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June 6
12:13 PM
Kurain Village Train Station

"Mr. Nick!" cried a now teenaged Pearl Fey as she rushed towards her friend and father figure once he stepped off the train. She wrapped her arms around the defense attorney and nearly knocked the air out of his lungs.

"Haha. It's good to see you too, Pearls." Said Phoenix, returning the embrace as his employees, Athena Cykes and Apollo Justice, and daughter, Trucy Wright, stepped off the train.

It had been nearly 6 months since the UR-1 retrial, and the Phantom's arrest. Those at the Wright Anything Agency had been hard at work, defending anyone who came to them, falsely accused. Phoenix himself had even stood in a few retrials of people convicted during the Dark Age of the Law. Having seen the immense effort put forth by his hardworking employees, Phoenix suggested they all take a weeklong vacation in Kurain Village, home of the Fey family.

"Hey, Pearl! How ya been?" asked Apollo, grinning at the young Spirit Medium.

"Oh, Mr. Polly! I've been great! And it's great to see you too!"

Apollo slightly grimaced at Pearl's nickname for him. The first time they met, she overheard Trucy call him Polly, and the rest is ancient history.
"Hey, I'm here too, Pearls!" Trucy exclaimed, embracing the young girl.

"Miss Trucy! It's great to see you. All of you!" She said as she returned the hug.

"Pearls," Started Phoenix. "I don't believe you two have been acquainted." He said as he led Pearl over to Athena. "Pearls, this is Athena Cykes. Athena, Pearl Fey."

"Oh, Miss Cykes. Mr. Nick told me about you when I visited a few months ago." The young Spirit Medium bowed. "It's nice to finally meet you. And I'm happy to hear about your acquittal."

Athena shined her usual glowing grin. "Oh, don't gimme that formal crap!" she exclaimed as she hugged Pearl, who was taken back by the redhead's forwardness. "Just Athena is fine. Or Thena, if you like. It's what my best friend calls me."

Pearl stepped back and regained her composure, before clapping her hands together and smiling. "Ok, it's good to finally meet you, Miss Thena!"

Athena grimaced at the girl's new nickname for her, but quickly regained her composure and flashed a peace sign. "And it's great to finally meet the girl who helped the boss clear my name!"

Everyone chatted for a minute before Phoenix finally chimed in. "Say, Pearls," he said, placing his hand on the girls shoulder. "Where's Maya? I thought she would be meeting us here at the station."

As if on cue, a familiar voice chimed in from afar. "I'm right over here, Nick!" The spiky-haired attorney turned in the direction of the voice, and was not surprised to see his best friend, and secret love of his life, Maya Fey.

The two rushed towards each other and finally met and embraced. "Maya! It's so good to see you! I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too, Nick!" Maya said, as she nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

The two stood there, hugging for what seemed like hours, as the others looked on with smiles on their faces, while Pearl gushed. Finally, Phoenix and Maya realized they were being watched and quickly broke apart, blush staining their cheeks. Phoenix cleared his throat and smiled at Maya. Maya returned the smile, as Phoenix admired her. Over the last few years, Maya had grown, but only ever so slightly. Her hair was still in its trademark topknot, and she also still wore her acolyte robes, much to Phoenix's surprise, although they were a bit longer to cover her body better. Speaking of her body, Maya had grown a few inches, although she still barely came up to Phoenix's shoulders and her *ahem* bust had filled out, though it still didn't measure up to her older sister's. Around her neck, she wore the Master's Talisman, signifying her role as the Master of the Kurain channeling technique.

"Sorry, I'm a little late, Nick." Maya chimed in, snapping Phoenix back to reality. "I had to finalize a few things with the elders so I could take the week off to be with you guys." She explained.

"Oh, well that makes sense. Figures they wouldn't make it easy for you. By the way, why are wearing your acolyte robes instead of your Master robes?" Phoenix asked.

"Well, duh! Because I'm on vacation!" She exclaimed as if that explained everything.

The others joined the two then. "Oh, Maya, I almost forgot." Said Phoenix as he pulled Athena forward. "This is Athena Cykes. The newest member of the Wright Anything Agency!"

Athena extended a hand. "It's nice to finally meet you, Miss Fey. Mr. Wright's told me all about you."

Maya puffed out her cheeks and exclaimed "Oh, cut the formal crap!" And wrapped Athena in a hug. Talk about Déjà vu thought Apollo.

"Anyway!" Maya exclaimed, releasing Athena. "I'm so happy you could all make it here! I wish I could welcome you all to the village, but that's still a little ways away… Up a hill."

