Pet boy of Fairy Hills

Chapter 14: Early Morning Blues

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Natsu woke up earlier and even more optimistic than usual. It was so early that the sun had barely come up. There were a lot of reasons for his happier mood. The first of the various reasons was that his wake up call didn't involve him getting kicked out of the comfortable room an attractive girl's room and into the hallway. He also didn't have that nasty collar sock collar around his neck, which had been the single greatest source of pain over the last week. However, nothing could compare to knowing that he was finally free. As he sat up, Natsu began to excitedly wonder what he was going to do with the few days of freedom he'd been granted.

"I wonder what I'm gonna do, maybe I could punch Gray or I could take a job, or maybe I could punch Gray... I think I'm gonna punch Gray." Natsu thought aloud. Normally the pinkette would have slept in more, but his renewed appreciation for freedom really made him want to seize the day. Plus, he was worried that Erza might change her mind and force the collar back on him. "I wonder what I should do after punching ice prick... Who cares, I'm FREE!" He cheered as he jumped out of bed. Erza and Evergreen both stirred in their sleep, reminding the pinkette that he was not alone and how careful he had to be.

The fire mage hopped off the bed and grabbed his clothes and scarf. He was determined to punch his rival in the face and nothing was going to stop him. However, the pinkette had forgotten how curious he could be, and he was still blissfully unaware of the succubus watching his every move. So the Dragon Slayer was kinda screwed when he noticed a hole in the wall. At first, Natsu was ready to ignore it and move on with his day, but a certain demon had other ideas. She used a little bit of her magic to make him just a little more inquisitive. 'Those girls already prepared, it'd be a shame if they didn't get what they wanted... Plus, he's got an unnaturally high amount of energy for someone who barely slept, so it's only right that I balance things out.' Lillith thought with a small giggle.

Suddenly, Natsu found himself having a renewed interest in the hole in the wall, which he simply couldn't help exploring. He wasn't sure why he was so interested in the hole, but uncertainty only made him more curious. That curiosity only got more out of control when he arrived at the crotch height hole and he remembered a piece of advice Guildarts had given him. 'If you ever find yourself in a girls-only dormitory, don't hesitate to experiment with any crotch-high holes you find.' Natsu remembered. It was the weirdest and most specific piece of advice he'd ever gotten from his idol, and he was certain that the man was drunk when he gave it to him. However, the older man's advice had never failed him, apart from the one about sneaking into a girl's bedroom.

With his mind made up, Natsu quickly looked back to make sure that the women were still asleep. Once this was confirmed, he pulled his pants down and stuck his cock through the hole. The pinkette then heard an excited squeal, followed by a smack then a loud thud and finally the sound of many locks being locked.

Before he could question the noises, he felt a pair of cool lips wrap around the head of his cock. The woman proceeded to swallow the rest of his member, all the way down to the base before drawing back, and giving it a quick kiss. The unique feeling of coolness and surplus of moisture made it rather obvious who was on the other side of the wall. "Good morning, Natsu-sama." Juvia greeted before swallowing her lover's manhood back up.

"Morning Juvia." Natsu replied, silently thanking Gildarts for the sound advice. The pinkette really had to give it to Juvia. He'd been sucked off by some of the sexiest women in the guild, and aside from a certain model, her skills were currently unmatched. "I could get used to mornings with you." The Dragon Slayer moaned as the water mage started working her magic. At this point, he was convinced that Juvia had some sort of blowjob magic, it was the only rational conclusion he could arrive at, she was just that great.

Juvia had decided to take a much slower approach than usual since she now had Natsu all to herself. Knowing this made the rain woman even more excitable then she usual. 'Love rivals are everywhere now, Juvia must make the most of every moment.' Juvia told herself.

Even with a wall between them, the woman couldn't contain her excitement. With this being the case, it was no surprise that her hands were hard at work. One was busy doing all sorts of things to her sensitive breasts, while the other was trying to find the many weak spots her lover had shown her.

