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Let's cut to the chase, here's the story!

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Hermione's POV

A chorus of ooooooh's echoed in the common room at my statement.

Honestly, as if I'd be stupid enough to let Lavender torture me by making me confess some deep secret that would be sure to put me through endless ranting. I'd rather do the dirtiest dare, or drink ten shots of firewhiskey. Good God, I'm never getting out of this with my dignity intact. Well, I suppose that's the point of the game.

I kept the smirk on my face, which only grew as I saw a glimpse of frustration on Lav Lav's face. Ron looked bored. My heartstrings pulled. I wish, for once, he'd show that he cared. At least a little bit, is that too much to ask for?

It was Ginny who raised her hand before Lavender. I nearly wept with relief, Ginny would go easy on me.

"I dare you to change into an outfit of my choosing and then come back down here to kiss one of the guys,".

Everyone went hysterical as my cheeks burned. I suppose it wouldn't be much of a dare to the other girls, but as it was me, the conservative, bookish girl who wore clothing two sizes larger than her actual size, the idea of me wearing the slinky get-up that Gin was sure to put me in while kissing a boy was sure to get a laugh out of anyone.

I scowled at Ginny, who in turn smiled innocently back before grabbing my hand and practically dragging me up to the girl's dormitories. She shut the door, and went to work, her long red hair whirling around like a massive fire tornado.

She pulled out pairs of jeans, tank tops, and a whole lot of various clothing items I couldn't remember the name to, before deciding she didn't want me to wear them and threw them behind her onto the floor.

"Gin, what exactly are you doing?".

At that, she looked up, her face baffled.

"You seriously haven't figured it out yet?". I shook my head no. "For the smartest witch around, you really are stupid. I want to put you in something that will make my arse of a brother realize what he's missing out on,".

Comprehension dawned on me like the sun to a sunflower. "But why are you doing this?"

Gin rolled her eyes.

"It's Lavender. She's the most annoying person, she follows me around and asks me questions like 'What's Ronny-poo's favorite candy?' or 'What's Won-Won's spirit animal?'".

I laughed at that.

"That slag is driving me mad," Ginny said, shaking her head.

"Gin!" I admonished her for her language, even though I couldn't disagree.

Her eyes shone as she picked up the "perfect outfit".

I blanched. "Gin, no!".

She raised an eyebrow.

"Would you rather wear this?". She picked up a green and blue striped bikini that sat on the bed. I grabbed her outfit and ran to the bathroom, changing. I must say, it wasn't half bad. She dressed me in dark navy skinny jeans, and a loose, silky, and coral-colored tank top with a cut out in the back.

Gin squealed, jumping slightly and clapping her hands.

"Hermione, you look gorgeous!".

"I actually like the outfit, but the color…" I trailed off.

Gin frowned, thinking. "You're right,". And with a flick of a wand and a muttered spell, the top turned into a deep black with sparkles seemingly embedded in the cloth.

"Now, a touch of makeup and a straightening spell on your hair will finish it off," and Gin followed through on the makeup, but my hair refused to straighten completely. She said it looked perfect, curly, but not quite straight. I guess I'll just have to take her word for it.

Ginny grinned as she capped off the tube of lip gloss. "Let's go show you off!"

Ron's POV

We continued on without the girls, and everyone so far had picked "Truth". It was Harry's turn.

"Right, mate, Truth or Da-". I was interrupted by loud gasps from Parvati and Lavender.

Following their gazes, what I saw made my bloody heart stop in it's tracks. Hermione. She wore jeans that clung to her long legs, and a top that showed the barest hint of her curves. Her hair fell in curls down her face. Her eyes had smokey shadow above them, no doubt Ginny's work, and the gold eyeliner brought out the gold flecks in her chocolate eyes. To cap it all off, Gin put a dark purple gloss on those lips. She looked stunning.

The room was silent, you could've heard a pin drop. Hermione walked down the stairs quickly, not meeting anyone's gaze. The silence was broken by Seamus, who wolf whistled. "I think I like sexy Hermione,". Everyone laughed as she blushed.

He wiggled his eyebrows. "Hermione, which one of us has the pleasure of receiving a kiss from you, eh?".

She got a wicked look in her eyes, and strutted over to Seamus. I got a queasy feeling in my stomach, and I wanted to look away at the look of anticipation on Seamus's face, but I couldn't. She leaned closer and closer and-

She pulled back, taking Seamus's hand in hers and roughy kissed his knuckles.

"There's your kiss!". She smiled like an angel and walked away as we all laughed at the dumbfounded look on Seamus's face. I had to crack a grin.

This girl will be the death of me.