Athena, Apollo, and Trucy all groaned, as Phoenix smiled. The two lawyers had never been to Kurain, while Trucy had only visited a few times around Christmas, and was still not used to the climb. The group all went to collect their luggage when Maya stopped them all.

"What do you think you're doing?" she exclaimed frightening the lawyers and magician.

"Uh, we're getting our luggage. Something the matter?" Asked Apollo.

"Of course something's the matter! You two!" She shouted, pointing at Apollo and Athena "You're on vacation! That means there's no way I'm letting you carry your luggage up a hill. That's what Nick's here for!"

"M-me!?" Phoenix exclaimed, taken aback.

"Yes, you! You're the one who arranged this vacation in the first place!" Explained Maya, as she took the luggage from Apollo, Athena, and Trucy and handed it all to Phoenix.

"H-hey! I'm supposed to be on vacation too, y'know!" complained Phoenix.

"Well…" contemplated Maya "You should have thought of that before you came here! You know I'm gonna put you to work!" she said, as she began running up the hill. "C'mon, slowpokes! Last one to the village buys a round of burgers when I come visit!"

At that, Phoenix could have sworn he felt his wallet physically weep as he began running up the hill, chasing after his friends and daughter

10 minutes later, the group arrived in Kurain Village. The place hadn't changed much since the last time Phoenix and Trucy visited. Athena and Apollo admired the quaint beauty of the small village, while Trucy and Pearl spoke to each other, as Trucy showed off some of her simpler tricks. "Gotta admit," started Phoenix, speaking to Maya. "This place almost gets more beautiful each time I come here."

Maya giggled. "Well, I suppose that's ONE good thing about living here. It IS beautiful. If it had a burger joint, then it'd be perfect."

Phoenix chuckled and shook his head. Still thinking with her stomachs, I see. The group made their way to Fey Manor and stepped inside. "Miss Trucy," Chimed Pearl. "You're staying in my room. Follow me and we'll get you settled in."

Trucy took her luggage and ran after Pearl.

"Ok, you two." Maya pointed, indicating Apollo and Athena. "I hope you don't mind, but you'll be sharing a room. I'm really sorry if that bothers you."

Apollo attempted to keep a straight face as he stuttered out "B-bother us? O-o-of course not. Right Athena?" he turned to Athena, who was fiddling with her earring, thinking.

"You don't need to be so nervous, Apollo. She said same room, not same bed." She then broke out into a grin. "Get your head out of the gutter, mi amigo!"

Apollo, slumped over, sweating. "R-right."

Maya led them through the manor and showed them their room.

"Meet us back in the main room in ten minutes. We'll discuss what to do for the day!" Maya instructed the two before sliding the screen closed.

She looked at Phoenix, who smiled at her. It had been way too long since the two had been alone.

"Alright Nick, come with me, I'll show you where you're staying."

Phoenix obeyed and followed shortly behind the Spirit Medium.

"So, how have you been, Maya?" He asked.

The two hadn't really spoken much since they arrived at the village.

"Oh, I've been good, but my duties as the Master have been keeping me really busy. I'm down to only being able to cram two Steel Samurai marathons into a week!"

Phoenix chuckled. All these years, and she hasn't changed a bit.

"Oh no, you poor thing, you!" He said sarcastically.

Maya turned around and stuck her tongue out, continuing to walk backwards, as she did, she caught her foot on a rug and began to lose her balance. "W-whoaaaa, Nick!"

"Ah, Maya!" Maya's hand shot forward and Phoenix grabbed hold of it to catch her, but he ended up being pulled down with her.

"Oof!" Cried out Maya.

Phoenix bumped his head off the floor, and closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead.

"Ow. Ugh, Maya, are you o-" Phoenix cut himself off when he opened his eyes. He found himself looking down at Maya, having landed on top of her.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, Nick." Phoenix stood up very quickly, flustered at their closeness. Here I was hoping to talk to her about my feelings, and I'm acting like I can't stand to be close to her at all.

Phoenix cleared his throat and offered her a hand. Maya hesitated for a second, then took it. He pulled her up to her feet and stood there looking at her, not realizing he was still holding her hand. Neither said anything to each other. Nearly a minute passed before Phoenix quickly pulled his hand away and rubbed the back of his neck, laughing nervously. "Uh, hehe, sorry about that. Glad I didn't crush you."

