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The colors surrounding my vision cease and I'm greeted by the bright blue sky. I've always been

fascinated with it. Where does it go? Where does it start? Is there even an end? What lies

beyond the blue sea in the sky?

But I'm not here to watch the sky, I'm here to save my people by defeating the Elements of

Harmony and restoring chaos. For that I need a plan, and a good one at that. Every other

opponent the Elements have faced had one huge weakness and I can't afford to repeat their


Nightmare Moon, Discord, Starlight Glimmer, vastly different villains, felled by the same

weakness. Their goal was not to defeat the Elements, but to take over all of Equestria… mostly.

Me? I'm not gonna make that mistake or …I can't, because my goal IS to defeat the Elements

and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

I know that the one of the Elements is a princess, which makes things a little more complicated

because being a princess makes her an alicorn. A much more powerful being excelling in magic,

flying, and strength, each of the three pony races' defining characteristic.

But, that won't matter when I'm fighting, I'm much stronger than any level they could hope to be.

It's the Elements power I'm worried about; with all six any and all evils will fall before their power.

But without even one of those relics, its power is completely gone. It's that simple, or will be, I


I stand up and stretch my wings. Yes I have wings, my overworld form is A F*CKING

DRAGON-... ehem *cough*... ima - ima dragon. I like dragons.

I have black scales with purple spines with red and gold highlights . And using a pony as a size

reference i'm about five times your average pony. Not a monster dragon, but also not a wimp.

Briefing said, the Elements are located in Ponyville. I know where that is, but without a point of

reference I'm lost. I haven't learned to read the stars to help me navigate, besides, it's not even

that dark and I want to get to Ponyville as quickly as possible.

I got out my DPS (Demon positioning system), a magical device used to help demons navigate

the overworld. I found Ponyville was about a three hours flight from here, northwest. {A/N I don't

know the layout of Equestria nor do I have a map so if you know what's southeast of Ponyville,

pretend you don't.}

With my destination at claw, I took flight and headed there. My powerful wings glided me through

the air, flapping only when necessary. Two and a half hours in, I got bored of the landscape and

looked at the horizon as the sun starts to set. The orange, red, and yellow filled up the sky. It's

crazy to think there is an object that powerful. And to think, Celestia moves it with raw magic

every single day. That's just a fraction of her power and the power of alicorns, as she moved

both the sun and moon for a millennia and probably still a lot farther back. With that kind of power

there were still foes she couldn't defeat, even with her sister. The Elements defeated those foes

without even any effort. If I don't play this right, I will be the next one to fall.

I doubt that, though, because I have a secret spell. Xerath helped me make it, but the thing is, it's

still a prototype. We're not even sure if it will work. It takes large amounts of skill and magical

power, however if it does work, the Elements and all their power will be completely nullified.

Making me an unstoppable force.

Either way I should still be aware of the Element of Magic. She is an alicorn like Celestia,

however, she's new to it so her power will not be as great but she still has an admirable amount

of unlocked potential. With unknown limits so far.

I can't conjure the spell with ease yet, so I can't rely on it to save me. I will have to strike swiftly

with accuracy and precision. So that they will not have time to prepare the Elements.

This, however, will be hard as I must find a somepony the Princess holds dear, since she lives in

a castle made of some kind of magical crystal. Two of the weakest targets live in the middle of

Ponyville. I can't go to any of these three without being seen. The last three live outside of

Ponyville. A cottage near the Everfree Forest, a barn on the edge of Ponyville, and a cloudhouse.

The barn is on the other side of Ponyville and it's a barn so I don't think there will be any good

hiding spots to observe that mares weakness. The cloud house is also not a good idea, the sky

gives the pegasus an advantage as well as revealing my position. That leaves the cottage next to

the Everfree Forest. That pony has an affinity for animals. By herself however I'm pretty sure she

is weak… That settles it then. I'll head to the Everfree Forest for cover and wait for a chance to

strike, shouldn't be too hard, she does live alone.


"So uh... why is it at my house again?" A pink maned, yellow coated mare asked quite timidly.

"We've already gone over this, Fluttershy," replies a purple mare with many hues of purple in her

mane. "I'm still uncomfortable in my castle, Rarity is working on a big project and couldn't come,

AJ has to get up early for a harvest tomorrow, Rainbow Dash lives in a cloud, and she has a

nightmarish fear of Pinkie's place for some reason." She looked at Rainbow Dash, a mare who's

name is mostly self explanatory towards her looks, she has a rainbow mane and a cyan coat.

The purple mare looks at Rainbow Dash.

She shrugged. "I don't get it, every time I think about it my wings just start aching, I can't explain


"I could probably do some tests to see what is the problem." The purple mare replied overly

enthusiastic and with a bit of a hop in excitement.

"Sure Twilight, but maybe AFTER Fluttershy's FIRST sleepover."

"Whaaat?" Was Twilight's answer, who looked at the timid pegasus in response. "This is your

first sleepover?"

Fluttershy's simple reply was a slight nod. "That's why we got to make it the BESTEST

SLEEPOVER EVER!" A completely pink mare ,with a slightly darker pink in her mane, shouted


All the surrounding ponies looked at them. Fluttershy's head fell low in embarrassment. "Be quiet

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy hates being in the center of attention."

"Oopsie," The pink pony replied with her never ending smile.

"Well anyways, we should probably start heading over to her house. It's getting quite dark."

Twilight stated.

"T-that s-s-sounds g-great. W-we should h-hurry." Fluttershy whispered.

"Alright , let's go girls," Twilight instructed.

They all got up from the table they had been at in the library, planning the sleepover, and left the

comfort and safety of the tree. As they left, Pinkie had the weirdest spasm. She looked around

trying to find the cause. Not finding a sensible conclusion, she knew it could only mean one thing

. "My pinkie sense?" she thought. {A/N The thought is in quotations because we all know that

Pinkie never has an "understandable" train of thought. Her "thoughts" are more like translations

from her mind A/N} "Change, change is about to happen, I can't tell what yet, but it's big, really

big." She left to follow the others with bounding steps . "This is gonna be super DUPER exciting,"

Pinkie said in her usual happy-go-lucky tone.

"I know right? This is gonna be an amazing first sleepover for Fluttershy." Twilight responded.

Pinkie giggled, not at what Twilight said, but because Twilight didn't understand the meaning of

what she said. "Let's get this party started," Pinkie whispered while grinning her signature grin,

bouncing off into the distance with the other ponies.

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