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As I flew to ponyville I was thinking about my target, i don't know much about her except she's physically as well as psychologically weak and being the element of kindness doesn't really have its perks in a fight . She is a pegasus but hardly is able to fly and is slow, i could use this to my advantage. I'll head to her house and hide so that i can wait to ambush her. If anything goes wrong i have plan might not work , but if it does , it will conquer all of equestria.

As i try to find a good hiding spot i hear sounds of talk behind me. when i look back at the trail i see a few ponies . "oh no" i whisper to myself . In panic I fly behind the house but now i have another problem. I'm on the house in plain sight,if they even look outside a window or happen to peak around the house, I'm screwed, luckily i'm a genius. I ready my demon magic and speak the incantation "Iztibitimixy"(Invisibility) , as i fade from sight . "ok , now, who are those ponies". I ready another incantation "Sak Bicvx"(Far Sight) . My vision "zooms" as I focus. I see the other ponies beside the target are the alicorn princess, a totally pink bouncing pony, and a cyan pony with a rainbow mane and tail. "This could end badly, i can't miss or i'll be in some deep manure" .

I turn off my second incantation, returning my sight to normal. I crawl closer to the front of the house and lower my position into a pounce as they get closer. I can hear their conversation as they get closer. I close my eyes in order to focus and tune them out. My heart is beating so loudly I think they might hear me, which might actually be a possibility at this point. As the cross a small bridge leading to the house I start to tense. "I'm getting nervous" I think to myself, "You shouldn't be nervous, only all of demonkind rest on your shoulders". "Shadupp brain, you're not helping". "Make me.". goddamnit, I don't have time to argue with myself.

They are a few meters away when I open my eyes. "NOW!" . I leap with all my might straight at the yellow pony , creating a large impression on the house as I do so. I'm a gust in the air to them with my invisibility, "victory is mine" I think as i'm about to collide. But right before I make contact a pink blur rushes by and I slam my claws into the ground creating a small crater. "What!?" Because of my momentum i'm forced to do a roll to avoid direct collision with the ground.

I wind up facing all 4 ponies with the pink one still on the element of kindness. The other two look at me in shock and disbelief. I look down at myself not knowing what to expect. I notice nothing is different, which is the problem, I must have lost focus when I did the roll , I am no longer invisible. The pink pony gets up and tries to help the yellow one. Who refuses to even get out of the fetal position in fear. I look at the pink pony "How, how did you know?" I ask, with my invisibility and speed there's no way she could have physically been able to avoid me, much less see me. She responds with "Wouldn't you like to know" in a mock tone pulling her bottom eyelid down and sticking her tongue out. My eyes widened in anger and surprise.

"Who is this mare? She avoids my ambush and then taunts me!?" . "Who are you?!" The alicorn princess asks, taking my attention away from the pink one. I stand as straight as I possibly can and do the most over dramatic bow possible as a dragon "Why, i'm the beginning of the end of the elements of harmony, at your service." Before they can respond I charge at the yellow pony once again who is still shaking in a fetal position with the pink pony by her side. It's a futile attempt as i'm knocked a ways to the side by the cyan pony who i forgot about. I do a couple rolls before stopping.

As i get up and brush myself off I ask them "What are your names?" Dropping the posh tone. The cyan pony does a barrel roll while rushing at me. Being prepared this time i do a spin to juke her and grab her leg as she fliess past. "It was a simple question. No need to get so aggressive". I throw her at the house and she manages to catch herself inches before impact. She growls but cools down flying closer and says with closed eyes and a smirk "I'm rainbow dash, fastest flyer in all of equestria, and easily 20% cooler than you!". "Oh is that so?, well, are you faster than lightning?" I say ,"Micvxzizc!"(Lightning).

She barely has time to open her eyes as a powerful lightning bolt strikes her in the chest. She is shot out of the sky and lands with a loud THUD as she hits the ground, knocked out. "Hey! You can't hurt my friend like that!" I look over and the pink pony is standing up alongside the yellow one , who looks like she just finished crying. "Try to stop me" I taunt with a grin . She charges at me and i get ready to counter her but she stops short, throwing me off guard. "PARTY TIME!" she yells. I'm more than confused at this point but i try so charge her. She pulls a cannon seemingly out of nowhere and fires it right in my face. I hear nothing but a load ring and see nothing except bright white.

"Am i dead?". I wonder. My answer is soon given when i feel a hoof hammer against the side of my face knocking me down. I try getting up but am kicked in the chest knocking me down again. "Holy hell these ponies are strong, I might need to start trying" Instead of getting up again I use my magic "Smabv!"(Flash)There was a flash and I open my eyes to see a blurry ground rushing towards me. "Just what i needed, and without having to think about it" I use my wings to catch myself in the air and try to adjust my eyes so I can see. I regain my sight just in time to see a cannon in my face. I do a spin to avoid the blast and fly out of the way.

The pink pony is in a balloon. I rush in and swipe at the balloon popping a hole in it. I watch as the pink pony falls but before she lands the yellow pony swoops in and catches her. I'm genuinely surprised. This scaredy pony managed to face her fears to save her friend. She puts the pink pony down and slowly flies up to me. "w-why are you d-doing this?". Her voice is cute. It's a shame she has to die "Well, element of kindness. I'm a demon, and demons feed off of the suffering of you elements of harmony are bringing balance, we are starving. It's my job to stop you so that we can eat again."I respond with a teacher's tone and some pride.

She is shivering so badly i think her wings might lock up at any time. "Isn't there some other w-way, that d-doesn't involve hurting others?". I chuckle "Do you really think it's that easy? Of course we've tried other ways, we are starving and don't have the strength to fight" I said solemnly, pausing "We feast off of the suffering of souls and unless you know someway to replicate a soul that doesn't feel pain, you're out of luck, we've tried for almost a thousand years now to replicate souls that don't feel pain, it's impossible. We've reached the point where we can manifest a soul, but at the cost of many more" I stopped giving her a chance to think about it. "And i'm not a fan of the whole "world of suffering ponies" but i will protect my people at all costs" . She responded with "w-well maybe ther-" she was cut short as i rushed her.

In her fear her wings locked up and instead of hitting her i hit one of her wings, chopping off half of it. She hit the ground hard, she was crying. It was sad "If only things weren't like this, I think she's a great being and doesn't deserve this" I felt pity as i went in for the killing blow .

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