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Well, well, well, looks who's got a new story. Give your thanks to DM247 for the idea. I like this story already, it's going to be fluff/comfort based. Just a genuine love story.

Chapter 1

Welcome to your life; there's no turning back
Even while we sleep, we will find you
Acting on your best behavior
Turn your back on mother nature
Ev'rybody wants to rule the world

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June 5, 2015

Emma Marie Swan aka The Savior groaned as she stretched and got out of bed. It was 7:30am and she had to get her daily routine started.

It was 7:45 by the time she got out of the shower, she threw on gray Nike sweatpants, a black Nike dri-fit t-shirt and her favorite pair of Nike Air Huaraches. She made the best of her endorsement.

Was it mentioned that she was a professional basketball player?

Yup, Emma Swan was the WNBA's Rookie Of The Year, she played for the Los Angeles Sparks. She had only been in LA for a few months, since she was originally from Chicago, Los Angeles was like a whole new world for her.

Emma was running her usual route through downtown LA, her music was playing through her headphones, she was looking down at her phone to text back her agent when she ran into someone.

"Ugh what the hell?!" Regina Mills exclaims from the ground.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry," Emma reached down to help the woman off of the ground.

"It's fine, just watch where you're going next time," Regina said while glancing at the sweaty blonde.

"I will...you're Regina Mills, wow, I guess what they say is true," Emma blushed.

Regina cocked her eyebrow, "And what do they say dear?"

"That you're much more beautiful in person," Emma nodded before apologizing one last time and jogging off.

Regina watched the blonde with a confused look, she brushed it off and continued to her publicist's office. Regina Maria Mills was the leading lady on Once Upon A Hospital and she had no idea that she had just been complemented by LA's golden girl.

"Good Morning Sydney," Regina smiled as she walked into his office.

"Morning, how did your photoshoot go yesterday?" Sydney Glass asked.

"Great, Henry was so happy he was able to come with me, I have another one tomorrow right?" She asked.

"Yes, you're free the rest of the day right?" Sydney asked.

"Yeah I thought so, I'm supposed to have dinner with Robin later," Regina sighed.

"Hey, today's your anniversary right? You don't sound too happy about that," he frowned.

Regina sighed, "He's been acting different, it's been like this for months."

"Oh no, well don't stress, just focus on work and Henry, whatever is bothering him will surpass," The man assured.

"Maybe you're right, I'm going to surprise him at work, I'll call you later," Regina stated before leaving out.


"Regina! REGINA!"

"How are you this morning?!"

"Regina over here!"

Regina waved to the paparazzi as she walked into Merry Men Inc., her husband was the CEO of the largest homeland security company in California.

With two coffees in her hands, she stepped off the elevator, she was surprised that his assistant Marian wasn't at her desk, she shrugged and walked back to his office.

Regina gasped and dropped the coffees, Robin held Marian down, she was bent over on his desk as he stroked her from behind, he stopped when saw his wife standing in the doorway.

"Regina wait!" He called as she stormed off, he went to go after her but tripped and fell on the ground because his pants were around his ankles.

"Let's go Emma!" Coach Brian yelled.

Emma sprinted down the court and guarded her teammate, she was new to the team and with their first game later that night, she needed to get herself ready.

"Swan! Come here!" He yelled to the blonde.

Emma jogged over to her coach, "Yeah?"

"Rookie you're doing good but I need to stay in her face, don't let up, run the entire time, don't be afraid to take that three from the wing, that's your shot. Get it together, you nervous about tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah, I have a lot of pressure," she admitted.

"I understand, it's a new team, new town and you now have a rep. You're rookie of the year, the year ain't over yet kid," he grinned.

She chuckled and nodded, "Ok, I'll hustle more, shake off some nerves."

"Perfect, keep it up! Go back out there!"


"Well good afternoon, what brings you here?" Graham smirked at his best friend.

"I need to talk to you," Regina said while brushing past him.

"What's up Gigi?" He asked worriedly.

"I...I-...Robin is cheating on me," She blurted out with tear filled eyes.

"What?! Oh god, I'm sorry," Graham hugged her tight, he rubbed his hand up and down her back to sooth her, "He's the stupidest man in the world."

"What did I do wrong? Why doesn't he want me anymore?" She sobbed. Her heart ached, it felt like someone had crushed it in the palm of their hands.

"You're perfect, you're an amazing mom and wife, and you're the best actress in the whole wide world," he said sincerely, "He is just an asshole."

Regina pulled away a little, "Graham, do you realize that I've only ever been with him? I don't even know how to date or move on."

"You'll find the way and it'll lead you to the perfect man," he confirmed, Regina chuckled, "What's so funny?"

"Uh, it's nothing really, it's just this really beautiful woman, correction she was HOT, anyway, she called me beautiful earlier, for the first time in my life I felt attracted to a woman," Regina said.

The corners of Graham's mouth turned up, "Gigi do you know what that means? There's hope! Who needs a man? Let me welcome you to my world, the world of women."

Regina laughed, "Slow down there, one, I'm still married, two, I don't like women, and three, even if I did, I wouldn't even know how to approach one."

"Approach one? Regina do you know who you are? They'll approach you, you have the number one TV show on ABC, woman tweet you all the time, men too. First thing we need to do is get your mind off of Robin, come with me tonight," he said.

