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Harry didn't know what to think when Varix appeared at the station and took him to Potter Manor immediately. She told him to go inside and tell Winnie to lock the entire property down until she returned. Varix promised that he wouldn't go back to the Dursleys and he'd hold her to that.

Before she left, he made a wish.

"I wish that whatever plan you have concerning Dumbledore and Sirius, would work out the way you want it to."

She froze for a moment,. staring at him in awe, before a slowly smiled crept across her lips. "That, is how you make a wish!" she cheered, snapping her fingers. "And it shall be done. Thanks, Harry."

She was gone for hours and Harry had to entertain himself with his summer assignments. And Snape's five foot essay was torture!

Winnie assured him that everything would be fine, but that he'd have to be patient. Harry could do that. He always had to do that while at the Dursley's house. Waiting for the night to roll around. Dudley wouldn't be whining and he wouldn't have to hear Vernon's grumpy complaints or Petunia's strident caterwauling.

He didn't see Varix until the next morning, where he found her sitting in the dining hall, sipping tea. Up until then, he'd never seen her eat anything.

"Do you ever eat?" he asked, seating himself at the head of the table which was to her right.

"Yeah, just not what you'd think. I can eat food, but I don't usually do so. I thrive on sunlight and water. The 'dress' is a part of me. It doesn't come off, ever. It's formed around my wings," she explained, showing him her back and how the wings indeed, seemed to sprout from the dress itself.

"I can shower if I want, but usually a cleaning charm is enough if I don't want to waste time."

"Why would showering be a waste of time?" Harry asked, murmuring a small 'thank you' to Tilly, the Elf who bought him breakfast.

"Before you, I skipped school all the time. I came to the mortal realm and I would laze about. I mean, your mortal laws don't apply to me, so I can create currency at any time. I can pretend to be people. I can confound people. Do what I want besides breaking my queen's laws.

Some money made from magic, some special charm work, and I was able to laze about. Because that's what I did. As a fairy godparent, magic is easy to me. Unlike most others, my kind don't have to try very hard to learn. And my Semantic Memory allows me to cheat. I know spells that allow me to transfer knowledge from books to my brain and I'd remember everything I'd learned. It would seem unfair to some, but I didn't want to be in class all the time. I wanted to have fun. To mess around.

To be honest with you, I was worried about being given a kid of my own, because I'm not the best role model. I'll lie if need be. I'll steal if it comes to that. For years I preferred to spend time in this realm just sleeping, partying, and having fun. So suddenly being responsible for someone, especially a child who is impressionable, it was a shock."

"You partied?" Harry asked, unable to believe it.

"I learned that Muggle alcohol is strong. I don't want you drinking until you're fifteen. On one of my many adventures, I got a tattoo on my foot. Didn't remember getting it 'cause I was drunk, but I have it."

"But in Britain the legal drinking age is sixteen."

"No drinking Muggle alcohol until you are fifteen. Trust me, your midget body wouldn't handle a hangover well. And I most certainly wouldn't brew you a potion to cure it."

"You're pretty much telling me to break the law."

"You can break any law, so long as you aren't caught," she shrugged, before wincing suddenly. "That wasn't something I should have told you, was it?"

"I don't think so," he snorted.

She shrugged again. "It's not like you're immature. It's okay. You have a good head on your shoulders. You can discern which laws should be broken and when."

Harry decided not to comment because he had a feeling that she wouldn't see it like he did.

"What happened last night?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Well Peter Pettigrew was revealed to be a rat animagus who had been hiding in the Weasley family for twelve years. He was simply going to be charged with child endangerment, pedophiloia, and of course the five years for being an unregistered Animagus, until someone caught a look at his left forearm, which held the Dark Mark.

They questioned him and the fool tells them that he 'didn't mean to join the Dark Lord'. That the man had powers that none could imagine and that they shouldn't blame him."

Varix scoffed into her teacup.

"So it was established that he was a Death Eater and that was before someone suggested using Veritaserum, most powerful truth potion to exist. The Chief Warlock, Dumbledore, denied the request.

