Sparks of Magic

I do not own Harry Potter, Transformers Bayverse or any of their characters.

Pairings: Remus/Sirius, Harry/Optimus, Fred/Sideswipe, George/Sunstreaker, Jazz/Prowl, Ironhide/Chromia.

And here's the second half. I hope you all enjoy and are keeping safe during all this.

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Chapter 18: Battle at the Pyramids Part 2

In another part of the dessert, the giant Combiner was making his way towards the hiding humans when Megatron's voice boomed "Devastator!" across the whole area. Said Con replying with a giant roar that practically shook the ground the Autobots and humans were standing/sitting on.

Leo was definitely panicking. Both him and Simmons were still hidden behind the truck while Fred and George had moved away but still able to hear their conversations, despite the thundering footsteps.

"We're trapped! There's nowhere to go. We're gonna die"

"If we're going out, we're going out like men, understand?" Simmons had grabbed a hold of Leo's top as he said this, but soon let go when the Decepticon let out another deafening roar and then proceeded to shock all who were there with his next action.

It was lucky that there seemed to be no humans around because the Decpticon's mouth had opened up, wider than what they were expecting, and was literally sucking everything up. This included the van that the non-Magical humans were hiding behind.


"Ah, look at this mother-"


"Mean robot suck!"

The pulling was definitely getting stronger as even the Autobots were being moved by it. Before Fred and George could be pulled away by the force, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker both grabbed on to them with one servo while turning their other one into swords and plunging them deep into the ground. With the two held close to their chestplates and the noise all around them, they didn't hear Simmons and Leo's screams or see Mudflap fly past them, straight towards Devastator's mouth. It was only after the Con was letting off a large belch, as he finished sucking everything in the near vicinity up, that the others could actually hear again. And the first thing they were all able to hear was Skids' loud cries of "He dead. He got so ate"

The Lambo twins placed their partners back on the ground, an unnerved look on both of their faces "I did not know the Cons had a cannibalistic side to them"

"That's what you're focusing on!? Not the fact that we could have been sucked up as well and ground up into itty little bits while doing a great impression of a spider in a vacuum cleaner!" Leo screamed hysterically at Fred, a slightly deranged look about him but not an insane one. It was more of a twitchy, paranoia madness he had going on.

Fred was silent for a little bit before he replied "But we didn't"

Hair was gripped tightly as Leo looked ready to rip it out in frustration while Skids was now sobbing "He got all ate up" so loudly that it was a wonder that Devastator hadn't focused his attention back on them. He looked more preoccupied with something that he had ate though.

Simmons, who hadn't said anything in a while (A miracle!) got up from where he was laying on the ground. His eyes never leaving the Con as he said "The only safe place is right under it. Run at it. Run for its feet!"

"Ah yes, all the better for him to step on us" George said sardonically. Not that the ex-agent was listening as he was already sprinting towards the Combiner, along with Leo and Skids. The two Wizards and their Autobot partners sighed simultaneously before following the sprinting trio towards the still roaring Con. Or at least, they tried to. Half way under the Cybertronian, explosions began coming from his neck. They travelled up towards the Combiner's face and like some strange jack-in-the-box, out popped Mudflap; attacking with both servos and blasters while shouting "You should've never eaten me! I'm gonna bust yo' face up!"

Unfortunately, all this did was cause the massive Con to become even more careless of where he stepped. Add to the fact that Mudflap's shots were hitting the surrounded area just as much as he was hitting Devastator, it became significantly more difficult to avoid getting squashed. Skids almost got hit but manged to miss it by a hair's breadth.

Fred and George were in the zone, their focus on deflecting or shielding themselves and the other humans from as much of the damage as they could. They knew that Sideswipe and Sunstreaker could defend themselves, as evident from the fact that not even a single shot was coming close to them.

The Con was getting more determined to remove the red Autobot from his frame, even going so far as to chuck the Bot into the air. But that only caused Mudflap to get a better vantage at the Decepticon's faceplates "Nobody mess with me! In your face!"

"Keep fightin', Mudflap!" Skids encouraged his twin, climbing up one of the legs of Devastator.

For the next few minutes, the Weasley twins were too focused on their own problems to keep up with the antics of the green and red Autobot. They had yet to test if any of their offensive spells had any affect upon the behemoth because if they did work, they both knew that there was a high probability of them becoming squished human paste; especially since Apparating was not an option currently. So for now, they stuck to defensive spells.

When they did turn their attentions back on to the other Cybertronians, it was to the two of them on the ground and Skids screeching "You shot me in the face!" at Mudflap. Neither of them wanted to know just how that had happened; all they knew was that if Sides had done that to Sunny, then there would have been one less Autobot amongst them.

Simmons' shouting was very hard to hear with all the other noises around them but they did manage to grasp what he had said "Stay under him!"

"Yeah, stay under him!" Mudflap repeated.

"What do you think we're doing?! Dancing with him!?" Sunstreaker said with a heavy amount of sarcasm. Primus help him if he survived this only to end up stuck with this level of stupidity around him. At least he could count on George and Fred to be more reasonable. The only humans he could completely stand and they were a bunch of powered individuals with a flair for pranking. Perhaps he should start hanging more around Harry and Will (Not Epps. He was almost as bad as the four of them) to balance out his sanity levels.

