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Opening Song: Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Tokyo Ghoul)

Episode 1: Fear The Dead

The City of Grimweld, the most colorful and happiest place in the world… nah! Just kidding! Picture the most dark, lawless, gloomy, impoverished, scum-filled, violent, corrupt, dystopian hell hole of a city with the highest crime rate you could ever think of and multiply it by a 100%. That's what Grimweld is. In fact, it makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like Disneyland in comparison. Known as Hell on Earthland, The City of Knives, God's Shithole, Vice Galore and The Big Pimple on Fiore's Face among other unsavory nicknames, Grimweld is also known as a haven for the Kingdom's most violent, despicable criminals like thieves, serial killers, mobsters, thugs and dark mages as the city's local government is absolutely corrupt. All of them, from the local police officer to the mayor himself, would be willing to turn a blind eye to what you will or have done, be it stealing a poor old lady's bag, smuggling, robbing a bank, illegal drugs, stabbing and killing a rival gang member, raping a woman right in the middle of the day or jaywalking, as long as you pay them a hefty 'fine' for your crimes. Because of this, crime is absolutely rampant in this city with hundreds being committed almost every few hours and with an almost equal amount of bodies littering the streets everyday that it has become a common sight to see road workers pick up dozens of corpses from the streets and dump them on their clean up trucks to take away to the local graveyard which is actually just a gigantic landfill pit where they just dump the bodies en mass and bury them as a proper burial would be way too impractical considering the high amount of fatalities occurring everyday. In fact, the only reason why Grimweld hasn't had an economic collapse yet is because of the numerous bribes that the city's local government received and the added fact that it actually benefits and thrives on the black market, prostitution, smuggling, drug business and other illegal activities of its criminals.

However, neither the local government nor the various mobsters controlling parts of the city hold true power within the city as they are all just puppets who are just having their strings pulled. The true power of the city, the puppeteer, is not located within it heart but rather just within the outskirts of its territory…

Erebus Forest, just a few miles away from Grimweld's border with Wyvern Valley…

From above the dead, mist-covered skeleton like trees of the forest, a young 19 year old girl with hazel colored eyes, long green hair styled in a hime cut hairstyle, an athletic, curvaceous yet flat chested body and a height of 5'9 wearing a green colored kimono decorated with red lotus flowers that looks similar to the clip she wears on her hair and a red ribbon tied to her waist can be seen running hastily as if her life depended on it.

Hayaku! Hayaku! Motto Hayaku! Tuesday Knight's mind screamed at her repeatedly as she ran as fast as she could but her wooden slippers are just not built well for running especially on damp, muddy forest floors as proven by the large amounts of mud stuck to her slippers and to her thigh high white socks.

Baka! Why did you even insist on wearing these things? Tuesday scolded herself as she could hear the distant snarls, laughs and howls of her pursuers behind her getting closer and closer.

"Don't slow down. Don't slow down. Don't you dare slow down." Tuesday chanted while the mist around here suddenly begins getting thicker and thicker until finally her visibility was limited to nearly zero.

"Blade of the Winds: Dai Tengu!" Tuesday shouted, requiping one of her mystical blades before she drew it out rapidly from its sheath causing a powerful vacuum in the air which blew out most of the mist away. Unfortunately for her, the mist quickly returned back as fast as it was dissipated, signaling to Tuesday that something is very, very wrong.

The sounds of Tuesday's pursuers surrounded her, usually within seconds of each other. Despite the mist limiting her vision, Tuesday can still hear the soft sounds of the river dividing the borders between Grimweld and Wyvern Valley and she knows that if she managed to cross it then she would completely be safe from her pursuers.

Unfortunately when she finally reached the source of the river's sound, she was greeted by a large cliff face instead of the river, much to her surprise.

"Aww? Are you expecting something else?" A sultry voice purrs from the dense mist and Tuesday instinctively requips one of her blades in response.

"Azure Dragon!"

Drawing her blade from its sheath, Tuesday pointed her sapphire colored katana at the sky and called down a large thunderbolt from the skies to strike down the area where she last heard the voice.

The blue, dragon-shaped lightningbolt crackled and boomed as it struck its mark but seemingly, not its target.

"Hahaha! Oh my Samerina-san! This one is feisty!" Another voice, a deeper one, exclaimed "Can I have fun with her corpse after we kill her? I haven't had much fun since our last hunt!"

"I'm sorry Buzz." Samerina's voice replied though a tiny hint of disturbance can be noticed inside her tone. "Dieter needs a new corpse to study and he really hates it if the corpse is not quite... 'fresh'."

Tuesday growled as she steadies her blade at the direction she thinks the voices are coming from. "Where are you! Show yourself cowards! Or are you freaks just afraid to taste some of my steel!"