And then he was asked about Sirius Black and said they couldn't blame him for killing the Muggles because Sirius was going to kill him and he didn't want to die."

Harry stopped eating his eggs. "He just admitted that Sirius Black didn't kill the twelve Muggles, to the open court?" he shook his head. "And since he obviously isn't dead, Sirius didn't kill him either. And since he was revealed to be a follower of Voldemort, he isn't so innocent."

"No," agreed Varix. "Sirius's trial is the last in a very long list of trials unfortunately. Fifty-seven people in Azkaban from the last war, chucked in there without a trial. The Ministry is up to their ears in trials. I tried to get it pushed up, but Dumbledore stopped it again."

Harry sighed. "How soon do you think his trial will be?"

"Anywhere from a week to two. Depends on how many trials they'll hold a day."

"And do you think that he'll be found innocent, since Pettigrew pretty much admitted he was guilty?"

"High chance he's freed, but we'd need a good Goblin lawyer to make it easier. Goblins are ruthless. Also, since the last Lord Black has passed and he never evicted Sirius from the family tree and kept him as the Heir, Sirius has been Lord Black since 1991, which makes you the Heir now. You go speak to the Black Account Manager and he'll most likely know laws about Heads of Most Ancient and Noble Houses being imprisoned without a trial.

I'll take you tomorrow to sort it all out. And then for some shopping."

Harry nodded, going back to his eggs.

"We can use the fact that he was the Heir and is now the Lord to our advantage," said Unstoglck, Head of the Black Accounts. "Magic is a sentient being and she decides often for our society. Take your guardianship, Heir Potter-Black. Lord Black and Varix, are in green ink, because Magic accepts them as your guardians. Petunia Dursley is in red, because Magic doesn't approve of her, but you were forced into her care against Magic's wishes."

Harry was nodding, having wished for even better understanding before they left Potter Manor that morning. He was able to keep up with what the wizened Goblin was saying.

"If Lord Black was indeed guilty of his supposed crime, his ink would be in red and then a strikethrough would cover the word, showing that he was unfit to be your guardian. The fact that he is still your godfather and guardian says a lot about his innocence."

"Will that be enough, though?"

"Possibly, but your fairy is looking to turn the Ministry on its head, so to speak. Therefore, we will use all avenues available to us. This means bringing out the laws involving Heirs and Heads of Most Ancient and Noble Houses, and there are many, Heir Potter-Black."

"Unstoglck, you can call me Harry. I mean, I'm allowed to call you by name so it's only fair," Harry smiled lightly.

The Goblin stared for a moment, before giving a slow nod.

"Okay then… Harry. We can also get your parents' Will unsealed if Lord Black demands it along with your fairy godmother. Two of your guardians - one being a Lord - making the same demand and then you as the Heir to two Most Ancient and Noble Houses, agreeing with them, will then override the Chief Warlock's order. Your parents' Will, should also have information needed to implicate Pettigrew and free Lord Black."

"Okay, so when do we have to get Sirius to make the demand?"

"I will be the one going… Harry. Though not necessarily a danger to you, Lord Black has been in the mortal equivalent of hell for the past twelve years. Dementors are terrible creatures and most go insane within the first year there. If he has any semblance of sanity left, it'll be a miracle. Also, they don't bathe and rarely eat in Azkaban. Lord Black will be ghastly to look upon and I'd prefer it if you didn't see him at his lowest."

Harry looked to Varix, who was nodding slightly. "Is it really that bad?"

"And then some," the fairy nodded. "He'll also have to go to St. Mungo's after all of this. Twelve years will have some effect on him. Before being allowed in your presence, he'll have to undergo mass treatments."

Harry frowned, "Are they allowed to treat their prisoners like that? The Muggle world doesn't do that and if people do do it, they are usually sacked or sued."

"In other countries it's illegal, but as I told you, Britain has the most archaic magical society in the mortal realm."

"This is ridiculous," he hissed.

"Indeed," Unstoglck nodded.

Sirius Black stared at the four walls around him. It was dark and cold. Twelve years. He'd been rotting in this hellhole for twelve years.

