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Chapter 8

Fall from Grace

Naruto yawned and stretched, noting that he didn't feel as sore as he had felt yesterday when he had woken up. When had he gone to sleep anyway? He couldn't even remember going to bed. As a matter of fact, the last thing he remembered was...

Naruto's eyes widened as he suddenly got a very vivid flash look at Itachi go through his head. It wasn't the Itachi he remembered however. This one was young. Around Naruto's own age, and yet he still recognised him, like he had known him his entire life.

As if in slow motion, Naruto turned his head to the left to see Sasuke lying in bed, clutching the feather duvet between his hands like his life depended on it.

A noise escaped the other boys lips, and Naruto's eyes grew even larger, as more flashes, this time of Sasuke's parents, whom Naruto had never seen but apparently still knew who was, ran through his head. Both alive and laughing, and then as mar dead bodies lying on the floor in Sasuke's childhood home, covered in their own blood.

Naruto had barely seen anything, and already he couldn't take it anymore. He felt as if he was watching people he was close to die. And the emotions that came with the flashes that felt so much like his own, but couldn't possible be, were unbearable.

So stumbling out of bed, Naruto made his way to Sasuke's bedside as fast as his still fragile legs could carry him.

"Sasuke!" he said, shaking the other boy, whose bruised knuckles were turning white from clutching the duvet tighter and tighter with every shaky breath he took.

"Sasuke, wake up!" The blond yelled, but the dark one just clenched his teeth as well, as his head fell to the side.

"Stop it!" Naruto shouted, and in his desperation, didn't really pay attention to the fact that he was only yelling in his mind.

It worked however, as Sasuke sat bolt up right in bed, his dark eyes huge, and quickly directed at Naruto, whose eyes were just as big.

Naruto quickly composed himself though. "Do you have to dream so loud?" he asked with a frown, turning his back to Sasuke and slowly making his way back to his own bed, partly because he felt like he needed more rest, and partly so he wouldn't have to meet Sasuke's gaze.

"You saw..." Sasuke said quietly, face and voice unreadable as he looked sideways at Naruto who had only just crawled his way into bed again, and was now facing him.

Naruto hesitated. "Only bits and pieces. It didn't really make much sense."

It wasn't really a lie, he hadn't gotten everything. Naruto didn't know why, but he thought it best for both of them if he didn't tell Sasuke that he knew exactly what it was he had seen, and even felt it.

Sasuke didn't reply, but instead started making his way out of bed, looking down at himself and his expression visibly darkened as he cast a glance around the room, undoubtedly looking for his clothes, which were nowhere in sight.

Naruto sniggered, earning himself a glare, as Sasuke shakily made his way to the to the table between the two beds to fetch Kakashi's wallet, and then started off towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Naruto asked. Sasuke stopped at the door, but didn't turn around.

"To get something to eat." Hesitation. Then: "You coming?" Naruto blinked a few times, before he nodded enthusiastically, even though Sasuke couldn't see him with his back turned, and jumped out of bed suddenly feeling starved.


Breathe in deep

Smell these halls of hate

Carve your name into these walls

Before it is too late

Cold and twisted

They resisted

What was I to do

All I ever wanted was

A fraction of the truth


It was five minutes later when a smugly smirking Sasuke (the three s's XD), and a rather sulky looking Naruto stepped into the hospital cafeteria.

Sasuke had practically only just stepped out in the hallway and eyed one of the large branch signs, before he had started off in a direction like he knew exactly where the cafeteria was.

Catching up with him, Naruto confirmed that indeed, Sasuke now knew where the cafeteria was, and when Naruto had asked how he could possible know this, Sasuke had sighed and looked at him like he was dumber then hay, before answering that in most languages the place was called 'café' or something along those lines, and that even in Konoha there were a few coffee places with huge sign reading 'café' above the door.

This, and the you-are-so-stupid face Sasuke had put up, had made Naruto sulk for the rest of the way to said cafeteria.

As they stepped inside though, Naruto's mood seemed to lighten a bit, as the girl behind the counter smiled at him in recognition. He beamed back, and practically bounced over to the counter a rather disturbed looking Sasuke in tow. Disturbed at the fact that he could actually feel the warmth inside the boy as his mood changed at the sight of the friendly and apparently familiar face.