"Although…" Sunstreaker thought as he saw the determined look upon his Wizard's face "I definitely have a lot more fun whenever I'm around them"

POV Change

"Come on" Sam said, sliding over the hood of a car before continuing to run in the direction of the flares.

The three of them had put some distant between them and the encroaching Cons, so much so that Harry had become concerned. It was if they had all decided to leave them alone, something that greatly confused the Wizard since he couldn't even sense them close by.

"Why have they stopped following us now that we've been found?"

He found the answer to why when they climbed another hill only to hear the familiar voice of Ron Witwicky shouting "Sam, Sam!"

A Con disguised as a bulldozer was behind them from what Harry could see, beginning to change into its bipedal form as it followed the two older humans who were yelling their son's name. Sam, having finally noticed them, was doing the same.

Having kept an eye on the Decepticon, Harry grabbed both humans and pulled them back before the red Con managed to kill them. His legs had fused together to resemble a sort of sharp tail that he could balance on. Both of his servos had turned into glowing cannon with tendrils leading from them. One of them was pointing at Sam's parents who had fallen to the floor when the Cybertronian had arrived.

"Wait, wait!" Sam shouted, removing himself from Harry's hold and lifting his hands in a form of surrender. The Decepticon growled at them while ignoring the elder Witwicky's pleading.

Harry moved Mikaela further behind him, protecting her and readying himself to fire an offensive spell at the red Cybertronian but he was already one step ahead of the Wizard.

"I'd drop the stick Allspark, unless you don't want the fleshbags to live" the Con practically purred, the weapon glowing brighter as it got closer to Ron and Judy.

He was grinding his teeth in frustration, desperate to fire something at the smug faceplates but knowing he couldn't. Instead, he let go of his wand, allowing it to fall to the sandy terrain.

Ron's pleading was still being disregarded in favour of Sam saying "Dad, just stop! They don't want you, they want us- oh, God! Wait!"

The large being was getting impatient as he wacked one of his tendrils down between the two groups growling out "Sam Witwicky"

"Don't hurt them" Sam begged, before pulling out the Matrix dust from his pocket "This is what you want. You don't want them"

"Nooo" the Con agreed. His attention solely focussed on Sam.

While trying to think of a way out of this, Harry heard something whistle close by. He looked out of the corner of his eye to see Bumblebee very close to them, giving them a signal pointing up. Looking back at Sam, the Wizard saw that he had seen the yellow mech as well and was trying to distract the red Con.

"And I know that you need me and Harry. Because I know about the Matrix and he's got the Allspark"

Sam had been moving around making the Con turn his back to where Bumblebee was and the cannon was off his parents. Harry and Mikaela moved with him, keeping the green optics on them instead of the mech's surroundings.

"Don't do it, Sam, listen to me-"

Now if only Ron would stop drawing attention to him and his wife.

"Please, Dad"

"They're going to kill us all anyway!" the man shouted. It almost had the Con turning his weapon back to the pair but Sam was quick to put the Con's gaze back on them.

"Hey, hey, whoa! Here's what you want, right here"

Harry, seeing Bumblebee was in position, tightened his hold on Mikaela. As soon as he heard "Bumblebee!" Harry sprang into action. He wandlessly Accioed his wand before dragging Mikaela over to the cowering form of the Witwickys while Bumblebee attacked.

"Come on Sam!" Harry called to the other, watching him scramble up from where he had dragged himself away from the Cybertronians, and then running his way towards them. As soon as Sam was close enough, Harry erected a shield around them. He would attempt to help Bumblebee but with the way the two were fighting, he would be more likely to hit the Scout just as much as the Con. So he did what he could by protecting the others.

"Kill him, Bee. Kill him" cheered Sam.

The Scout's mask flipped down, going all out against the other mech. Both seemed evenly matched until Bee managed to get one up on the other. He knee strut coming up and bashing into the other's helm. Once back on the ground, Bee grabbed a hold of the others servo and twisted it until it broke.

The Con roared in pain as Bee continued to dismantle the other bit by bit. With him distracted by his foe, he did not notice the other stalking ever closer to him. Harry did.


Seeming to have sensed that the oncoming spell was aimed at them, the cat like Cybertronian dodged the spell. The angry growls increased as the Cybertronian turned to face him. The turrets on their back activated, bombarding the shield but not penetrating it. Despite not having the typical faceplates that Harry was used to, the Wizard could tell they were getting frustrated that nothing was working.

Spell after spell he threw, some of them hitting and others not. He knew he couldn't last much longer like this though; keeping the shield up and casting multiple spells were taking a toll on his core.

Luck seemed to be on his side for once as he finally managed to get a solid hit on the cat like robot. An overpowered Glacius hit one of the back legs, freezing the appendage instantly. They yowled in pain before staring at the now useless leg. Within the next second, another blast had shot out of the guns but this time, it wasn't intended to hit the shield. Instead, it hit the ground in front of it obscuring their vision with sand and rocks. Once it had cleared, it showed that the smaller Con had escaped.

With one matter settled (He doubted they would be back, that type of spell works very efficiently on Cybertronians. In some cases, the Cybertronian would have to completely remove the affected area) Harry turned to see the Scout finishing his own battle by pulling off both of the Cons arms.