Twelve long years.

What happened to Harry?

What about him?

Did he look like James?

Did he look like Lily?

Did the blood adoption take and make him look like Sirius?

Sirius remembered Harry's little brown tuft of hair. He'd been born with a mohawk. And his little brown hair bled straight to black the moment Sirius performed the ritual, right there in the hospital.


Sirius sighed. Bella was on another laughing kick it seemed.

The sound of footsteps drew him from his memories and he shifted back to his human form immediately. Wouldn't do to get caught.

He moved further into the cell, watching and waiting.

A dark figure on the other side of the door, but through the bars, he could see the form was much smaller than a Dementor. And it didn't bring that God awful chill with it either.

A jingle of keys and a creak of the iron door, revealed someone he hadn't seen in years.

"Amelia?" he could help but croak, voice gruff from years of no use.

"What's with the hat?"

Admittedly, he probably should have asked something important, but the enormous hat on her head completely drew his attention first.

It was square-ish and it made her head look bigger than it should.

"Sirius Orion Black," Amelia said, pulling out a rolled up parchment. "It has come to the attention of the British Ministry of Magic that you along with fifty-six other individuals, were imprisoned without a trial during the War of Voldemort. You and the others are to be transferred to the Ministry's Holding Cells until the time of your trial."

She put the scroll away and sniffed a few times. "I shouldn't tell you this Sirius, but Peter Pettigrew was found and brought in under charges of pedophilia and child endangerment and the fool didn't even need a truth serum, he couldn't shut up. He admitted to killing the twelve Muggles and blowing up the street. He admitted to joining the Dark Lord Voldemort, but claimed we shouldn't blame him because Voldemort was persuasive. He is also faced with charges of being an unregistered Animagus. Due to this discovery about him, you may have a chance at freedom, if you are truly innocent. I have been informed that your Account Manager will be meeting you at the Ministry to discuss some things."

Sirius could feel the warmth in his chest grow suddenly. He just might get out.

"I'll tell you this now, I looked into a few things and I will be giving my findings to your Account Manager. In my eyes, it looks as if you are innocent and by Magic I hope you are."

She waved her wand a few times and Sirius' hands were locked behind his back and he was forced to his feet. He was led from the cell and down the long hallway. Several Aurors stood at the end of the corridor, each holding onto a prisoner of their own.

After an hour of traveling on boat to get to shore, they were Apparated directly to the Ministry. Sirius was given Cell 57 and told to remain quiet until his Manager came.

A few hours later, a Goblin he didn't recognize, along with a medi-witch, entered the cell. The witch placed a tray of food on the floor and used her wand to push it toward him. She then departed with a quick bow.

"Lord Black, I am your Account Manager, Unstoglck. Please, eat before we discuss."

Sirius was staring at the food intently, but his mind snapped at the 'Lord'.

"What do you mean Lord? I wasn't the Heir. You mean Grandfather has passed?"

"The former Lord, Arcturus Black III has indeed passed on. He never disowned you either, despite your mother's complaints. You have always been the Heir and when he passed, you became Lord. Now, eat while I speak."

Sirius grabbed the apple on the tray and while he wanted to tear into it like an animal that hadn't eaten in years, he kept himself mildly calm and simply took a bite. The slower he ate, the faster he'd become full, at least, that was what Lily had told him.

Unstoglck eyed him for a moment. "I must admit Lord Black, you are considerably more well composed than I presumed you would be," he commented.

Sirius flashed a messy smirk. "I may be a Gryffindor, but I was raised a Black. I'm not so stupid as to reveal my skills so openly. Suffice it to say, I'm amazing, and leave it at that."

The Goblin snorted. "You haven't changed at all, Lord Black."

"I'm sorry, I don't remember you."

"You last spoke to me on the day you blood adopted Harry. You set up his Black Trust Fund and filled out some paperwork. Along with your time in Azkaban, I'm not surprised that you don't remember me."

Sirius, who had gone for the large carrot stick after finishing the apple, looked up in alarm. "Harry?"