The dark ones feelings quickly turned to annoyance though at the disturbing urge he suddenly had to smile, and from that to anger at the cold feeling that filled him, as he watched how Naruto's expression faltered slightly for a second, though the blond didn't seem to be paying attention to why.

"Hva' så i dag?" [1] a female voice disrupted Sasuke's thoughts, and he whirled around to watch the most peculiar thing as Naruto pointed behind the woman and the woman walked over and pointed up at one of the signs where Naruto shook his head no. This continued for three more tries before she hit the right one.

Naruto nodded enthusiastically, and the woman turned her attention towards Sasuke giving him a small smile as well. "Og hvad vil de så gerne ha'?" [2]

Sasuke ignored her as he was already looking up at the signs...

"The fish is good."

The familiar voice of his rival sounded from behind him. Sasuke glanced at him from out of the corner of his left eye, before looking at the lady behind the desk again, and pointed to the sign showing the fish.

The woman went through the same as with Naruto, before scribbling down their orders, and leaving out through the back door, presumably to the kitchen to pass the order on to the canteen chef.

Meanwhile Naruto had started off towards the same table he had been sitting at the day before, counting on Sasuke following him. And as it turned out, Sasuke did.

Naruto and Sasuke now sat in a rather uncomfortable silence, waiting for the food to arrive, taking turns in avoiding the others gaze, and ignoring the ghostly image of thoughts that were not their own, in their attempt to ignore the others presence.

Luckily they only had to wait about ten to fifteen minutes before the food arrived, and they both dug in, more from the need to do something that would get their attention away from the other and their current predicament, than of hunger.

Naruto was in the middle of a potato when Sasuke decided to break the silence.

"Stop it!"

"What?" Naruto looked up from his plate, a pair of wide blue eyes meeting a pair of agitated dark slits.

"You are being loud!" The other grunted out, before looking down at his own plate, and with a disapproving gesture, taking another bite.

Naruto blinked, and fore a moment wondered what in the world his stoic team mate had meant. As far as he knew, he hadn't spoken a word since they sat down... Then it hit him. He had been thinking. Unconsciously trying to think about just about anything so he wouldn't have to think about what he didn't want Sasuke to find out about, but which he knew there was a big chance that he would find out about if he thought about it. Naruto wasn't even sure that made sense to himself, but he didn't really care either, just as long as Sasuke remained just as clueless.

"About what?" Sasuke asked out loud, sounding annoyed now, though for some reason, Naruto didn't feel like the negative emotions were directed at him, it was actually more like they were directed at Sasuke himself.

"Would you stop doing that!" This time the anger was definitely directed towards Naruto.

"What?" He bit back, his tone just as irritated as Sasuke's had been; though he felt relieved at the apparent change of subject.

It seemed Sasuke had caught the wave of relieve too though, cause Naruto suddenly both felt and saw a glare that spelled out 'if looks could kill', directed at himself.

"Stop thinking so loud!" Sasuke hissed, jerkingly taking another bite out of the piece of fish he had had on his fork for the last five minutes.

"I do not think loud!" Naruto argued, angrily stuffing a potato into his mouth.

"Yes you are! I can hear everything you think just as clear as if I was thinking it myself, now shut up!" Sasuke argued back after he was done chewing and swallowing his fish.

"Yeah well at least I don't dream in explicit colours and surround-sound that could wake the dead!"

He had only just finished his sentence when he snapped his mouth shut, realising his mistake. Sasuke froze in the motion of putting the last piece of fish from his fork, into his mouth. His eyes widened for a second, before narrowing back into the usual half glare.

"I thought you said you didn't catch any of it..." he mumbled almost casually.

"Uhm... I didn't..." Naruto mumbled back defensively, carefully avoiding the darker boys gaze.

"Don't lie to me!" Sasuke hissed dangerously.

"Sasuke, I..." Naruto started, but was interrupted by Sasuke whose voice was now back to it's casual tone.

"How much did you get?"

Naruto continued to look down at his plate. "All of it..." he mumbled.

"Why didn't you tell me!?" Sasuke yelled, making the people at the table behind him start and turn around to look at him.

"I didn't think you would like it!" Naruto yelled back, getting annoyed that Sasuke apparently wasn't in on the fact that what he didn't know, couldn't hurt him... Or Naruto for that matter.

