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Molly Weasley had her wand out and was commanding brooms, mops, and scrubbing brushes of every type and description to clean every inch of The Burrows. It was quite a sight to see let me tell you. Holly wanted to help but was told the birthday girl's duty is to relax and let others do the hard work. She headed outside to the front where Arthur, Fred, George, and Hermione were setting up the tent that was going to be used for the slumber party tonight. It looked very much like an ordinary tent except it was currently floating in the air. Apparently Hermione was trying to decide where the best place would be for the bloody thing.

"It looks quite lovely just under the tree," said Hermione.

"Are you sure this time?" asked Fred

. "Don't encourage her! We've already been floating this thing for over an hour!" George rumbled.

"Now, now boys, give Molly...uh...I mean Hermione a chance."

"You're right dad! She does sound like mum!" George said laughing.

"NO! Hermione sounds much worse than mum!" Fred said nearly doubling over in hysterics.

Hermione blushed a deep red. "Will you two stop it! You're going to ruin the tent with your antics!"

"Whatever you say mum!" "Yeah, wouldn't want you to punish us!"

"That is quite enough you two!" Arthur scolded, and then turned to Hermione. "Sorry about that, now where did you say you would like the tent Hermione?"

Hermione sighed. "Under the tree will be fine Mr. Weasley."

Holly decided to speak up while she had a chance. "Can I help then?"

"Take Hermione off our hands Holly."

"Yeah, that would be a tremendous help."

Hermione ignored both Fred and George. "You're the birthday girl remember..."

Holly stomped her foot in frustration and cut off her friend. "Yes, yes, I know. The birthday girl should not have to lift a finger, but that is dreadfully boring."

"Well how about finding Becky and seeing what she's up to, and if you find her ask her why she hasn't lifted a finger to help." Hermione suggested.

"I haven't seen her since breakfast, if she hasn't been out here helping you then where is she I wonder?"

"You have to ask? If there is hard work to be done she vanishes like she already knows how to disaperate." Hermione huffed.

Little did they know what Becky was truly up to. You see, a couple of days ago her father Arthur Weasley brought home a most unusual Muggle artifact. It was an enchanted television set that...well...did nothing really. It took up space, but it didn't seem to do anything at all. Apparently the wizard who enchanted it sort of botched the job. Still, it was something electronical from the Muggle world, and that is an irresistible combination for the likes of Becky's father.

Becky normally ignored most of the Muggle collection that has grown over the years, but this was different; ever since that day when Lord Voldemort had been banished to that television thing Becky has been a bit obsessed with the whole process. What was television and what exactly happened to that pink haired monstrosity that Voldemort had become? She just had to know for herself, and so she very discreetly took the television and went a fair distance away from everyone. She kept moving on until she was completely hidden by several shady trees. She placed the television on top of a rock, and tried to figure out just how it worked. She knew a bit about electricity, and knew most Muggle things tended to rely on such magic in order to run.

Becky tried to think back to something that happened last year when Colin's camera broke. Hermione used a spell to not only repair it but it became enchanted as well. 'Cinema something, Cinema fantastique! Yeah, that was it', thought Becky. 'No, wait, this thing isn't exactly a camera. I need to modify the spell to something like, television fantastique'

Becky pointed her wand and shouted, "Television fantastique!"

The television began to glow, then it wiggled, then it stretched like a rubber-band, and finally the screen came to life with moving images. Becky moved in closer for a better look. Apparently there were people talking about the weather.

"Hello?" Becky asked the man and woman in the screen.

"What was that?" asked the woman looking all about.

"You didn't just say that then?" The man asked nervously.

"No I didn't! It must be some sort of technical..."

"Excuse me, but can you tell me how to find...what was it again...uh...Sailor Moon?" Becky asked politely.

"There it is again!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some technical difficulties and will therefore be going off the air for a little while," said the man rather quickly.

Suddenly the screen made this strange roaring sound and the people were replaced by this scrambled black and white mess. Becky was getting frustrated by this latest development and began to think of another possible way to get what she wanted.

Again Becky waved her wand. "Accio Voldemort!"

The screen flashed bright pink for a moment, and then images began to form. Amongst those images was the pink haired girl Becky had seen over on the island of Avalon. The little girl was arguing with a bigger girl with long blonde hair that was tied into two incredibly long ponytails.

