All I can really say about our current situation is:

Fuck, man.

We're in a Reality in which Corneria and Earth are on the precipice of war. And we're on, where else, but Corneria. Both sides are throwing a fit, and we've been holed up the Cornerian's goddamn capital.

The Cornerians eventually figured out we weren't with Earth, if in part, due to our shitty gear. We'd eventually set up a small compound and told everyone, 'Hey, we don't want none of this shit.' We've been rather cordial with our Cornerian 'Hosts' as it were, and a few of us even went on 'leave' but really, it was just an excuse to go and mingle in the city. It was rather nice, no-one was shooting at us, so that was a bonus. They seemed surprised at how young we were, even more so at how we looked alike, we were able to avert suspicions, but that was why we usually wear masks. Bandanas, Gas masks, whatever. They make us look cool too, at least, I think so.

I remember at one point we had come to an agreement about how Earth was acting like a brat, as although Corneria technically attacked them first, it was the action of a 'rouge element' some high-and-mighty stick up his ass ape commander who wrecked a human colony, what a dick. But when one of us said so to some reporter types, Earth threw a fit because we said they were being 'all pissy about it.'

And so, things went back and forth, insults, threats, and at one point, your classic 'bag of flaming crap' prank arrived on the Earth Consulate's doorstep.

And then we woke up to explosions, and distant, multi-colored lights in the evening sky.

And here we are now, we've been fighting along elements of the Cornerian Defence Force. We've taken to wearing armbands bearing Cornerian symbols to show we're supporting them to civilians and various militia.

We've been fighting for three days. I remember resting in a rallying point near the City Hall, and I was watching intercepted footage from earth. I distinctly recall seeing footage from a Human Soldier's helmet cam, showing one of us throwing themselves at the enemy, Greatcoat held open, revealing explosives before detonating. We seem to do that a lot lately. For the Cornerians and the Humans, the Urban fighting is Brutal and nightmarish. For us, it's just goddamn confusing. At one point, we'd recaptured a row of suburban houses, and we got orders to re-retake the row behind us not ten minutes after we had taken it.

I have to finish writing, we're moving out for a counterattack to the southwest.

Why do we even write these anyway?