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Yuki and Is

Chapter 1. 'See Right Through to You'


I see right through to you.

It's not like I don't feel your mood.

What you have for me is different then the rest that moves.

I'll be positive I know that I could be there too.

Cause you have it all, have it all.

I see right through to you.

See your every move.


'Boring, boring, boring' was currently the only word going through Naruto's mind. Kakashi-sensai had taken them away from the Hidden Leaf Village on a 'vacation' to a foreign country. 'Vacation!?' Naruto didn't know whom Kakashi-sensai was trying to kid. He had to admit to himself, though he of course would never do so out loud that he might not have been the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but even he wasn't stupid enough to believe that the reason they had been dragged all the way up there was so they could have some relaxing time off. First off, the place was COLD!! And it was covered in deep snow. Secondly, for someone who had lived in a mountain village his entire life to take a vacation in yet another mountain village just didn't make any sense.

Sighing for at least the third time in five minutes, Naruto quickened his pace slightly. While his companions weren't exactly the most talkative people in the world and spent most of their time ignoring him anyway, walking alongside them beat walking behind them and contemplating the mystery that was their 'vacation'. He'd already spent the last five hours doing THAT, and now he was running out of imaginative reasons for it.

So hurrying along a little he soon caught up to Sasuke who was walking beside Sakura a few meters up ahead. Okay, so maybe it was Sakura walking beside Sasuke but Naruto chose to ignore the part of his mind that was telling him this. Instead he decided to concentrate on the current task at hand - annoying Sasuke. He had recently discovered that annoying Sasuke could be quite fun, but not because annoying Sasuke was hard. No, it was fun because getting the taller boy to show the degree of his irritation was a challenge, since that would basically be the same as getting Sasuke to lose his composure.

"Yo Sasuke!" He chirped cheerfully, making sure to invade the other boy's personal space as much as was humanly possible while he was at it. Sasuke, who had partially let his guard down, tried not to wince at the sudden loud noise right beside his ear.

"What, Naruto?" he snapped slightly, sending the blond a half-hearted glare, not really caring enough to put any kind of effort into it.

Naruto scrawled at that "Nothing." He growled back "What would I want to talk to you for anyway?" Who had spit in his tea?. 'Oh well' Naruto thought, shrugging inwardly, at least it would hardly matter anyway if he made Sasuke even more pissed then, right? So with a plan and a purpose, maybe not the best purpose in the world, but who cared, Naruto slowly started trailing behind Sasuke and Sakura again, and as soon as he was out of immediate viewing and hearing range he muttered "Sexy no Jutsu." And where Naruto had been, a beautiful blond girl now stood, innocently blinking her big baby blue eyes, until those eyes fell on Sasuke, and her entire facial expression changed into a fox-like and rather out-of- character grin. She quickly wiped it off though, as she gracefully moved up to two of the three people walking in front of her.

As she was standing there behind Sasuke, the girl had to make an effort of wiping off the large grin that had somehow managed to make it's way onto her otherwise innocent looking face again, before she slowly traced a finger down the thin fabric covering Sasuke's back and leaned over so she could teasingly blow into his ear. Sasuke's reaction to this, however, wasn't quite the one Naruto had expected. The black haired boy went completely rigid, before he slowly turned to face onna no Naruto, and his eyes became, if possible, even more cold. "Get. Off. Naruto," He demanded in a frighteningly calm voice, though his eyes were letting Naruto know that calm was a far cry from what he was.

Slightly startled, Naruto backed off, slipped, and fell down into the deep snow, this resulting in him reverting back into his original form. This didn't seem to phase him though, and he just kept sitting there, looking after Sasuke's retreating back, surprise written all over his face.