"It's time for you to go to bed!" shouted the Blonde who had grabbed the little girl by the arm.

"Unhand me you ridiculous girl! I will see you brutally tortured, tormented, and..."

"Oh my, this is too much! Holly and Hermione simply have to see this for themselves!"

"Who said that?" asked the blonde who looked confused.

The pink haired girl did not look confused at all. She immediately looked at Becky who was rolling on the ground laughing.

"YOU! You were there when that deity did this to me!"

Becky suddenly stopped laughing and looked at the screen once more.

"I will have my revenge on you!"

"Who are you talking to sweetie?"

Voldemort suddenly threw the blonde girl across the room with ease while growing in size. She quickly became an adult woman wearing a black dress, and when she turned back to face Becky her eyes glowed red.

"You...don...don't...scar...scare me. You're trapped inside this thing."

"Oh, am I really?"

The television took that moment to increase in size becoming bigger, and bigger. Becky scrambled to her feet and began to panic. She aimed her wand once more


The television burst into millions of pieces while the explosion knocked Becky to the ground. There she lay unconscious while a pink silhouette took shape within the smoke. It intensified for a moment then it faded away, but before it did you could hear an evil laugh that would have chilled anyone's bones.

Becky slowly regained consciousness and looked at the debris.

"Well that was a close call. I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for bringing Voldemort back."

Blissfully unaware that He... er... She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has been released, our dear sweet Becky cleaned up the charred remains of the television and then started back to join the others for the slumber party. Guests had already begun to arrive and have made there way inside the tent. The inside was at least three times larger than the outside and was filled with large plush pillows for sitting and smaller ones for tossing about to one another. There was an area with a never- ending closet in which the girls could try on various dresses, hats, skirts and blouses. Next to that was a never-ending dresser filled to the brim with an assortment of under-things, not mention of course, nightgowns of every color and description imaginable. Once one decided what to wear there was a dressing area and a vanity table that had more cosmetics than most stores. Over to the far side of the tent was an excellent kitchen that was being put to good use by Hermione, Ginny, Orenda Costello, Hanna Abbott, and Nora-Adrienne Deret. They were in the process of cooking starberry muffins, which sparkled quite nicely when done, but burst into brilliant explosions of light when you took a bite from them. Oh, Connie was with them as well but she was not quite her usual cheerful self because she had to promise to not bring her camera to the party. For some reason all of the girls insisted that they would not like it one bit if that thing started to take pictures of them in their nighties. So with no camera to play with Connie simply watched the others arguing with one another.

"No Orenda, the book clearly states to add no more than a quarter cup of starberries and mix counterclockwise thirty six times," lectured Hermione who was busy reading an old dilapidated cook book.

"It doesn't say we can't add more does it?" Orenda pressed.

"You know what happens every time you don't follow directions." Hanna smirked.

"Yes, but this is cooking, it's not like potions at all."

"Not like potions? You did not just say that my dear, please tell me you did not say that!" exclaimed Nora-Adrienne.

Orenda took a nervous step back. "Well...uh..."

"Both cooking and potion making require precise ingredients, right?" Orenda simply nodded her head.

"And it is possible to add a lethal ingredient to either which may cause death, and you wouldn't want that to happen now would you?"

"But were just making muffins, they can't hurt you. I mean...can they?" asked Orenda who was now confused.

Ginny smiled at her friend. "Let's just follow the directions from the book just to be on the safe side.

"Hello everyone! I hope I haven't missed much!" Becky said as she plopped herself down on one of the main pillows in the center of the room.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN BECKY WEASLEY!" Becky flipped herself up and over one of the large pillows in the center of the tent hiding from whoever had just yelled at her.

"I'm sorry mum; I was just having a bit of a walk over by..." Hermione marched right in front of the huge pillow that Becky was hiding behind and cut off Becky's explanation.

"How dare you! I'm not your mother! I'm Hermione! Why is everybody saying I sound like your mother all of a sudden! I'm a teenage witch with many years ahead of herself!" Hermione pointed her finger dangerously at Becky's face.

"You don't think I'm aging prematurely do you?" Becky gulped.


Hermione's eyes widened. "That's it! You think I'm getting OLD!"