"Come with you where?" She questioned.

"Ok, well I know you're all girly and don't like sports that much but I'm going to the Sparks game," he said.

"The women's basketball game?" Regina asked.

"Yes, I know I don't usually go but we just traded the Rookie of The Year, she's like the best WNBA player I've seen in a long time, you've never heard of Emma Swan?" He asked with wide eyes.

"Uh, not really, no. Henry is always talking about The Rookie Of The Year though, 'Mom, she's awesome!'" Regina chuckled while mocking her son.

"Yeah that's her, I forgot the kid loves basketball. Now that the NBA season is over, it's all about NBA summer league or the WNBA, Sooo, will you come with me?" He asked.

"Sure," she nodded.

"He won't stop calling me," Regina sighed as her and Graham sat in the second row, "I don't think I've been close to a basketball court before," she chuckled.

"Well thank god we're actors huh? It has its perks," he smiled.

"AAAAAND NOW..." The announcer started.

Graham explained all the players positions as they ran out on the court, the lights cut off and there was a single spot light pointed at the entrance to the locker room, "Oh god here she comes!"

"LA's new golden girl, 2015's Rookie of The Year, your Savior...EMMA SWAN!" The announcer finished Emma's introduction causing the crowd to go crazy.

Regina clapped along with Graham, This chick must be really good, she thought as the lights turned back on, her eyes nearly popped out of her head, "G-Graham..."

"Yeah?" He asked while gazing at the court.

"That's her..." Regina said while staring at Emma, it was safe to say she wasn't blinking any time soon.

"That's who?" He asked.

"The woman that said I was beautiful," she stated.

He snapped his head towards her, "Who? Which one?"

"That one, number 12...Emma Swan," Regina gave a little smirk.

"THE SAVIOR HIT ON YOU?!" He stood up abruptly.

Everyone looked at him, Regina put her head in her hands, her best friend was embarrassing her, "Would you sit down?!" She hissed.

He sat and looked at the court, then back to Regina, then back to the court, "I don't believe this. That's so cool, dude, oh man, oh god...THAT'S SO COOL!"

"Will you calm down? It's not like I said we had sex, we just kind of ran into each other this morning, I clearly had no idea who she was but she knew me," Regina nodded.

"Wow, she's a fan, Reggie she's a fan! You guys could totally date!" He smiled as they tipped the ball off.

"No we can't, I'm married. She's hot and sexy and has tattoos and those green eyes...oh god, I would definitely date her," Regina groaned.

"Exactly, I'd date her if she wasn't a full on lesbo and didn't have more muscle than me," he chuckled.

Regina didn't respond, she simply just watched the court and let her eyes follow the blondes every move.


It's the fourth quarter and the Sparks were down by five. The Minnesota Lynx weren't letting up or giving them any easy shots.

Emma's POV

Ok, this game got fast paced very quickly. I'm at the wing, wide open, our point guard, Ana Dabovic, isn't down here yet because she's getting D'ed up pretty hard, I won't be wide open for long.

Now Candice has the ball, and I'm not open anymore, I run to hoop, in transition she passes me the ball, I want to lay it up but it'll get blocked, fuck it...

I have to dunk it. I hate dunking, I hate unnecessary jumping but this was necessary if I didn't want to get the ball blocked. So I pass the ball back to Candice and run around until there's more room for me to dunk, she passes it back just as a path clears...and this bitch jumps in front of me...

Regular POV

The Savior leaps over Shae Kelley and dunks the ball with two hands on the rim and hangs a little before jumping down.

"OH MY GOD! Did you see that!?" Graham eyes widened as a grin appeared on his face, "She never dunks, like ever, oh my god she's a monster!"

Regina laughed as he stood up and high fives the people around them. She had to admit Emma was an amazing basketball player, it was easy to tell that she loved her craft.

There was two minutes left and the Sparks were still down by three. Coach Brian called for time out, the women huddled around to listen to their coach. While over there, Emma glanced up subconsciously and spotted Regina Mills in the crowd, she blushed, her celebrity crush was watching her play basketball. When they met eyes, Regina blushed, flipped her shoulder length hair a little and looked down at her phone.

"Ok, rookie, remember that three we were talking about? Now's the time to make it. Ladies I want you to push the ball, D up, we can win this," he reassured.

"Alright, Sparks on three!" Emma called out.

1...2...3, Sparks!

"I really hope they win," Regina mumbled.

"They will, they have the Savior on their team now," he chuckled.

Regina and Graham posed for a photo op before turning their attention back to the game.

Ana charged down the court at full speed, she passed the ball to Emma, with no hesitation the blonde shot her famous three. The crowd went crazy as the ball swooshed in the net, everyone was practically on their feet now cheering.

The game is now tied, 58 seconds left on the clock, Shae Kelley now has the ball going the other way, Emma was guarding her, the clock was winding down, Emma took a risk and tapped the ball, it flew out of Shae's hands.

"Yes! GO EMMA GO!" Graham cheered.

Emma grabbed the ball and ran the other way, the shooting guard tried to get the ball from her. Candace Parker was running down the court with her, Emma passed her the ball and she made a lay up.

The buzzer sounded.


Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears for Fears