Together Apart?

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Chapter 1: lost

Holly felt sick, in the last year or so she had lost her father, her job was precarious, she had been wrongly charged with murdering her only living relative and had nearly destroyed the time machine her dad had spent so long trying to perfect. Then there was Jeff Slade. He was infuriating and charming in equal measure. As her confident and best friend she knew she needed him in her life, what she didn't know was what capacity she needed him in. It was irrational but despite her better judgement she had told him about the machine. No one knew about it. Her father had entrusted his secret to her - only her. The scientific community had shunned him and poured scorn on his theories but he had been right. Now she had told her friend. Why, she had no idea. All she could do was pray he hadn't been trying to use it without her.


Slade sat in the driver seat of his car glaring through the windshield he was furious. Grisham was a nightmare and he was glad he had told her and her pathetic excuse for a police team to stick the job where the sun didn't shine. He tapped the steering wheel as he debated whether to go to Holly's flat, after all she had given him a key for emergency use. To him this was an emergency. He had to find her. He had to get her back. Grisham and the others had given up on her. Even Nicky had been apathetic - convinced they were looking for her dead body rather than her. Slade punched the steering wheel as his eyes filled with tears. She wasn't dead. She couldn't be dead. The disappearance wasn't like that of her father. The machine hadn't been used for weeks, she wasn't trapped in some loop of infinity or whatever it was called. She was missing and he had to find her.


Holly brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs she tried not to think about what had happened. Shivering as she buried her face in her knees she sent up a silent prayer that she'd be found. Wiping an errant tear away from her eyes she mumbled his name before falling unconscious once more.


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