We've been fighting in this reality for what, a month? It feels like forever since we first came here, and just our luck we showed up in the middle of Mass Effect's goddamn first contact war! What's ironic is that the sheer amount of resistance we've put up has stalled them, and in turn, extended the war past it's original length. Sure, the sub-machine guns we use aren't worth shit shootin' Turians from far away on open ground, but they were damned good up close,like when they'd gotten so close one time they'd been jumpin' into our trenches one after another. They got chewed up then because we were barely an arm's length away! Their armor really screwed us over to, until we'd come up with a plan. First we'd lie in wait for an armored column to pass, worked best when we were hiding in a position they'd thought they had taken, and once we had the middle of 'em in front of us, BAM! We'd haul AT grenades till our arms were sore, or we'd take out the supporting infantry and then we'd break open the hatches and toss molotovs inside. It worked just as well.

About a week ago, it felt like we were winning, we'd dug trenches so deep and winding that we'd held against like, three attacks, we fought hard, and a lot of us died. Hell, I remember seeing one of us strap some captured explosives and throw himself against a tank, seemed to spook the shit out of the Turians too. Guess then they knew how hard we were gonna fight. Once it was all over, we cheered an' cheered. We'd beaten back all those guys and we were still strong. And then it felt like the sky shattered and the ground itself was rent apart.

Nowadays it really feels as if we're in the middle of the first world war, the mud, the rotting corpses, the constant fucking bombardments, sure the Crono*Scratched out* Crono*Scratched out* Cronowhatever would spit out some supplies and reinforcements for us, but we're still being pushed to the limit.

The only thing I can see comin' from this is that the Turians, and by extention, the council the damn sycophants, won't just write this off as some kind of goddamn 'incident' like they did originally.

*Hurried scribbling*

Shit, I can see another wave of 'em coming, I might only have a few mags left, but damned if I'm gonna let 'em walk over us!