The past always comes back: A Mako mermaids/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D crossover.

The outcast by his kind Erik Langstrom partners with outcast former Agent Ward to try to place the Merpeople back in power ruling over the world as they and the inhumans did ages ago even if it means destroying both hidden cities of Atlantis and Astlan.

Prologe: 5 years ago The UK: Scotland.

The mermen council sat down in their chairs in an undisclosed location near the coastal cliffs under the full moon along with an inhuman representative. The leader of the Mermen Tobias Denton spoke "Erik Langstrom you have been found guilty of violating our code and risk exposure, young man you very well know both our people only survive thanks to our anonymity, what do you have to say for yourself before we forever bind your powers?"

Erik with his hands bound sneered at them "You are nothing but pathetic old men! We used to rule this world! And now what do we do, we hide like roaches when we are gods among insects and we should reclaim our position as such"

"And how many Merpeople and Inhumans alike must die to reclaim that title? And how long would it last anyway? One thing we learned from that time is Empires come at too great a cost!" Tobias replied. "Take him away"

"Not to me it isn't" Erik said using his powers to push his guards away and ran toward the cliff

"Stop him!" Tobias yelled but to no use. Erik had jumped off the cliff into the ocean below.

The Inhuman representative complained "As long as he is out there he is a threat and could expose us all"

"Not without endangering himself in the process, he is now an outcast and all alone".

With that the secret proceedings came to an abrupt end...