"Ah, yes. Harry has asked me to call him by name. You godson is rather peculiar. He actually remembers Goblins and their names."

"How is he?" Sirius asked, leaning forward from his cot.

"I think we should discuss him after we have spoken about your trial. Though you should know that his other guardian and he were the ones to bring your lack of trial to light and requested a trial for you. I was just in a meeting with them."

"'Guardian'?" Sirius repeated in confusion. "Who is it?"

Unstoglck's thin lips pursed for a few seconds, before he sighed. "Harry James Potter was forced onto his mother's Muggle sister. A little over a year ago, Harry qualified for a fairy godparent. His fairy godmother takes her duty toward him very seriously."

Sirius' stomach dropped at the revelation. Harry, his little Fawn, qualified for a fairy godparent? That shouldn't be possible.

"Why was Harry with Petunia at all? She wasn't even in the Will. Lily didn't want Harry to ever meet her!"

"Well that, Lord Black, is something to discuss. Chief Warlock Dumbledore illegally sealed the Will of James and Lily Potter about an hour after they were murdered. But the records say that you weren't taken to Azkaban until five days later. Can you explain how you learned of the Potter family's misfortune?"

Sirius' mind scrambled for a bit, but he managed to get everything together. "Peter was the Secret Keeper and I was charged with guarding him. I went to see him, but he was gone. And I then went to Godric's Hollow, to find the cottage in shambles. James was dead on the first floor and Lily was… dead in front of the crib in the nursery. Little Harry was bleeding from the head, but he was alive and relatively well.

I was taking him to St. Mungo's when Rubeus Hagrid appeared and told me that Dumbledore wanted Harry. At the time I hadn't questioned it. So I gave Harry to Hagrid and I told him to use my motorbike. I then left to get Peter, betraying piece of rubbish that he was."

"You mean to say that Chief Warlock Dumbledore took your godson and placed him with Muggles who didn't want him, even though you were alive and well? Especially when he could have simply held Harry at Hogwarts until the right moment?"

"When was Harry left with Petunia?"

"A little past midnight on November first of 1981, and he was left on the doorstep all night."

Sirius could feel the anger building. "Why did Dumbledore seal the Will?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"My personal belief is that he knew that Petunia Dursley wasn't supposed to have Harry and if he sealed the Will and locked it away, then no one would know of his actions. He is aware that if anything in the Will goes against whatever he has done to Harry, he will be in much legal trouble."

"You know, before I ran away, my father warned me about Dumbledore. He rarely ever spoke up when I was a child, but he did tell me that Dumbledore had his own agenda and he'd do whatever it took to see it through. Including allowing innocent people to suffer so long as his plan for the 'greater good' came about. The end results he envisions may be good and all, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and it seems as if Dumbledore's road has been broken one too many times."

Unstoglck gave a small nod.

"With Peter Pettigrew in prison, your side of the story has been more openly investigated. Now, you cannot request Veritaserum because Chief Warlock Dumbledore is refusing it to all who ask. But, we have facts on our side. Harry's fairy godmother has already requested for the Potter Will to be unsealed. If you make the same request and Harry verifies his desires to see it, we can unlock it and see what is inside. Also, Head Auror Bones found the records of spells from your wand the night you were taken to Azkaban. None of the spells used could have blown up a street or even killed someone. She submitted it to me before I came in here. And then there is the fact that you are still listed as Harry's godfather despite everything. And finally, we have many laws to use against the Ministry for imprisoning an Heir and Lord of a Most Ancient and Noble House. So Lord Black, shall we begin?"

Varix had taken Harry shopping after the first week of the summer holidays. Harry, who had been studying up on the offered courses for third years and up, decided that he wanted to do Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures.

Harry liked creatures and he found himself interested in Runes, especially after studying the Runes on the walls in the nursery at Merry Berry Cottage. He learned that his mother was a Runes Mistress and she frequently helped Gringotts as a Curse Breaker.

Harry had loaded up on books about Runes because he was determined to do well in the class.

He had been carrying his books to the counter, when he bumped into someone, dropping a few of the books on top.

"I'm sorry!"