Ever since her first encounter with the man, Juvia found herself dissatisfied with just masturbation. The bluenette found that she now needed something extra and her lover's member stuffing her mouth seemed to do the trick. The fact that she was doing it through a hole only made her feel dirtier, which just turned her on even more.

'So big, hard and tasty... And it's all mine.' Juvia reminded herself. Every passing second was complete bliss for the water mage and she found herself struggling to keep herself under control. As she struggled to keep herself under control, the woman's flushed cheeks adopted an even deeper blush. 'Juvia's body is on fire, but she must stay focused.'

"She's getting really into it."Natsu thought aloud, picking up on certain sounds. The first was the unmistakable sound of Juvia sucking his cock, then there were her sexy muffled moans and last but not least was that of fingers playing with an especially wet pussy. He already couldn't wait to fuck the horny rain woman and if she wasn't such a champion cock sucker and the fact there was a wall between them, he'd have already been balls deep.

'I'm gonna have to get rid of this thing.' He plotted. The pinkette was probably going to take the direct approach. It'd probably land him in more trouble, but his sex-ailed mind couldn't think of a better idea and he was craving the bluenette. "You're fucking amazing Juvia, I can't wait to bust down this wall and fuck you."

However, finding a way to get rid of the wall became an afterthought once Juvia's control finally slipped. She couldn't tell if it was just her lack of self-control or her lover's declaration getting to her. The beauty went from a reserved and meticulous pace into a fast and whorish one. By some miracle, Natsu didn't cum the second the woman's approach to sucking dick changed.

'Bust the wall down? Natsu-sama may get in trouble, but Juvia will protect him.' Juvia reassured. If the cock in her mouth wasn't so attention-grabbing, she would have probably gone into a delusion of her fending off the fearsome women of Fairy Tail. However, the woman maintained her concentration and increased her efforts tenfold.

The beauty decided to finally make full use of her well-trained tongue. The woman had used her tongue had been periodically entertaining various parts of her lover's cock and discovered many weaknesses. Juvia didn't hesitate to use this newfound knowledge to her advantage. Natsu found himself completely caught off guard by the sudden assault on his member. "Keep going you perfect little cock sucker." Natsu cursed. If her mouth wasn't being forced into a wide 'o' shape, the comment would have made the water mage smile. Instead, she had to settle for giving him an excited but muffled moan and beginning her ruthless assault on the man's already throbbing cock.

Natsu's hips bucked forward when he felt literally every sensitive spot on his manhood being attacked at once. The Dragon Slayer began letting out small grunts, groans, and moans as he struggled to stop his legs from giving out. He wasn't completely sure what the woman was doing to him, but he did know that he was loving every second of it. Everything from the magical way she was using her tongue to the simple feeling of her soft full lips sealing his cock made the pinkette feel like he was going to go crazy. It didn't stop there, Juvia decided to further utilize her unique body, to further increase the strength of her suction.

'Juvia's new technique works perfectly, Juvia will get every last drop from Natu-sama.' Juvia thought with steam now emanating from her body. She'd done her best to quell the heat that was currently overwhelming her at the moment. However, these efforts only made the feeling grow stronger, but the woman couldn't find the strength to stop. 'Juvia is too weak-willed to stop playing with herself, what would Natsu-sama think if he saw this?' She wondered, which only worked her up even more.

Even though she wasn't on Erza's level in terms of masochism, the thought of being demeaned, spanked, and otherwise punished excited her to no end. She was desperate to finish the man off and get the rough treatment had been yearning for. Being the woman she was, she turned that desperation into motivation and Natsu was much happier for it. Juvia proceeded to use everything she'd learned in the past few days to expertly fellate the pink haired man until she heard the words she'd worked so hard to draw out of the Dragon Slayer. "I'm cumming, Juvia." Natsu announced.

Upon hearing the magical words, Juvia pulled back, letting her lover's seed coat her mouth and throat. She moved back even further, resulting in a loud wet pop and a shower of cum for the blue haired woman. Juvia fell back and enjoyed the feeling of her lover's warm spunk covering her awaiting body. She mewled and moaned every time some would land on her body. The whole experience made Juvia feel rather whorish. This wasn't really that surprising, she was masturbating, covered in cum and her lover's manhood was sticking through the wall. If the woman had found herself in this situation like this a few days ago, she'd have started freaking out and feeling of deep shame would have taken over. However, thanks to being unknowingly affected by Natsu's new magic, shame was the last thing on her mind.