"I think she is tempting me Samerina-san." Buzz's voice chuckled earning him a groan from his superior.

Without warning, a hulking, humanoid creature suddenly leaped from the mist and barreled straight towards Tuesday who gasp at what she saw. The creature looked grotesque, its body being covered in what appeared to about several dozen tumors that are simultaneously pumping in rhythm with its entire skin being colored a spongy green as if it is infected with gangrene. Its eyes were bulging and bloodshot with its sclera having a yellowish tinge. But the thing that is most notable about it were its two, abnormally large, muscular arms that upon closer inspection, are not actually packed with muscles but are actually dozens of large tumors packed close together that they gave the appearance of a large mass of muscle.

The creature gave out a large cry that's a cross between a roar and a snarl as it raised its arms above Tuesday's head in an attempt to smash her and Tuesday retaliated by requiping again.

"Ansatsu!" Tuesday yelled as the creature's arms slammed into the earth…

…which narrowly missed Tuesday as she quickly disappeared in a puff of smoke and a large log got replaced in her place which took the creature's blow for Tuesday instead.

Bewildered, the creature quickly turned its head around its surrounding in search of its enemy.

"She's behind you, you big oaf!" Samerina's voice alerted the creature and the poor monster turned around only to see Tuesday descend from the sky like a hawk diving for its prey before she slashed the creature in half vertically with her blade Ansatsu, causing the creature's guts and yellowish green blood to splatter all over the place.

The creature's two halves fell down with a loud crash but before Tuesday could further react, the blood from the creature that's stuck on Ansatsu's blade suddenly hissed and smoked and without warning, Tuesday's katana disintegrated into dust leaving her momentarily weaponless.

Its blood. It's must have been acidic or something. Tuesday realized when a blur suddenly knocked her into the ground and quickly began dragging her away into the thick mist. Tuesday cried out in alarm as she tried to move her arms but found that she couldn't as her entire body was wrapped up in a thick covering of sand.

The sand that was dragging Tuesday eventually stopped and began forming itself into a hand that is still gripping Tuesday hard within its grasp.

"Excellent work Judar. It seems you are the one who caught the prize today." Samerina's voice chuckled as she finally stepped out from the mist to reveal herself.

A rather tall woman with a height of 6'1 who seems to be somewhere between 24 and 25, Samerina has long, thick dark orange hair reaching right towards her back with bangs that are red tipped and are partially covering her right eye. Despite her bangs, her golden orange eyes can still be seen as they almost glow like a couple of twin miniature suns. Her body of course, is very curvaceous and voluptuous which caused her *ahem* main assets to be a bit more noticeable. Her outfit consists of a dark, leather jumpsuit that leaves much of her cleavage exposed, an amber colored necklace in the shape of a tear and heeled boots.

"It was nothing milady. She was nothing." A polite and affable voice replied to Samerina and another person stepped out from the mist to reveal his identity.

Judar Alibaba, 21, is a man with a rather dark skinned coloration with a very muscular tone and a height of 6'0. His large, sandy blonde hair is quite messy with strands jutting out in all directions. His eyes are brown and he seems to have a permanent tired and bored expression painted on his face. His attire composed of a thin brown vest decorated with gold lining and swirling symbols that he left open, leaving his chest and abdomen bare, a pair of large, baggy black trousers with an upper portion that's light in color, two small crystal earrings, a couple of intricately designed gold bracelets that he wears on his wrists, two dark colored bands on his biceps, light colored sandals and a golden scarf bearing an eye on the region covering his forehead.

Judar clenched his fist and the sand fist gripping Tuesday instantly mimicked his action and began squeezing Tuesday to death, causing her to scream horribly in pain as she felt her ribs and insides being crushed to death by Judar's sand.

"Ah! The screams of someone suffering! It's like a melody to my ears!" Samerina exclaims with orgasmic glee as she gets turned on by watching Tuesday's agony.

"If you like, I can help turn her volume up for you if you like Samerina-sama." A rather friendly yet laid back voice offered as yet another person came forth from the mist.

Killian Walker, 26, a rather handsome man with a lean, muscular body, a heart shaped face and a height of 6'1. Killian's tousled light gray hair is quite messy with bangs falling over his face covering his left eye, framing his face and reaching all the way to the nape of his neck while a good amount of strands stick out at the ends. His eyes by the way are purple and his complexion, pale. His outfit consists of a white v-neck t-shirt, a black blazer, black suit pants that are tucked into a pair of black boots. He also sports a piercing on his right ear, a silver chain around his neck and two thick, silver colored rings on the index and middle finger of his right hand.

"Ack! Get away from me Walker! You're too old for my tastes!" Samerina hissed at Killian.