"Oh, uh, yeah. Hehe, me too." An awkward silence cut between the two before Maya finally spoke up. "Oh! Uh, here it is. This is your room, Nick."

She flung open the door near them and let Phoenix in, who looked around the room, which was very spacious. "Huh, don't think this is the room I usually stay in. Isn't that the one Apollo and Athena are in?" Asked Phoenix.

"Yup. That's a two person room, so I thought it would be better to give it to them. Also…" Maya blushed. "I thought maybe you might want the room closest to mine."

It was Phoenix's turn to blush. "Oh, uh, that's right. Your room is right next door isn't it?"

"Yeah. I mean, it's been awhile, so I thought it would be nice for us to be near each other."

What is going through this girl's mind right now? Well, whatever it is, I can't say I mind being neighbors with her.

"Ok, well, I'll let you get settled in and go check on Pearl and Trucy!" Maya exclaimed as she left the room, before stopping in the doorway. "H-hey, Nick?"

"Hm? What is it Maya?"

Maya paused for a second and thought before saying "I'm really glad you came to see me." She smiled and walked off.

Phoenix stood in his room, dumbfounded before smiling to himself and unpacking. This is going to be an interesting week.

Ten minutes later, everyone met back up in the main room of the Manor.
"Alright guys," started Maya "Let's talk business! What are we doing today?"

Phoenix, Athena, Apollo, and Trucy all looked at each other.

Apollo finally spoke. "Uh, well, what is there to do around here?"

Maya thought for a second. "Oh yeah, you guys haven't been here before. Well… I guess we could hike around the woods, go down to the lake and swim, or…"

Phoenix didn't like the way she trailed off "Or?"

Maya cut off the thought. "Nah, we'll do that another day! So, what do you guys think?"

Athena chimed in "Oh, I'd love to go swimming! I even brought my bathing suit just in case."

"Yeah!" Trucy spoke up "I haven't been swimming all year! I vote we go to the lake!"

Phoenix and Apollo both placed a vote for swimming, when suddenly a loud growling noise was heard.
"Uh, was that a… bear?" Asked Apollo.

Phoenix Laughed "Nah, it's something even scarier." He walked over and poked Maya's gut. "I'd say that was about 3 of Maya's stomachs."

Maya giggled. "Yeah, hehe, guess I haven't had a chance to eat today."

"Well," said Athena. "I could definitely eat after that long train ride."

"Me too." Added Apollo.

Everyone else agreed to needing some food.

"Alright, food first, then swimming!" Exclaimed Maya as she led the group out the door, to a nearby noodle restaurant.

After gorging themselves on Kurain style noodles, (Which were MUCH safer to consume than Eldoon's noodles) the group returned to the manor and changed into their swimming gear before heading to the lake.

Apollo and Phoenix were garbed in plain red and blue swim trunks, respectively. Maya had opted for a dark purple two-piece, dotted with tiny black Magatamas. She had also let her hair down out of her trademark topknot and let it flow down her back. Athena wore a yellow top with baby blue bottoms, with Widget still around her neck. Apparently, the little machine was completely waterproof. In the back, Trucy and Pearl were both wearing one piece swimsuits. Trucy's was a mix of light and dark blues, with the design bearing a resemblance to her magician's outfit. Unsurprisingly, she had opted to leave her hat at the manor. Pearl's was about as pink as it gets, with white frills around the edges. She had also pulled her hair out of its complex pretzel shape, and it now hung nearly to her shoulders. Phoenix couldn't help but gawk at Maya, having never seen her in a swimsuit before. Wow, she looks amazing. Definitely gives Mia a run for her money.

Unknowingly to him, Maya was also admiring him, surprised that he'd been hiding some muscles underneath that blue suit of his. I guess flexing that pointer finger in court takes a little more effort than I thought. Wait, does that mean Edgeworth is ripped!?

Apollo and Athena, mirroring their friends, were also secretly observing each other. Ok, Apollo, stay cool. You're just going swimming with the beautiful girl who you once indicted for murder. But, MAN, does she look good.

Wow, Apollo looks good normally, but NO SHIRT!? I think I'm in love!

"Wow! It's so pretty here!" Athena cried as they reached the lake. "C'mon, Apollo, let's jump in!"

"M-me!? Why m-" Apollo was cut off as Athena grabbed his wrist and dragged him over to the lake before diving right in with him in tow.


Athena resurfaced and flipped her hair. "Ahhhhhh, the water feels amazing, doesn't it, Apollo?" She turned to face Apollo, who had just resurfaced, spitting out some water, as his horns drooped.