"Natsu-sama's cum is all over Juvia, don't worry, Juvia will make sure it all gets cleaned up." Juvia spoked, struggling to actually clean up the mess. The water mage started to doubt she'd actually be able to make herself presentable before Natsu's eventually found a way in. There were two main issues, she only had one hand to work with and she honestly loved being covered in cum.

While the woman basked in her own lust, Natsu took this as a chance to catch his breath. He'd been sucked off the majority of the of Fairy Hill's residence and it had been amazing, but Juvia had just blown them all out of the water. "That was amazing, you've gotta do that again." Natsu huffed as he sat down. As he finally caught his breath, the pinkette remembered something rather important. He turned around and checked on two sleeping fairies. "Thought for sure they'd have woken up by now, guess I'm better than I thought." He told himself.

'Perfect, if this keeps going, I'm going to have all my power back, and I'll have a perfect new pet.' Lillith plotted, her black pointed tail wiggling with excitement. Being the way she was, the demoness found herself getting a little greedy. She was sure that the women of Fairy Tail would be more than enough to bring her back to form, but she wanted so much more. Lillith knew full well of Fiore's surplus of sexy women and she was going to make sure Natsu got a piece of all of them. 'Oh, this going to be good... I may need to give him a bit of a nudge, getting him to leave this little sex kingdom won't be easy.'

Since Natsu was completely oblivious to the chaos that was about to enter his life, Natsu began to figure out his next move. He fully intended to fuck the water mage, but getting to the woman was a little tricker. While breaking down the wall did initially seem like a good idea, a lot of things seemed like good ideas when he was getting his dick sucked. "Oh yeah, I completely forgot about the door. I'm starting to think that collar did some real damage." Natsu realized.

The Dragon Slayer stealthily made his way out of Evergreen's bedroom and into the one next to it. The pinkette had been tempted to wake Erza up and invite her to join in. However, judging from how ravenous Juvia had been, trying to make her share seemed like a very bad idea. Once he reached the door, he was grabbed by Juvia and forced onto his back before getting straddled by the blue-eyed beauty. "Finally, I can be with my Natsu-sama." Juvia claimed as she started moving her hips along her lover's manhood.

"We had sex yesterday morning." Natsu reminded. Seeing that it was Juvia, he doubted that he'd get a normal response.

"It feels like it's been months since Juvia felt Natsu-sama's warmth." Juvia retorted, continuing to stare her lover down. Natsu did find himself a little concerned, but his libido made it impossible for him to remain as such. The fire mage could only stare at his blue-haired lover, who began to get a little self-conscious. "Juvia wanted to wear short ones, but she couldn't find them."

He had no idea why Juvia was being so shy, the beauty looked stunning. The woman had returned to her set of black ass-hugging-yoga pants, which he couldn't wait to examine further and he couldn't wait to tear off the pink cleavage-bearing sports bra. If her choice of dress wasn't enough to get Natsu going, the copious amount of sweat and her flushed expression allowed his imagination to go wild. He didn't know what the woman had been doing on the other side of the wall, but he had a few ideas. "Anything tight makes your ass look amazing, so don't worry." Natsu reassured.

As crass as the compliment was, Juvia found herself appreciating it anyway. "You're too kind to Juvia, it's making her so wet." Juvia claimed as she continued to grind her clothed maidenhood against the Dragon Slayer's equally covered up manhood. It didn't take very long for the blue-haired maiden to get worked up, which wasn't really surprising. Her leggings were tight enough and Natsu was hard enough that their clothing was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. "Sorry that Juvia is so sweaty, she went on her run before she came to pleasure Natsu-sama." She apologized.