"So you didn't think it was relevant to tell me that you saw my parents getting killed?" Sasuke yelled back in a disbelieving tone of voice.

Naruto didn't know how to answer that. What was he supposed to say? That he relived the most horrible moment of his rivals life through him, and that he now thought he understood? Naruto wasn't even sure he himself did, or wanted to for that matter. It was all a bit too private for his liking.

"You can't answer that can you." It wasn't as much a question as it was a statement. Sasuke snorted as he stood up, stuffed his hands into his pockets, tuned his back to Naruto, and continued towards the exit, not looking back.

"Fine, just walk away! See if I care!" Naruto yelled after him, slumping back in the chair, crossing his arms over his chest in a huff.


Walking in the shadows

Of my blackened mind

Lost inside this shallow

Vanity of time


Minutes became hours while Naruto sat in the cafeteria, arguing with himself about weather or not he should go looking for Sasuke. Well, that topic had only come up after the day passed noon. Before then, he had had a very long internal chat... with himself this time, about how Sasuke was annoying and an arse, and just a real moody bastard in general. In fact, Naruto was pretty sure he had known storms more predictable then Sasuke's mood swings.

He sighed and looked out the window. The sun had started setting over the houses, the last rays making the snow glitter orange, and for a moment, he couldn't tear his eyes away from the many rooftops, glittering in different shades of orange, depending on how the dimmed sunlight hit them. Naruto smiled slightly. He really liked orange.

Suddenly the lights went on around him, startling him out of his daze. Looking around in the room, he saw the waitress lady walk around the room, taking the last plates from the latest lunch eaters. She noticed him watching her, and sent him a small smile, whereas her eyes shifted towards the clock on the wall above the entrance door. Naruto followed her gaze with his own. 16.30 it read. Not really that late, but late enough. It would be completely dark within the next 30 minutes, and much as he hated to admit it, he did actually care that Sasuke hadn't come back yet.

Technically he could have just taken to walk around town, but knowing Sasuke, he would be doing exactly the same as Naruto did when he was angry or annoyed (if he wasn't sulking that is -.-) he would find a suitably secluded area where he could train, without anyone coming to bother him.

With a small grunt of annoyance, Naruto stood up, and stretched. He had been sitting in that chair too long. He wasn't completely healed yet, and now his back was aching. This was all Sasuke's fault! And he had every intention of telling him that, as soon as he found him.


What if there's a God a hell and heaven

Fire is the torment I must face

Dying by the souls I have forsaken

No one's going to catch my fall from grace


Soon Naruto was walking down the streets of Is village. It was cold. Too cold. The sun had gone down completely now, only leaving a few streaks of hazy pink and orange in the sky, meaning the only bit of heat left, was now completely gone. Naruto flared his chakra, letting the slight warmth it emitted flow through his vanes. It wasn't much, but it would have to do. He felt exhausted.

10 minutes later, he walked through the large entrance again, ignoring the slight worried and curious looks the guards at gate gave him. What, they had never seen a half-naked boy before? Shivering slightly, Naruto send another curse in Sasuke's direction. What had he been thinking, going out in this weather? And now of cause, Naruto would have to go fetch him. Stupid.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long to find Sasuke. The large amount of chakra being emitted a little less then a kilometre away from the village, made the whereabouts of his rival, very clear.

A short run later and Naruto walked into the clearing, panting hard.

"What are you doing here?" came the not so welcoming greeting from his dark haired team mate.

Naruto gritted his teeth. "What are YOU doing here?" he hissed back.

Sasuke turned around to look at him. Fresh cuts and bruises covering his arms, hands and legs, and he was panting even harder then Naruto. "Training." He said matter of factly. "I would think that would be obvious, even to you."

Naruto seethed clenching his fists, and stepping forward. "I don't know if you ever noticed, but you are not the only person on the planet with problems! No matter what you have up there in you twisted head that you don't want me to know about, it doesn't even come close to comparing!" he yelled.

"What do you know?" Sasuke yelled back, moving forward as well, and grabbing a hold of Naruto before he roughly pushed him against one of the large trees surrounding them.

"You are not alone here either!" He continued. His voice went from loud yelling, to a dangerously calm hissing. "I hate you, in my head! I can't stand it! No matter where I turn, you are there in some way, even if you are miles away, this is only the first day, and I am going crazy! I want. You. Out!"