"Bee?" Sam was silently asking if the other was dead. His hold on Mikaela tightening.

"Yeah" the other replied. Knowing that they were safe (For a little bit), Harry lowered the shield. A sigh of relief leaving him as the strain of holding the protection up left him.

Despite the short respite, the sounds of battle were still continuing. They needed to keep going before the escaped Decepticon brought back some friends.

Ron must have had a similar idea as he had begun to push the group away from the smouldering remains "I don't know what's going on, but we've got to move!"

Just after saying this, an explosion erupted from behind them. Shaking them all nearly to the ground. Judy was crying out in fear as another followed, swiftly after the first. The Wizard was quick to encircle her waist with a comforting arm as he guided her away from the destruction.

"It's alright Mrs Witwicky. I've got you" despite continuing to scream as more explosions occurred, Harry's words seemed to have some effect as the trembling had reduced from earlier.

The elder Witwicky male grabbed his wife's hand, pulling them both along "There's got to be a way out of here! Come on!"

Seeing the oncoming attack, Harry stopped so suddenly that it forced the two in front to halt; saving them from the explosion that hit the pathway they were about to head down.

Taking the opposite route, with Sam directing everyone to get against the wall, the teen was soon calling out for his Gaurdian "Bee! Bumblebee!"

Bumblebee looked over at them, while keeping an optic on his surroundings, answering with an electronic bleep.

"You get them somewhere safe, all right?" with a nod from Bee, Sam then turned his attention towards his father; grabbing a hold of his shirt as he did "You've got to get in the car. Get to safety"

"No, no, this isn't up for discussion! You're my son!"

"I know!"

"You're my son!"


"We all go together!"

The Wizard could see the distraught in Ron's eyes. No one wanted to see their child head off into danger but sometimes, it was just unavoidable. He knew his own family didn't like it either but they could at least help him, Ron couldn't. The elder Witwicky knew it too but accepting that he could do nothing was another thing entirely.

"Dad, stop, okay? Get in the car. He's gonna get you to safety. You know, you run. You don't stop, you don't hide, you run. You hear what I'm saying. Okay? I'll find you when you're safe"


"You've got to let me go, Dad. You have to let me go. You have to"

Although Judy was probably thinking along the same lines as her husband, she had already come to terms with the fact that if Sam didn't help now, then he might not be here after all this was over. They wanted her son which meant that he could do something about this "Ron. Ron, Ron, let him go"

His wife's words seems to have gotten through for he looked to Judy and then back to Sam one more time, stating with no room for argument "You come back! Come on"

Turning to look at him before Ron could drag her away, Judy grabbed a hold of the Wizard's shoulders; grip firm but not bruising "You'll help him? You'll help him won't you Harry?"

Looking directly into her pleading eyes, Harry saw that what she was really asking; will he keep her son safe "I promise you that I'll bring him back alive and well"

No matter what, Harry would not let him or Mikaela die here.

Her eyes bore into his, searching his very soul. Whatever she was looking, she must have found because she pulled him into a quick hug before following her husband into Bee's alt-mode.

"Go with my parents" Sam told Mikaela but she was obviously having none of it. She'd come this far and she wasn't going to give up now.

"I'm not gonna go without you" seeing the determination, Sam knew he would be wasting his breath in trying to convince her to leave. Instead, he gave her a nod before the three of them left. Heading directly into the firing zone.

POV Change

Guns firing, soldiers shouting and Cons causing destruction; Sirius would think this was a typical Tuesday after getting to know the Autobots. Well, apart from there being two times as many Decepticons than there usually is. There was also the little problem of the big and ugly creep that was after his son but Sirius would deal with that problem later. Right now, he had some Cons to crush and comrades to save. He fired more spells as soldiers moved to find cover amongst the rubble, his attention shifting to attacking the incoming Decepticons and protecting those on his side.

Epps was the first to notice the helicopters heading their way, shouting "We got Jordanians!" to Lennox who yelled to all the others "We got help!"

Unfortunately for them, one Decepticon noticed this as well and immediately fired at one of them. There was no time for Sirius to even utter a spell to help. The copter was hit and coming down fast. Epps bellowed out "Down!" before diving to the ground himself. The dog Animagus stayed standing, using his Magic to pull as many as he could out of the way of the oncoming aircraft.

The helicopter stopped and already, some soldiers had run over to see if the pilots were okay. Sirius looked at the damage and then attempted to locate the second one, only to find it already being shot down by Megatron.

"Well that was a load of help" Sirius thought sarcastically before beginning to attack once again.

POV Change

While the helicopter was being shot down, Devastator was continuing on his path towards the pyramids; the sound of his roars echoing across the whole desert. The group that had been attempting to get away from the Combiner had done so successfully (How, they would never understand considering Skids and Mudflap's scuffle) but now they were unsure what they could actually do.

The crashing of the helicopter had them running towards it in order to help the people inside. Simmons got there first, helping the pilot out from the aircraft "You okay, soldier? We're gonna help you, soldier. Let's get these wounded clear of the bird"

"Stay still. Stay still. Don't move"

"You all right, young man? You have a radio? Hey, kid, it's been nice knowing you. Remember what I did for my country... This is my moment"

"You're crazy!"

"What moment? Get back here you wally!" George shouted at the retreating figure. He would have followed but pained moans had him turning away.