"That's quite alright."

The voice that was smooth like Honeyduke's Finest Chocolate, belonged to a rather tall young man who was smiling down at Harry. His eyes were a light shade of green, but there were speckles of silver in there. His hair was black and slightly curly, pushed to the side. He was pale like Harry was, and his smile sent shivers down the boy's spine.

The attractive man waved a hand, making the fallen books return to Harry's stack.

"Do you need assistance?" the man asked.

"Uh… sure."

The man took a few of the books, allowing Harry to see everything in front of him.

"You like Runes?" the man asked.

"I'm… going to study them."

"I've recently taken an interest in them myself. I didn't know I was a wizard until recently and have been doing my best to catch up on the happenings of this magical world."

"How did you not know you were a wizard until recently? You're like, twenty."

"Sixteen actually. But I never received a Hogwarts Letter and my mother was a Squib that was disowned from her family and didn't want me to know of magic, but she died recently and I was suddenly assaulted by a talking piece of mail."

Harry winced, "I-I'm sorry I-"

"It's alright. We didn't get on. I never knew who my father was until the Will reading. I was even named for him. Though I have inherited a sizable amount from being his only Heir and apparently he too is dead."

Harry was a little uncomfortable. Though it was nice that this teen didn't know who he was and didn't fawn over him, it was still awkward to talk about death so casually.

"What's your name?" the boy asked.

"I'm Thomas Cadmus Riddle. Currently trying to remove the Riddle and make it Slytherin."

Harry's jaw dropped. "You're the Heir of Slytherin?"

"Technically since it's a Founding Family of Hogwarts, there are clauses in the Hogwarts Charter that allow me to be emancipated, so I'm actually Lord Slytherin."

Harry's mind was working. Thomas Riddle, the same name as the Tom Riddle that got Hagrid expelled. And if this young man was part of Slytherin's Line, then Tom Riddle had been Slytherin's Heir! So then, was there actually a Chamber of Secrets?"

"I'm Harry Potter."

Tom looked him over. "The one who defeated the Voldemort fellow?"

"Uh… I guess. It's been revealed that my mother used Olde Magick and Runes to save me, so basically she did the defeating."

"I think it's admirable that you make certain the honor is passed to the one responsible, Mr. Potter."

"You can… call me Harry," said the boy, a dark blush coloring his cheeks.

"Then you may call me Tom."

The sixteen year old wizard sent him a rakish smile and Harry sniffed a bit. He was too attractive for Harry's own good. Harry thought he at least had a few years before developing crushes, but apparently not. He didn't even know the guy!

They placed the books on the counter and Harry paid for them quickly. He then placed his newly acquired items in his charmed satchel and turned to Tom.

"Thank you, Tom."

"Anything to help, Harry."

He winked at the flushed Gryffindor and sauntered back through the shelves, leaving Harry alone.

Harry left the shop, making his way over to Fortescue's where he was to meet Varix. She was sitting on a chair outside the shop, eating a chocolate mint chip cone and resting on the table in front of her, was a large vanilla with chocolate sprinkles, in a cup. Harry's favorite!

He eagerly sat down and thanked her.

"So, who's the kid you were flirting with?"

Harry choked on his scoop of ice cream. "I was not flirting!"

"Well, from here it certainly looked like you were."

"Tom was just helping me!"

"Oh! On a first name basis already?" she asked with a grin.

"Th-that's not even, w-we weren't, NO!"

Varix began laughing. "First crushes are always the sweetest."

Harry simply shoved another scoop of ice cream in his mouth. He'd ignore her. He didn't need to take this.

Varix's giggles didn't subside, even when they were home. Harry went to bed early that night.

Unstoglck really came through in the end. He walked into Courtroom #2 in the lower levels of the Ministry and presented every piece of information he had, as well as reciting the seven different laws about imprisoning Heir and Lords of Most Ancient and Noble Houses, without trials.

Sirius Black gave his account of what happened that night and since Peter Pettigrew had already admitted to killing the Muggles and joining Voldemort, no one could argue with Sirius' words. And when Sirius didn't have a Dark Mark, that gave him further lead in his trial for innocence. His wand history just layered on his innocence.