"Yeah. Would have been better to ease into it, though."

Athena splashed him "Oh, c'mon. Ease up a bit and have some fun, old man!"

Apollo was taken aback. "O-old man!? I'm 23!"

Phoenix, Maya, Pearl and Trucy stood back and laughed as the red and yellow clad lawyers bickered.

"Geez," started Trucy "They're like an old married couple."

Suddenly, Maya grabbed Phoenix's wrist "C'mon Nick, in we go!"

"Wait, wait, hold on a second, MAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" SPLASH!

Maya surfaced, and turned to grin at Athena, before Phoenix swam beneath her and picked her up on his shoulders. "Whooooa! Calm down, old man! Don't throw out your back!"

"Please, even if I WAS old, somehow you manage to be light as a feather on a diet of burgers and noodles!" Phoenix said as he laughed.

"Hey, c'mon Apollo, we can't let them show us up!" Athena cried, rushing towards Apollo.

"What are talking abo-OW! Watch it!" Apollo cried as Athena hoisted herself onto his shoulders.

She grabbed hold of the horns of his hair and cried out "Onward, my steed! To battle!"

"Ow! Quit pulling my hair!" Apollo shouted as he was led towards the senior lawyer/spirit medium duo.

"Nick, I think these two are challenging us." Said Maya as she grabbed Phoenix's spikes like reigns on a horse.

"Ow! Watch the spikes, Maya!" The two wandered towards their opponents as the girls took wrestling poses.

"You might wanna just quit now, Maya. I studied martial arts in Europe!" warned Athena.

"Martial arts, huh? Please, I've been studying the Steel Samurai's signature moves for years now. Have at you, villain!" Maya lunged at Athena and two began wrestling to throw each other off their partner's shoulders.

"Mr. Wright, I think we need new friends." Apollo stated before Phoenix splashed him.

"Geez, Apollo, I had no idea you were such a buzzkill." Phoenix replied.

"Early Summer Rain Jab!" Maya cried as she let her attack fly.

"Whooooooa, keep me steady, Apollo." But it was too late, and the two fell into the water, defeated.

Maya struck her best Steel Samurai pose. "Haha, another villain vanquished by Iron Maya, Warrior of Neo Olde Kurain Village!"

Phoenix high fived the girl and let her down from his shoulders. "Hey, don't forget her trusty sidekick, the Blue Phoenix!"
"Well, of course!" Maya said, as she gave Phoenix a peck on the cheek.

Phoenix turned a deep shade of crimson and opened his mouth to speak, when Athena and Apollo resurfaced.

"Gah, see what you did, Apollo?!"

"Me!? You were the one who grabbed hold of my hair the second you started to lose your balance!"

Maya and Phoenix looked on, laughing.

"Boy," said Phoenix "Trucy's right. You two ARE like an old married couple."

The two lawyers flinched and blushed. "H-hey, it's not like that!" Stuttered Apollo.

Wait, why do I hear discord in Apollo's voice?
"Yeah! I-I mean, we're good friends and all, but that's going too far!"

Huh? I could have sworn my bracelet just reacted.

Just then, two voices broke everyone's thoughts "Geronimo!" "Alakazam!" SPLASH!

A few seconds later, Trucy and Pearl surfaced. "And here I thought you two weren't gonna join us." Said Phoenix, smiling at the two teenagers.

"Are you kidding, Daddy? This is the perfect chance to try out my new trick!"Exclaimed the young magician, as she produced her magic panties from thin air before reaching into them and pulling out a strait jacket. "Everyone ready for Trucy the Magnificent's latest death-defying trick!?"

Phoenix yanked the strait jacket out of her hands. "Two things. First, I've told you a hundred times, no "death-defying" tricks. Second, no magic panties in the water. I've still yet to figure out where everything goes and I'm not risking you draining the lake."

"Oh, come on, Daddy! I promise I'll only defy a little death!" Trucy argued.

Everyone else in the group smiled and laughed as the father and daughter bickered.

A few hours passed and evening began to fade into night, and the group finally decided to head back to the manor.

"Ah, that was so fun. I told you you needed to visit more during the summer, Nick." Maya said to Phoenix.

"He needs to visit more often in general, Mystic Maya. To see his special someone." Pearl gushed at the two, causing them to blush and look away from each other.

Meanwhile, Apollo and Athena were silent, lost in thought.

That was weird earlier. Why was their discord in Apollo's voice? I'll have to find a chance to use the Mood Matrix on him or this is going to drive me crazy.