"Sides give me a servo here" Fred ordered, cutting away metal to get the rest of the pilots out. George was quick to lend a hand as well, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe right behind him as they moved the separated metal out of the way. They got all the men out of the aircraft and were healing them the best they could when Sideswipe asked "Quick question, did anyone see which way the weird squishy went?"

Sure enough, when George and Fred looked up, the ex-agent was nowhere to be seen.


POV Change

It was Elita-One who saw them first "Spotted Sam and Harry"

"Hey- Harry! Sam!" Ironhide called out, surveying the area as he did.


Arcee skidded towards them first, being the fastest of the sisters, and stopped just in front of them "Follow us to the pillars. We'll take you to Optimus"

Before she could lead them anywhere, Sam shouted "Look out!" as someone tried to blast her but Harry was quicker. His Protego was up before Sam even finished his sentence. The shield held, saving Arcee from a shot that likely would have offlined her judging from where it would have hit. Arcee gazed down at the Wizard with a grateful look in her optics "Thank you Harry"

Ironhide got the Con before it could get another shot in, continuing to fire as another Decepticon popped up after that one fell "We'll keep you covered so get yourselves out of here! Get to the pillars!"

"Let's go" Sam said pulling Mikaela along. Harry continued to follow, ignoring the voice in the back of his head about the giant Combiner that was currently climbing one of the Pyramids.

POV Change

Lennox was really starting to hate how deserts seem to have it out for him. Once was one time too many. He would almost think this was a repeat except their communications was actually back online (Thank you Jazz and Epps) and they were finally able to get air support. Leaving Epps to handle the comms, Lennox made his way through the mayhem to Graham; the one who was still searching for the kids "What you got?"

Grahams just managed to be heard over the gunfire and blasters "I couldn't get to them, sir. They're 600 meters away and they're heading right for the pillars"

Lennox was glad another part of so called plan was working but he wasn't getting his hopes up until the teens were in his sight where he could protect them "All right. Precious cargo's coming!"

Hearing some mad cackling, somehow being louder than all the noise of battle, Lennox look around the tank they were hiding behind to see Sirius Black. He was Magically stuck to back of a Decepticon that was attempting to buck the Wizard off like one of those mechanical bull rides.

Lennox from two years ago would have likely found this sight unreal or strange. Lennox now could only think that this was not even in his top ten of weirdest shit he had seen.

POV Change

"Crap, crap, crap!" Harry thought as they ran through a hoard of Decepticons that were falling left and right from the line of NEST soldiers and Autobots. They were so close to relative safety, the Cons not even much of a concern since they were preoccupied with trying not to be offlined. No, what was concerning Harry was the fact that he had felt something a lot stronger than these Cybertronian heading their way only to look back and see the red gaze of Megatron prowling after them; getting closer every second.

"Hey!" Sam shouted, having also seen how close they were to the Autobots, his arm waving his jacket in the air to catch their attention.

"Harry! Sam! Spotted Har- uhh!" Prowl started to call but was hit in the shoulder. Luckily, it didn't seem to cause much damage but Harry could see that he couldn't be distracted again. There was a battle to focus on.

Blaring alarms inside his head went off, giving the Wizard the mother of all headaches. Whatever these new senses were trying to tell him could not mean any good. Harry looked back to see if he could find whatever had caused them only to see Megatron's fusion cannon powered up and aiming along their path.

Harry pushed himself towards the other two, screaming "Get down!" as he tackled them to the floor; a shield instinctively being summoned over them just as Megatron's cannon fired.

The ringing in the Wizard's ears was the worst yet, his head hitting Sam's shoulder when he had dragged the other two to the ground. That plus the explosions, his new senses and constant use of his Magic was making Harry's head spin. He thought he could hear someone shouting but couldn't tell if it was one of them or not.

"Get it together. Can't stop now" Harry thought as he tried to quickly sort his mind out. It was as his hearing was coming back that he could make out a familiar voice calling to them "Come on! Mikaela! Come on! Get in here!"

Mikaela was up and running towards Will in seconds, himself and Sam hot on her heels as they ducked behind another wall.

"Glad you finally showed up. You better have a good reason for us to be here"

Harry smirked at the familiar teasing tone "Since when do I not have a good reason?" Lennox looked like he very much wanted to give a detailed list at that question but Harry stopped him with a raised hand "Actually, don't answer that"

"Where's Optimus?" Sam asked.

Even though Lennox's attention was clearly on the battle around him, he was still able to respond to Sam "He's right over there, across the courtyard" he pointed in the direction where Harry could see the blue and red frame of the Autobot. Harry's heart almost stopped as he realised that Optimus' deceased frame was right there. It seemed almost a lifetime ago when he last saw the Autobot online.

"We've got to get this to him right now"

Lennox obviously thought Sam was nuts when he lifted the bag containing the Matrix's dust, obviously hoping for something a little more than a bag that can fit in the palm of the teens hand "Not with an air strike coming"

The constant firing was not making this any easier to persuade the man. Harry knew they didn't have long before Megatron or another Decepticon found them again "Lennox, trust us. We have to get this to him right now"

A low growling started to emanate close to them. The signal Harry was getting was weaker than Megatron's but it was getting closer.

