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Ron's POV

"Let's get started, shall we?"

We were all facing one another in a circle. Neville looked frightened, Ginny and Harry had anticipation written on their faces, Seamus and Dean had identical mischievous smiles quite like the Weasley twins(I shuddered, and couldn't help but feel glad that the twins weren't there for the game), and Parvati was sporting a look of indifference not unlike Hermione's. Something pulled in my chest as I dared to sneak a glance at her. She was beautiful, and she had no idea. Her hair was bushy as ever, and he'd seen those lips curl up into a smile of genuine happiness, and what a gorgeous sight that was. And her-

"Who's the first victim?" Seamus smirked, breaking me out of my reverie. "How about...Dean?".

Dean bristled, and spoke with mock accusation. "How could you, I thought we were friends! Traitor!".

Everyone chuckled.

"Sorry, mate," Seamus didn't sound the least bit sorry. "Truth or Dare?".


"Well. Have you ever kissed a boy?".

Everyone roared with laughter as Dean blushed. I wonder who it was.

The laughter had barely quieted for a moment before it began again, louder than before. I looked around to see what everyone was in hysterics over. I burst out laughing, seeing Harry's face turn beet red.

"It was an accident, okay! He was standing behind me and I didn't know, and when I turned around we accidentally kissed!".

This statement from Dean made us laugh, if possible, even harder. Seamus was rolling around on the floor. I was pounding the floor. When it happened and how Harry failed to tell was beyond my comprehension, all I know is that he's never going to forget it!

"Bloody hell, Harry, might I ask what you were attempting to do that close to Dean? Right behind him? You weren't doing something naughty, now were you?" I spoke, barely keeping a straight face. It sent out a fresh wave of giggles. Eventually, even Harry and Dean began to join in, giving sheepish smiles.

Finally, we all settled down enough to continue.

"Alright, alright, who's next?" Harry's cheeks were still tinged with a fair amount of pink. He set his eyes on the person to Dean's left; Seamus.

"Truth or Dare, Seamus?".

"I pick...drum roll, please!".

I saw a few eye rolls. Seamus was ever the drama queen. Nonetheless, we all beat our hands on the floor as he cried out, "Truth!".

This sent Lavender and Parvati giggling as they tried to come up with a good Truth. I frowned. They were giggling too much to actually do some thinking. Actually, Lavender always did this. Whenever she thought, she'd giggle, as if the silence were something to fight. Now, if it were Hermione on the other hand...she'd get this really concentrated look on her face; her nose would scrunch up ever so slightly, and she'd bite her lower lip, and her chocolate eyes would roam the room, as if she were searching for ideas, but then she'd close them, maybe because the possible ideas were actually distractions, and she most certainly would not giggle like a mad chipmunk who's high. She didn't mind the silence. In fact, she rather liked it. I looked to see if that's what she was doing right now.

I smiled. She was. She was per- "Won won, do you have any ideas?".

I turned my head to Lavender, irritated. "Erm, no,".

It was Neville that timidly raised his hand. Harry nodded, encouragingly.

"Go ahead, Neville,".

He smiled, and looked at Seamus, a playful and sly look in his eyes.

"What did you slip inside Professor McGonagall's bedroom door the other night?"

Seamus paled. "You saw that?".

Neville finally let out the shy, yet wicked smile he'd been holding back. "I'm surprised you didn't notice,".

Seamus was silent for a moment. "It was a note about one of my essays,".

The sneakoscope came to life, whirring and whizzing.

"Fuck, I forgot about the damn thing," he muttered. Chuckles spurted out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Hermione frown slightly at the language.

Seamus blushed burgundy.

"Alright, if you must was a love letter,".

A chorus of "WHAT?!" followed that statement.

If it was at all possible, the Irish boy blushed even more.

Unbelieving laughter gushed and filled the room.

"Okay then, let's move on," Seamus grumbled.

Lavender sat up straighter, a sinister streak in her sugary smile. "Hermione's turn,".

Hermione's quiet laughter faded away, and the room grew silent. She faced Lavender with a cool expression, but probably only Harry and I could see the anger roiling in her eyes. Even so, the tension in the room was tangible.

"Truth or Dare, Hermione?".

She considered the options for a moment, before a smirk worked its way across her pink lips. It was probably meant to be challenging, but I think the male populous in the room found it sexy. That's probably why Dean was practically drooling. I clenched my fists. Bloody hell, I needed to stop, if this carried on, I'd be in trouble. I was lucky Lavender's eyes were glued to Hermione, or I'd never hear the end of it.

Back to Hermione. She glanced over at Harry, who nodded his support, and the smirk found it's way back.

"I choose Dare,".