When asked by one of the Wizengamot members why he didn't take Harry to a safe haven, he explained Dumbledore's involvement and everyone turned to the Chief Warlock.

Unstoglck decided to add that Dumbledore illegally sealed the Potter Will only an hour after they had been murdered, why Sirius had still been a free man. Madam Bones promised that Dumbledore be paying for that.

It was then, that Unstoglck revealed that Harry's Potter as well as his two legal guardians, Sirius Orion Black and Værix̂ Tɛmpaʊð, petitioned for the unsealing of the Potter Will and produced the very same Will.

With a bit of magic, the parchment lifted into the air and unfolded itself.

"Is this thing on?" came the voice of James Potter.

There was the sound of something hitting fabric and a loud 'umf!'.

"James, can you please take this seriously?!" came Lily Potter's voice.

"But Sirius isn't my name!"

"James Potter, so help me-"

"Okay! Okay!"

A clearing of the throat.

"This is the last Will and Testament of James Charlus Potter-"

"-and Lily Potter nee` Evans-"

"-being of sound mind-"

"-and body-"

"-under no compulsions-"

"-or potions-"

"-or spells of any sort-"

"-do hereby list our everlasting wishes. So mote it be!" chorused the two voices.

"So, to Sirius Orion Black, we leave our little Harry in your capable hands. Do not tell him about that time in Monoco! Never, tell him about that time in Monoco!"


"What? I don't want Harry to know about it! It's embarrassing enough as it is!"

"Fine. To Severus Tobias Snape-"

"-Why Snivellus?-"

"-shut up James! As I was saying. To Severus, I leave all of my Potions Journals. And Sirius, I know that you will be giving them over because Remus would never allow you to be so rude. I don't care about your dislike of him, he is my best friend and admittedly we both made some foolish mistakes and I'm just sad that I never had the chance to accept his apology and give him one of my own."

There was a small scoff followed by another 'umf!'.

"To Remus John Lupin, hey Moony, we paid off a small cottage in Sussex that belongs to the Potter House, but your name is also on the lease and there is a House Elf waiting for you. Take care, old friend."

"To Peter Pascal Pettigrew, may you burn in the lowest pits of hell for betraying us! I knew it was you and I took appropriate measures to make sure that my baby wouldn't suffer."

"Let it go on record, that Peter Pettigrew was our Secret Keeper."

A myriad of gasps filled the room.

"Finally, Albus Dumbledore you will keep you 'greater good' loving hands away from my son! You are not now, nor will you ever be, his Magical Guardian. You have no right to him whatsoever! If you have gone against our wishes, may Magic strip you of your titles and may you suffer magical cancer! So mote it be!" Lily shrieked.

"And to make it abundantly clear, custody of Harry James Potter goes to Sirius Orion Black first and foremost, as he is Harry's godfather, blood adopted the day he was born."

"Then to Alice Longbottom, his godmother."

"Then to Amelia Bones."

"Then to Severus Snape."

"Then to Filius Flitwick."

"Under no circumstances in Harry to go to Petunia Dursley nee` Evans. She is frigid, hateful, and a downright abusive bitch!"


"She is! She hates magic. Hates how she doesn't have it. The moment I learned I was a witch, she made it her duty to tear me down. I don't want my son near her or that lard she calls a husband, or her spoiled brat of a son!"

"Okay, calm. Anyway, for our little Harry, we leave you everything else. I hope you like cloak and the map! Break lots of school rules! OW!"

"Don't tell him that!"

"Oh, come on!"

"Harry dear, we love so much. Never be sad, because or sacrifice was for you. You are my little sunshine and you make me happy when my skies are grey."

"Give Padfoot and Moony grey hairs early, okay, Fawn!"

"The last enemy that shall be destroyed is Death."

The parchment folded on itself and Unstoglck looked around the courtroom at the gaping witches and wizards.

"Now let's discuss remuneration for Lord Black's suffering."

At the various groans, he smirked. Sometimes he really loved his job.

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