"Go. Back, back, back, back." Lennox whispered, directing them away from the Con's line of sight. This Decepticon was directly over them when it fired its weapon at some tanks in the distance but thankfully, not noticing them yet.

It was at this point that a familiar black Cybertronian made his entrance with "Incoming!" almost crashing into the sand. The ex-Con just barely managed to land without damaging himself further before making his way towards the Decepticon above them. He attacked the confused Cybertronian, shouting "Behold the glory of... Skyfire!"

"Who the hell is that" Will demanded as he kept himself between the teens and the unknown bot.

Harry was the one to answer him, stepping from behind the protective man "He's a friend… Of sorts"

"Now let me show you how we brought the pain in my day!" Skyfire gleefully shouted as he decapitated the Con above them. Lennox gave the three of them an unimpressed look "Right. Of sorts. The beast kind of friend" he drawled sarcastically.

He would have replied to the man except the ground started to shake. He suddenly got another feeling, only this one seemed to be coming from… underneath them?

Before he could warn any of them, the Decepticon (that look a lot like a scorpion) propelled itself out of the ground screeching while Lennox shouted "Fuck! Not another one of these guys!". Its aim was true as it latched itself onto Skyfire's midsection. He managed to pull the silver Decepticon off of him, but not before it pulled out a lot of his midsection, causing parts and energon to fall off of him. He repaid the Con with a bashed in helm, dealing enough damage that ensured he wouldn't be attacking again.

"I'm too old for this scrap" Skyfire grumbled from the floor, a servo clutched to the wound.

"Here, let me help you" Harry offered, already heading towards with his wand pointed but the Cybertronian stopped him with his servo raised "Don't waste your energy on an old timer like me. This is nothing more than a scratch"

Coincidentally, another part of him dropped off as he said that. Harry gave him a sceptical look as Skyfire told him "Ignore that. Just go and save the Prime"

A large explosion from the top of the Pyramid had the whole group looking up, jaws drooping at the sight of the giant Combiner falling from it in pieces. Harry was unclear on exactly how this happened but was glad that at least one enemy was out of the picture.

Lennox having gotten some information from their radio turned to look at the teens "We're gonna make a break through the B's on my command, okay? You guys stick with me, you understand? You stay on my ass"

They all agreed with the man as Epps threw something away from them. Harry really didn't take much notice of what it was until he heard Epps say "I told them to hit the orange smoke"

The so called orange smoke was practically on top of them, obscuring a lot of their vision. Both Harry and Lennox gave the man a disbelieving look.

"You mean that orange smoke?" Lennox asked rhetorically.

"It wasn't my best toss, okay?"

The radio crackled to life ::Viper. Thunder.::

Epps and Lennox both looked at each other before simultaneously shouting "Run!"

The group ran as fast as they could, Will and Epps in front with the latter yelling "Incoming!" to their comrades. From the corner of his eye, the Wizard could see Ironhide following behind them; a little bit on fire but nothing that seemed to be causing him any major problems.

Lennox, seeing Mikaela struggling somewhat, grabbed hold of her hand to pull her along with him "Come on!"

More men and Autobots joined them in their run to safety. The bombs were just dropping as Mikaela called out for Sam, the Wizard not realising that the other had ran in a different direction to the main group. Harry made to follow him but it was already too late; the bombs had hit the ground.

Harry lost sight of the other as Epps' arms came around him, protecting the smaller male as they hit the floor again. The explosions going off all around them. Cons were being offlined at an accelerated rate, Harry could sense that clearly but despite this, he had a sick feeling in his gut. The energy that he had come to recognise as Megatron was too close to where he had last saw Sam.

There was shouting, screaming and even more blasts happening around them but it was one voice that caused a pit of dread in the Wizard's stomach.

"Sam!" Mikaela's voice screamed hysterically. Epps picked them both up off the floor but Harry was already running before his feet were firmly on the ground.

"Hold your fire!" Lennox ordered.

Mikaela was in tears as she got to Sam's body first, crying out his name as she slid next to him. Harry kneeled on the other side of him, already casting a diagnostic charm the find out exactly what was wrong. When he saw that there was no heartbeat, his mind stalled. The world around him muffled as all his attention was on Sam's lifeless body.

Lennox got to them next, pushing them both out of the way as he told them "Stay back! Both of you, stay back!"

"Fucking do something!" She cried at the man who started to preform compressions.

Harry felt disconnected as he watched paramedics rush towards the teen. He barely felt it when Sirius appeared from somewhere and pulled him into a hug. The world was slowly bleeding back into his senses. He could hear Judy crying and Ron calling out for his son. He also could see Lennox pull Mikaela away from Sam's body, Sirius trying to do the same with him but he wasn't moving

"We got no pulse. Starting CPR" one of the paramedics said while another got the defibrillator ready.

Bumblebee was also there, the sadness practically radiating off of him and Judy continued to cry, being kept back by a N.E.S.T solider. Ron had two holding down as he demanded to see his son.

"Ready to shock"

"Clear" the body jolted but the heart still wasn't beating.

"Ready to shock. One, two, three" another jolt but still nothing.

"Do it again!" Lennox demanded, keeping a hold of Mikaela.