I don't get it. Why would my bracelet react to Athena earlier? I'll have to get her to talk about that subject again later, see if I can perceive her habit and draw out the truth.

Before long, the group arrived back at Fey Manor and parted ways to change into their evening clothes.

Phoenix entered the large living room, clad in a white t-shirt and blue pajama bottoms, to find Maya setting popcorn and other snacks on the coffee table. She was wearing a white camisole and purple shorts, with her hair still down.

"Hey Maya." Phoenix said "What are you doing?"

Maya turned to the lawyer, and smiled. "I'm getting ready for our Steel Samurai movie marathon, of course!"

Phoenix sighed. Somehow he knew he'd get roped into a Samurai marathon. "Kinda saw that coming. Well, which ones are we watching?"

"Well, we're definitely watching the original, The Steel Samurai: Shadow of the Magistrate. Then we'll move onto Pink Steel: A Tale of Two Warriors, since we HAVE to see the first crossover between the Steel Samurai and the Pink Princess. Oh, and we're definitely going to watch…"
Phoenix tuned her out. He didn't hate the Samurai series, his ringtone was the theme song, but he just wasn't anywhere near as enthusiastic about it as Maya was.

"Sounds like we have a pretty full evening ahead of us."

Phoenix and Maya both jumped at the new voice and turned to see Apollo, wearing a black wife beater and red pajama bottoms, entering the room. "Oh, Apollo. Didn't hear you come in." Said Phoenix.

It was then that Phoenix noticed something was off. He just couldn't place his finger on it.

"Hey, I heard someone say Steel Samur- Apollo!? Y-your hair!" Athena rushed in, wearing a yellow t-shirt and blue pajama bottoms.

That was when things clicked for Phoenix. Apollo's hair. It wasn't styled. Instead, where his horns would normally be, he had shaggy bangs nearly covering his eyes.

"Huh? What about my hair? Oh, I get it. You've never seen it without hair gel in it before." Apollo said as he ran his hand through his hair.

Trucy and Pearl walked in then, wearing blue and pink pajamas respectively, and gawked at Apollo's hair as well.

"Wait, Nick, I just realized, I've never seen you without YOUR hair styled."

Phoenix laughed. "That's probably because this is natural." He said, pointing at his spiky hair.

"No way, you're full of it!" Maya said.

"Oh, don't believe me? Check for yourself." Phoenix leaned his head down to where she could reach and she ran a hand through his hair. She almost freaked when she touched it, bringing her other hand to his head and running it through his hair as well.

"What the hell!? There's no way!"

Phoenix chuckled as he stood back up. "Maya, you lived with me at the office for a while. Do you ever remember seeing any hair gel?"

Maya stopped and thought for a second. "Holy cow, you're right!"

Everyone laughed and Maya finally told everyone to take a seat as she popped in the first movie. The living room had a large couch and two recliners. Phoenix took a seat next to Maya on the couch who sat next to Athena and Apollo plopped down beside Athena as Pearl and Trucy took the two recliners. Maya fiddled with the remote and soon, the Steel Samurai theme began to play.

"Prepare to die, Samurai!"

"Not today, Evil Magistrate! I will bring down the spear of Justice upon you and cleanse this world of your evil! HYAAAAAAAA! Late August Shower Thrust!"

Phoenix watched the screen, very uninterested, as he rubbed his side. Maya was getting really into the movie and had jabbed him in the ribs several times with her elbow. He glanced over at Apollo, who was in much the same state, as Athena imitated the moves of the combatants on screen.

"Ow!" Cried Phoenix as his ribs were met with another sharp elbow.

"Yeah, go Steel Samurai!" Yelled Maya at the top of her lungs.

I don't think my body can make it through another one of these movies.

"I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to another."

"Who? Who has stolen the heart of my hero!?"

"…The Pink Princess."

Phoenix didn't think the movie could get any cheesier at this point. But he wasn't complaining. Instead of a bruised rib, this time he had large wet spots on his shirt where Maya had been cuddling into him, crying. He draped his arm around her shoulders and just let her cry. Apollo was in much the same position, once again, as Athena let loose large, almost overly-dramatic, sobs into his chest. Even Trucy and Pearl were crying. If the next movie is anything like this, this whole room will be flooded.

Apollo let out a loud yawn as the credits for the second movie rolled. "Well, as much as I'd love to sit through another plot-hole riddled movie," Maya and Athena shot a glare at him. He ignored them. "I think I'm gonna call it a night."