Nora-Adrienne stepped in to give Hermione a hug. "Stop worrying about getting old because whether you want to grow old or not it is going to happen just the same."

"Yeah what she said." Becky added.

"I'd lay low for the time being Becky If I were you." Holly said as she stepped out from the dressing area.

Everyone turned to see Holly dressed in a shimmering gold and silver nightgown that made her look heavenly. "Incredible, you look so...ummm...can I be next then?" Becky said changing her mind in mid sentence.

"Sure thing Becky, there's plenty of gowns to choose from." Becky quickly made her way to find what sort of nightie she would like to where while Holly made her way to a still fuming Hermione.

"You look simply ravishing tonight Holly." Replied Nora-Adrienne.

"Yes, I agree, you do look wonderful...I am sorry to ruin things with my outburst"

"Ruin things? Nonsense, both you and Becky are my closest friends. You have been ever since I came to Hogwarts." Holly motioned to sit down and the three girls did just that.

"Now what is all this fuss about?"

"I don't know...it's just that...well Fred and George...they..."

"Fred and George were making fun of Hermione by referring to her as their mum." Nora said finally.

"Yeah I remember, but that was earlier in the day, and you know how they are."

"Yes, but they didn't start it, their father did, and now Becky comes in with her 'sorry mum'. Everybody thinks I should be raising children out somewhere, and I haven't even graduated from Hogwarts yet."

"Your future is yours to do with as you see fit Hermione. If you want to raise a family, work for The Ministry of Magic, teach at Hogwarts, or become a world famous author and call yourself J.K. Rowling that is your business and yours alone." Holly said reassuringly.

Hermione smiled. "J.K. Rowling?"

Holly giggled. "It was the first name that came to my head for some strange reason."

"It sounds like things are settling down, so how about we try some of these treats in this bowl in front of us?" Asked Nora-Adrienne who was about to grab some candy from a rather large glass bowl that was sitting on top of a small table.

Both Holly and Hermione cried out in unison. "Stop! Don't eat that!"

Nora-Adrienne immediately dropped the candy in her hand. "Sorry, I guess there was a reason for that I hope."

Hermione began to clear her throat. "Those are special candies that Fred and George made up for the truth or dare portion of our party. Anyone not wanting to tell the truth must take a candy from the bowl and eat it."

"That does not sound very much like a dare to me." Nora-Adrienne a said scratching her head.

"You've obviously never been on the receiving end of one of their jokes then." Holly added.

At that moment several things happened simultaneously, first Becky came out in a hot pink nightie with a bright red feather boa, and second a giant explosion was heard from the kitchen area. Soon after that everyone was ducking for cover from shooting stars that were rocketing around the tent.

Fortunately, these were starberries which happened to be nonflammable and quite harmless. Still, it did make things look dangerous enough to have some of the girls screaming in terror. The girl who was screaming the loudest was of course Becky Weasley, who was trying desperately to fend off the stars with her feather boa.

Finally when the last of the starberries fizzled out, you could see twinkling sugar dust covering everything. Becky held up her boa which looked a bit like a cotton candy snake at this point.

She shook her head and whimpered. "Why me, that's what I'd like to know."

Hermione suppressed the urge to giggle. "Perhaps if you hid like the rest of us you wouldn't look like you fell into a candy vat."

"It was Orenda's fault. She put too much starberries into the mix when I told her not to." Accused Hanna.

"OOOOH! That's a lie! You tried to take the starberries away from me, and now you're trying to cover up your mess!"

"You were going to put too much in Orenda! I was simply trying to prevent this terrible mess that is obviously YOUR FAULT!"

The two girls looked like they were going to get into a real nasty fight when Holly stepped in.

"Please stop this fighting at once you two, or must I get involved." Holly threatened.

Both girls immediately fell silent when Holly spoke.

Holly smiled at them both. "Why don't you two freshen up and get ready to play truth or dare. I will clean this mess."

"No you won't! How many times must I say this! You are the birthday girl, and you will go freshen up with the others. I will clean this mess up." Hermione grumbled.

"Yes mother!" Holly said as she quickly rushed past Hermione's wrathful look.

"That's not funny Holly!"

"You'll make a wonderful mother someday!" Nora-Adrienne added while quickly running away.

Hermione took out her wand and pointed at no place in particular and yelled with all her might.


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