Out of the Ashes

Chapter 29

Bu's First Interlude

There were a lot of things you could call Uchiha Fushicho, Bu thought.

Mean. Self-centered. Loud. Hot-tempered. A bitch.

Yeah, Bu thought as he leaned back in the hospital chair, eyeing said bitch in her hospital bed, yeah she's a bitch. But even though she was an absolute bitch, she was his friend.

Bu eyed the monitor that was monitoring her heart rate. It was steady and Bu had heard from Jiraiya that Fushicho was going to be fine. She had woken up twice already, although had only been partially cognitive the second time. Then Jiraiya had snorted, mentioning, "Cognitive enough to tell me that Itachi's a bitch before she was unconscious again." Bu hadn't seen Jiraiya again, and he had been in Fushicho's room every hour that was a visiting hour.

Fushicho's eyes fluttered and Bu stood up quickly, whispering, "Fu?"

She grunted in response, "Fucking hospital. Kay'."

Then she was out again.

Bu laughed to himself mirthlessly. He sat back down and relaxed in the chair. The door slid open a moment later and Kyuketsu walked in holding a thick book. Eyeing it's title 'Head Injuries and Psychological Issues', Bu remarked, "Planning to revive her yourself?"

"No." Kyuketsu replied, settling in on the chair next to Bu, "I'll help her sanity afterwards."

"She's already pretty crazy." Bu huffed.

Kyuketsu side eyed him, "All the more reason, then."

They sat in silence for awhile. Bu listened to the repetitive beep of the monitor. It was starting to make him anxious and he bounced his leg a bit.

"Do you think Fushicho was dropped on her head as a child?" Kyuketsu suddenly asked, holding up his book like it would explain everything.

Bu snorted, and the anxiety was gone.


The only day Bu missed sitting in Fushicho's hospital room was the day of his mother's funeral. He wore all black and Kyuketsu had stood beside him as the service was held. Onna's boyfriend had attended and Bu had ignored him despite his attempts to speak. Kyuketsu acted as Bu's shield after that, which Bu was grateful for.

After the service, most of the people left. Onna's friends stayed off to the side watching Bu as he stood staring down at the headstone. Kyuketsu was silent and it was Bu who broke the silence.

"I wish Fu was here." Bu whispered, trying not to think about her.

Kyuketsu hummed, "She would be."

"Nah." Bu sniffled a bit, "I was pretty awful to her."

"Some of the things you said were the truth." Kyuketsu replied, putting a hand on Bu's shoulder, "You will speak to her when she wakes up."

They stood there a bit longer. Onna's friends left. It started to drizzle. They turned to leave when they heard it. The sound of crutches and grunts. They watched as a hospital escapee, with familiar wild dark blue hair, hobbled towards them. Still dressed in the hospital gown, Fushicho came to a stop in front of them.

Bu wasn't sure what to say, so instead, he looked her over and remarked on the first thing he found. Softly he said, "Crazy girl. Where are your shoes?"

"Eh." Fushicho huffed, catching her breath, "Who needs shoes?"

Kyuketsu eyed her feet, "Do you realize the diseases that could be entering your body through those scrapes?"

Fushicho lifted one of her feet to eye it. Bu frowned at the bloody scrapes. Silly, stupid girl, he thought.

"M'not very good on crutches. Needed something to help me move though. Body feels super sluggish." Fushicho remarked, sounding far more wistful and breathless than she ever did.

Kyuketsu leaned over to whisper, quietly in Bu's ears, "She may be drugged."

Bu completely agreed. But despite that, Bu appreciate Fushicho's appearance. She may be a bit out of it, but she had clearly come here for Onna's funeral despite everything. She hobbled to stand next to them and she looked down at the brand new headstone. It was small, nondescript, and exactly like all the other headstones in the cemetery. Fushicho closed her eyes and bowed her head, clasping her hands together.