"I don't worry... I like the natural scent of a woman the most." Natsu replied, finally deciding to sit up. As sexy as the woman looked when she was on top, there were a lot of things that he couldn't do in their current position. Natsu grabbed the beauty by her big round ass before picking her up and pressing her against the nearest wall. Juvia took this chance to claim a kiss from the pinkette. Since the Dragon Slayer was far too preoccupied groping and grabbing the rain woman's glorious booty, said rain woman was able to take full control. 'What kind of cruel god hid this thing from me?' The enthralled Dragon Slayer wondered.

The blue-haired woman let out a moan when she felt the man's warm hands squeezing her ass. Her lover's special treatment to her backside did initially throw her for a loop because of his well-known love for boobs, but now she had a new goal. 'Juvia is going to make Natsu-sama an ass man for sure.' Juvia swore with a fiery determination. Though she didn't really show it, the blue-haired woman had ample confidence in her equally ample tush.

With a goal in mind, the blue-eyed beauty began to think about how to make the best use of her booty. Her plotting would prove to be unneeded as the fire mage finally reached his breaking point. "What a beautiful ass, I can't take it anymore." Natsu muttered. Juvia barely had time to take in the compliment as she found herself being flipped upside down, only being held up by one of the man's strong arms. "Perfect." He continued as he finally got the unobscured view of ass he'd be yearning for. The bluenette was also rather happy since she once again staring at her lover's rigid manhood with the only thing in the way being his pants. "Looks like this a win-win for both of us."

"Juvia believes Natsu-sama is correct about that." Juvia agreed. The situation couldn't be better for the scantily clad mage. Not only could she show off what she had to her lover, but she also had another chance to go to town on her lover's cock. The teen also got the added benefit of being the pinkette's sole focus. Knowing this and staring at the bulge protruding from his pants made Juvia wetter, this, in turn, got the fire mage even more worked up. "If this keeps up, Natsu-sama's pants are going to tear open. But don't worry, Juvia can think of three places to hide it should that happen." She suggested.

Natsu was honestly tempted to take her up on that offer, but even he knew that the risk was too great. The fact that Mirajane hadn't skinned him for sleeping around so much was honestly surprising to the Dragon Slayer. However, he got thoughts of his grizzly death at the hands of the demon out of his mind and went back to admiring the ass in front of him. "This thing looks great in the tight stuff, but it looks even better completely bare." Natsu claimed.

He then used his free hand to peel off the skin-tight leggings, revealing the pale peach skin, and releasing the scent that was previously sealed inside. The fire mage got a sudden but expected burst of arousal once Juvia's sopping maidenhood was completely exposed. "That's the stuff and no panties either... I'm going to have to punish this ass." The Dragon Slayer continued, staring at the guild's best butt. He'd always been more of a boob man, but if Juvia were to join forces with a certain someone, he was sure he'd have a massive shift in preference.

"Juvia can't fall behind." Juvia muttered. The beauty expertly used her mouth to free the Dragon Slayer's large meaty manhood. A small smile crept up across her face when she saw that a little bit of her salvia was still there. The water mage decided that now would be a better time than any to give it a fresh coat. "Juvia hopes Natsu-sama won't get too weak in the knees again." She teased, swallowing her lover's man meat once again.

The Dragon Slayer shuttered a little when he felt the teen's cooling mouth embrace his manhood. Juvia's eagerness to suck his cock made the fire mage even more determined to finally pay the woman back. "So wet, did sucking my dick get you that excited?" Natsu teased, running his tongue along the bluenette's slick pussy. This simple act resulted in a muffled moan from the woman. Her reaction was a little more vocal than usual and it only proved to stroke Natsu's ego. "You're more sensitive than useful." He continued before finally sliding his tongue into his lover. In the same way, Juvia knew all of his weak spots, Natsu knew all the right buttons to push.

Natsu didn't hesitate to push said buttons, earning him louder moans and a set of thighs wrapping themselves around Natsu's head. This didn't bother the fire mage that much since he could now properly worship the best ass in the guild and properly play with the bluenette's pussy. His free hand gave him the added bonus of getting to grope the aforementioned booty. The rain woman absolutely loved the attention her backside was getting, but it also left her struggling to pleasure the cock in her mouth. 'Juvia is getting too carried away, she's got a standard to uphold.' Juvia reminded herself, doing her best to work through the indescribable pleasure.