"Oh come on Samerina-sama. You always try to make some unwanted advances on Dieter-san. Besides, if I hadn't manipulated her into coming here to this place using my Sound Magic then she would have escaped a while back." Killian grinned

Samerina rolled her eyes "So? That doesn't mean anything Walker. Just be glad that you have the honor of participating with the Wild Hunt even though you are just a weak pathetic insect when compared to any of us especially me."

Turning her attention back to Tuesday whose mouth is now starting to cough up blood, Samerina smiled as she sauntered causally towards the dying woman before she cups Tuesday's chin up with her hand and says "Now then, I suppose someone has sent you to spy on us. Now tell me dear, who sent you t-"

Samerina didn't get to finish her sentence as Tuesday simply spits her blood on the villainess' face in defiance.

Samerina growled, wiping the blood with her hand while Tuesday grins at her despite almost having every bone in her body crushed by Judar's sand.

"Judar…" Samerina growled lowly.

"Yes milady?"

"Crush this bitch. NOW!"

Judar smiled "As you wish… milady"

Turning his glance towards his half-dead captive, Judar glanced at Tuesday's eyes which are still filled with a strong, rebellious streak of courage and defiance in spite of the fate that he will be bestowing upon to her.

"Admirable." Judar mutter as he raised his hand high. "May the great gods guide your soul to the afterlife…"

Seeing Judar make a very strong crushing motion with his hand, Tuesday can only close her eyes as she quickly felt the sand snap her spine in half and after that, only darkness…

I'm sorry… my sisters…

(Cue Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.2 playing in the background.)

A tall (about 6'3), fair skinned, short blonde haired man in his late 30's wearing a crisp white lab coat and glasses sighed happily as he put on his blue surgical gloves and mask before he performs his latest masterpiece.

"It's showtime!" Dieter Mengele exclaimed happily with a degree of happy mutilation madness in his cold, calculating eyes as he brought his instruments closer to his patient.

Dieter hummed merrily to himself as he began his surgery on his most recent subject, a healthy man whom his minions captured just a week ago after he was caught trespassing nearby their headquarters. Utilizing his scalpel, he cut open the man's stomach with the skill of an excellent pianist, taking care not to damage the vital organs beneath the smooth delicate skin though the test subject begged to differ as he instantly began screaming in pain the moment Dieter began cutting into him. Though considering Dieter never even cared to administer any anesthesia or any kind of sleeping drugs to the patient, it is quite understandable. Luckily, Dieter has something that can help reduce the sound of the patient screaming.

Cranking the volume of his phonograph even higher, Chopin's music quickly drowned out the poor man's cries and Dieter cheerfully resumed back to his work.

"Ah, a kidney here, a liver there…" Dieter hummed as he skillfully removed said organs from the man's body with skill that could make a licensed surgeon jealous. "… a bit of intestine for me and- oh! That reminds me!"

Glancing over at the man's agonized face, Dieter chuckled as he tried stirring up a conversation "Hey! Did you know that a human being can survive living without the lower half of their bodies after surgery? I should know cause that human was my daughter! Hahahaha! Wait a minute. That sounds wrong. I think it was my son. Or was it really my daughter? Nah. Nevermind. I never had a wife to begin with…"

All of a sudden, the door to his lab flung open and Samerina and Judar came walking into the room followed by a large, hulking man with a height of 6'9, sporting spiky green hair, blood red eyes with an attire that's composed of a black leather jacket and pants, combat boots and a black fingerless glove on his left hand. But the most interesting feature about him is his right arm which is completely mechanical and inorganic. Atop the hulking man's shoulder is a strange, bloody sack that seems to be holding something inside it.

"Ah, finally! You people are back. Samerina, please tell No. 2636 to place my new subject on the table next to my current subject. I'm still busy remodeling him into a masterpiece here."

Samerina turned her head to No. 2636 aka Buzz Chopper and told him to place the sack on the empty surgical table nearby and Buzz obediently does what he was told.

After the sack was dumped on the table, Dieter gingerly opened the sack and what he saw caused him to sigh in disappointment.

"Samerina, why is her spine sticking out of her back? And why are most of her bones pulverized? And why is that boot mark on her face seemingly similar to your heeled boots?"

Samerina muttered something under her breath and Dieter muttered her name again.


"The bitch spat on me okay!" Samerina grumbled "She didn't know her place! So I showed her where it is. Under my boot."

Samerina showed Dieter the sole of her heeled boot which still has some blood and skin stuck on to it.

"Though to be honest, I think she just stained these boots of mine." Samerina muttered "Now I must buy another pair of these boots again. Can you imagine how much it cost me to buy these things?"

"One burned down shopping mall and a hundred innocent civilians?" Dieter casually replied


Dieter sighed again "However, I still tend to disagree! That still doesn't give you excuse to crush this subject like an egg Samerina. Reconstructing all of her bones will be a very difficult process!"