When she slipped off the crutches, Bu caught her while Kyuketsu grabbed the crutches. Fushicho leaned on Bu, looking like she hardly noticed the crutches were gone, "Sorry I'm late, Bu."

"Better late than never." Bu replied, leaning his head on hers.

The three stared down at the headstone. Bu sniffled and then allowed himself to cry. Kyuketsu pressed his shoulder against Bu's free side and Fushicho didn't move despite the tears that dripped past her view. They didn't say anything until Bu was ready to leave.


Bu and Kyuketsu returned Fushicho to the hospital. Despite the scolding the nurses were giving her, Fushicho blew them off like it was nothing. She hobbled back to her room with the nurses following her to complain.

Sharing amused looks, Kyuketsu waited until the nurses and Fushicho were gone before he shoved Bu forward. Bu stumbled and demanded, "The hell?"

Kyuketsu turned around, "I'm going to go to the library."

Bu shook his head at Kyuketsu, but understood, smiling at his back until Kyuketsu too was gone. Then Bu followed his usual path to Fushicho's room where the nurses had forced her back into bed and were reapplying her IVs. The nurses left after that was done and Fushicho, immediately after they left, ripped the IV right back out of her arm.

"Why?" Bu asked from the door.

Fushicho eyed him, looking like she had come to her senses a bit. Then she snorted, "I'm losing my mind under the drugs."

"Those drugs are probably for a reason." Bu reminded her.

Fushicho snorted again, "Whatever, Pinky."

That was more like the Fushicho he knew. Bu leaned back in the chair and he watch Fushicho shove the IV drip into the mattress and pulled the blanket over it to hide it. She shoved the arm that was supposed to have her IV in it under the blanket.

Bu leaned forward, "Hey, can we... talk?"

"You're already talking." Fushicho retorted, turning to face Bu. Bu inhaled.

"I... was very unfair to you." Bu began, his heart pounding and feeling like it would explode from his chest, "Like, I was cruel in a way that friends should not be to each other."

Fushicho tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. Bu continued, "I took out my... my everything on you. I said horrible, hurtful things. I blamed you. And, and it wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything to deserve what I said."

"Debatable." Fushicho replied, casting her eyes downward, "I blame myself. It's true that Kabuto came for me and if I hadn't been there, Onna would still be with us. And I have been keeping things to myself, as you said with the Wave Mission. And I was even petty about losing to you."

Bu stood up quickly and Fushicho startled. She watched him warily as Bu got to his knees and grabbed her arm, leaning over the bed. Bu glared at Fushicho, "No. None of those are things make it okay that I said horrible things. And, you weren't petty about losing. Don't make it sound like that, like you're the bad one here. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have used that Jutsu. I shouldn't have used your fear against you."

"We're ninja. And I'm Uchiha. I just have to learn to deal with it." Fushicho retorted. And Bu felt like tearing his hair out. Because he thought it was entirely his fault. He shouldn't have been angry. He shouldn't have used her obvious fear against her. Thinking back on it, Bu felt like the worst human being in the world. He didn't know why Fushicho was scared of fire, but whatever it was, he had seen what it did to her.

At the time, Bu thought it had been an overreaction. Fushicho had been in his cage and he would never have hurt her with it. Yet as the cage closed in to pressure her, Bu was expecting her to find a way out after all since Fushicho was crafty and wild, Fushicho had broke. She had trembled and gone into herself. Her eyes had filled with tears and panic and her body tried to make itself as small as possible. Fushicho, who Bu had fully expected to graciously lose to, had forfeited.

He hadn't thought about that until after everything. He hadn't thought about how Fushicho wasn't just scared of fire. He didn't realize, until the night he was laying in his bed mourning everything, he also had to mourn his friendship. Because the way Fushicho had reacted had gone beyond a fear. It went beyond a phobia.