The couple continued like this until it became obvious that the pinkette was reaching his limit. Juvia was a little disappointed at how long it had taken her to make her lover reach that limit. However, she really couldn't be blamed, not only was she sucking cock upside down for the first time, Natsu was going to town on her lower half.

The rain woman had been tempted to just let the fire mage worship her derriere for the rest of the morning, she remembered just how much competition in the building. "You've got such a naughty ass, I have to punish you... Right after your reward." Natsu moaned out.

Desperately wanting to get the promised reward, the woman gave a few masterful strokes and flicks with her tongue, which tipped her fire-breathing lover over the edge. The beauty proceeded to fully engulf every last inch of the manhood and accepted every last drop of Natsu's thick creamy seed. 'So how was that?" A slightly breathless pinkette huffed.

"Was that satisfactory, Natsu-sama?" Juvia asked, her supple thighs starting to gradually loosen their grip around her lover's head. With their current position, it was impossible to say anything negative about this latest encounter. As she awaited her answer, the bootylicious bluenette began making her way to her feet.

"Satisfactory? You're a goddamn blowjob master... Don't tell Mira this, but I think you're the best at sucking cock." Natsu admitted, aiding the beauty to her feet. Once she was on her feet, the man couldn't help but stare at her current state.

Her once neat hair was a mess, her sports bra was also a little out of place, exposing plenty of underboob and one of her rock hard nipples. While those were nice details, they didn't distract from the fact her pants were halfway down, exposing her dripping pussy, which was just begging for the pounding of a lifetime.

Being the man he was, he didn't want to deny her of that. Juvia knew his intentions very well and she was going to make sure really earnt her pounding. "Natsu-sama is staring at Juvia with such hungry eyes... Juvia is so defenseless, so there's no way she'll be able to resist such a strong and powerful Dragon Slayer." Juvia stated, slowly turning around and making sure to stick her ass out more than usual.

In her efforts to further entice the man, she slowly started pulling up her leggings, hiding that ass Natsu was thirsting after so much. She knew exactly how the fire mage would react to this very obvious challenge. However, she decided to keep laying it on. "Should a ravenous Dragon Slayer attack Juvia, she'd be able to nothing." The beauty continued.

Self-control hadn't been a strong suit for Natsu in the past few days and this was no exception. Juvia instantly found herself on the ground, pinned down by her lover. "Maybe I didn't fuck you hard enough yesterday. How about I spend the whole day doing that?" Natsu suggested, ripping open the crotch area Juvia's leggings.

The woman let out an excited squeal at the idea of getting another day with just Natsu and her. It was one of his free days, so it could happen. All she had to do was keep their current location hidden and keep a certain someone incapacitated. She knew this would be a difficult task for her, but this wouldn't stop her from trying. "I'm not gonna let you and that sexy ass of yours scamper away from me... You've become such a little slut that even two of me isn't enough." He added, tearing the sports bra off, allowing her big bouncy breasts to finally breathe.

The woman quivered at the dirty talk, which seemed to have much more effective. "If Juvia and her Natsu-sama's didn't have to stop, Juvia wouldn't be in this pathetic state, so Natsu-sama has to take responsibility." Juvia retorted spreading her legs more. If he wasn't hosting Lillith's magic, he'd have wanted to tease the young maiden some more, but he couldn't stop himself. He lined himself up, grabbed her shapely hips and drove himself as deep as he could. "Yes! Natsu-sama's cock is finally here!" She screamed, cumming at the feeling of the large, but welcome invader.

Juvia's wanting face turned into one of pure unadulterated bliss. "If you keep making faces like that, I might really have to spend the whole day fucking you." Natsu muttered before he started moving. The long-haired maiden was now completely at the mercy, which only motivated Natsu to be even more aggressive and savage with his movements. Luckily enough, Juvia was up there in terms of durability so she could handle what the fire mage was dishing out.

