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Rating: T+ for hardcore fluff and some suggestive stuff

Setting: A small mountain village/Konoha at the beginning

III. Sunsets & Moon Rises

"Hm, a vacation?" Hinata stopped turned her attention from the vegetables she was peeling. Naruto stood there with a grin and two tickets in his hand. He began waving them in front of Hinata.

"Yup! A gift from your father and Kakashi-sensei! They said after everything, we deserve a honeymoon," Naruto announced gleefully. Truth be told, he had wanted to take her on a honeymoon. He just didn't know where or when he could. True everything was peaceful, but that didn't make him any less busy. This was the best possible situation, with the Hokage actually gifting it to him.

Hinata's cheeks flushed, "A-a honeymoon?" Truth be told, she hadn't really considered one.

"Yes, just you and me, all alone for two weeks," he wiggled his eyebrows. Hinata flushed even more. They'd been married about a month by now and most days Naruto wouldn't let her leave the bed until late because of their...late night activities.

"Where is it?" she inquired, standing up and walking towards him.

Naruto shrugged, "Some resort in a mountain village. Apparently there's lots to do, so we'll be entertained. Although..."

Naruto never finished as he wrapped his arms around his blushing wife. Even after a month of marriage, even though they spent a lot of time in bed, she still had some of the virginal innocence of a newlywed bride. And Naruto loved it more than anything. He leaned in and pecked her on the lips. After he pulled away, she wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled gently at him.

"We leave in two days," he informed her with a grin, "Start packing!"

She nodded and leaned up to kiss him and he eagerly returned it.

They were setting off the next day and Hinata still had her own things to pack. Naruto had insisted on packing his own things, but between training and his other duties, there was no way that he would've had time. Hinata had packed his things first, making sure to get everything that he could possibly need. Which wasn't much aside from clothes, basic necessities, and of course the containers of instant ramen.

However when it came to her own packing, she bit her lip hard. She had taken her clothes, her own necessities, and what not. But she paused when she eyed something she had placed in the corner for a good month. Her face grew hot as she ran her fingers along the lace and satin. Again, courtesy of Sakura and Ino. She had been too embarrassed to put them on once. And she wondered why. Naruto had seen her naked every night since they got married, but she was still so nervous about putting on something so...sexy?

She gulped as she just grabbed them. There were more there than she had previously thought. She threw them into the bag before she could look at them and change her mind. It was their honeymoon after all.

As soon as she zipped up the bag, she felt strong arms wrap around her. She squeaked before she was spun around to see the smiling face of her husband. He bent down and kissed her softly on the lips before pulling away.

"You're home early," Hinata commented, looking at the clock. Usually she had dinner all ready by the time he got home, but she hadn't even started.

"I know, I just wanted to come home and spend some time with my wife," he pulled her in closer and Hinata smiled up at him. The last month had been something she had dreamed about for so long. And in all honesty, she felt like the luckiest woman in the world. All those years she had spent waiting were well worth it. Even if he could get a little too sappy at times.

"We have all week starting tomorrow," she giggled. She didn't mind starting early at all.

Naruto grinned and plopped down onto the bed. She was close enough so that he could grab her by the waist. He pulled her to him until she was as close as she could possibly be. She enjoyed moments like these. They were sweet and tender. Sometimes she preferred it to sex. Like tonight.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" he mumbled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Because you are. The most beautiful and perfect woman in the world. An angel-," he was cut off my Hinata's lips. She had to stop him before his comments became too sappy.

"Naruto-kun, you are so cheesy," she whispered against his lips before pulling back and comfortably wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I'm glad. After all the love you gave me, you deserve all the love and compliments in the world. But I promise, I mean every word of it," he ran his hands up and down her sides.

"I know. I love you," she whispered, leaning in and kissing him slowly. Naruto's arms locked firmly around her as he returned the kiss. She pulled away and nuzzled into his neck. He chuckled.

"Hina-chan is extra affectionate tonight, I love it!" Hinata smiled at this. She loved it when he called her by his nickname.

"Mmm," was all she could muster up. She was tired and so was he. They ended up falling into a deep sleep in each other's arms.

