Monkey, Monkey part 1: Stormy

A Gensomaden Saiyuki fanfic by Gohlico

It was a calm afternoon in the kingdom of the gods. The goddess Kanzeon Bosatsu looked into the mirror. A small smile formed on her face as she surveyed Goku of the Sanzo party and Ririn of Kougaiji's gang. Kanzeon had been watching those two for some days with great interest. The goddess chuckled with amusement and curiosity. "Those two are so alike, childish and stubborn but very strong in mind, body and spirit. They'll make a great team." thought the goddess. "Or something more."

"Grrrr. stupid horny kappa."

Goku just kept on growling and mumbling as he ran through the forest. Sha Gojyo went too far in his teasing with the hot-tempered youkai. Normally, Goku would insult back but he was in no mood to do so. In response, Goku simply ran away from the rest of the Sanzo party. He wanted to go somewhere far away from the water demon just to cool his head. Son Goku hoped that he would find a nice river to bathe in.

"Grrrr. stupid big brother."

The tomboyish youkai girl named Ririn was very furious. She couldn't believe that her stepbrother Kougaiji ordered her to stay in Gyumao's palace while he goes on a mission to recruit more youkai assassins. He promised that they would eat lunch in her favorite restaurant on that very day. Just hours ago, Ririn decided to go rebellious by running away. Ririn's thirst and sweat began to overcome her as she ran through the woods. She wondered if a river is nearby.

Cho Hakkai began to worry about the enraged Goku. "Don't you think we should go and look for him?" asked Cho to Gojyo. "Nah, he will be back as always as long as we got food" replied Gojyo. He pointed to their bag of food provisions they bought in the last village they've been to. The monk Sanzo looked at the skies as if he was checking the clouds. "Hey Sanzo! Aren't you too old to guess the shapes of the clouds?" asked Gojyo. "Shut up" answered Sanzo. He turned his attentions to the skies again. Even though the weather was perfectly sunny, he had a feeling that it won't last long.

"Ririn!!! Come back here!!!" yelled Yaone throughout Gyumao's palace. The weary female youkai sighed. She knew Gyumao's daughter would run away out of anger. She hoped that Ririn comes back before something happens to her. If Ririn does not come, Yaone must find her immediately. Her anxiety increased as she felt the coldness of a coming rain and the footsteps of Kougaiji and Dokugakuji. "Kougaiji-sama! Please forgive me!" cried Yaone as she bowed before the demon prince. Yaone explained everything about Ririn. Kougaiji's face flushed with anger and ranted. "Just great! I felt really guilty awhile ago so I bought a dozen meatbuns for my sister and now she's gone! Yaone! Doku! Let's find the little brat before she gets hurt!"

Goku heard the sound of a river nearby. Gladly, he ran as fast as he could to the source of the sound. He doesn't care about Sanzo and the rest. Only a dip into cool waters mattered to him. Finally, he found the shores of the riverside. The monkey-boy took of his clothes and dove into the refreshing river. When he ventured through the depths of the water, he was shocked to see a familiar and naked demon girl. Ririn was as shocked as Goku when she saw his bare body underwater. Simultaneously, they emerged only up to their necks above the river's surface. Their bodies were still in the water. Ririn tried her best to cover herself with her hands as much as possible while Goku covered his crotch. "YOU!!! What the hell are you doing here you pervert!?" screamed Ririn at Goku. "Hey! I didn't know you're in the river so it's not my fault I saw your hideous body!" answered Goku angrily. Ririn's anger went through the roof when she heard that. "HIDEOUS!!?? I'm going to kill you for that remark you perverted monkey! Prepare to die!" screamed Ririn. Goku expected her to say that. In an incredible speed made possible in anime, Goku and Ririn put on their clothes and faced each other in battle stance. Goku held his trusty nyoibo while Ririn raised her fists. The tomboyish princess lunged at Goku with her right fist but the demon boy somersaulted backwards with his bo. With his staff, Goku attempted to strike Ririn. Ririn blocked the nyoibo with her left foot and proceeded to give a roundhouse kick. Her roundhouse kick was blocked by Goku's nyoibo. In the midst of their battle, a heavy downpour of rain came. "Ugh! I hate rain! This is a draw Son Goku! Let's find shelter first before we continue our fight!" yelled Ririn. Goku nodded. Getting bombarded by heavy rain was one of his dislikes. "I saw a cave while on my way to the river. Let's go there!" said Goku. The two youkai ran through the woods until they saw a small cave. It was just a simple and empty cave but it was perfect for sheltering. Goku and Ririn entered and sat down, waiting for the rain to settle. Their eyes glared at each other for hours until Goku finally spoke. "Oy, why did you come here alone? Do you still believe that you can take all of us down?" asked Goku. Ririn's facial expression changed from angry to sadness. "No, I didn't come to fight you, Baldy Sanzo and the rest of you. I." Ririn turned her head to the left and sighed as if she didn't want to talk. "I ran away." Goku's face also changed its expression. He was surprised to hear Ririn talked sullenly about running away. The demon boy never thought that the daughter of Gyumao would run away like him. He laughed and Ririn stared at him, irritated. "What's so funny about that!?" asked Ririn, still looking annoyed. Goku stopped laughing. "What a coincidence! I'm running away too!" exclaimed Goku. Ririn stopped glaring at Goku with widely opened eyes. "Really!? How come?" asked the demon princess. Goku told Ririn about Gojyo's teasing. He was offended when Gojyo mockingly accused him of stealing his food and then pulling a mean prank on him by stealing his lunch. Ririn listened and then began to speak. "I don't think that's funny. I would really get pissed off if someone steals my food but I'm sure Gojyo-san feels sorry for what he did. If he does, just forget about it." "So why did you run away?" asked Goku. Ririn told him about the time her brother broke his promise of eating out. Goku looked serious and said "I feel ya. Sometimes Sanzo breaks his promise of eating out but hey, it's okay because he would make up for it by giving me more food next time. I'm sure your brother will make it up for you." Ririn and Goku just kept on talking to each other for hours. They talked like they just become friends. The dark stormy skies suddenly thundered. Ririn jumped with fright and latched herself unto Goku. Seconds later, they blushed and then inched away from each other immediately. "D-don't get any funny ideas!" exclaimed Ririn. She was angry but the redness on her cheeks lingered. Goku's reddened face turned away. "I don't know what you're talking about!" replied Goku.

Night has come and sleepiness began to take hold of Goku and Ririn. "It's late and it's still raining hard. We have to stay here until tomorrow morning. Let's hope the storm stops by that time" said Goku. Ririn nodded and then shivered. "It's so cold! I can't sleep in a cold cave!" exclaimed Ririn. "Is that how a warrior talks? Here, take this." Goku took off his cape and gave it to Ririn. "Now you have a blanket! So shut up and go to sleep. Girls, sheesh!" The demon boy lied down with hands under his head. Ririn lied down far from Goku and covered her body with Goku's cape. Minutes have passed and neither of them could sleep even a wink because of the chilling atmosphere. A small cape for a blanket wasn't enough to give warmth. Ririn sat up, with half-opened eyes. "I can't sleep. Maybe if we sleep close together, we can get warmer" said Ririn. "Okay, just shut up and sleep" replied Goku. Ririn moved closer to Goku and lied down. Goku's cape only covered half of their bodies but the warmth from their bodies were comforting enough. Goku and Ririn felt weird about it but were too sleepy to complain.



"Do something perverted and I'll kill you."

". Whatever."

At last, the two young demons slept through a stormy night.