You guys know how I like to challenge ya'll and to take you to places most would never consider. This is going to be one of those times. Little Miss Nicap thanks for letting me bounce this idea off you and giving me a helping hand when my muse wanted to do a whole shock and awe.

Alex bit the pillow to keep from screaming so loud that she would wake the neighbors, as Olivia gripped her hips even tighter and thrust the faux cock in as deep as she possibly could. She had never been with a lover before who could bring her to mind blowing orgasms within minutes or drag it out till she felt like she was going to explode, until Olivia. Tonight was one of the nights that if she didn't get the release she desperately needed she was going to explode. Thankfully, for her, tonight was a night that Olivia didn't want to torture her and wanted to bring Alex to as many orgasms as possible. Alex was fast approaching her third and possibly her most intense one of the night.

Olivia fought to starve off her orgasm as she continued to thrust faster and harder into Alex. She could not only hear how wet she was but felt it as well. Each time her thighs hit against Alex her wetness was coating her thighs and dripping down her legs. To fill it slid down her legs as more and more was rubbed on her had to be one of the most erotic things she had ever felt. Hell knowing that she had made Alex that fucking wet was enough to send her flying over the edge, herself. She tilted her hips up slightly as she pushed in trying to take Alex as deep as she could.

Alex's back arched up as a silent scream ripped from her mouth and her insides clamped down on the toy buried deep inside her. There was a constant roar in her ears and it felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest. Finally just as she felt like she was going to pass out from lack of oxygen her body instinctively took a gasping breath.

Olivia could only stare on in amazement as Alex's orgasm took hold. To watch the blonde completely surrender was the most erotic things she had ever seen. Between the positioning of the toy against her clit and the sight before her, Olivia was unable to hold her orgasm at bay any longer.

"Oh GOD" Alex moaned as Olivia's orgasm took hold and her hips began to erratically pump trying to draw her orgasm out as much as possible and sending Alex into another less powerful one.

"I can't I can't" Olivia mumbled as her muscles began to twitch from exhaustion causing her to collapse onto Alex.

Alex groaned as she fell onto the bed under Olivia's weight and the toy slid out of her, despite her body's attempt to grasp it and hold it in place.

Once she recovered enough to somewhat function, Olivia rolled off of Alex and willed her heart to stop beating out of her chest. She half moaned half groaned when Alex rolled over closer to her and entwined her legs with hers.

"God you are amazing in bed." Alex whispered as ran her fingers over Olivia's taunt abs. She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning out loud as she watched the muscles twitch under her fingers. Between, Olivia's body's response to her touch and watching her hips automatically thrust the toy into thin air was turning her on once again. If she knew she could handle it she would have quickly straddled her and took every inch again.

Olivia could only grunt in response still not having the energy to actually form words.

Alex propped herself up on her elbow and stared at her lover. Her dark hair was kept short and on some days she would spike it just a little. Her body, was very muscular and trim, thanks to years of chasing criminals and a daily workout in the gym. Her brown eyes that were now open and staring at her held so much compassion and fire that it always amazed her.

"What?" Olivia breathed seeing that Alex was having an internal battle.

"I want to ask you something but I don't want you to take it the wrong way."

Olivia arched one eyebrow as she pulled Alex tight against her giving her gentle squeeze of encouragement.

"What would you think about possibly joining the swinger's lifestyle?"

"Swingers, as in swapping keys and wives?" Olivia asked trying to figure out where all this was coming from.

"That's a common misconception among people who are not part of it or just doesn't want to try to understand it."

Olivia took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled it.

"Never mind" Alex answered as she laid her head on Olivia's chest relaxing at the steady thump thump of her heart beat.

"Alex that question didn't come out of the blue" Olivia said as she tilted Alex's head up so she could look into her eyes "Explain to me where that came from."

Alex smiled at Olivia as she felt her throat constrict. How could she explain to the woman she loved more than life itself that she enjoyed the swinger's lifestyle and had for many years? That despite the fact they had an outstanding sex life it was something that she missed.

"No judgment honey, just, be honest with me."

Alex nodded as she lowered her eyes "I have been a swinger since I was in college. It's not something that I participate in on a regular basis or with every partner I have ever been with. It's has nothing to do with you pleasing me or not pleasing me, either. We both know the lord above and the neighbors can vouch for that."

Olivia chuckled as she smiled. She could still remember the first time her neighbor had informed her the walls were not that thick and he needed pointers to make his wife scream like Alex had.

"The best way I can describe it," Alex took a deep breath before she continued "is that it's just a huge turn on. It's forbidden and exciting all at the same time."

"So we what, just go to clubs and pick up random people? Alex, you of all people should know how dangerous that is."

Alex couldn't help but laugh as she raised her head and placed a kiss on her cheek "I know which is why I am a member of a club called Devious Desires. It's an exclusive swingers club that prides themselves on the anonymity of their clients, which is perfect considering our careers."

"You've been going to this club since we have been together?"

"No" Alex stated looking Olivia in the eyes "I stopped going to Devious Delights three months after we started dating."

"Three months?"

"Don't lay there and act like you don't remember Racheal and Jessica."

Olivia felt a blush start to creep up her body. She had worked hard to make sure none of the woman knew about the other two but apparently not hard enough.

"Don't bother explaining" Alex said seeing the wheels start to turn in Olivia's head "When we started dating neither one of us agreed to be exclusive. When we did decide to be exclusive, you stopped seeing Racheal and Jessica, while I stopped going to the club."

"If I decide that I don't want to partake in this what then?"

"Then my membership is cancelled and I will never speak of it again." Alex answered truthfully. Her love and need for Olivia to always be by her side, more than outweighed her desire to participate in swinger activities.

"But it's something that you enjoy"

"It is, but it also has to be a mutual agreement. It can't be something that you agree to do just to make me happy. In the end that will destroy our relationship, not build it up. I've seen it happen to too many couples and I refuse for it to happen to us." Alex answered "I don't want you to think I will leave you if you say no either. This is an option that I would like you to consider us exploring."

"Can I think about it?"

"Yes" Alex whispered as she kissed Olivia "I would rather you take time to think about it than to right off the bat say yes or no and it not be the right thing for you."

"Ok" Olivia answered as she swallowed her nervousness.

Alex smiled at Olivia it wasn't a no and it wasn't a yes but it was a maybe. At least she was somewhat open to the idea and didn't immediately shoot her down or refuse "I want you to take as long as you need to decide. I need you to be sure here" Alex placed her fingers on Olivia's head "And certainly in here" She placed her hand over her heart "Because I do not want to and I will not lose you over this."

She could tell that Alex was being honest with her as she stared into he crystal blue eyes that held a hint of gray in them. She knew that, no matter how long it took her to decide, Alex would not push her for an answer or to join if she didn't want to. On the same token she also knew that if she declined to join, then Alex wouldn't hesitate to revoke her membership and would never speak of it again. The thing that was shocking her, was how turned on she was getting thinking about watching Alex with another woman.

A/N: I'm sure at this point some of you are cussing me. I understand and respect that and I know that this story isn't for everyone. This story came to me after accidentally discovering that a fellow officer participated in this lifestyle (very embarrassing moment might I add). Thankfully though we both recovered from our embarrassing moment and he is willing to answer questions about things I don't understand. He know's that I am the type of person that will never pass judgment but I will ask a million questions to understand and learn. Not to join but to simply try to see what they find enjoyable about this lifestyle. Little did he know that it would lead to this story.