Epilogue: Whistling The Blues

"Uhn..." Rock slowly opened his eyes. He was home, back in the Light household, lying on the operation table. And to put it frankly, he felt like shit. Groaning, he tilted his head to look around. Roll was standing next to him, looking concerned. Dr. Light sat in the chair near the computer. And over by the door, leaning against a wall, was... "Break Man?"

"You got it." The red robot waved. "I arrived right after everything was done... seems I waited too long to get started after you. I hauled you back here, and they patched you up."

"At great personal cost." Roll commented. "We had to work for twelve hours straight, and I'm afraid your armor was completely insalvagable. What did you DO?"

"Ugh..." Rock moaned. "Oh, nothing much. I just exceeded the safe range of my Master Weapon energy storage by about eight times via transfering all their energy to the Top Spin..."

"WHAT?!" Roll screamed, grabbing his shoulders. "YOU IDIOT, THAT WAS SUICIDE!"

"I was gonna die anyway." Rock told her. "No other way out. I figured what the hell, it was worth a shot. And it worked, didn't it?" Roll backed off.

"Yeah... sorry. It's just that... Rock, you seriously looked like a corpse. For the first six hours, we really thought you weren't going to make it."

"I know..." Rock smiled faintly. "I'm not going to be pulling that again. And I won't be needing my armor any more..." He sighed. "Wily is-"

"We know." Dr. Light told him. "Your friend told us. Don't worry about anybody blaming you; everybody knows you just saved the entire planet, and a lot of people wanted Al dead anyways. You won't get in any trouble." He smiled sadly. "I mourn him... although he was insane, before that, Al was my closest friend. But at least it's all over now... it's finally over..."

"Yes..." Rock sat up, wincing. "Both Doc Man and Wily are dead... the world is finally safe." He frowned. "Speaking of that... there's something we need to talk about right now." Dr. Light blinked.

"What's that?"

"We can't let the public know about Doc Man." Rock said, looking at his family and Break Man decisively. "Only seven people knew Doc Man was really behind the Rebellion. Richolds, Wily and Doc Man himself are all dead. That leaves the four of us."

"What do you mean, the public can't know?" Roll asked. From a corner, Break Man harrumphed.

"Use your head, girl. The first two Robot Rebellions were disastrous, yes, but it was a HUMAN behind them. Wily. This, one, though-almost the entire Third Robot Rebellion was brought about by a ROBOT. Many people still consider Robot Masters a danger. After the first Rebellion, the six Lighttech models were discontinued. If word gets out that this Rebellion was nearly entirely robot-caused, that humans had no hand in it aside from Gamma's theft... it's very possible that all Robot Masters in the world would be destroyed, including us." He shook his head. "No... this isn't a truth the world's ready for yet. The four of us will have to be the only ones who know the truth. To the public, we'll say Wily was behind the entire thing again, and Doc Man was just his tool."

"Will anybody ever know the truth?" Dr. Light asked sadly. "Will we ever be able to tell anybody else what really happened?"

"Only time will tell..." Mega Man sighed. "But I think it would be a good idea to keep a record. A secret file, telling the truth behind everything. The truths that the public can't know. Call it a hunch, but I think we'll need it some day." The holovid rang. Roll checked it and groaned.

"It's that imbecile Vinkus... probably called to gloat about being right about Wily. Now that everything's safe, he'll have reverted to normal."

"Don't answer it." Break Man suggested. Rock shook his head.

"Can't. He's on the United Nations."

"Next time you see him, tell him your vidphone just broke now." The red robot added. Dr. Light blinked.

"But our vidphone isn't brokCRAP!" He cursed as the machine in discussion exploded. Break Man changed his arm cannon back into a hand.

"It is now."

"Thanks." Roll said sarcastically.

"No charge."

"Just one thing remains, then..." Rock looked over at his red rival. "You. Your explanation... all of it." Break Man smiled.

"I suppose it is overdue..." He closed his eye, and began whistling. But this time, he didn't stop after five notes, but continued on to a longer, beautiful tune as he put his hand to his face.