Bu held back tears as he was reminded of everything, "I'm sorry Fu. I'm sorry for putting you in that fire cage. And I'm sorry for blaming you. And I'm sorry for being mad that you didn't want to tell me about some things. I'm sorry for being a brat."

Fushicho pinched Bu's nose and he squeaked in response. Keeping her fingers pinched tight, Fushicho made him look at her.

"I'm sorry for having things that I can't share, and things that I don't want to share. I'm sorry for not being able to save Onna. I'm sorry for not being able to kill Kabuto. I'm sorry for being a brat." Fushicho told him firmly, eyes sharp. Then she let go of his nose. Bu rubbed it but still kept a hand on Fushicho's arm. He held her tight as he sniffled.

"We're fucked up." Bu finally said.

Fushicho snorted, "Nah. I'm fucked up. You're just being a normal brat."

"Are we still friends?" Bu asked, voice small. He couldn't stop his hand from trembling as he waited for Fushicho to answer.

She pulled her arm back, grabbing his hand with her own. She squeezed.

Fushicho smiled a tiny smile at him, "We are both hurting from each other. And while we're both going to remember what happened, we're still friends. You're still my... best friend."

Bu felt tears run down his cheeks. He smiled back, "You know... you actually sounded kinda cool just now."

"Idiot." Fushicho pulled her hand back to wave it threateningly at him, "I always sound cool."

Bu went back to his chair. And he sat with Fushicho as she leaned back in the hospital bed and closed her eyes.


As Bu left the hospital, he ran into a familiar pink haired girl. She stopped when she saw him and Bu rubbed the back of his head.

She smiled and waved when she saw him, "Were you visiting Fushicho?"

"Yeah." Bu nodded, briefly wondering why Sakura was here. But then again, Bu definitely wasn't going to ask. Because what if it involved her arm? The missing one. Yeah, Bu was certainly not bringing that up on accident.

"I'm glad." Sakura started to pass him, "I think she missed you when you guys were mad at each other."

"What, Fu, miss me?" Bu laughed a little.

Sakura turned around, brightly grinning at him, "Of course she missed you."

And Sakura disappeared into the hospital. Bu paused outside and considered that. He continued towards his home, snorting at the idea that Fushicho missed him. Although, he had missed her. Things were boring without her snide remarks. And her attitude. And just... her. Fushicho was a bundle of personality, and Bu missed that.

When Bu got home he let himself in, kicking his shoes off and passing the pictures on the walls trying not to look. He hurried upstairs to his room and he closed the door behind him automatically. Dropping onto his bed, Bu closed his eyes. He tried to push away all his feelings so he could sleep peacefully.

Yet all the feelings remained, swirling in his chest and choking him. He fell into a fitful, restless sleep once again that night.


Fushicho was in an awful mood the next day, snarling at all the nurses. She was supposed to stay in the hospital until Jiraiya and Naruto returned with Tsunade. Fushicho clearly wasn't very happy about that, grumbling and acting all moody. Bu was incredibly happy though that she was back to her usual self, and even Kyuketsu had missed her.

"Good to have the Hime back." Kyuketsu had remarked after Fushicho had threatened a nurse who had mentioned it would probably been at least a week until she could leave.

Fushicho snarled at him in response.

The days moved on with Bu and Kyuketsu visiting Fushicho when they weren't helping with the rebuilding efforts. Bu's mourning period ended and although he still felt Onna's absence more than anything, he kept himself busy. Soon enough the day came where a familiar blonde charged into the room with a beautiful, and big breasted, woman following.

Fushicho raised an eyebrow as Naruto basically yelled, "Shicho you're awake!"

"Yes Naruto. I am." Fushicho, more patiently than Bu had expected her to, replied. The blonde woman who had come in with Naruto walked around towards Fushicho and put a glowing green hand to her head. Fushicho grouched about it and Bu slid out of the room to give them privacy. As he passed Jiraiya he caught a familiar head of red hair sneaking out of another room.

Bu called, "Sensei?"

