A/N: All times and dates are mixed up as are the locations and no intrusion into anyone's real lives' is intended as facts fuse with pure fanfiction

Set in Broadchurch after the Danny Latimer case has been solved and two weeks before Joe Miller's hearing.

It was going to be quite a wedding, Rose Tyler, Vitex heiress, socialite and unknown Torchwood agent had bagged herself quite a catch of a famous fiancé when she met him at a charity dinner. He had quite a reputation until he met her but she had soon tamed him. It had started in a small way, going out to dinner when he wasn't busy filming on various locations but everywhere they went, the press were sure to follow, reminding Rose of a nursery rhyme from her old world that had never been written here so she had to be careful.

When her then boyfriend proposed to her on her birthday, they had tried to keep it quiet but the news soon reached the social networks and newspaper articles, glossy magazines and trashy tabloids, one in particular who were always claiming the couple were already secretly married with two kids and he still went off filming and leaving them behind or the next week they had got divorced and she hated him.

Pete of course tried to smooth things, the latest trend was that the couple were hunting around for the perfect wedding location since the groom was from Scotland and he wanted to get married on a remote Scottish island where they could control who got on the ferry to attend the wedding but Rose had argued the press were sneaky and could disguise themselves as the ferry crew.

James Smith, the said famous Scottish actor and upcoming groom had spent the weekend with Rose at their apartment by the River Thames that looked out across to Tower Bridge, which Rose was amused had a glass walkway at the top and said no-one would get her to walk across without dragging her kicking and screaming, James saying it might be worth a try.

''Rose honey, we really have to think about a wedding location, there's only three months and you know what your mother is like. She has the whole thing on standby just waiting for our final decision. Can we at least agree it's going to be somewhere up in Scotland?''

He was taking a break from filming that had taken its toll on the couple since it was out in Las Vegas and a closed set, not allowing her to go with him. She tried to travel to some of the places he filmed within the country and even when he went to the U.S to try for a part in an upcoming law drama that never made it past the pilot but it hadn't deterred him and he tried to hit the big time in the American market once more in a re-make of a cult horror film about a vampire hunter.

Rose had not been happy that after the wedding, he was considering another law drama that was to be filmed in Glasgow and the surrounding area that would cut into their honeymoon if some careful negotiations didn't take place soon.

''James, I don't know about Scotland, it's just, well, so far away from anything, there's only a tiny hotel, everyone will have to stay on the mainland apart from us and mum, dad and Tony and I know they won't be happy if there's not enough room for us all and where do we actually have the ceremony?''

''In the garden of the hotel I expect, the caterers will put up a massive marquee, that's why we have to decide now. I have to go back tomorrow for at least three more weeks towards the end of filming, just waiting around most of the time, it won't be worth travelling backwards and forwards but maybe you could come over?''

''I thought they were strict?''

He put his arms around her and leaned his chin on her head. ''There are ways of getting around that, we should have thought about that before. Now come here and let me talk you into following me to the Nevada desert.''

''James, I could use that time to find a wedding location. It's not that I don't want to be with you but what am I gonna do if they need to take you out on set without notice? I don't want to wander around the casinos all day, I don't gamble like that. I'll look up a few places and maybe visit some, see if I can throw the press off our tails then when the day comes around, they won't know which way to turn, will they?''

''Rose Tyler, you are nothing but a sneak, I knew there was a good reason I was marrying you.''

''Is that the only reason Jamie boy?''

''You know what happens when you call me that so never say you were not warned my love.''

An hour later, they were debating whether to order dinner in or risk some opportunist photographer or even someone with a camera on their phone snapping them and making a swift few hundred quid selling it to a magazine but James decided if he was going away for another three weeks, he would actually risk yet another photo of them being published then Rose may be able to visit a few places without being bothered. She had not yet met a certain junior reporter in a small Dorset coastal town who was now bored and awaiting the hearing of his own uncle for killing an eleven year old local boy.

It was a cold February evening as they went down in the lift to the underground car park, a luxury as it avoided anyone getting past the security grill and waiting to catch them kissing or something else as they got in and out of James's distinct powder blue car, something Rose said he should get rid of and get a black one but he loved that car, it was the one they'd made out in just after they met and he finally got her on the back seat parked behind the Tyler mansion. What a night that had been, he remembered.

Rose had been flustered and almost got caught by security roaming the grounds, Pete's orders after the Cybermen had smashed several ground floor windows and had got on the premises with no resistance, though he suspected Lumic had hacked into his computer and learned everything easily, maybe even the old Jackie had willingly helped, they were on the verge of divorce.

The next morning, Rose drove James to the airport, commercial planes were now more popular for long distances and much faster, especially across the Atlantic ocean and across the continent of America. He was meeting his PA, a man called Eric, Rose wouldn't let James have a female assistant, not that she didn't trust him, she didn't trust women, full stop but his bachelor days were almost over and it wouldn't stop the odd female from trying one last time.