The resort was a several hours' journey from Konoha. It was dusk by the time they had reached the village. But even from a distance, they could see how beautiful the village was. The village was on the peak of one of the smaller mountains, so it wasn't as tiring to get up to it. There was a wooded area on the way up along with a lake. It was perfect for a honeymoon. And Hinata couldn't think of anything more romantic than a picnic after a hike. Even though it was already dark, they could see a faint bit of orange and pink in the horizon. The sun set right above the lake. Perfect.

The inn they were set to stay at was...nice to say the least. Not only that, they were given special treatment.

"Anything for the hero and his wife..." was all the innkeeper could say. Hinata kept a smile on her face and Naruto had to keep himself from snorting. The man's kindness was so fake that a small child could see it.

All thoughts of that disappeared when they opened the door to their suite. Yes, they had gotten the honeymoon suite. Complete with a king sized bed, glass windows on two of the four sides of the room, and a balcony overseeing the edge of the mountain and the valley down below. It was truly breathtaking. And what was even better was that since they were so tired from the long journey, they were having a dinner brought to the suite.

And it was a feast. Enough food to feed a goodly portion of Konoha. Dishes upon dishes, they were truly given the royal treatment.

Naruto was like a small child when it came to chowing down. Hinata looked at him from the corner of her eye. She inwardly chuckled as he gobbled down his portions. And by the time he was done, Hinata was surprised that he could move at all.

"Hm, do you want to sleep?" Hinata asked, trying not to show her disappointment. She had been hoping for a...romantic...night.

But Naruto caught on quick enough, a devilish grin appeared on his face. "Not tired enough to miss a chance to have a little fun with my Hina-chan."

Hinata flushed. She quite literally went beet red. And she was dazed until she realized that Naruto had somehow moved them from their table to the bed. He was on top of her.

"Ready to begin our week?" he mumbled in her ear. He then licked the side of her ear.

"Wait!" she cried, making Naruto almost jump off of her. He stared down at her wide-eyed.

"What is it? Are you all right?" he said, panicked and he grabbed her face and stroked it while looking for any signs of distress.

Hinata shook her head, her cheeks still flushed. "N-no. I just...have to use the bathroom!"

And before Naruto could say anything else, she leapt off the bed and rushed into the bathroom. Naruto was left confused.

Hinata had a hard time meeting her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She wanted to die of embarrassment. And she was going to kill Sakura and Ino for this later. Never in a million years did she think that she would wearing something this risque. It was a white colored negligee. As in it was made completely of lace and it was completely see through. It was so low cut and it exposed more of her breasts than she would've liked. And it didn't even cover her butt completely. That's why she had grabbed the pair of lacy white panties, the only underwear they had bought that wasn't a thong. It left almost nothing to the imagination. Not like there was anyway, Naruto had seen ever inch of her. But still. She felt less embarrassed while naked. She was scared to walk out of the bathroom...

Naruto in the meantime was still staring at the bathroom door confused. She'd been in the bathroom for quite sometime and he heard her gasp. What WAS she doing in there?

"Hinata?" he asked, tapping lightly on the door. "Is everything okay?"

Hinata was snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of the knocking and his voice. She immediately covered herself even though she knew full well that he couldn't see her.

"I-I'll be right out. I'm fine honest! Just give me a moment," she called out. She heard his footsteps retreating and exhaled deeply. She shouldn't be nervous at all. It wasn't so much as Naruto seeing her in this as it was her being in this skimpy piece of lingerie. But knowing Naruto, it wouldn't be on that much longer anyway...

Slowly she turned the doorknob and once again took a deep breath. She knew he'd love it. He'd love her no matter what she wore.

Naruto turned and nearly fell off the bed at the sight of his scantily clad wife. Not that he was complaining one bit, but he'd never thought he'd see her in something so sexy. He wanted to control his thoughts, but with the white of the lace against her already pale skin made her look like an angel. A very sexy angel. The shy look on her face and the blush on her cheeks were the cherry on top.

He smiled and motioned her to come over to him. She gingerly walked over to the bed, still quite embarrassed. Naruto could tell and the moment she was within arms' reach, he grabbed her and pulled her on top of him.