"There's no point. He's gone" the first paramedic said and that's what caused Harry to fully come back. He pushed himself out of Sirius' arms, shoving the medics out his way as Magic was directed into his hands. The Wizard sent his own electrical currents through the body. Nothing happened and the hope was staring to dwindle as he removed them.

"Nooooo!" Mikaela cried as she threw herself on to Sam, her hands cupping his face towards hers "Okay, listen to my voice. I love you and I need you. Please. Please, come back to me. Sam! Please, I love you"

"Come on Sam" Harry also said as he put his hands back on the teen's chest. He sent another shock into his body once the girl had removed her hands but he still was getting no response "You can't leave your family or Mikaela or Bee. They all love you so much and you are not going to leave them behind. Not on my watch" he once again charged up his hands, pushing past the recommended limit of what he should be using but not caring. Right now, he had someone to save "Come on. Wake up!"

Large amounts of Magic and electricity was pushed into Sam's body but unlike last time, Sam's eyes shot open as his body jolted up, gasping for air.

"Sam!" Mikaela cried, leaning down to hug his body while Harry fell back, exhausted from all the running about and Magic he had been using. Especially that last bit. He had enough for a few more spells but otherwise, he was running on fumes.

Sam's eyes were instantly on Mikaela's, hands held tight between them "I love you. I love you"

"Not to rush you Sam, but proclamations of love can come after we make sure our Sun isn't going to drained" Harry said as he got back to his feet, startling the two from where they were gazing into each other's eyes. He'd like to have given them all the time in the world after that but time was not on their side.

Sam nodded and then stood up on shaking legs, picking up the reformed Matrix (How he missed that coming back together he would never know) as he did. Harry and Mikaela helped him stumble towards Optimus' frame, supporting both him and themselves. He noticed Remus, Ratchet and Jolt next to Prime's body, the Wizard looking exhausted as the shield that was over the Autobot's body came down. After a strike like that, it was no wonder that the Werewolf looked so drained. His body slumping into the arms of Sirius.

Still a bit unsteady on his own feet, Harry helped Sam up to Optimus' spark chamber via Levitation Charm. Once he was directly above it, Sam took the Matrix in both hands and with a shout, drove it deep into Optimus' chamber.

A sharp intake of air came from Optimus, dust coming from his mouth and the sheet that had been covering him lifted up as his frame came back to life. Harry could not stop himself from staring at the glowing blue optics that were shining brightly once again. The depressing weight that had settled over him when Optimus died was finally leaving, replaced with both relief and something that he seemed to only feel when he was with the Autobot leader.

Sam removed himself from Optimus' chassis as the Autobot leader attempted to push himself into a sitting position. As he did, the first one who he saw was Sam and seeming to know what the human had done for him, he said "Sam. You returned for me" after which, the brunette human looked like he was a hundred pounds lighter.

He wasn't the only one either; every single human and Cybertronian there seemed to be experiencing the same thing.

When his optics finally landed on Harry, the Autobot frame instantly leaned closer, despite not being fully up yet "Are you alright Harry?"

The Wizard smiled at the concern in his voice, a warm feeling spreading through his body that had nothing to do with the weather. He ignored the voices in his head that sounded suspiciously like a teasing Fred and George to reply to Optimus "Yeah. I'm good now"

In the background, he could hear the excited chatter amongst the others but the one that stood out the most was coming from Skyfire "A living Prime. Hah hah! I don't believe it!"

And of course, nothing good could happen to them without the bad rearing its ugly head. It came in the form of The Fallen popping into existence in front of Optimus, causing many to scream as the mech knocked him back to the floor. Before Prime could even defend himself, the Fallen had swung his weapon across the desert; human and Autobot alike attempting to not get sliced by it.

With everyone either distracted by sand and/or on the ground, the Decepticon made quick work of retrieving the now floating Matrix "My! Matrix!"

Harry's lungs felt like they were full of sand from where he had fallen to the ground and his vision was no better, barely seeing past his own nose. Unfortunately for him, the Fallen noticed his dilemma as well. A large, clawed servo swept down and grabbed him tightly, constricting around most of his body. Many were screaming in protest but before anyone could even think of helping, they zapped away. He heard Optimus' shout of "NO!" just before it felt like his bones were vibrating.

"How strange that such an artefact of infinite power would be contained in a tiny organic" the Fallen's voice rasped from above. When Harry was sure his insides weren't going to jump out of his body from any sudden movements, he looked up at the Con who had a confused look on his faceplates. It soon morphed into a somewhat triumphant one when he held up the Matrix in his other servo; his spear having been place on his back before he had been grabbed.

Even though his wand was lost, Harry still attempted to wriggle his arms out from the hold to fire some form of wandless spell at his captor but all that accomplished was the servo squeezing tighter around him in retaliation "Quit your pathetic struggling now little organic; escape is futile. I know you can cast somewhat without that stick of yours but I also know that you can't do it without moving your arms"

Despite the heat, Harry suddenly felt a chill down his spine at the Fallen's observation, knowing that he was right. Even if he had been up to full power, and with a working wand, he would be unable to direct a powerful enough spell that would do any damage. Harry's struggles stopped, knowing he couldn't escape at the moment and trying to conserve some energy for when he (Hopefully) escapes.

"Fallen, my master" Megatron greeted. His optics going between himself and the Matrix. Harry had to stop himself visibly fidgeting from the malicious, fanged filled smile of the silver Con.

