The Greatest Challenge

Chapter 1

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The sea crashes over the side of the boat, drenching half of the crew in the process. The captain laughs from his quarters as one of the men starts to spit up water. The door creaks open, letting the day's sunlight into the otherwise dark captain's quarters.

"Come in, Fezzik," the new Dread Pirate Roberts, also known as Inigo Montoya, says as he recognizes the shadow of his friend.

The giant walks in, remembering to duck his head as he enters the doorway. The Dread Pirate Roberts has been sailing the seven seas for over twenty years. Inigo Montoya, however, has only been in the piracy business for two years. Two years ago, Westley handed over the name Dread Pirate Roberts to the Spaniard and taught him everything there was to know about piracy. By now, he had grown exceedingly rich, and could pillage and plunder like nobody's business. On the few occasions he does take shore leave, the destination is always the same. Fezzik and Inigo always make their way back to One Tree Island to visit Westley and Buttercup, who have now been married just over two years.

"Fezzik, what's wrong? Did something happen?" Inigo questions as he props his feet up against his desk.

"Blacken," Fezzik rhymes in his mind before starting to talk.

"No Inigo, nothing's wrong. I came to tell you that we got a letter," Fezzik responds, not before thinking that better rhymes with letter.

The Spaniard does not need to ask who the letter is from, because only two people are brave enough to send the Dread Pirate Roberts a letter. Those two people are Buttercup and Westley.

"Would you like me to read it, Inigo?" Fezzik asks his captain and best friend.

"Of course, Fezzik," he returns.

The giant opens the letter carefully before holding it up near the lamp that lights Inigo's quarters. He then clears his throat before starting. This is what the letter reads.

Dear Inigo and Fezzik,

I hope this letter finds that both of you are doing well. Buttercup and I heard about your most recent pillaging adventure. That must have taken a lot of skill with a sword. Anyway, Buttercup and I just wanted to tell you that we're going to have a baby in about eight months. The two of us would really love it if you were here to see our child when he or she is born. If you can't take shore leave then, we understand completely. If you can, we would be honored to have you stay at our farm. In fact, I have even been working on building you each your own private house on the island. Buttercup and I hope that you will have a good time on the seas, and we'll see you the next time you two come to the island.

Best wishes,


When Fezzik finishes reading the letter, a smile crosses over his face. Inigo is grinning from ear to ear as well.

"Well, well, well, Fezzik. Westley and Buttercup are having their first child," the Spaniard says as he stands up to head for the deck.

"Let's hope his or her temper is mild," the Turk laughs, keeping the rhyme alive.

"Let us hope the baby is nothing like his or her dad," Inigo smirks, referring to Westley's temper.

"If the baby is, we'll all go mad," Fezzik smiles.

"You have a great gift for rhyme," Inigo praises.

"Yes. Yes. Some of the time," the giant responds.

The captain and his first mate now head for the main deck. The rest of the crew raises their heads as the Dread Pirate Roberts approaches. Inigo notices that none of his crew members are working. This makes the captain angry.

"Who said you could stop working? Get your sorry butts back to work!" the Spaniard roars.

"Yes, Captain," the crew, minus Fezzik, says in a low, submissive voice.

As the men begin working again, they also start to talk about their captain. Many men believe that their captain is a complete jerk who only enjoys bossing his crew around. Fezzik and Jack, the second mate, don't agree with everyone. They both believe that their captain only wants what's best for his crew.

"That Roberts, he can fuss," Eli, the cabin boy, sighs.

"I think he likes to scream at us," James, the crew's newest member complains.

"Probably he means no harm," Fezzik assures the crew.

"He's very, very short on charm," Eli speaks up.

Almost everyone that lives on the pirate ship Revenge rhymes in Fezzik's presence, because they know the first mate has a passion for rhyming.

"Enough of that!" Louis yells as he swabs the deck.

Louis hates rhyming, always has, always will. Inigo takes his place at the ship's wheel, preparing to head for Florin where he can take on a new crew and make Jack captain of the Revenge.

"Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?" he calls down to his best friend.

"If there are, we'll all be dead," Fezzik smiles.

"No more rhymes! Now I mean it!" Louis screams as his face turns a bright red.