Watching him wave to her as he turned from going through the gate in the airport terminal, she decided it would be more fun for them to make up when he got back, then he was taking some time off, well apart from making a few chat-show appearances and maybe a few voice-over ads then deciding if he was going to accept the part in Glasgow, which she really hoped he wouldn't because she wanted to have some time with him before he got caught up in it all.

Why had she gone and fallen in love with a famous actor? One that when she looked at him, she could see the Doctor in him in so many ways, even the daft accent he had put on during their encounter with Queen Victoria that time but they never got around to getting beyond friendship and here was James, going off and leaving her again but at least she knew he was coming back. She stood at the large window, waiting for the aircraft to begin its taxi on the runway, thinking about where to begin her search of a wedding venue.

She was taking his car back to the apartment when she decided to pay her mother a visit and have a cry on her shoulder that James would be away for three weeks and what was she going to do but more importantly, decide the final design for her wedding dress before the endless rounds of fittings and choosing the flowers, should they not be getting married on a remote Scottish island that probably wouldn't allow anything that wasn't grown there to be used, local economy and all that.

Tony was at school and her mother greeted her as Rose wandered into one of the sitting rooms.

''There you are Mum, quiet time while Tony's at school?''

''Yeah, he's not any different when he comes home. Been to see James off have you?''

''Yeah, thought I'd find a sympathetic ear to listen to me complaining about him going off but that's what he does. I really hope the film's a success but I remember the original, it was terrible, I can't think why they wanted him or why he was so keen to be in it and he can't tell me anything about it, he had to sign a non-disclosure form, even for wives and girlfriends and such. I think I'm gonna just go off somewhere for a few days, before I start looking for a wedding venue. I wish that castle I wanted hadn't already been booked, that would have been really nice. I think I'll just go pack a few things and drive down to the coast, somewhere that's out of the way and no nosey reporters.''

''Well don't go anywhere where you'll get recognised and stay away from that place that was all over the news last year while you're at it Rose, you know, the one where that boy was killed.''

''Oh yeah, I know where you mean, that detective's husband did it, such a shame the rest of the country don't know about it, dad only got to know because of who he is. Still, the place would get mobbed if everyone else found out. Actually, that might be a good place to escape to for a few days since James insisted that DI looked like him when he decides to go without a shave for a week.''

Jackie laughed, she always teased her future son-in-law that since he was fairly rich and famous he could afford blades for his razor.

''From what I was reading Mum, the trial is gonna take place in a few weeks time, not sure where though, it will be a great time to disappear, everyone will be far too busy to bother about me. I think I'll tell James when he calls. I'm off to pack, unless you want to come with me?''

''Yeah Rose, that's a good way of disappearing, us tagging along, the Tylers coming to town. I think we'll give that a miss thanks very much, you go and have a few days away, you never know, you might find somewhere down there you want to get married in.''

So Rose went back to the apartment she shared with James and started packing for a few days by the sea, wishing he was going with her but he was on his way to go film outside Las Vegas on some piece of desert or another so he'd said and wished the three weeks would be up so he could come back, it was really annoying his scenes were going to be split up so he didn't have time to get back until it was all over.

Down in Broadchurch, Alec Hardy was preparing for the upcoming hearing of Joe Miller, wondering what had happened to his old DS since she moved to Devon, Exeter so someone had mentioned. His rented boathouse for want of a better word was untidy with files from the Latimer case and from his old Sandbrook one that he'd got someone he knew there to send on to him.

The postman had just been twenty minutes ago, even though there was no proper letterbox, he never went out until it arrived since he only taught at the academy over in Exeter four afternoons a weeks and the chief there had told him more than once to brighten up and stop boring the new recruits to death just because he himself was almost on its doorstep.

Another letter from the local hospital, well the one in Exeter, telling him to urgently make an appointment for a pacemaker to be fitted and they would not give up until he made one. ''Bloody doctors,'' he muttered as he put his reading glasses on his nose when he had sat down on the doorstep. ''Why can't they leave me to go on my own terms instead of dictating when I go?''

He put the letter down, got up and picked up the newspaper lying on the wooden bench he sometimes put out. More news headlines about that rich kid Rose Tyler and her actor boyfriend, just what he needed, speculating the couple were looking for a wedding location, expecting it to be somewhere in Scotland. Alec was just glad he had left there, they wouldn't be his problem and pitied the force that had to deal with that fiasco, two big personalities getting married and it would all surely end in tears – or arrests of gatecrashers.

He just hoped that when they did finally decide where they were getting married, it wouldn't be in his town, not that it was actually his town as such, he was just biding his time until he completed his stint of teaching and the chief super would find him a few hours of desk duty but that wouldn't be until after the hearing and for the next two weeks, he plenty to do. He had stashed Claire in a cottage a few miles down the coast and in his spare time trying to find some clues so he could re-arrest her husband for murder and possible kidnapping.

Maybe he should get himself fixed after all, if he wanted to live to bring Ashworth to justice but that all depended now if Joe Miller was going to get a long prison sentence or not and if he walked away from it, then he had two causes to carry on living but maybe one was enough.