Holly smiled slightly as the nurse handed a box of painkillers. She knew that the tablets would help but there was no way she was going to rely on them. She bit her lip as the doctor explained that the tablets may make her drowsy.

"I hope they do." Jeff smiled as he stood a few inches away from her. One arm rested in a sling as he winced. The nurse raised an eyebrow before leaving them alone.

"Are you going to take your painkillers?" Holly raised an eyebrow as Jeff shrugged his shoulders. He instantly regretted it. "Partial dislocation of your collar bone. It's going to hurt."

"Maybe. I'll see how I go." He watched as she rolled her eyes. "Can we go home now?" Holly smiled.

"Please." She headed out of the hospital knowing there would be a taxi waiting for them.


Nicky pressed the send button on the computer, glad that the report was finally finished. He felt guilty, knowing he had been as sceptical as the others when Holly hadn't turned up for work a few days earlier. He knew the scientist was responsible and diligent. There was no way she would vanish of her own volition but Grisham had been determined to think the worst of his friends. Sighing heavily he made a mental note to apologise to both Holly and Jeff in the morning. It was too late to disturb them now.


Jeff sighed as Holly led him into the Victorian building that housed her flat. She had missed the incessant buzzing of the machine and was glad to be home.

"I should let you get some rest." Jeff paused as he watched her unlock the door.

"I'm not tired."

"You should still rest. I dunno, watch the soaps, eat chocolate. Eastenders is on later. I know you like that David Wicks." He teased as she pushed the door open.


"Go on. You know you do."

"Jeff." Holly walked into the flat, heading straight for the living room as he followed. She turned to see him watching her for a moment. It was rare to see him so thoughtful.


"He was going to kill you." Jeff paused. "He was actually going to kill you."

"I know." Holly nodded, her voice almost a whisper. "If you hadn't been there, if you hadn't worked it out." She stepped nearer to him. Jeff sighed.

"Holly." He held her gaze for a moment longer than absolutely necessary. She bit her lip, smiling slightly as he narrowed the gap between them. He brushed her hair away from her face as her eyes fluttered closed. "You could have. I. I could have lost you." His voice cracked slightly as she reached up on tip toes gently cupping his face in one hand.

"Never." She whispered as he kissed her gently. "Never." Holly repeated as he pulled back.

"I." He rested his forehead against hers as he held her. She kissed him gently.

"Stay." Holly whispered against his lips. "Stay with me." She kissed him again.

"Always." He smiled as he pulled her closer. "Always."


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