"It's time I officially severed that part of my life and it's only something I can do." Lory nodded as he leaned back and appraised the situation. Ultimately, he came to the decision that she was right and he trusted her instincts. His mind whirled as he quickly decided how they were going to handle the relationship aspect of the problem.

"Alright then." Lory said firmly, smiling at the couple. "It's decided."

The media chatted excitedly as they waited for the press conference to start. This would be a major scoop, as LME had invited Fuwa Sho to sit on the panel as well. The female reporters in the group had a particularly nasty look in their eyes as they waited in anticipation for the humiliation they expected for Kyoko.

At the stroke of 10, Yashiro walked out to the microphone, the picture of professionalism. He settled some documents down onto the podium and adjusted the microphone. He cleared his throat and then stared down the media until they were silent.

"Thank you all for coming. We have called for this press conference to address the issues that have been at the forefront of the entertainment news for the last week. Before we begin, allow me to introduce the members who will be answering your questions today." Yashiro paused for a second, a flash of disdain moving briefly across his face. "First we have Fuwa Sho, along with his manager."

Sho came about cockily, smirking and waving lazily to the media as he took his seat. He was in his usual attire, not even the slightest bit professional. The media responded, yet with less enthusiasm than Sho was expecting. He frowned and whispered to his manager. Yashiro rolled his eyes.

"Next we have Tsuruga Ren."

The light bulbs flashed crazily as Ren walked out gracefully on the opposite side of the room from Sho. His demeanor was one of humble professionalism, the exact opposite of Sho. Sho openly glared at Ren, while Ren ignored Sho completely (as per Kyoko's instructions) and took his seat.

"And finally we have Kyoko."

Kyoko then followed Ren out onto the stage. She was a perfect mix of sexy and professional in her black pencil skirt with a small slit on the side, burgundy 3 inch heels, and a white v-neck, button-down blouse with a small ruffle lining the collar. She proceeded to take her seat next to Ren and the podium, completely ignoring Sho as well. Sho was beginning to look visibly irritated at their lack of acknowledgment.

"Now that everyone is here and introduced, I invite Kyoko to come up and speak with you all." Yashiro nodded at Kyoko, and seated himself on the other side of Ren. Kyoko gracefully walked to the podium, adjusting the microphone to her height. She softly smiled to the crowd as she began.

"Thank you all for being here. This week has been one of speculation for the media, and we all wish to put that speculation to rest. Many rumors have been flying around, particularly in regards to my relationships with the two men seated at this table. And whilst I do enjoy privacy in such matters, the interference it has caused in my work compels me to share openly the current status of my love life."

Kyoko paused and breathed for a second. She glanced at Ren who gave her an encouraging smile and stood up to stand next to her, pulling a little box out of his pocket.

"I am happy to announce that Tsuruga Ren and I are engaged."

Ren opened the little box and, in front of everyone, slipped a beautiful diamond ring onto her finger. The room, previously in stunned silence, erupted into loud and excited chatter. But none was louder than Sho.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Sho jumped from his seat, his face nearly purple from rage. His manager tried to pull him back, but Sho wasn't having it. The room became deathly quiet at his outburst as everyone stared at and recorded his reaction. Sho, oblivious to those around him, stomped towards a calm Kyoko and irritated looking Ren. He shoved his finger in Kyoko's face.

"Who the hell do you think you are fooling?! Why the hell would anyone want to marry a ugly, talentless little nobody like you? Beside, we both know you're in love with me! I forbid you from marrying this no good, heel wearing pretty boy! DO YOU HEAR ME KYOKO?! YOU BELONG TO ME!"

Ren angrily began to step forward, but Kyoko put a hand on his chest. She gave him a soft smile a shook her head. As she turned, the smile left her face, replaced with a look of anger and pity.

"No Sho. I am not yours. You led me to believe that I could be yours a long time ago when we were just children. I followed you here to support you in your career because you asked me to. I worked four jobs just to afford the kind of apartment you wanted while you began your career. And you used me as a maid and then threw me away when you had even a little fame. So don't call me yours. I never was and I never will be. And as far me being in love with you, I never was. I thought I loved you, but that was nothing more than a child's crush. I know that now that I've experienced real love. I don't wish you ill, but if you keep making up rumors about Ren and myself, you are only going to end up harming your own career. You were in the wrong at the ice cream shop. Please don't try to bring us into your messes."

Sho's face turned from purple to dark red at her words. Ren stepped in front of Kyoko, moving her behind him in case Sho tried to get violent.


Sho made to shove Ren out of the way. Before Ren could react, a small hand shot out from behind him, gripping Sho's wrist with surprising force. A very angry Kyoko shoved Sho's hand away from Ren.

"DON'T. EVEN. THINK. ABOUT. IT." She glared at him dangerously. "If you are going to foolishly throw your career away, do it without touching us.

Her statement shocked Sho briefly, causing him to remember where he was. He turned slowly to look at 50+ cameras pointed straight at him, recording everything. He blanched as he realized what he had just done and ran off stage, his manager running after him. Yashiro walked up to the podium.

"In light of what has happened, we will take a few questions and then will end this press conference quickly." Yashiro picked a reporter with a raised hand for the first question.

