We stayed there having a few more drinks, they decided to have one last shot. Henderson raised his glass, "Good luck, boys." We all took the shot, something tasted disgusting; all of us spat the shot out. Henderson held his glass up "Sweet Jesus! Tasted just like –" We realised what it tasted like, looking at each other starting to get nervous. Rick had to say it out loud. "– Blood."

Jonathan looks in to space starting to talk "And the rivers and waters of Egypt ran red… and were as blood." Rick and I looked at each other in realization, "He's here." We run through the doors trying to find Evelyn. Soon as we left the place we saw the weather changing, lightening started. "We need to find her, quickly." I told Rick.

We saw her carrying a handful of books. "Oh, Evelyn!" Rick called out to her. She turned and saw us running towards her. "Oh, so you're still here." Aiming it towards Rick. I sniggered at that. I looked at her "Evie, we got a problem."

We were walking back to apartment, Rick saw someone coming down the stairs. It was Beni. He looked scared. "Hey! Beni, you little stinkweed. Where you been?" Rick had him up by his scruff. We heard an unhuman roar up the stairs where Beni come from. He left go of Beni and run up the stairs with his guns drawn, I joined him. We walked in guns drawn, turned the corner saw a drained what must have been Burns. In his dressing gown and with his bandages that must have been to cover his eyes. Mine and Rick's eyes were wide open shocked to see what was in front of us, Evie sound of a cry and shock while covering her mouth.

We saw something on the corner of our eye. Got our guns up to aim. All you saw was the Mummy moving, what looks like his muscles mending back together slowly. With some bits missing. Soon as he was done mending himself back together, he let out a roar.

"We are in serious trouble." Rick pointing out the obvious. The Mummy started to walk to us quite angry. Aimed our guns back at him and started shooting. But the bullets weren't touching him; they were either going through him or just taking a piece of muscle off. He threw Rick and I back to the door, thankfully the boys were there to break our fall.

We got up into sitting position seeing the Mummy nearly get kissed that monster. Then you hear a piano and a meow. We saw a white cat on there pressing the keys. The monster looked scared of the cat. He vanished into a tornado sandstorm in the room. "We are in very serious trouble." I turned to Rick "You think?!" Sarcasm dipping off me.

I got up and went to Evie gave her a hug, "You okay?" She nodded. I can tell she's still a bit shook up. To be honest who wouldn't.

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