A Tale of Two Shippos

by ArtikGato

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha the tv series, or Inuyasha the bishounen (but I can dream...). I do not own any character from Inuyasha, and, as far as I know, the only made up character I insert into the fic is Farfignuten, this trash talking tree whose purpose in life is to annoy Jakan to no extent. In conclusion, I own nothing but my mind...which is slowly imploding from all of the stress of EXAMS!! ARGH!! SCHOOL IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!!

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Ahem. Sorry. Now then, welcome to A Tale of Two Shippos, a story about the cold, dark depths of the human soul, story that touches on the--- *is hit in the head with an oar*

NEW Narrator: Sorry about that. /__\ (to the unconscious first narrator) THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO FOOL AROUND IN MY AIBOU'S BRAIN WHILE SHE'S WRITING A FANFIC!!!!

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Me: Sorry about that. Those two were my alternate egos. Botan (New Narrator) is my crazed fangirl bishounen loving side, and Ryoko (Old Narrator) is my Yami (dark) side. Now, without further adue, welcome to A Tale of Two Shippos, a humorous fanfic about the characters of the anime Inuyasha. Now...on with the show!!

A Tale of Two Shippos...the PROLOGUE!!!

            On a tall, dark hill surrounded by tall, dark trees with tall, dark clouds overhead, a figure stood. He had a big furry puff on one shoulder and his other sleeve just sorta...hung there. He was dressed in white, and also had very lengthy long hair.

            "Mwahahahahahahaha! Soon, my plan shall be set into motion! I shall turn Kagome and Shippo against my wonderful little brother and those two morons who travel with them!" Sesshomaru exclaimed diabolically. (warning: out of characterness, or OOCness!! And lots of it!!) Lightning flashed. A little toad-like thing carrying a big stick scurried up to the bishounen Sesshomaru.

            "Lord Sesshomaru!" Jakan said in his stupid voice.

            "What do you want, Jakan-chan, my wonderful accomplice?!" asked Sesshomaru, glomping Jakan and squeeing. (see, didn't I warn you about the OOCness?!?!)

            "My Lord, I've just--" Jakan started.

            "Please, dear friend, call me Sessho-kun, it's SO much easier to pronounce!" Sesshomaru told him.

            "Aye...Sessho-kun...umm, I've spotted the King and Queen of Cool and their three incredibly cool minions!" Jakan exclaimed stupidly.

            "You mean my wonderful little brother and Kagome-chan and that kawaii Shippo and those to morons?!?!" Sesshomaru asked.

            "Aye, my lord!" Jakan answered, pridefully. Sesshomaru glared at Jakan.

            "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME SESSHO-KUN!!!" Sesshomaru screamed in furious angry rage as he prepared to smite the toad.

            "WARGH!! I'm sorry, Lord Sessho-kun!" screeched Jakan.

            "You are oh so very forgiven!" Sesshomaru said, glomping him yet again.

            "Umm, Sessho-kun? You're acting a bit weird today..." Jakan started, squirming, trying to get out of the enormous glomp Sesshomaru had him in.

            "No I'm not!" Sesshomaru replied, happily.

            "Will you please put me down?!" Jakan requested.

            "Okay!!!!!!' Sesshomaru replied all too hyperly. He set Jakan down on the ground, patted him on the head, and pranced around him in a circle.            

            "So, Sesshoma---kun...what are we going to do?" asked Jakan.

            "About what?" Sesshomaru asked, obliviously, as he tried to catch a butterfly.

            "About the King and Queen of Cool and their minions of Extreme Coolness!" Jakan replied. he growled, and muttered 'Why did Sesshomaru insist on me calling them that?!' under his breath.

            "Why, we shall set my wonderfully brilliant plan into motion!" Sesshomaru exclaimed. Lightning flashed ominously. Sesshomaru jumped, and cowered behind Jakan.