Artemis walks into the grotto under Mount Justice that boasts the holograms of the fallen members of the Team and the Justice League.

She spots someone wearing a familiar yellow uniform, only this time it is not worn by the love of her life, Wally West. Instead, Impulse, the new Kid Flash, dons the tight bodysuit.

'Mmmm, he looks good,' she muses and gazes dreamily at the boy, checking him out from head to toe.

She jolts herself out of her daydreaming state. 'What the heck am I doing? Wally just died and Impulse - he is way too young for me, but he looks so great. The suit totally works for him.'

She thinks her thoughts are a bit inappropriate given the circumstances. She turns her attention from the new Kid Flash to the passed one, who is immortalized in a holographic image.

'Now, he looked so fine, too,' she muses. She begins to reminisce about their life together in Palo Alto.

She remembers that even though they gave up their superhero lives for each other, Wally liked to put on his yellow super suit. She knew he did it because of nostalgia. She never told him the truth.

When he wore that yellow getup, it was a huge turn on for her. Even when he was not wearing that special outfit, she remembers that she would picture him in it. She would always be lost in those thoughts. Wally and his bodysuit. Very fine. Very fab.

Her mind begins to drift. She pictures Nightwing wearing the suit. 'Mmm...yummy.' Superboy in the suit? Super. The Flash? Flashy. Herself? More sizzling than bacon.

"OH MY ARROWS!" she shouts. She just realized that it was never Wally; it was always that uniform.