He started yelling again with the last three words, as he gave Naruto a shake before slamming him back against the tree.

Naruto growled out in a mixture of pain and anger, his eyes slowly tinting over with a familiar read haze, as he leaned forward towards Sasuke, grabbing a hold of the other boys collar so tightly he might as well have tried to choke him. "Shut up! You don't know anything!" he yelled, trying hard not to let the despair he felt, show in his voice.

It had though, and Sasuke's features drew into an unpleasant smirk as he leaned in closer, his eyes glazing over with the same read colour Naruto's had done only moments before, but unlike Naruto's, these revealing the power of his clan within them.

"What is it, that you are hiding that could be so damaging for me to find out about?" He asked leaning in even closer, as if it would make it easier to read the blond boy's mind.

"Shut up!" Naruto hissed, his eyes becoming mar slits as he looked at his team mate, feeling like something was building up, capable of putting the despair and anger to rest. Something that he couldn't quite grasp, or control.

"You shut up!" Sasuke yelled back, pulling away a bit, sneering down at Naruto. He could feel it, and he knew Naruto could too. Something was slipping, for both of them, something they should never have let go of.

Naruto suddenly closed what little space that had come between them again, as he leaned forward like he had been missing the closeness, looking into Sasuke's read eyes with his own crimson pair, their noses now barely touching. Naruto could feel Sasuke's ragged breath against his face, and a feeling he couldn't figure out weather was his own or Sasuke's slowly seemed to be creeping in and taking over.

"Make me..." He finally growled out in a voice he wasn't sure he wanted to recognise as his own. The words had barely left his lips before he found himself caught between the tree behind him, and Sasuke's taller body in front of him. He felt lips crushing against his own and felt himself pushing forward, opening his mouth, both to let Sasuke enter, and to get access to the others mouth himself.

Sasuke let a small moan escape, as Naruto's tongue slid across his. Roughly circling it around Sasuke's, battling him with the same fire and passion that had always ruled their rivalry, making the new alien feeling captivatingly familiar, as the world melted away around them, the same way it had done for years.

Barely aware of what he was doing, Sasuke moved his hand up under Naruto's shirt, caressing his back with one hand, while stroking his lean stomach with the other, making Naruto subconsciously lean into the touch. At the same time the blond moved his hands downwards, behind Sasuke, resting his hand on his loin as he pressed their hips closer together.

Electricity shot through both of them as they each felt the others erection touching their own through the relatively thin fabric of their clothes. Naruto dug his nails into Sasuke's back forcing him even closer as Sasuke bit down on the shorter ones lower lip, drawing blood from the already bruised mouth.

Naruto moaned and in turn for the blood that was now trickling down his chin dragged his now claw like nails down the others back, making him hiss in pain and draw back from the kiss, clenching his teeth and eyes shut.

Sasuke had only just recovered and opened his eyes again, when he found himself grunting out in pleasure and closing them again, as Naruto's lips had found their way down to the spot where his neck became his shoulder, licking, nibbling and biting at the sensitive skin.

Returning the favour, Sasuke leaned forward and started biting softly down on Naruto's earlobe, smiling in satisfaction at the yelp of pleasure and pain, and probably a bit of surprise, this elected from the apparently caught off guard, blond.

Moments later it was Sasuke's turn again to be caught slightly off guard though, when he suddenly felt Naruto's hands move even further down his back, to just above his waits band where he let his hands slowly move around to his stomach, dragging his nails as he did. Had Naruto done it more gently, it might just have tickled, as it was, Naruto had cut three long deep slashes into his flesh. Sasuke found that he currently didn't care much though, when the other started fidgeting with getting his boxers down.

Sasuke momentarily let go of Naruto's earlobe as he gasped out at the contact Naruto's hands made with his crotch while trying to pull them down.

Using the speed he had become so known for, Sasuke hurriedly moved his hands downwards as well, making light teasing movements over the bulge in Naruto's boxers before he started toying with the waistband. Taking just a small moment to enjoy how the other boy tensed up and completely froze for a moment before he continued his actions with Sasuke's pants, and lightly leaned into Sasuke's touch.