"This question is for Kyoko-san. You mentioned knowing Fuwa-san as a child and coming to Tokyo with him to support his career. Can you elaborate more on that?" Kyoko stepped up to the microphone.

" I do not wish to speak anymore ill into this press conference, so I will keep this answer as concise as possible. I was raised by Fuwa's parents from a very young age after my father died and my mother left. We grew up together and when Fuwa wanted to head here to start his career, he did ask me to come with him. Being young, I wanted to help him. After we arrived, his career began to take off. To maintain the kind of apartment he wanted, I worked as many as four jobs at a time. After finding out more about the person he was becoming and his opinions of me, I left. As you all can see, I eventually made my way into acting, where I have found not only my true passion, but the love of my life as well."

As she finished, Yashiro indicated another reporter.

"Ren-san, what exactly happened at the ice cream shop?" Ren stepped up.

"Kyoko and I were out for a bit and happened to encounter Fuwa-san. Fuwa decided to try and grab Kyoko after she ended an unwanted conversation with him, and a simply did what any normal boyfriend would do, which was to stop him from touching my girlfriend. I told him to leave her alone, unintentionally announcing our relationship publically, and then we left. It is unfortunate that Fuwa decided to take this route to stain our reputations, but we have confidence in our fans that they will know our true characters and trust who we are. Especially after such an unprofessional display as we were all subjected to earlier." Yashiro grinned as he picked another reporter.

"To Ren-san, what is it about Kyoko-san that has led you to your current relationship with an actress so far below your level of talent?" Ren chuckled inwardly as the female reporter stared daggers at his fiancé.

"While I am grateful for your support in my abilities, I would appreciate less disparaging assumptions about my fiancé. No one has ever worked harder than she has, nor have I ever seen anyone with such amazing natural talent. But outside of her acting abilities, she cares about her friends and family and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure they are happy and healthy. She has dealt with a lot of pain in her life, yet she continues to smile and put forth her best effort. She is an incredible cook, and quick to learn things she has yet to learn or experience. And she is more understanding of people than I ever thought possible. She is truly beautiful, inside and out." Ren looked at Kyoko the entire time, watching her blush and tear up at his description of her. He walked away from the mic and bent down to kiss her softly. Squeals from all the women and Yashiro cascaded through the room as the cameras went wild. Ren grinned cheekily at her as Kyoko laughed at Yashiro. Yashiro glided over to the mic.

"One last question" Yashiro stated, thinking before he picked one more reporter.

"So… When's the wedding? And what are your plans for children? Will we see some mini Ren's and Kyoko's running around Tokyo's most famous sets soon?" Kyoko and Ren laughed.

"The wedding date has not been set yet." Kyoko said. Ren bent down to the mic. "And if Kyoko has anything to say about it, any kids of ours will be too properly raised to run around a set."

Ren laughed as Kyoko blushed and swatted at his arm. The room chuckled at the couple's antics. Yashiro grabbed the mic one last time.

"That will be all for today. Thank you for your time and support. We all look forward to the next time we meet with everyone." The three on stage bowed to the media and headed out.

Kyoko breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes as soon as they were out of sight. She hadn't really known what to expect from Sho, but she's glad it didn't escalate anymore than it had. He had essentially signed the death warrant on his career when he blew up like that. She was grateful that she had her "Kyoko" persona and Ren with her up there. Suddenly, a cold wind blew on her neck, causing her to shriek in surprise.

She turned around in frustration, coming face-to-face with a red-faced Ren who was laughing hysterically at her expressions. She put on a mock angry face and punched him in the arm.

"Why did you do that?! You nearly scared me half to death!" Kyoko scolded Ren who rubbed his arm. He still looked mildly amused, but was thoroughly chastised.

"You were off in space and not listening to me!" Ren whined, pulling his puppy pout.

"You sound like a child." Kyoko put her hands on her hips and looked at him sternly. It was everything she could do to not to burst out laughing at him. Ren came up, putting his hands on her waist and pulled her close. Kyoko's mind went blank.

"I'm sorry for startling you, Princess." Kyoko blushed at his words as he kissed her.

"Baka." She turned around and started to saunter off, but was cut short by Ren wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her against him. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Yashiro staring up at the ceiling, his face a bright neon pink. Ren leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Are you ok?" Kyoko heard the concern in his voice and knew what he was talking about. She sighed and settled back against his chest.

"Yeah, I'm ok. I'm just glad it's done. I really feel like I've reached a point where he doesn't matter anymore and all I feel is pity when I see him." Kyoko turned in his arms.

"This, right here, is all I need. This and acting." Kyoko leaned up and gave him a quick peck on the lips. Ren smiled his brilliant smile.

"I agree."

Yashiro cleared his throat, still staring at the ceiling in embarrassment. Kyoko giggled and Ren grinned at his manager.

"You both have other things to do today and if we don't leave soon, you'll be late."

"Alright, we're coming." Ren draped an arm around Kyoko's waist as they headed to the door.

Sho's manager ducked as another item went flying across the room. The room looked like a war zone. Furniture was broken, glass everywhere, even a few holes in the walls. The tv was barely still mounted on the wall as it hung precariously. Fortunately, there weren't many things left to break.


Sho's manager crouched behind the couch, terrified of her soon to be former charge. It was clear that everything Sho ahd just said needed to be told to the President at LME immediately.

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