Her blush deepened and Naruto leaned up to kiss her softly. Hinata returned the kiss eagerly and within seconds their tongues were clashing and Naruto's hands had slid down to grab her bottom. Hinata smiled and she threw herself even more into the kiss and grinded her hips into him. Naruto loved it when she got life that. Once she got comfortable, she could be quite the tigress in bed.

Soon clothes were discarded and Naruto was sure they were in for a very wild night...

It HAD been a wild night. Naruto was exhausted the next morning and Hinata could barely move. But even so, it was too beautiful of a day to just stay cooped up in their suite. Both had woken up to the sun rising. It was the most beautiful sunrise either could remember.

After a shower (which they took together), they both headed out. While both were tired, they wanted to spend the day just with each other. Free of distractions and some peace and quiet as well. After inquiring about trails that were safe enough to hike, they were soon on a trail, just the two of them.

They knew this route, as it was the one that they had taken when coming up the mountain. And in the daylight, the trail was even more beautiful. There were trees on both sides and the air smelled fresh. While Konoha was surrounded by trees on all four sides, they had grown accustomed to it. This was a nice change in scenery. Then something caught Naruto's eye.

"Hinata look!" Naruto said, holding up a sharp, pointy rock.

"Er, a rock?" Hinata arched an eyebrow as his smile grew.

"Yup!" and before she could ask, he went to a nearby tree trunk and started carving something into it. Hinata continued to stare as Naruto etched the letters "NU + HU" into the wood, followed by a heart around it. Hinata gasped as he finished. It was cheesy and cliche, but romantic nonetheless.

"Oh Naruto-kun," she whispered as she threw her arms around him.

"And now anyone who walks down this trail will be able to see it..."

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent like that. And they occasionally stopping to look at something or climb trees. When they could see the lake, Naruto got the sneaky idea to lift Hinata up onto his shoulders.

"N-Naruto-kun!" she weakly protested, but enjoyed it. She was tired anyways and Naruto was just full of energy. He practically ran to the lake just as the sun was beginning to set. Perfect.

He set her down. He plopped onto the ground and pulled her down to him. Her head resting under his chin, they looked up at the pink and orange horizon. Even the sunset was beautiful, like something out of a painting. They said nothing and just enjoyed the scenery. The lake's water glistened and the silhouettes of the surrounding mountains made it even more perfect. Hinata sighed happily. Here she was, with the man she loved in the most beautiful place she could've imagined. It was like something out of her childhood dreams, one that she had never thought would actually come true.

The moon rose high into the sky before either of them knew it and the stars were extra bright. They knew that they should be heading back soon, but they wanted to enjoy this a little while longer. And of all nights, it was a full moon.

And the memory of a full moon made Naruto think of one thing. "Do you remember our first kiss?"

Hinata smiled at the question. As if she could ever forget. Their first kiss was in front of the moon. Literally, in front of the moon. No kiss could ever really top that one.

"Of course I do, how could I ever forget? It was one of the best moments of my life," she sighed happily as she snuggled into him. His arms held her tighter to him. If they ever came back, they'd have to camp out by the lake. What could be more romantic in all honesty?

"Mine too," Naruto nodded and then went quiet. Hinata frowned as he was usually the more talkative one. She looked up at him.

"Is everything okay?" she asked, alarmed as she saw tears gathering in his eyes.

He smiled and nodded, "Yeah, it's just...so beautiful."

But he wasn't looking at the scenery. He was looking right at her and her heart fluttered at it. He always complimented her and showered her with praise. He'd always tell her how beautiful she was but this time, it felt different. There was something special about it. And the already great love in her heart blossomed even more. So much so that it became overwhelming.

"I love you. I love you more than anything and I always will," she whispered and leaned up to press her lips against his. She was sure that the words could never be enough. But she knew that he knew. She didn't need to say it for him to know.

Naruto returned the kiss right away. Hinata wasn't the only one whose love had blossomed even more. As their lips moved together and ran his fingers up and down her hair, he wondered how any of this was possible. How could it be possible to find someone that fit him so perfectly? How could it be possible for him too find someone who loved him and much as he loved her? It hardly mattered though because she was the greatest blessing one could ask for. And he would never take her for granted.

They slowly pulled away and slowly embraced each other. Nothing could ever be more perfect than this moment. A moment they would treasure for the rest of their lives...

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