He said goodnight to everyone and headed off to his room while Maya popped the next movie in and plopped down next to Phoenix.

"I don't think I like Apollo anymore, Nick. You should probably get rid of him."

Phoenix chuckled. "Maya, if I let you make every decision about the office, I'd have my employees standing in court dressed as samurais."

"And what's wrong with that? It would make trials way more interesting!" Phoenix sighed and sank into the couch. And this is the girl I've decided to fall for?

"Take this, Evil Magistrate! Mid-February Drizzle Combo!"

"GYAAAAAAAAH! Curse you, Samurai! I'll be back! And I will destroy you AND your princess!"

Whoever comes up with these attack names needs to be fired Phoenix thought to himself, again rubbing his, now for certain, bruised side.

"Yeah, no one beats the Power Couple of Neo Olde Tokyo!" Maya shouted. She hopped up to put in the next movie and Phoenix decided it was time beat a hasty retreat.

"Well, at great as this has been, I think I'm off to bed myself."

"Awww, are you sure, Nick? This next one has the best action scenes in the series!"

Phoenix's ribs began screaming at him to get out of there. "Uh, yeah, sorry. It's been a long day, and I'm beat. But I'll tell ya what, I'll get up early tomorrow and make us all breakfast, ok?"

Maya smiled, clapping her hands together and bowing her head.

"Great, it's been so long since I've had your pancakes!"

Phoenix laughed and hugged her.

"I'll see you all in the morning. Trucy, don't stay up much later, ok?"

"Ok Daddy, just 3 more hours and I'll head to bed!"

Phoenix sighed. I am way too lenient on that girl he thought as he headed towards his room.

Maya waited until she was sure Phoenix was out of earshot, then turned the TV off and looked at the girls. "Alright just us girls now!" She exclaimed as she hopped onto the couch. "Time for girl talk!"

Athena smiled "Finally, I thought those two would never leave!"

"Please, Daddy usually goes to bed around 9 at home. I'm surprised he lasted this long!"

The four girls laughed.

"So," Maya said, looking at Athena. "First topic, Athena, you're head over heels for Apollo, aren't you?"

Athena flinched at the question and blushed. "W-w-what!? N-no way! He's just my friend!" Maya stared at her almost accusingly. "I mean, er, if he asked me out, I, uh, guess I would maybe, possibly say… yes."

"Dang it!" Cried Trucy, as she fished into her pocket and pulled out a ten-dollar bill, handing it to Pearl.

"HA!" laughed Pearl "I TOLD you! I have a good eye for these things, Miss Trucy."

Athena gaped at the two. "Y-you guys were betting on that!?"

"Yep," beamed Pearl. "The second I saw you two at the train station, I knew he was your special someone!"

Trucy folded her arms, puffing out her cheeks. "I told her she was full of it and we made a bet."

Athena glared at the two, Widget turning red to indicate her anger, when Maya put her hand on her shoulder. "Calm down, Athena. We won't say anything" Maya said, smiling.

Athena calmed down, then thought of a way to turn things around. "Well, what about you and Mr. Wright? I'd say you're just mad about him!"

It was Maya's turn to blush. "N-no! It's not like that! I've known him for years! He's just my best friend."

Athena folded her arms and smiled at the Spirit Medium. "Did Mr. Wright ever tell you about my power? About how I can hear the discord in someone's heart when they're lying?" Maya nodded. "Well I'm hearing a lot of discord from your heart right now, Miss Fey!" She exclaimed, pointing her finger at Maya.

Maya knew she was beat and sighed. "Ok, you got me. I'm in love with your boss. Happy now?"

Athena smiled while Trucy and Pearl gushed, no doubt hearing wedding bells in their heads. Athena put a hand on Maya's shoulder. "Hey, cheer up. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty much certain he feels the same way."

Maya looked at the girl. "Really?"

Athena nodded. "I can hear the discord in his voice too whenever he talks about you."

Maya smiled. It's still a bit hard to believe but, I don't think she's lying. Maybe he does feel the same.

The girls talked for a little while (Getting Trucy to admit she had a crush on a boy from school in the process) before finally calling it a night and heading to their rooms.

I can't believe I opened up about that right in front of everyone. There's no way Apollo feels the same. Athena thought to herself. But, maybe I should tell him while we're on vacation. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? He's already accused me of murder before, can't get any worse than that!

Athena stepped into her room and climbed into her bed. She could have sworn she felt something heavy on the bed right next her, but she was too tired to acknowledge it. She let out a yawn and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of a certain horned attorney.