Thanks to Natsu once again unknowingly activating his newfound magic, Juvia was quickly brought to a string of explosive climaxes. "Yes! Keep punishing Juvia's dirty and depraved pussy with that big cock of yours!" Juvia screamed as Natsu's manhood ravaged her womanhood. The Dragon Slayer wasn't sure if the woman was intentionally trying to stoke his flames, but he really didn't care. He was going to fuck the woman stupid and nothing was going to get in his way. 'It feels even better than usual, Juvia can't stop cumming... It's too much, but it's so addictive.' The struggling beauty thought. How well she'd kept up with the Dragon Slayer in the past few days, her sense of pleasure constantly doubling without warning.

'I honestly feel a little bad for her, she won't be able to string a thought together if this continues for ten more minutes.' Lillith thought as she continued watching the man. If she hadn't seen what exponentially growing pleasure could do to a woman, she would have let things carry on. 'It'd be such a waste to let such a talented woman go to waste.' The demoness sighed. She had a couple of options as to who would assist the water mage.

One of them was absolutely teaming with lust for the Dragon Slayer, the only drawback was that this woman was still hunting Lilith. The other equally as lustful, but she was completely unpredictable and rather destructive. Now that she actually thought about it, the second was the very obvious choice. With her mind made up, the demoness phased into the heavily locked closet and woke up the sedated beauty. Mere moments after the woman was woken up, the closet containing her exploded into tiny splinters. Despite being balls deep in Juvia, this sudden explosion of wood grabbed his attention. "Oh, crap." Natsu muttered.

"Natsu-san, that's not how you greet your mate, I thought I already told you this." Wendy told her lover as she approached him. As far as the fire Dragon Slayer could tell, she was still somehow still in heat. Considering how different mating season had been for the female Dragon Slayer, it was no surprise that it was a little longer. "Keep going, just don't take too long... I hope that I don't have to remind you which is the denominate half of a Dragon Slayer relationship." She added, her big brown eyes glowing with power.

"Natsu-sama, please don't stop." Juvia pleaded, attempting to get Natsu's attention back. Her plead with the addition of a kiss proved to be an effective tactic. While Dragon Slayer went back to pounding the rain woman for all he was worth, Wendy took this chance to properly prepare herself. She had noticed that her mate was a lot more aggressive than usual, so much so that Juvia was struggling to keep up with the power of the pinkette's thrusts. Despite normally being more dominant than the slightly older Dragon Slayer, she doubted she could handle him alone.

Knowing this, Wendy waited for the eventual position change. It took a little longer than she hoped, but once Natsu moved his lover onto all fours, allowing him to stare at her glorious latex covered ass. 'Of course, he'd start loving ass once I got the biggest pair of tits in the guild.' Wendy huffed, looking down at her enlarge endowments. While her perceived loss did initially dishearten the blue-haired beauty, she decided that she had to work on converting Natsu into a boob man once more.

She knew that focusing her incredibly high sex drive on a goal would allow her to get back the attention of her lover. With this in mind, Wendy moved towards the older Dragon Slayer, embracing him from behind. "Natsu-san, you shouldn't be focusing on you're mate... I'm still not with child yet." The sky maiden admitted, making sure to really press her breasts against the man. The fire mage could hardly resist the feeling of the Dragon Slayer's endowments and he turned back just a little.

Just getting her mate's attention was all she needed to steal the kiss she had been so desperate for. Much to the surprise of the Sky Dragon Slayer, Natsu managed to take full charge of the kiss without letting up on the big bootied water mage. 'This feeling, this heat... What kind of magic is this?' Wendy wondered as the feeling of pleasure quickly overtook her body. Despite using as many of her spells to prepare herself, the bluenette couldn't resist the man's new magic. Wendy found herself feeling a whole lot more docile.