It seemed Naruto had finally stopped fidgeting, and Sasuke caught himself in shivering slightly as bare skin came into contact with the freezing air. He could feel Naruto shiver against him as well, when he moments later freed Naruto from his pants. The heat from their cursing and pulsing chakra, flaring around them as it usually did when they battled each other, along with the lust and want made them able to go on though, and the cold was soon forgotten again, just like it had been before. Caressing, kissing, biting and stroking each other, moving closer then any of them had ever been to another person before, moving together as if they needed the other in order to exist.

The combined nibbling and biting at the base of his neck, and the way Sasuke seemed to hold on to his shoulders with a grip that could crush them, and was sure to bruise them, increased Naruto's lust and want for the paler boy by the second. He didn't know where all these feelings came from, and had he been able to think, he might even have been scared, but as his one hand roamed over Sasuke's chest, and Sasuke thrust his hips upwards in perfect rhythm with Naruto's own, he couldn't care less. Getting off on it, as he felt Sasuke's ragged breathing against his now raw read and bleeding neck, when Sasuke involuntarily had to let go, and knowing that his own breath was coming in just as short.

Naruto barely registered as his hand moved over Sasuke's heart, feeling it's fast, and increasing, beating. His heart... Sasuke's heart... Sasuke... Something snapped.

He wanted to die... Die...

None of the boys knew who had thought it first, but both of them reacted by pulling apart, and shoving the other away.

It was as if time stood still, as they stood there, starring at each other, breathlessly and flushed, both marvelling and repulsed by the fact that they had caused this reaction with the other. Until finally the tension became too much to bear, and they both disappeared in a blur of speed that to the intrained human eye would have looked like they just vanished into thin air. Trying in vain to get away. Far away, from the other, the pain, the lust, the disgust, and the shell shocking fear that had settled itself deep within both of them, a fear none of them could relate to anything they had ever felt before.


Watch me from your cage

As I rejoin my painful prime

You and I are relics

We provoke and we recline


Naruto didn't stop until half an hour later when he collapsed in a pile of snow. He still was far from at his full strength yet, and running a marathon like this, might not have been the best idea. His head hurt too. He didn't get it. Where all of this came from. Something primal that wasn't the fox, had completely taken over. He had actually hurt Sasuke too. He wanted to cry. Not because he hurt his team mate, but because he had actually lost control of himself. He hadn't been himself. The tears just wouldn't come though.

He rose into a sitting position, and started staring into the show. What had gone wrong? The fear came back full force as he sat there, looking at the pure white snow, as he found himself missing the warmth he had just had, how it had felt to have Sasuke pressed up against him. A half sob escaped his lips as he started crawling backwards away from the images he was seeing in the snow.

His back hit something, and for a moment he went completely rigid, until he realised that it was just a tree. He sat there for a moment, trying to calm down, and steady his still ragged breathing, when he shifted position and discovered that he still sported the arousal he had packed away again as he was running away from Sasuke.

He almost laughed, though he wasn't really sure why. He just suddenly found the whole thing completely ridiculous. Maybe because he needed to feel some kind of stronger emotion, and since he couldn't cry, he needed to laugh? He didn't know, and suddenly didn't feel like he had the strength to care either.

He shivered from the cold as a particularly strong wind picked up. He needed to get back if he was planning on surviving the night. So pushing the thought that he didn't exactly mind not surviving, he rose to his feet. He groaned as his arousal brushed against the silky fabric of his boxers as he shifted position again. Glaring at the offending tent in his pants, he sighed and sat down again. This wouldn't do. He had been running for an hour, and it still hadn't subsided, so chances was he wouldn't be able to will it away either. He needed to take care of this before he started back.

He couldn't show up back there with a hard on, in case Sasuke came back before him. He wouldn't be able to take care of it in bed, since he now shared a room with Sasuke. He couldn't go to the bathroom either, since he couldn't read the signs, and even though he had been there once before, he wasn't sure he could remember where it was, especially not with a lust- fogged mind, and he sure as hell wasn't planning on asking Sasuke to help him.

So coming to an agreement with himself, he slowly started moving his hands outside his boxers in stroking movements and fleeting caresses, and even though he carefully kept his mind void of any images, his body responded to the touch.

His other hand went up under his blouse and started stroking his stomach. He had to stop his caressing for a short while though, as his hands started toying with his boxers (It was really annoying how the elastic was so tight).

Succeeding in pulling them down, after a while that had been far too long for his liking, Naruto grabbed a hold of himself, and suddenly he was no longer the one doing the caressing anymore, as his hands created an alien touch. More arousing then his own, as it made him groan out loud, it was rougher, though gentler.

