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I was sitting in my chair waiting for news of my brother. It had only been around a day and I was excited to hear of whisper's succes . I heard a knock on the door "Come in!" I called, jumping up excitedly. It was a hesitant looking Damien . "Hello damien! Do you have news of my brother?" He nodded solemnly. "What's wrong? What happened?" I was really upset at his mood. "It's not very good I must say" Damien walked in while talking. "You may want to sit down for this" He was trying to calm me. Reluctantly I sat down. "Please tell me my brother is alright!" I was starting to panic at the possibilities. "I will, you just have to CALM DOWN first" I did as told, though slowly, trying to calm my heart rate and breathing.

After a good while I was successful. "OK please tell me now" He nodded "Our scouts reported whisper successfully made contact with arkraith. She was about to apply the knockoutaphine (A/N I tried to find a real drug that knocked out people and could be applied to lips but was unable to find anything. My creativeness wasn't the best with this A/N) when they were interrupted by Celestia and Luna. They used magic to control whisper and caused her to defect." Damien finished the report and tried to hand me the folder containing the report.

I waved it off "That won't be necessary. We can do one thing though" I had a plan. Damien was listening intently. "Tell xerath to ready the IZXEKFEWEZXIOZAH XKAZBWIXXEK (Interdemensional transmitter), we're going to send a message". He looked at me with a smile "good idea, what should it say?" I thought about it "Tell him his name is Lance kaiser and he can trust us. Tell him not to tell a none about us and we will continue to message him. But tell him with a little more … convincing tone." He nodded and went to leave. "Also thank you Damien you've always been a good friend" He smiled at this "Happy to be your friend Aldrin" and he left. It always made me happy when he called me that because he's always so formal, making the times he isn't formal a treat. I went to the balcony "We will save you Arkraith, one way or another"


I woke up with a start after a very weird dream where I was told my name and that they were trustworthy people that would continue to contact me.I couldn't remember much,like my memories were suppressed. It was not pleasant .

Can I please have a wake up where my head is NOT throbbing. As I woke up i felt something hard and warm on my side. I opened my eyes to find that It was some creature I didn't recognize, or did I? That's right I remember . This is onyx , the lovely little lady who tried to… my mind pulled up a blank.

What did she do again. She stirred in her sleep, starting to wake up. I decided to ask her some questions. "Hey, hey wake up sleeping beauty" I gently poked her side. She groaned before shooting straight up "Who?! Where?!" She said before looking at me and calming down.

"Hiya there sleeping beauty, how was your night?" I asked with a warm smile. She giggled cutely "lovely, with a blanket like you" I pulled her in and hugged her tightly. "I can't remember much before my amazing speech, care to enlighten me?" She looked at me a little guilty and tensed up but relaxed into my arms.

I turned her around so her back was on me. "Well you were affected with some kind of knockout poison that was also meant to erase your memory of the past hour or so, Celestia was able to identify the poison and used a spell to save the important memories before they were erased" I "oooh"d in response.

*ONYX POV* (right after the newly named (but not yet) Lance Kaiser collapses)

I started freaking out. He just HAD to kiss me didn't he, that idiot, and after everything he said. Celestia and Luna were glaring daggers at me "WHAT did you do!?" Celestia was trying to keep her cool. I don't blame her though. No one likes Changelings and for someone like her being so greatly affected by what we did, it makes sense that she'd find any excuse to put me down into the ground … where I belong.

My eyes started to tear up "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM? I SWEAR TO MY PARENTS IF YOU HURT HIM IN AN-" Sick of this bull manure I decided to speak my mind, tears flowing freely down my face now. "SHUT THE F**K UP CELESTIA. IF YOU WANT TO PESTER ME AND BEAT ME TO THE GROUND THAT'S FINE , BUT RIGHT NOW WE HAVE TO HELP HIM" I pointed to the Lord Arkraith. I'm not sure these ponies know exactly who he is but i'd rather not test their knowledge. "CAUSE IF WE DON'T HE WILL LOSE ALL HIS MEMORIES SINCE HE WOKE UP IN PONYVILLE!" Tears were streaming down my face and I was panting.

Celestia and Luna were both stunned by my outburst but quickly gained their bearings. "Y-yes we need to. But we have to know what caused it first, if we don't use the correct spell we could make it worse." I nodded I was still out of breath and my eyes were still blurry. "I used knockoutaphine only enough to coat the lips." They nodded and readied their spells while rushing over to Arkraith.

After a few moments of contact between their horns and his forehead they spoke up "Even with all the memories we can conserve by taking away his memories while knocked out, we still are unable to save everything." Tears started to well up in my eyes again. "Please! I don't care what he forgets as long as he remembers what he told me" I started sobbing quietly. After a few moments Celestia responded "That will work, he will not remember anything else that night except for his speech to you" My face lit up in a smile. I rushed over and gave her a hug "Thank you, Princess Celestia , he said things I thought nopony would ever say to me" I thought to myself 'pre-demon or otherwise' I looked at him before I start to fall asleep.

Luna spoke up "He will be fine in the morning, for now, you should rest too" She lifted Arkraith up and put him on the bed. I nodded and went down to lay next to him. Celestia and Luna started a conversation that I was unable to hear but I was sure it was about me. Soon after Celestia climbed into the bed as well. I gave her a very confused look but before I could ask any questions she answered them "It IS MY bed after all" before I could ask anymore she answered that one too. "It wanted to be near him incase he burst into flames again" I gave an 'oh' expression and after a little while I decided to cuddle up next to my hero. Celestia was sleeping on the other side, thankfully not making contact with Arkraith… i should really find out what he wants to call himself. I sighed into his chest as i fell into a deep slumber.

*ARKRAITH POV* (While knocked out)

I felt weightlessness… that's about it. I couldn't feel anything except my body floating around. After a few minutes i started to get bored. As I thought this I started to hear a voice. It was loud and booming, but not ear deafening. "Hello,sir. You may want to know why you are here, and here being this weightless nothingness" I was about to respond before it so rudely interupted "And before you respond this is a one way message" I mentally face palmed 'of course it is'. The voice continued "I want you to know you can trust me. It's hard to believe but before your amnesia we were very close. Due to unfortunate circumstances I am unable to reach you. I'm here to help you as much as I can from my position. First you need a name"

Wow, he's right. I've gone through all this without even knowing my name. "It shall be Lance kaiser. And secondly I came to warn you of an impending danger. I cannot tell you what but I can say you are going to be in grave danger very soon" Awesome I can't wait, not like I've been in danger this whole time. "That is all for now, I will contact you again and please , lance… try to stop getting knocked out"

Glad to know I have a stalker. I felt my body being pulled from this place and before I could react I was back in my own body and woke with a start, memories of the dream fading.

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