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Summary: Thor has a problem making a serious decision. Sam decides to help him out.

Thor stood at the counter with a serious look on his face. In front of him were two boxes of poptarts. One was strawberry and the other was s'mores. This was a serious decision. He could have the delicious taste of the sweet jellied fruit and sugar for today. On the other hand, s'mores was best hot with the marshmallow and chocolate melding with the graham cracker taste.

He started to wonder if he should opt put and get the blueberry off the shelf when he felt a tug on the hem of his jeans. He looked down in curiosity to see little curly haired Sam wanting his attention.

"Mistah Thor, whatcha staring at?" Sam asked, standing on his tiptoes to try and peer over the counter.

Thor chuckled and bent down to pick Sam up, placing him on the counter by the poptart boxes. The little boy had a 'southern' accent, whatever that meant.

"I'm trying to decide what poptarts to eat, young Samuel."

Sam looked at the two boxes of poptarts, then at Thor, and back at the poptarts. "It's Sam. Mama used to call me Sammy sometimes. You picked like da best flavors."

He reached out and pulled both boxes towards him, holding them in his lap. His tonuge peeked out his lips as he looked at both boxes. Sam's face was just as serious as Thor's had been.

"Indeed. What would you suggest, Sam?"

There was silence until Sam raised the s'mores box in triumph. He pressed the box into the thunder god's hand and put his hand on his hips.

"S'mores is da best because you get ta pretend you're out camping! We can make a pillow fort in the living room!" he said excitedly.

"That does like a noble endeavor, Sam. I've never made a pillow fort before. How about you teach me and I can tell your tales of times my friends and I camped out in the Nine Realms?" Thor said, helping Sam down as he prepared the poptarts for the toaster.

"Really? I wanna hear all da stories, Mistah Thor!"