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The front door slammed closed as I lay there on the cold living room floor shivering in fear, holding myself as if not to fall apart. Stupid girl always upsetting him. He loves you he really does but why do you always have to make him so angry.

I slowly got up but my legs were still too weak and I fell to my knees. I threw my hands to the floor and wailed out, bowing my head in defeat. Stupid stupid girl. Finding what little strength I had left I gathered myself up and headed straight down the hall towards the bathroom.

This was always the worst part, I stared into the mirror not knowing where to start; my lip stick smeared across my face, my mascara covered lashes stuck together from all the crying, but the most prominent was the trickling blood from a tender pink scratch that resided in the corner of my left eye and traced down to my jaw. I followed it carefully with my eyes all the way down before noticing the small hand print bruise forming on my neck. I winced as I touched the purple blue spots on my forearm and thighs.

I looked back into the reflection of my eyes and turned away in shame. Sitting on the bathroom shelf was a picture of Mr. J and I, my arms wrapped around his torso as he and I looked lovingly into one another. There were only a couple photos like this of him and I but it was more than he's ever shown anyone and I was more than grateful to be able to experience this side of him. I smiled as tears stained my face again. I quickly wiped them away and headed towards the kitchen I opened the cabinet under the sink and pulled out a bottle of rum pivoting on my heal I re-entered the bathroom and began to fill the bathtub with warm water.

After Mr. J and I would fight, baths were the only thing that seemed to calm me down…that and rum. I stripped of my clothes and slipped peaceful into the water before taking a swing at the bottle I held close to my chest.

He's going to love this! If there was one thing Mr. J couldn't resist, it was my puddin' cakes. After covering up all the bruises and re-applying my makeup I decided to make him some, so when he came home everything would be okay.

375 mL milk, 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 tsp of cornstarch, and 1/2 tsp of vanilla as I danced around the kitchen, finishing up the sauce for the cake and blasting a New Year's Day song. I had found myself blissfully singing along, hoping Mr. J would come home soon.

As if perfectly on cue my darling baby walked in through the door, my stomach knotted and for a second, felt like I shouldn't have moved from the floor where he last saw me but I shook my head and cheerfully headed towards the front door.

"Hi puddin'! I missed you," I called as I rounded the corner. There he stood in all his glory. His porcelain skin, perpetual grin, green hair and red lips all there. He wore his moss green t-shirt with his purple jeans as usual. I smiled. He's home, my baby is home. I leaned into hug him.

J. pulled me into his arms gripping tightly onto my forearms as he spoke, "Harley pookie, why do you do this? Why do you have to make daddy angry? He didn't mean to hit you, you know that but was there any reason to wake me up like that? You know I hate all the mushy gushy stuff."

My smile faded as I recalled this very morning; I had woken up early to make him breakfast and out of all the excitement, I had jumped on top of the bed and kissed him awake. The memory of his blood red eyes as he lunged for me made me shiver, "Yes I know puddin'. I'm sorry, Harley wasn't thinking."

"Good girl, now where's my cake?"

I smiled as I lightly kissed his cheek and hurried into the kitchen to grab the cake from the oven. I knew he would forgive me, my sweet darling J. always forgave my stupidity but I have to be extra careful to not upset him any more at least not for a couple days. He was already so busy with work he didn't need me making a mess of things too.

I nodded to myself as I cut a slice and placed it on the plate.

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Just a fun fact: The song I was Listening to is none other than New Year's Day single The Joker ;) Just if you were all wondering hahaha