Dipper Pines gazed out of the window on the bus that was taking him away from his family...And his new life as an orphan.

And to this Dipper couldn't be...well not "happier"...but he was definitely glad to be away from "them."

The sad fact was that the only thing that made his family bearable was Mabel...And now she's gone...

His parents never liked him, they made that very clear.

He suspected that the only reason they didn't send him to an orphanage sooner was because Mabel loved him...and Mabel was always their favorite...they also made it very clear who truly deserved to be dead.

Naturally they'd spared every expense to send him to a one way trip to the middle of nowhere to an orphanage that was only licensed on the loosest of technicalities.

The sad thing was that still probably made it better than home.

You know now that he thought about it-


Eventually Dipper regained consciousness...and found himself looking at the remains of a very dead, very giant armadillo.

"See you on the other side, amigo-"

Said the armadillo as it burst into flames and turned to ash.

Well, it's official. I've lost it-

Thought a very dazed boy...



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