For a while, Natsu got to enjoy a higher than usual sense of control, he'd done so many things to Juvia's now bare booty and he was now fucking the Sky Dragon Slayer with the same vigor as he had the water mage. Juvia used this as her chance to take a much-needed break from the Dragon Slayer. Despite how exhausted the water mage was, she couldn't help feeling incredibly jealous. "That should be Juvia." Juiva muttered as she watched the two Dragon Slayers going at it. Juvia's jealously only got worse when she saw how much better Wendy was handling Natsu's unrelenting assault of thrusts.

Though Wendy was now in the same position Juvia had previously been in, she was handling her pounding a hell of a lot better than Juvia. However, this was strictly due to her Dragon Force giving her a massive boost in endurance. She had no idea how long she'd be able to last like this, but she was definitely going to make the most of it. "You can't handle my mate, so just stay quiet." Wendy teased. The water mage wanted to step in, but she was worried about what the now pink haired Sky Dragon Slayer would do if she tried to get between them. "Aren't I so much better than her, Natsu-san? I'm stronger, tougher and much tighter than her." The beauty added, looking back at her fellow Dragon Slayer.

Natsu couldn't deny this claim, but he also didn't feel like causing more discourse in his ever-growing harem. So he decided that he was going to get the two to make peace the only way he knew how. "Juvia, get over here, it's time for you two make up." Natsu instructed, gesturing the cum stuffed beauty over.

Juvia was visibly excited that she might get more action with her fire-breathing lover. Though she would get to pleasure from a Dragon Slayer, just not the one she was expecting. "No kisses for you Juvia, sit over there and spread." He almost commanded, pointing to an area just in front of Wendy. Still under the impression that she as going to have Natsu for herself, she happily and hastily did as she was told. "Doesn't she smell nice?" The pinkette said in a low whisper. Due to her overclocked sex drive, it was no surprise that Wendy was a lot more adventurous.

"You're right, she does smell pretty good." Wendy agreed. The younger Dragon Slayer found herself unable to resist the lewd cocktail created by Natsu and Juvia, leading her to give the cream filled pussy an experimental lick. She instantly found herself hooked on the sinful flavor. Juvia did feel uncomfortable at first, Wendy's hungry tongue quickly made the woman very accepting of the Sky Dragon Slayer. It turned out that the busty wind mage was very good with her tongue. Her technique wasn't perfect, but her raw instinct allowed her to work through it. "You taste pretty good Juvia-san."

"This is embarrassing, Juvia has never been with another woman before." Juvia admitted, struggling to contain her blush. This was made pretty much impossible for her when Wendy really started getting into it. Natsu was impressed and jealous at the same time. He was impressed at how well he was working her tongue, but he was jealous that she could use Dragon Force whenever she wanted. "Juvia doesn't know how to feel about this." She muttered.

"Just relax and enjoy it, and it looks super hot." Natsu instructed, basking in the glorious view. "Good job Wendy." He added, giving the woman a quick slap on her firm ass. This was followed by the pinkette doubling his efforts. He reached deeper and he put every ounce of his strength behind his movements. Even with her large increase in her resilience, the sudden feeling took the wind out of Wendy. "Did you just cum?" He questioned once he felt the maiden's walls closing down on him. In an attempt to save face, Wendy buried her face in nether regions of Juvia, but only caused a moment for the healer.

In this moment of weakness, the magic of a succubus poured into Wendy, which had a very different effect than before. Rather than making her more docile, it made her instincts much stronger than before. Juvia was the first one to notice Wendy's instincts as her tongue really got done to work. The water mage was so taken off guard by Wendy's sudden vigor that she couldn't hope to fight off the sudden build-up of pleasure. While Juvia suddenly cumming did slightly interest Natsu, he was far too wrapped up in Wendy, and he only really noticed when Wendy started moving her hips back to meet his. "You didn't think I'd give in that easily, did you?" Wendy questioned as she finished completely cleaning out guildmate's maidenhood.

Natsu only saw the woman's words as a challenge; a challenge he was more than happy to take. "So you're aggressive again? Don't think it will be as easy as last time." Natsu answered, throwing down his own challenge. The older of the two pinkette reached around and attacked the woman's pearl. He knew the Dragon Slayer well and he did manage to slow down the pink-eyed woman. However, that's all he did, slow her down. Wendy turned out to be a lot better than he expected. Before he knew it, the maiden had forced him on his back and was riding him. "How the hell did you do that?" A completely awestruck man questioned.

