What if Bella wasn't really Edward's mate? What if the only reason he pretended to be was so Alice and Jasper's relationship didn't fall apart? What if after Bella's birthday Edward realizes it has gone too far? What will that mean for Alice and Jasper?

Chapter 1: Reasons

Third person POV

It was two days until her birthday and Bella was feeling slightly. "Edward in two days I'm going to be older than you" she moaned as he went over Alice's plans for the day. He looked up "No you won't Bella, I will still be a century older then you" he said smiling.

Bella sighed "But are you not bothered that one day I will be old and then I'll die at some point? I mean wouldn't it be easier for both of us if I was a vampire?"

"No Bella!" Edward exclaimed, "I am NOT risking your soul!"

"Why not? Heaven wouldn't be worth it without you and, lets say you are right and vampires don't have souls, whatever black void or even hell we end up in, wouldn't you prefer it if I was there with you? Even in the smallest of ways?"

"Ugh" Edward moaned, "I am not having this conversation again!" he stormed out and slammed the door shut so hard that it may have broken.

"Wow" Bella muttered to herself, "all of that over me not becoming a vampire. Its almost like he doesn't want me..." she shook her head as she continued "no, of coarse he does, don't be stupid"

That night while Bella walked up to her room she was still contemplating why Edward wouldn't change he into a vampire. "Maybe he only loves me because I'm human or maybe he's scared of commitment, after all eternity is a long time to spend with someone you don't like." she pondered quietly "or perhaps he just likes our relationship at this level where it cant advance any further… I'm being silly, aren't I? It's probably just…"

She trailed off when she saw a shape moving outside her window. "Edward?" she called uncertainly as she walked over to her window. She looked out and briefly saw a streak of red out the corner of her eye before it disappeared completely. "Weird" she muttered shrugging. She then walked over to her bed and slept.

The next morning Bella woke to Edward standing by her closet "err… hi?" she yawned not sure if he was still annoyed about the day before.

"Good Morning Bella" he replied stiffly. He was still slightly annoyed and both of them could feel the tension it was causing in the air.

"OK then I will just need a minute to get ready for school…" Bella stretched and got out of bed

"Of coarse" Edward replied "I will go wait in the car"

Bella didn't know much about vampires but she knew something was different about Edward today, she just hoped it would solve itself before it started any problems.

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