"You're kidding me, doc!" Two men walked down the grey prison corrider. One was obviously a doctor, with his white lab coat, clipboard and studious face. The other was equally obviously a politician, with suit, graying hair and a face that could form a million-dollar smile. At this time, though, he was shouting instead of smiling. "You want to let that madman out?!"

"All the tests show that the effects of the teleporting have receded greatly, up to a point where what little damage remains can be controlled by medicine, Mr. Richolds." The scientest said patiently. The politician, Donald Richolds, sighed.

"Okay, let's go over this one more time. Dr. Wily was the greatest threat to this world since the Wars of 2040. His first attack involved him seizing six critical points with robotic armies, dooming the world unless they could be recovered quickly. To be specific, Cutman, Gutsman, Iceman, Fireman, Bombman and Elecman. Eventually, his army was destroyed by Megaman, who then proceeded to attack Wily's Skull Fortress. He succeeded, apprehended Wily and brought him here. After a while, Wily was cleared of his crimes by reason of insanity. On his part, not the jury's, although I wonder about that. At any rate, he was released under guard. And the first thing he did was build himself a teleporter and zap away to a second Skull Fortress, where he built 8 more robot masters as well as a new army, and went over the whole shebang all over again! Metalman, Bubbleman, Heatman, Woodman, Airman, Crashman, Flashman and Quickman. Again, Megaman blew them up, nabbed Wily and threw him back in here. And now you're telling me he's 'gotten better?'"

"The tests show..." Dr. Cedric Froid began. He was interrupted by the angry politician.

"'The tests show! The tests show!' I'm sick of the tests! If you want me to support this, you're gonna have to show me some hard physical evidence, doc! Because right now, I'm more convinced we should leave the bugger to rot! I want to see this for myself, okay?!"

"Very well then." The scientest said, as they walked towards Wily's cell. He wasn't worried about the vehemence of the politician. Typical leading politician; Froid thought. His brain's unviolated by thought. He probably had that little speech written for him by his toadies. So he wants to see Wily? Fine. Simple answers for a simple mind. They stopped in front of a cell, and the doctor gestured to it. The politician peeked in... and almost had a heart attack. Sitting on the bed, was the infamous Dr. Albert Wily, the man who had tried to enslave the world with robotic armies of death. He sat with a contented expression on his aged face. His grey hair was frizzed out on either side of his bald dome, and he wore a short mustache. In front of him was a Tv... playing the late 20th century Disney move, Bambi. Wily looked up; his eyes were as calm as his face, with no traces of insanity.

"Good evening gentlemen." His voice was even and courteous, nothing like the insane screech which his speech would normally hold since his descent into insanity. "How are you doing today?" Froid watched as Donald stumbled backwards.

A little obvious... definately crude... but then again, this isn't a very sophisticated audience. If bamboozling this moron is what it takes to free Wily, then it's done. This grotesque little display wouldn't work on most people. Good thing he's so thick.

The politician slowly backed away, trembling all over. "I... I'll see what I can do, doc."

Doctor Cedric Froid smiled.