"Dad? What's wrong?" Roll asked. Dr. Light was frozen, unmoving.

"That whistle..."

"I thought you'd recognize it..." There was a click, and Break Man pulled his hand away. Rock and Roll both gasped. He was holding his "face" in his hands; it had been a mask. Now, for the first time, his true face was revealed. He looked very human, just as much as Rock and Roll. But that wasn't the only similarity; just as Rock and Roll had certain similarites in their faces, so did Break Man. He looked for all the world like Rock would if he aged a few years, save his height. He was smirking, and his eyes were covered by large sunglasses.

"Break Man?" Rock mouthed. The red robot shook his head.

"No way. That was just an alias. My name... is Blues." He walked over and embraced Rock. "You have no idea how hard it was to keep this a secret, bro."

"Blues?!" Roll looked like she was in shock. Her older brother hugged her as well.

"Yup, sis. Blues. I'm your big bro." He then turned to Dr. Light. "Dad... it's been way too long."

"Blues..." The old robotocist's eyes were full of tears as he gave his oldest son a bear hug. "But where have you BEEN? All those years since the teleporter accident..."

"Well, for most of them..." He smiled sheepishly. "In the middle of the African jungles, actually. That's where it plonked me. It messed up my mind a bit too; my sense of direction was shot, which is why it took me so long to het out. Even after that, it took me about a year to get back here. I came trudging through that forest out back one night, and who do I run into but Uncle Al. Now, understand that I had absolutely no knowledge of what had been going on for the past years. I thought he was the same old cranky guy who built me. Well, he lost no time in taking advantage of my innocence..." Rock snorted. "What?"

"You? Innocent?" He struggled not to laugh. "I doubt YOU were EVER innocent."

"Well, I was more innocent than I am now, okay?" Blues protested. "Can I get on with my story? Thanks. Anyways, he told me not to go on, that there was nothing there. That some crazy blue robot had destroyed the place and killed you, dad. Now, this made me understandably pissed. So when Wily asked me to help me take the blue maniac who was declaring war on humans our, I joined up gladly. He took me to what he told me was one of your fortresses, Mega, that he had captured, and sent me out to get some crystals that he needed and that you also wanted. The only truthful thing he said was that the mines were being held by some hostile unknown agent. As you probably already know, as time went on, I realized that Rocky was nothing like what Wily had said. Eventually, I got ahold of some old news stuff about the first two Rebellions, and I realized what was going on. However, I didn't let on to Wily about this; I remained in his service as an inside agent for the day when Rock stormed Skull Fortress. And that's basically my story."

"Wow..." Rock shook his head. "That's... a lot of trouble."

"Tell me about it." Blues smiled. "As a matter of fact, I feel like going out to those same woods out back just to think. Coming, Rock?" His brother jumped down from the table.

"Yeah, let's go."
"Hold on..." Blues concentrated, and his armor disappeared, replaced by ordinary clothes like Rock wore, although he still kept his yellow scarf. His hair was black. "Okay, let's go." They walked out together. Roll started to accompany them, but Dr. Light held her back.

"No, Roll. Leave them be. This is important."

"What's so important about it that I can't come along?" She asked.

"For a long time, Roll, they were enemies. Even when they moved up to rivals, they fought with each other very seriously. And they're brothers. They just need some time alone."

"All right..." Roll agreed. "Instead... can we look at your old design notebook?" Dr. Light smiled.

"Roll, that sounds like an excellent idea." Together, the old man and the young girl left the laboratory.


On a cliff overlookig the Pacific Ocean, two young men sat on the grass amidst the trees. One was garbed in blue, the other in red. Neither of them spoke; they just sat there, watching the clouds and the waves. A moth fluttered over and perched on the older one's sungalsses; he waved it off, and it flew out over the ocean. The two brothers remained there for quite some time, until the sun had set and they were watching the stars instead. The whole time, neither spoke a word. They didn't need to. They both knew, and understood.

Then, as one, they got up, turned, and walked back home.

