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A/n- August 1, 2015: Hey! So I'm not sure how remembered I am since it's been over a year since I've written for NaruHina. If anyone remembers Breaking Point, yeah I wrote that one. Okay so this isn't a multichaptered story, more like a series of vignettes and snippets from Naruto and Hinata's life, starting from the day they got married. I'm in the mood for a little cheesiness.

Rating: K+ for fluffiness

Setting: The evening of their wedding day.

I. Finally One

Hinata leaned against the trunk of the tree as she smiled out at the river. She wasn't too far from the reception, but it was nice to breathe just a little bit after the day's events.

Her heart could not stop beating, threatening to leap out of her chest. But unlike most times, in this case it was the best feeling. Since she was a little girl, she had dreamed of this. And the fact that it had finally happened, she couldn't find the proper words to express her emotions right now.

A welcoming breeze blew past her, gently tugging at her kimono. She looked down at her reflection and noticed a lone tear trailing its way down her cheek. A tear of joy, but she wiped it away.

She was almost surprised by how calm and at peace she was feeling today. The days leading up to today were filled with so much anxiety that Hinata had had next to no sleep the past week. But today was different. Today when she woke up, a strange sense of tranquility and assuredness had washed over. Never had she felt so sure about something in her life.

Normally this wasn't a topic she shared with her father and her sister had teased her about it mercilessly, but when she asked, all her father could do was reply with was:

"When you are coming together with the one you were meant to share your heart and soul with, that is the feeling that comes over you."

Hinata had to admit that hearing her father get so sentimental was a shock, but she didn't comment on it. Her heart was swelling and she was singing on the inside.

Today, she and Naruto had become one. The boy she had loved from the time she was just a small child had finally returned her love. Her wedding day. A faint blush painted her cheeks as she looked up at the sunset painted sky. Nothing could make this day any more perfect than it had already been.

And that's when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her and pull her in. Hinata chuckled softly as Naruto's familiar warmth enveloped her. Despite the fact that she had lost most of her timidness around him in their past few months together, part of her was still shy. And Naruto could never get tired of it.

"Naruto-kun..." she whispered, turning her cheek slightly so she could see him. He took the opportunity to leave a long, loving kiss on her cheek. And as he did so, he felt her cheeks growing warmer. He smiled lovingly as he pulled away, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Finally, some alone time," he whispered, slightly nuzzling into her neck.

Hinata giggled a little, "Yes. But now, he have the rest of our lives for it."

She felt Naruto's grin growing against her neck as he slowly turned her in his arms, so he could look at her face. And even though he had been gazing at her all day, he couldn't get enough of the heavenly sight. Part of him wondered why it had taken him so long to see it. To see her. He just couldn't fathom it. Calling her beautiful would be an insult, because to him there were really no words to describe her.

"You look beyond beautiful right now. I mean you always do but..." Naruto mumbled, blushing and trailing off. It was a precious sight. Naruto becoming flustered at the sight of his wife.


To Naruto, the words felt absolutely surreal. To think that this gorgeous young woman standing in front of him had happily promised to be his. They would walk the rest of their lives together, hand in hand, until the day they died.

No, not until the day they died. For eternity. As cheesy as it sounded to him, he was sure that the love they had for one another would not end with death. Not by a long shot. For she wasn't just his wife, she was his family and home.

Naruto released her from his embrace and grabbed her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers. He looked upon her, so much love reflecting back at him that he felt himself becoming a little shy. But he kept his eyes firmly locked on hers. Not much has to be said between them. The looks and gestures said it all.

"Naruto-kun..." she whispered, again. He couldn't help it, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. And then the whole world grew completely still and it was only them there.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds but it felt like a wonderful eternity. And it left the two of them smiling.

"The sun's going down," Hinata finally said, breaking the silence and Naruto looked up to see the sky growing dark.

"Yeah it is," he said, his signature goofy grin appearing on his face. "I guess we should go back. The reception should be ending soon, then I can finally take you home."

Hinata didn't miss the mischievous twinkle in Naruto's eyes as he said the last part. And while Hinata found herself going red at the suggestiveness, it made her heart flutter when he said 'home".

He once again wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his forehead against her's.

Naruto wasn't one to get overly romantic, but today was a special case. And he didn't care. He needed to let her know. And he would continue to let her know every day, as long as they both would live, just how he felt.

"I love you. Now and forever," he said. And Hinata felt another lone tear slip from her eyes.

"Now and forever..." she agreed and they stood there just a little while longer...

D'aww I'm obsessed with cheesy, dorky love sick Naruto. Tumblr definitely does not help that. Yeah okay I'm not the best at writing lovey dovey scenes but I was in the mood to write fluff today. Again, this is going to be a series of vignettes, following Naruto and Hinata from the day they got married. Yeah I will take requests if you have one. I'm still a bit squeamish about writing lemons and smut, but it could happen and the rating may go up. Anyway, really hope you guys liked this. See you next chapter? Leave a review if you liked it? :* thank you!