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originally appeared in the Crystal Star.
KJA, in his Young Jedi Knights series,
brought the character to Yavin Four to
learn the ways of the Force. I should add,
for those of you that never had or don't
remember the Greek classics, that Centaurs
are creatures that are half human (from
the waist up) and half horse (lower torso
and legs). I am making no money off of
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by Bria
Saturday, May 2, 1998

Beautiful Centaurian girl,
Sweet and Innocent.
The Force was with her.

Beautiful Centaurian girl,
Kidnapped and abused.
The Force used against her.

Beautiful Centaurian girl,
Angry and betrayed.
The Force had abandoned her?

Beautiful Centaurian girl,
Alone and afraid.
No, the Force brought her to Skywalker.

Beautiful Centaurian girl,
Forgiven and accepted.
The Force gave her the strength to go on.

Beautiful Centaurian girl,
Loved and cherished.
The Force led her home.

For a *GREAT* pic of Lusa,
see the one on by site, drawn by Sirrakukh