Wendy turned around so she was facing her lover before giving her lips a quick lick. "You really shouldn't underestimate your one and only mate." Wendy declared with her expression and tone turning from cutesy to slightly psychotic. Even Juvia shivered at how obsessive the woman sounded. Natsu had a very different reaction, he found the strong and possessive tone to be a massive turn on. "You're even harder than before, but I won't expect anything less from my big strong Dragon." She said before she started riding the man.

With a mix of a succubus's magic, mating instincts, and raging teenage hormones, Wendy relentlessly rode the fire mage. Natsu was sent into a bit of trance because of this. Watching the woman's huge breasts bounce up and hearing the wet sounds of sex made the man unable to focus on anything besides Wendy, not that she'd let him. "Seriously, how do you do this to me?" Natsu asked, completely mesmerized by the woman.

"I already told you Natsu, it's natural for the female Dragon to be on top... Now be quiet and just enjoy it." Wendy ordered her, with expression becoming a little wilder. The fire mage now found himself unable to resist the commands of his mate, whose stranglehold on him was only trumped by the one Mirajane currently had on him. "Even after what you pulled, I'm feeling very generous, so I'll allow you to have his face."

Still a little shaken by how crazy Wendy was, so it was no surprise that Juvia was hesitant. However, any fear she felt went away when she remembered her love for the pink-haired man. She swiftly mounted the man, leading to yet another Dragon Slayer's tongue entering her maidenhood. With the way things were going, Juvia came to the realization that she was going to be tag teamed by two pink-haired Dragon Slayers and it was something she could really get used to. "Ah~ keep going Natsu-sama." Juvia moaned out.

"My mate is really good, isn't he? Just remember that he's all mine!" Wendy reminded, moving closer to her former rival. Even with her stalkerish tendencies, Juvia was able to admit Wendy had truly been outdone, for now at least. The woman didn't get to think about her defeat for more than a few seconds as two sets of hands began to grope her body. One was warm and focused on her ass and the other clearly belonged Wendy, who began to fondle her breasts. "He's been paying so much attention to your butt, I bet he forgot all about these, what a shame." She mentioned as she played with the round twins.

"Juvia works hard to maintain her butt, and Juvia is just happy that Natsu-sama appreciates it." Juvia admitted, wiggling her ass more in the fire mage's face. With this, Natsu had a hunch that this was going to be a very good morning for him.

~A little while later~

Natsu was now making his way out of the room, leaving the two blue-haired women behind to recover from their early morning session. It turned out using Dragon Force for sex was a rather draining process for Wendy, and keeping up with two hormonal Dragon Slayers was hard for Juvia. Both women were now resting and recovering. "Wendy's huge tits, Juvia's great ass, I think of a couple of better ways to wake up, but this is pretty up there... But what should I do now?" Natsu wondered, completely forgetting about his quest to punch Gray.

He was now much more interested in his next conquest. Thanks to a certain demon's magic, he felt oddly compelled to seek out girls outside of his guild. 'I wonder what that tiger lady and Yukino are up to... Wait, why am I thinking about those two, and now why am I thinking about the princesses?' He wondered as his mind became filled with thoughts of some of Fiore's finest women.

Planting thoughts in the Dragon Slayer's mind wasn't all Lillith was doing. The demon was also looking for potential targets. 'Oh, there's a guild full of women, that sounds like it could be fine... A time mage with the greatest ass ever? Now that's something I've got to see, she's an old woman, but that can be fixed pretty easily.' Lillith thought, now equally as excited as Natsu. With all these options, getting her power back would be rather simple, so she saw no reason not to have some fun with it, even if it was just two days.

Both Natsu and Lillith were excited, but that's because neither of them knew they were being tailed by a truly terrifying demoness. 'Now who would have guessed that body stealing demon would be floating around my darling Natsu-kun, this just won't do.' Mirajane thought as she spotted the two making their way out of the dormitory.

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