"You know you practically begged for that one," Sakura said on Sasuke's behalf, making her presence known from right beside him. Blinking, Naruto averted his gaze from Sasuke to look up at her, then looked back at Sasuke, and then back up at Sakura again. "I am tellin' ya, the guy is colder then the snow I am sitting in!" he stated, sounding absent "He is asexual!" Sighing, Sakura stretched out her hand towards Naruto so she could help him to his feet. "For once I actually think you are right," she muttered, unable to hold the hurt and regret out of her voice. "Gods know I, and almost every other girl at home for that matter, has tried and failed in going after him. Even some of the guys have tried and he is just completely nonchalant." Looking at Sakura with wide eyes, but not really knowing how to respond to that, Naruto just shrugged, secretly feeling happy that Sakura finally seemed to be giving up hope of ever being with Sasuke.


I know you now.

I reed your mind.

You've shown somehow what I could find.

On the inside there you will see.

Were all on like you and me.


In a place not too far away, someone else seemed to be of an entirely different opinion. "Aww, isn't that cute?" a voice said from somewhere in a dark room, only lit up by the slight glow emitting from a small crystal ball hanging down from a staff curved over at the top. The voice belonged to a young woman whose face was the only visible part of her, since the glow from the ball wasn't strong enough to light up anything but that. The girl's eyes were glistening gleefully as she looked at the four people wading through the masses of snow.

"What could possibly be cute?" A guy's voice sounded from behind her, his body and face hidden in the darkness surrounding the ball. "Personally I think it is kind of sad." he continued, and moved to stand on the woman's right side.

"Sad?" she said, turning her head slightly to look over her left shoulder even though it wasn't possible for her to see the person standing there, and after a while she sighed and turned her head back around to look at the ball, which still showed four people walking through meter high snow, three of them seemingly at the brink of exhaustion. "You don't understand," she mumbled "He isn't quite as asexual as they think he is."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean there is someone. That person might very well be the only one, male or female, though so in some way I guess they might be right." she trailed off again, her voice sounding like she was off in her own little world.

"You are not making any sense, not that that is anything new." the male voice behind her said in annoyance, his voice growing less audible as he moved away from her, and suddenly the light flickered on, revealing a round red room, heavy red drapes and carpets hanging down to cover the walls and pearls on strings hanging down from the ceiling.

Looking slightly annoyed and squinting at the sudden brightness, the young woman spun around to glare at the only other person in the room, who was standing up against the wall, finger still resting on the switch. He was tall and slim, with white shoulder length hair and dark blue, almost black eyes, that were currently resting on his female companion.

"It really isn't that hard to understand," she hissed at him

"Oh really?" The young man pulled his hand away from the switch crossing his arms across his chest "Then do enlighten me."

"It's simple." she said, a frighteningly childish glee coming over her voice. "There is one person that he likes, he is just not ready to face it yet."

"Oh virkelig?" [1] the boy said, looking slightly more intrigued; though he still sounded sceptical.

"Ja virkelig!" [2] the girl mimicked.

"The girl?"

The young woman sighed at the guy's stupidity "Nej, the goggle-boy." [3]

"Goggle-boy?" The silver-haired youth questioned, he didn't remember seeing anyone wearing goggles.

"It's an expression." The woman stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world "Work with me here!"

Raising an eyebrow, but otherwise ignoring it, the man continued "So it's the blond?"

"JA! And he wants him too." She answered, looking like she could burst with excitement.

"He does, does he?" The man mussed, looking lost in thought for a moment

"Yes he does! Would you stop questioning me!? Anyway the important thing is that none of them is ready to realize this yet."

The boy just looked at her "And.? How is all that going to help anyone?"

Looking annoyed at her partner's ignorance again, the female glared a little before answering "AND., I will help them along a little early. AND, after that, the blond has a secret that will give me a final blow to deliver, so all in all this means I get two brand new toys that could prove to be valuable against 'him'!" The young woman finished, pushing some long strands of blond hair with purple stripes behind her ears as she let out a heart stopping cruel laughter, which ended in a somewhat high-pitched shriek as her voice once more filled with childish glee and excitement.


[1] : Oh really

[2] : Yes Really

[3] : No

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