Author's Note

Well, my second Novelization is done. It didn't take me as long as my first one, Chrono Trigger, but hey, I think it was shorter too (as is expected, being as the game isn't nearly as long). Those of you who have also read CT might notice I'm doing this Author's Note in first-person unlike the other. It's just easier, and at this moment I am WAY leaning towards easier. Oy. Anyways, I've recently had to change this around a bit. Seems the bigwigs at FF.net, for some bizarre reason, have outlawed putting Author's Notes as seperate chapters. So I had to stick this in with the Epilogue. Losers. They're staying different if I ever stick this up somewhere else, though.

Okay, enough about that. As before, Credits and Copyright first. This Novelization is copy me, Magus523. The game itself is Copyright Capcom, and so are all characters etc. that are related. I really wish I could claim Doc Man as mine, since I basically defined his character here by myself, but I can't. Froid and Richolds are mine, though (although they're dead), and so is Dr. Corbun, so don't get any ideas. Don't get any ideas about the Novelization, either; lawyer's son speaking, I can tell you that any attempts at claiming this as your own or making money off it will be VERY painful for you. Now, the other credits. First off, thanks go to Deathscythe11062, my little brother, and Editor. He reads through my stuff to make sure I don't have any errors. Thanks, bro. Next, a big thanks to who I consider the heads of Mega Man Fanfiction: Erico, Maelgrim, Red Draco, and Lex. Particularly Maelgrim; his novelization of Mega Man 1 was what gave me the idea for having Doccy as a lead villain in the first place.

Okay, we might as well get that out of the way now. Why did I make Doc Man the mastermind behind the Third Robot Rebellion? Well, early on I knew Wily wasn't the one behind it. It would be counterproductive; he WANTS Gamma completed, albeit for his own evil purposes, and the mess at the mines delays that. I needed another lead villain, and Doc was in the perfect position. Maelgrim's idea of him being the Copy Robot in MM1 gave him motivation, and bingo! He's probably my second favorite character here because of all the character development I built for him. My favorite, of course, is Break Man. Oops, sorry, I meant Blues. And for those of you not-knowing-of-japanese-things, he'll pick up the Proto Man moniker in the MM4 Novelization. Yes, I'm going to be writing one; there's way too much left to be told of the Mega Man story. Not right away, though; I'm doing something else first. Patience.

Anyways, a bigger thanks to Erico too. He's a longtime friend o' mine and the guy who got me started writing the first place. Plus, he's a damn good writer. If you haven't already, go check out his stuff. As a matter of fact, check all of those four. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. Finally, one last group thank-you: To the guys at Hazard Labs, for... well... for being the guys at Hazard Labs. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about, even if no one else does.

Next big question: Why, out of all those games, Mega Man 3? Well, it was the first one I ever played, for one. Also, it was early, but not too early; it seemed a good place to begin. As I've said, Maelgrim's already written an excellent Mega Man 1 novelization. Maybe in a few years, if nobody else had written a great Mega Man 2, I'll go back and do it. But that's far in the future. Back on track. Another reason is that once I realized what I could do with him, I just couldn't resist playing around with Doc Man. And the final major reason: Gamma. I mean, who DOESN'T love giant robots that can destroy cities? You in the back, sit back down before I throw a Union Worker at you.

Now we're at the Q&A section. This is where I answer questions that reviewers have asked. ...There, that was easy, wasn't it?

And finally, the end part of the Author's Note: The self-musing crap. Looking back, I can see a definate curve on the quality of this Novelization. I think it definately picks up near the end. For the most part, I think my first Novelization, CT, was better. But this was more challenging, because there wasn't nearly as much story; it was also a lot better for me as a writer. Challenge yourself, kids. It'll improve your skills, trust me.

Well, that's the end of that. No, wait, one more question to answer. What's my next project? It's not MM4; I'm going to try alternating between one Mega Man Novelization and one of something else and see how that works. So what am I delving into? A game series that sees lots of fanfiction, but seems very sadly deprived on the Novelization front from what I've seen. Something which I aim to change.

Saddle up your Power Suit... we're hunting Metroid.

-Magus523, September 2003