"Yes how can we ever repay you for such kindness?" asked Hotaru turning to a smiling Tom

"No need girls. It's the least I can do. Besides... you've been through a lot and you need a rest."

"No we have to do something! It's just not right!" said Rei almost begging.

"I know, how about we help you in the inn. We've all had plenty of practise with this sort of thing." suggested Mina coming out of her trance.

"I couldn't possibly ask that of you." but Hotaru shook her head wildly,

"Please! We wouldn't feel right if we didn't do at least that! Besides, it can help take our minds off...recent events..." Rei said the last bit with a distant, bitter look in her eyes but no tears fell. Hotaru nodded eagerly as did Mina.

Tom sighed in defeat. These girls were something else. He had to at least admit that much. Not many would have begged to return the act of kindness. He really liked them. He could tell their hearts were good and pure...something becoming quite rare in the young ones nowadays. "Ok, ok, but whenever you wish to, you can stop. I think you and me are going to get along VERY well... It's not everyday I see a young one such as yourselves, with kind and caring hearts. It's really a great thing." he smiled.

All three blushed lightly and bowed in thanks to the sweet comment. They liked this old man. He was truly someone with a kind and loving spirit. Someone that could be trusted. Even though they hadn't even known him for more than 10 minuets, they were already beginning to feel as though he were a long time friend.

"I best be leaving you girls now. You need sleep." he smiled wider and bowed, leaving the room and closing the door behind him softly.

"What a nice old man." sighed Hotaru.

"Yes he is a kind one isn't he." Rei smiled a smile that didn't quite reach her sad eyes.

"And I agree with him... We need to sleep. Hotaru, you get middle, I'll take the bed closest to the door because we all know I always wake up in the middle of the night for snacks or a drink... and Rei, you got the corner bed." everyone agreed to Mina's decision and the quickly pulled out their night gowns from their subspace pockets.

After changing into them, they went into the beautiful red bathroom and took out their toiletries, lining them in the shower and on the sink, then they brushed their teeth, and their hair, before going back into the warm room, climbing into bed, saying their sleepy goodnights and Hotaru switched off the light with a flick of her wrist.

The next morning came too swiftly for anyone's liking, but none the less, as the sun rose and the moon descended until it vanished, Rei, Mina and Hotaru woke up... all from the same sort of nightmare...

"Ahhhh!" -Mina

"Gasp Noooo!" -Hotaru-

"Serena! Guys! NOO!" -Rei-

It took them quite a while for them to catch their breaths from the horrible nightmare, where each was forced to relive every single detail of the previous night...


"Is everything alright?" came the inn keeper's voice as he knocked softly on the door, Isaac stood beside him, having just dropped in to tell him that the girls were to attend Hogwarts the coming year. That was when they heard the three muffled screams and got extremely worried.

"Y-yes, we're O-ok..." came Rei's shaky voice

"Th-the door's open." Mina said quickly wiping the tears that had unconsciously fallen in her sleep. Both men quickly opened the door looking like they had seen or 'heard' a ghost. "What happened!" the man they finally figured out, was Isaac, asked closing the door gently behind him when he saw there was no threats in the room. He promptly put away his wand.

"J-just n-nightmares." said Rei with a strained smile that seemed very weak either way.

"Hn, more like bad memories." mumbled Hotaru, pulling her knees up to her chest and hugging them to her as she buried her face in her arms and she was racked with tears.

"Pardon?" asked Tom hearing her mumble something

"I said more like bad memories. VERY bad memories..."

"oh, I understand..." sighed Tom realizing she was speaking of what had happened in the pervious night. He shot Isaac an 'I'll-tell-you-later' look, "Do you want us to leave?" she just shrugged as she buried her face again. Tom sighed and opened the door for Isaac,

"Are you going to be ok?" the wizard asked concerned for them.

Rei sighed and nodded, a grateful look on both Mina's face and her own, as they got out of bed and got onto Hotaru's one, hugging her. "Thanks for worrying. We're sorry if we startled you." Mina said, a weak yet genuine smile on her beautiful face.

"It's quite alright child. Now when you're ready, come downstairs for breakfast... oh and there are letters from Hogwarts concerning you three. You will be attending there this year." he smiled, and bowed before leaving again, closing the door behind him.

"Are you ok Hota?" asked Mina rocking the girls that was so much like a baby sister to her.

"Y-yeah... We better get ready to train..." she sighed standing up

"But where can we train without being seen?"

"Hey! That's why we got ourselves an ethereal realm." grinned Hotaru sarcastically but instantly fell into her depressed state.

"oh yeah... woops forgot." Mina laughed nervously while the other two sweat dropped...

"Let's just hurry..."sighed Rei as Hotaru summoned up the portal.

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