"Anybody want a peanut?" the Turk laughs.

"Good job, Fezzik. Keeping a rhyme alive with a rhyme. Well done," Inigo praises.

"Yes, Yes, Rhyming is great fun," Fezzik returns.

He is just on fire with his rhymes today. However, some people do not appreciate his gift.

"Cut it out with the stupid rhymes already! They just reflect what you are: STUPID!" Louis yells at Fezzik.

This takes the giant for a surprise. He hasn't been called stupid since Vizzini called him that at the Cliffs of Insanity. That unnecessary comment starts to settle beneath his skin.

"People are always thinking I'm so stupid because I'm big and strong and sometimes drool a little when I get excited," Fezzik says in a voice filled with sadness.

"The reason people think you're so stupid is because you ARE so stupid. It has nothing to do with your drooling," Louis tells him.

Upon hearing this, Inigo leaves his position at the ship's wheel and joins the crew on the deck. He clears his throat to make his presence known.

"You do not speak to Fezzik like that, Louis! He is the first mate, and therefore is higher in ranking than you!" Inigo reprimands the sailor.

"At least I got my ranking on my own, unlike him!" Louis angrily retorts.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Inigo challenges.

"Fezzik is only your first mate because he's your friend! He doesn't deserve the position otherwise!" Louis shouts.

"I should charge you with mutiny or throw you overboard, but I feel generous today," Inigo tells his unsupportive crew mate.

"You're a coward is more like it," the man sneers.

This sentence causes Inigo to get closer to the man, and he places his hand on the sword attached to his waist.

"Say that to my face," Inigo growls.

"You're a coward. You have always been a coward, and you'll ALWAYS be a coward!" Louis snaps.

"You keep using that word! I don't think it means what you think it does," Inigo snaps.

"Only a coward doesn't offer to fight the person who is being mutinous on his ship. Come on, coward. Prove to me you're worthy of being a captain," the other man taunts.

"STOP SAYING THAT WORD! I AM NOT A COWARD!" Inigo screams as he pulls out his sword to prepare for a duel.

"You're not? Tell me of one instance that proves you aren't a coward," Louis mocks.

"I was stabbed in the stomach with a dagger while avenging my father's death. I personally pulled the dagger out of my stomach and stuck my hand into the heavily bleeding wound. This all occurred as I was killing the man who murdered my father. If that behavior is considered being cowardly, then by all means, call me a coward," Inigo reveals to his crew member.

"I still think you are a coward," Louis taunts.

"I challenge you to a duel! If I win, you are going to be marked as a traitorous coward and are forbidden to show your face in my presence. If you win, I will surrender as captain, and you can do whatever you please with me. Are we agreed?" the Spaniard asks Louis.

"Oh, yes, sir. One question, though. Are you ready to die?" Louis answers with a menacing grin on his face.

"I do not think you can beat me. But, yes, I am ready if that circumstance should arise," Inigo returns.

The crew quickly heads below deck to give the dueling pirates some space. Inigo places the sword in his left hand, hoping to cause some confusion to stir inside his enemy.

"Begin," Inigo says once Louis has unsheathed his sword.

Inigo gets the first strike. His six-fingered sword slashes at Louis' wrist, which causes the other man to begin bleeding. He staggers backward and looks at his wrist in shock.

"Inconceivable," the ship hand mutters under his breath.

"I would watch my choice of words if I were you. As much as I hate the word coward, I hate the word inconceivable twice as much. If you speak both in the same sentence, I will kill you," Inigo threatens.

"I think you're bluffing," Louis remarks.

"Am I? Say inconceivable and coward in the same sentence if you don't believe me," the Spaniard tells Louis.

"It is inconceivable that a coward like yourself will ever beat me at fencing," Louis says, daring to press his luck.

With one swipe of Inigo's sword, Louis is lying dead on the deck.

"That's what you get for picking on my best friend and daring to defy your captain," Inigo whispers in the dead man's ear.

Fezzik comes from below deck and sees Louis' limp form.

"I see you won. Should we sail home for some fun?" he asks.

"Consider it done," Inigo smiles as he takes the wheel once more.

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