Dread grew inside him as they moved closer to the Harvester, the Matrix floating into the machine while the Fallen was saying "My brothers could not stop me from this"

"Yeeess" the vicious joy was clearly heard and too close to sounding like a certain Dark Lord for the raven haired Wizard's liking.

"I have claimed the Allspark container. Now I claim your Sun" The Fallen said, looking up at the giant star as the machined whirred to life. All the while, Harry felt like he could do nothing to stop it.

POV Change

"Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up!" Sam was urging him desperately and despite being dead only moments ago, Optimus was determined not to waste a second. Even if he was in pain, he would not allow for them to keep a hold on Harry. Or the Matrix.

"Get up, Prime!" Ironhide said, struggling to get up himself but eventually succeeding despite his injuries. He was a tough mech and there was no way he was going to be taken down by a push from a fragging Con.

"Oh, no" Skyfire said, his voice filled with dread. Even the fatal (He could feel it. Even with a Medic's help he knew he wouldn't make it) wound in his chassis did not compare to the fact that the Fallen had succeeded.

"He's turning on the machine! You got to stop him! Get up! Optimus!" Sam shouted. They could not let the Cons win now after what they had gone through.

By the time Optimus was on his peds, it was already too late. The Fallen had begun the activation of the Energon Harvestor.

"It's not activated yet" Remus pointed out "It looks like it needs to power up a bit first"

"That means we still have some time" Sirius stated, wanting nothing more than to Apparate over to the Con's location and show them just what happens when someone harms his Prongslet.

Lennox was already shouting "Move!" the human relaying orders through their radio "Enemy target, top of pyramid. Prepare to engage but wait for my signal. Orion needs to be out of the way" Epps would have loved to release everything they had at both machine and Cons but it was too risky with Harry in the Fallen's servo. This was all they could do for now.

The problem they had with this however, was the fact that the Fallen obviously didn't like them getting too close to his machine. Those with binoculars could see him pass Harry over to the awaiting claws of Megatron before curling his servo up. Immediately, the closest objects (Including tanks, helicopters and men) were being lifted up into the air, some crashing into other objects and exploding. When the Con had lifted them up so that some were just above his helm, he suddenly dropped everything. Making most tumble back down the pyramid's sides.

Skyfire, who's chassis was still burning and leaking Energon, hobbled his way closer to Optimus, a firm resolve in his optics "All my Decepticon life, I never did a thing worth doing until now. Optimus, take my parts and you will have a power you've never known. Save this world and that boy. Fulfil... your destiny..." He said with the last bit of power he had in his systems before finishing himself off and then collapsing to the floor.

Not wanting his death to be in vain, Ratchet was quick to start the procedure "Jolt! Electrify! Transplant those afterburners"

"On it" Jolt said, doing as the elder Medic commanded. Within a nano-klik, pieces had started flying from the Seeker and attaching themselves to Optimus. The leader was grunting in slight pain but pushed past it, knowing that with Skyfire's sacrifice, he could level the playing field.

As soon as the last piece was attached to him, the engines of his new wings powered up and with a call of "Let's roll" he shot up into the air towards the pyramids.

Seeing this, Epps command of "Fire mission on the pyramids" was quickly enacted as the soldiers on the ground headed towards the monuments while one of the F22 Pilot's replied with ::Roger one:: and following close behind Prime.

POV Change

Harry didn't know which was worse. Being in the servos of megalomaniac number 2 or megalomaniac number 3 (He was going in order of knowing them so good old Voldy had the honours of being megalomaniac number 1). Megatron's red optics were gleaming in sadistic satisfaction as he gazed upon the destruction the Fallen was about to cause as he began lifting all the loose bricks from the Pyramid they were on, creating a ring of ancient stone around them.

"This planet will be dark forever"

The Wizard resumed trying to escape, attempting to at least wiggle his hands free to hopefully cast something useful despite his most of his energy being drained. The clawed servo instantly began to tighten but when Harry looked up at the Con, his gaze was focused solely on the Fallen and the Harvester.

"There is no use fleshling. We have won and as soon as my Master has drained this planet's sun, this world will be ours" those ruby optics looked away from the other Decepticon, looking down at the Wizard with malicious glee "With both the Energon Harvester and Allspark in our possession, nothing will be able to stop us!"

"Could he sound any more like a cartoon villain?" Harry thought. Out loud he said "You won't win. Optimus will stop you"

Harry found it harder to breath as the squeezing increased, Megatron bringing him closer to his faceplates as he growled "I killed Optimus once and I will do it as many times as it takes until he is permanently offlined"

With his internal parts protesting against the crushing force and dark spots appearing in his vision, he almost missed the sound of engines getting louder. He looked up just in time to see Optimus crashing into the Fallen and some of the pyramid. The action caused the Con holding him to fall back and loosen his grip around his body. Harry was in freefall but not for long as something that felt like a cable wrapped around his middle, pulling him towards the red and blue mech. The cable (Which looked like it was coming from the middle of Optimus' servo) dragged him towards the appendage and further away from the Cons. Once secured in his hold, Optimus used his other arm that he had changed into a gun and fired at the Harvester. The blast hit its mark, wrecking the machine and stopping it from destroying the Sun.