Kinoe stopped, red handed and eyeing Bu for a moment.

Bu power walked towards him, a serious expression on his face as he said, "I want to talk to you."

"Your poor sensei just woke up from a coma." Kinoe began, but stopped when he saw the look in Bu's eyes. Kinoe let them both back into his hospital room, shutting the door behind them. Bu took a seat on the bed and Kinoe joined him.

Finally, Bu said, "Why did you teach me how to hurt Fu?"

Kinoe blinked, "What? You mean the Katon Tameru Jutsu?"

"Yes, the Fire Cage Jutsu." Bu agreed tonelessly, "Why? You knew it would hurt her."

"If you kept control it shouldn't have hurt her at all-" Kinoe was cut off.

Bu snapped, "You knew she was afraid of fire!"

"Oh." Kinoe nodded in understanding, "You mean it hurt her feelings."

Hands tightly gripping the bed, Bu replied, "It didn't just hurt her feelings sensei. It hurt our relationship. It hurt her deeply. No one else could see through the fire like me, but what I saw... Fu isn't scared of fire. She's more than that. And I was the asshole who put her through that."

Kinoe sighed and ruffled Bu's hair. Bu ducked under and scooted away from Kinoe. That made Kinoe frown.

"Listen, Bu." Kinoe said, "I know a lot about Fushicho's fear. I know why she's afraid. So I know that she needs to get over her fear so she can utilize the best of her abilities."

Bu scowled at Kinoe immediately. Dark feelings went through him as he whispered, "You know why she's afraid. You knew that she would be hurt. Yet... yet you had me use that jutsu. You taught it to me, specifically for the fight with her."

"Don't get the wrong idea Bu. I taught that jutsu to you for you. It's supplemented by seals, which I think would be a good interest for you, and it uses your nature." Kinoe explained, "Ah, speaking of seals, I want to set up lessons with you. I made the seals for you for the exam for the Katon Tameru, but I really want you to learn to make them yourself."

Feeling his temper start to get the better of him, Bu tried to squash it down. But honestly, he thought Kinoe deserved the biting tone Bu spit out, "You're fucked up sensei."

Kinoe looked at him oddly, not hurt in anyway but just curious, and Bu continued, "You're acting like traumatizing Fu was for the best. Sensei, she's still afraid of fire! That fire cage didn't do anything but hurt our relationship! Fu and I argued. I said terrible things to her. I blamed her for my mom dying, sensei. Did you even know my mom died?"

"Onna-san died?" Kinoe almost gasped. Bu pushed himself off the bed and felt a bit like Fushicho, unleashing his temper.

Bu spat, "You were there! You came to get us! Yet you just disregarded the facts that we were all a mess and you didn't even factor in that my mom was dead, laying there with us. What, are you so used to dead people, you didn't even realize she was there? Or did you forget? Did that just not matter to you?"

He stormed towards the door and looked over his shoulder.

"Sensei. You've always been weird and it's been great until now. You don't seem like you understand something. You're acting like it's normal to put your student through something traumatic purposely. Not to mention, you used me to do it." Bu opened the door and stepped through, "Next time you want to be an asshole, maybe think about the fact that we're your genin team."

Kinoe was left speechless as Bu slammed the door.


As Bu stormed out, he almost ran into Fushicho. She was standing there, arms crossed, and looking rather amused.

Bu blinked, "You heard everything, didn't you." It wasn't even a question.

Fushicho sighed, a strange expression on her stern face, "Sensei's special. Maybe your words got through to him though. Because as much as I like Kinoe-sensei, I don't think he's perfect. In fact, I've been pretty pissed off at him recently too."

"It's just... I think sometimes he forgets we're his students." Bu admitted, "We're his first team right?"

Fushicho clapped her hand on Bu's shoulder. She gestured with her head towards the exit and changed the subject.

"I've been discharged. Let's go get some ramen because I'm starving for real food."


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