"Well I don't care. I just delivered your toy Dieter so have fun playing with it." Samerina sneered before she motioned for Buzz to follow her to which he obliged.

Before they left however, Samerina gave one more final remark at Dieter.

"Oh and by the way, Chopin sucks. Mozart is hell of a lot better in my opinion."

Seeing the lab door slam behind them, Dieter muttered out a curse followed by a profanity as he can't believe Samerina just insulted him.

"That leather clad, hell-spawned bitch! How dare she insult Chopin by comparing him to Mozart! If she ever does that again, I swear I will activate that bomb I lodged inside that brainless skull of hers!" Dieter snarled as he instinctively stabbed his scalpel right into the heart of his current subject causing the subject to flat line and die immediately from shock.

"Damn it! Now I have to replace this subject's heart too! Damn you Samerina! I swear I will-"

Dieter stopped as he noticed that Judar still hasn't left the room.

"Shouldn't you be with your mistress whore, boy?" Dieter grumbled as he pulled his scalpel from the dead subject's heart.

Judar glares darkly at Dieter and his scalpel which caused the good doctor to start becoming annoyed with his presence.

"Do you really want to start this again?" Dieter asks, wiping the blood clean off his scalpel using own lab coat.

"It's… just that I'm not comfortable with your… methods sir-"

"Please, call me Doctor." Dieter interjected "I didn't get my degree and PhD from that blasted university just to get people to call me sir."

"Well, Doctor Dieter…" Judar continued "You have to understand that I have… beliefs. So as to say."

"Beliefs? Oh yes! That thing you call god right?" Dieter asked

"Gods actually but-"

"Judar, did you know that the very early humans did not believe in a god long ago? But because of the various unexplained phenomena happening daily in their lives, they were left with thousands of unexplained questions like where does the rain come from? Why are animals different? Why does the sun shine? What happens to us after we die? Who made us? That's where god comes in. Humans created god as a sort of easy way to explain these questions to themselves. Do you see it Judar?"

"See what?" Judar asked

Dieter grinned madly before he raised both of his hands and his head in the air and said "Humans created god! Not the other way around! Don't you see it Judar? We humans are the real gods around here! If we can create a belief that a god exists then why can't we create a belief that we humans are gods! This is why I perform my work! So that we humans can become gods on our own! No more bowing down to any sort of fake statue or monument! Once I have found a way for us humans to advance then it will be the world who shall bow down to our knees! So Judar, instead of you asking me a question, how's about I ask you a question? Would you want to become a worthless mortal who has to follow what fate dictates upon them? OR! You could become a god instead and you would be the one dictating fate instead?!"

"Neither." Judar casually replied as he began heading out towards the door.

"Excellent choice! I knew you would- WAIT! What did you said?!" Dieter cried out in surprise but Judar was already gone.

Shrugging his shoulders, Dieter simply decided to resume his work again. Picking up a hacksaw and a power drill from his tools, Dieter hummed himself a merry tune as Chopin's Nocturne continues playing itself in the background of Dieter's lab when suddenly, the phone on his table rang and Dieter grumbled as he placed his tools back and turned the music off before answering the phone.

"Yes. Who is this?" Dieter muttered into the phone with a noticeably annoyed tone in his voice.

"…Hello Dieter." A crisp, static voice answered "It's been a long time…"

A smile crept up on Dieter's face as he recognized the voice of an old friend.

"Oh Mr. Collector! It's nice to hear from you again! I thought the authorities captured you in Magnolia Town a month ago?"

"HaHaHa!" The Collector's voice laughed "No silly! That was just my patsy! Though I have to admit, it was a shame that the Council had to cut off his head after being sentenced to death for my crimes. Ah well. It just proves how incompetent they were."

"So what can I do for an old buddy of mine? New minions? Someone to kill? Another plastic surgery?" Dieter asked

"Someone to kill. Don't worry. The last guy's face you transplanted on me is still good as new."

"A shame…" Dieter muttered as he stared at the fresh skin mask pinned on his wall which he recently just peeled off from the face of an unwitting volunteer this morning.

"Yes indeed. Anyway, I need you to do this as quick as can before he tells anyone what he knows about me." The Collector's voice instructed.

"Alrighty then. What's the name?"

"Milton Strust." The Collector's voice replied "Head Ranger of Wyvern Valley."

Ending Song: Kuusou Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku (Mirai Nikki)

List of OCs

Tuesday Knight - Velvet Queen

Samerina Volcuzas - ManhattanTheory

Judar Alibaba - Derekjay2000

Killian Walker - Scarlet Claw

Buzz Chopper - KingKatsu

Dieter Mengele - ManhattanTheory

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