The Wizard was pulled closer to Optimus' as they tumbled down the side of the pyramid. At some point, The Fallen had collided with them as well, his clawed servos grabbing a hold of Optimus' frame in order to rip pieces from the red and blue mech.

The Autobot was doing a good job of keeping the servo that held him out of danger, especially with the other mech doing his best to rip him apart. Soon, they landed at the bottom of the pyramid. They separated as they did but Optimus was quick to point his weapon at the Fallen.

"Die, like your brothers!" the Decepticon growled out but Optimus shot the Con point blank in the chassis, causing him to fly back into another structure. With but a moment to spare, Optimus placed the Wizard upon his shoulder, who understood what he wanted. The shield was not as strong as normal and he couldn't form another Sticking Charm but it would do the job for now. He held on to the neck cables for dear life.

"They were your brothers, too" Prime shouted back as he grabbed the Fallen in a headlock. Noise from above drew Harry's attention, only to notice Megatron skulking his way towards them.

Harry wasted no time in sending a Bombarda at the Con. His ever weakening spells where hardly doing much damage, but it was enough to cause the Decepticon a slight delay while also warning Optimus of his presence.

Prime pushed the Fallen away as he turned to face Megatron, grappling the charging Con. Megatron's sword began to slash at Optimus but it did little damage. While the Decepticon was distracted with the fight, Harry fired a spell at the silver mech's ped; freezing the appendage in place long enough for him to lose focus. With that opening, Optimus grabbed the barrel of his weapon and twisted it around to shoot him in the helm.

The Con's words became a garbled mess as Optimus swiftly cut off a servo as well. He finished him off with his new upgrades that blasted the Decepticon away and through a wall.

Neither Harry nor Optimus had time to check if the Decepticon was still alive for the Fallen had put himself back into the battle with a roar of rage. Boulders flew towards them but were of no issue to the Autobot leader, his sword jabbing into the Mech's faceplates as soon as he was close enough.

Half of the Fallen's face was cut off but he wasn't giving up. He grabbed the arm closest to him and pulled Optimus forward. He looked like he was trying to pull off one of the Autobot's new parts but Harry put a stop to that with a Bombarda to his optic, the Con backing off as he bellowed in pain.

He retrieved the staff from behind him but didn't even get to point it at them as Optimus grabbed it with both servos "You picked the wrong planet!" he said as he pulled the weapon from the others servos, pushing the Decepticon in front of him. The Fallen had no time to move as Optimus thrusted his own weapon straight through him.

He grabbed the other end of the weapon saying "Give me your face" as he pulled it all off in a shower of sparks.

The Con let out one final growl as Prime's servo went straight through him to grab the others spark. Crushing it as he said "I rise. You fall"

Knowing that the Fallen had finally been beaten, Harry dispelled the shield and slumped onto Optimus' neck. He was too tired to even keep his body upright.

"Harry! Are you alright?" Optimus asked, his tone sounding worried.

His eyes closed, relief pouring out him that this was real. Optimus was alive "After all that, I think its me that should be asking you that question. not the otherway round" Harry laughed "I'm fine. Just exhausted. It's been a long couple of days"

The Autobot chuckled at that "I suppose it has been. You'll have to tell me all about it" there was a small pause where Harry thought he was safe but no luck "Right after we get Ratchet to take a look at you"

The groan was full of annoyance as Optimus made his back to the others "I'm not the one who died. Surely you should get the wrench before I have to deal with the mother hening of a life time"

Pieces of his new flight mode dropped off (Harry really should ask where he got them from, he never knew Optimus could fly and yet they looked very familiar) with every step he took. The metal underneath started to cool rapidly, soothing Harry from this blistering heat since he couldn't even hold a temperature regulating spell up anymore.

"That is why I'm going to tell Ratchet about you before he gets a chance to"

"Traitor" Harry grumbled. It was quiet amongst the two of them for a short while before Harry quietly said "I'm glad you're okay"

The steps faltered slightly but was soon back to their original pace "I am also glad that you are well"

Harry hummed in response before asking "Do you mind if I just stay here for a little bit longer please?"

"Of course Harry" the rhythm of the Cybertronian steps slowed as Harry lulled off into a light doze.

POV Change

Sam was at edge of the warship, ready to return home when Optimus Prime walked from behind, stopping right next to him "Thank you, Sam. For saving my life"

"Welcome. Thank you for believing in me" he said, looking around he noticed a certain Wizard was missing "Where's Harry?"

"With Ratchet. We are unsure about the effects of the Cube being contained in an organic being. So far, there seems to be no negative outcomes to Harry's health but I'd rather we'd be sure" Optimus said, looking across the sea as if danger may jump out at any second "News of the Allspark's existence will have travelled amongst both sides. We must be ready for friend and foe to be making their way here"

Optimus servos clenched at the thought that Megatron's body had not been found. Meaning the Decepticon leader was still out there. Plotting his next move. He knew he had to be ready for him, Megatron would never leave the Allspark out of his plans as it was a vital piece of all of them up until they thought the Cube was destroyed. Now, that vital piece was a part of Harry. Optimus vowed he would keep the Wizard safe. No matter what.

Again, sorry for this looooong hiatus. I'm gonna make sure it doesn't take me another 4 years to update. Until then, stay safe and well.