He slowly collected his knees under himself, until he was leaning on them, sitting on his heals. He bend forward a little, leaving one hand to run over his crotch as he moved the other to his back, running it up under his shirt, in teasing almost gently movements, he would otherwise never use on himself. Sure he masturbated like everyone else, but usually it was something he just had to get out of his system. He never felt he had the time to toy with himself, and he was sure he would feel silly if he did it.

This was new. Something was different, and the slow movements aroused him beyond anything he had ever tried before while alone and in bed at home. It was like he had help. His hand moving around at places he had never thought to try out before.

His hand slowly slit beneath the waistband of his pants, tickling the spot just above his cheeks, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, before he moved it lower, running his index fingers over and around his entrance.

It vaguely registered to him that he had no idea what he was doing or why, but as he continued his explorations, he found his mind was suddenly wiped clean of all coherent thought, at the sensation of pain and pleasure that filled him. It half-way felt like he was doing it to someone else. Someone else who was reacting to his touch, like he was to theirs, and liking it just the same.

He moved his fingers as if trying to make room for something else. Something he was quite sure he knew what was, but not sure he wanted to deal with when he was so close to releasing he could almost taste it. His one fist was already glistering with his juices, and part of him wanted to pull his fingers out just for a bit, to lube them with the juices, to make the penetration less uncomfortable, but he was so close, he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Although it would be nice. And it would make the pleasure last just a bit longer.

He had just rethought his previous decision, but decided to push his fingers in just one last time before pulling out, this time pushing them just a little further up then they had been before. That one little nudge more he had given this time though, made him hit something that send a wave of pleasure flooding in over him, swallowing him completely, sending him into an ecstasy like state, he had never even dreamed about being able reach. The feeling was multiplied a few seconds later, when it was as if a second wave hit him, this time literally knocking him off his feet, as he tilted sideways, wide eyed, though unable to see anything but pure white bliss.

As he lay there though, coming to his senses and tidying himself up again, thoughts that was actually coherent, started pushing to the surface of his mind, along with memories, of something he had never witnessed. Memories of a dark haired boy, whom he knew for a fact was far way, crouched over in the same position he had just been in, his eyes tightly pressed together, as if concentrating hard on something. His face was flushed, and Naruto knew, that if he opened his eyes, they would be glazed and shining with lust.

Without even really noticing it, the fact that he had been the cause of that look, of that intense movement of strained muscled arms, working on pleasuring his darker team mate, crept in over him. He had known from the beginning. He knew that now. He just hadn't been paying attention, hadn't wanted to realise what he was doing, but now, afterwards, the depth of what he had just done with Sasuke, finally settled in his mind.

He knew without a doubt, that miles away the other was lying in much the same way as he was, recovering from the most intense experience any of them had ever had. For some reason this felt much worse then when he had been pressed up against Sasuke, feeling him in reality. This had gone deeper. So deep it brought an entirely new meaning to the word violation of boundaries and privacy.

The sight of Sasuke, crouched down, and stroking himself, pleasuring both him and Naruto, nearly made Naruto hard again, had it not been for the fact that the blond was now in such a state, he wanted nothing more but to curl up and die. But since he knew that wasn't an option, he did the next best thing.

Drawing his legs up to his chest, he curled into a ball, and pressed his face into his knees, as he cried like he hadn't cried in years. Ever since he was a little boy, crying alone in his bed at night, heartbroken that no one loved him, that no one cared, and unable to understand why.

And all those miles away, another boy, who like the blond had sworn to himself long ago, that tears was a weakness, cried like he hadn't cried, since he was eight years old, lying at home alone at night under a storm, remembering the horrors he had seen, and unable to understand why he had deserved to survive his entire clan.


[1] "Hva' så i dag?" = "What Today?" It looses a bit, but that is roughly it.

[2] "Og hvad vil de så gerne ha'?" = "And what would you like to have?" Said politely... There are next to no words that are spelled like they are pronounced, and (Example: Used in every day speech 'vil' (will, as in 'what will you...') is pronounced 've') and so 'hva'' and 'ha'' is short for 'hvad' and 'have' (hvad = what, have = have) symbolising her accent as being from the city. (did that make any sense at all? OO)

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