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NOTE 2: I wrote this story because I wanted to do another Angel story. I had fun with the other two. But this story is very different. This fan fiction is about a seven-year-old Connor. In this fiction that jerk Holtz didn't kidnap him. But Connor is a serious brat! Also there might not be corporal punishment in this one (only maybe) but more than likely there will be threatening of that. Hey, they do it on the Cosby show. Also flames are not allowed in this. So don't even think about it. Don't forget how I snapped at the last person who flamed me. Also enjoy!

Summary: Connor is having issues at his school.


Cordelia and Connor walked up to Connor's new classroom. It was the first day at Connor's new school. He's been "asked to leave" at his last school and had to transfer.

"All right, Connor, here we are. Honey, please be good," said Cordy. Connor was quiet. Cordy squeezed his hand. "Please, sweetie."

"Fine," Connor grumbled.

"Thank you. I'll see you after school, okay?"


"All right. Bye, Connor."

"Bye, Cordy."

Cordy gave him a small hug and ushered him into his new classroom. Connor walked in with a grimace on his face. He chose a desk at the very far back of the class. The day did not go well. Connor refused to partner with anyone during the class reading, he didn't come up and try to solve a math problem, and he didn't touch his snack. Art did not go very well either.

"Very good. Nice work. Good job, Haney," the teacher was coming around saying at the children's drawings. When she came to Connor's drawing her smile faded. "Uh, Connor, what are you making?"

"A blue man dying a slow painful death and blood gushing out of his body," Connor replied, not looking up from his drawing.

"Uh, how did he die?" the teacher asked.

"I stabbed him twelve times with an ax," Connor said.

"What?" the teacher gasped.

"You're nuts," said a boy next to Connor. In a flash Connor jumped onto the boy and began punching him in the face. "Help!"

"Connor Angel, get off of him!" the teacher ordered, yanking Connor away. "What is the matter with you?"

"Nothing!" Connor snapped.

"Ouch," said the boy Connor had hit. "He made my nose and mouth bleed."

Connor just scowled at muttered, "Wimp."

"Oh, dear," said the teacher. "Come on. I'll take you to the nurse, Ryan. But first, Connor, apologize." Connor said nothing. "Connor."

"Eat dirt," Connor finally said.

A few kids in the class began to gasp. Connor was acting like a real jerk. When Cordy came up to the school to pick Connor up he was not in the crowd of kids. She went inside to the classroom. Connor was sitting at his desk with his head face down. His teacher was sitting at her desk.

"Excuse me, my name is Cordelia Chase. I'm work with Connor's father. What's going on?" asked Cordy.

"Hello. I'm Mrs. Jay," said the teacher. "Connor hasn't had a very good first day. He got into a fight with one of the other boys. He broke his nose."

"What? I'm sorry about that. He doesn't always act this way," said Cordy.

"I understand. I always believe in second chances," said Mrs. Jay. "You can take him home."

"Thanks. Come on, Connor," said Cordy.

Connor took his book bag from behind his char and followed Cordy out to her car and completely ignored the lecture she was giving him. When they got back to the hotel Connor just marched upstairs and didn't bother to say hello to Fred or Gunn, who were both at the front desk.

"What's with the twerp?" asked Gunn.

"A fight. He broke a kid's nose," said Cordy.

"What? He just started," said Fred.

"I know. I just don't understand Connor sometimes," said Cordy. "Anyway, tell Angel and the others I said hi, okay? I'm going to head home."

"All right. See you, Cordy," said Gunn.

"Bye," said Fred. Cordy gave them a weak smile and left. "Charles, can you believe Connor."

"I never understood that little brat," Gunn replied.

"Charles, he's Angel's son. Don't talk about him that way."

"Sorry. But if all kid's are like the br- Connor, then maybe we shouldn't have kids."

"Really?" Fred put her arms around his neck. "It could be fun, you know."

"The part that comes before is." They kissed. "Oh, yeah, really fun."

Fred gave out a sighing laugh as Angel came down the stairs.

"I thought I heard Cordy down here. Is Connor home?"

"Uh, yeah," Fred replied.

"What's wrong?" Angel asked.

"Nothing," said Fred.

"If you count your kid breaking another kid's nose then it's nothing," added Gunn.

"What? He didn't," said Angel.

"Sorry, Angel. He did," said Fred.

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