"Yeah, sure. I guess I can come over... mhm, yeah sure, see you by the bus stop." Menma ended the call and carelessly tossed his phone on the bed. He ruffled his messy dark hair before searching for a t-shirt to wear in the pile of used clothes lying on the floor. He made a sour face once he saw the mess his room was in and just knew he would get scolded later.

Menma grabbed his backpack and checked himself one last time in the full body mirror. He had lately started to take good care of his looks, why however, he had no idea. He blamed it on Sasuke, for always looking so damn good even though he was his father. He ran his fingers through his bangs before going down the stairs.

Once reaching the bottom, Menma searched for one of his father's. He sighed irritated when he did not find them in the living room. He checked his watch, he was supposed to meet his friend soon. "Dad!" He called, hesitantly going for his parents bedroom. Menma carefully opened the door after knocking gently. He relaxed his shoulders once he found his parents inside.

There was a gloomy, tense atmosphere clouding the room and Menma almost shivered. His father's looked like they were just interrupted from a fight, and they turned their heads to the opposite direction from each other with a frown on their lips once they noticed Menma.

Oh man... they're at it... again. Menma rolled his eyes, already knowing where this was heading. He was used to his parents sometimes fighting, just to have an excuse to take that frustration out in the bedroom. Menma was too used to that to even let this bother him.

Sasuke held his head high as he pretended to look for something in the desk drawers, while Naruto opened the closet and glared daggers at it. They were definitely pretending everything was fine in front of Menma.

"Uh... dad..." The teen walked over to Naruto, who craned his neck to face him. "Um, I'm meeting with some friends now, and was wondering if I could have some money to buy snacks?" He pulled his lips upward in a cute pout.

Naruto closed the door to the closet and sighed. "You already got money this week." Menma furrowed his brows and looked over at his other father. Sasuke had his arms crossed, avoiding his husband at all cost and looked away. "Why don't you ask your not annoying other father," Naruto then said, making his husband's dark brow twitch.

There was something hidden behind those words that Menma did not understand. He did not care very much either. When he came back he was sure he would find the two fine and in very good terms. He just hoped they were finished doing... things by then.

"Papa..." Menma said with a hopeful voice and turned to Sasuke. "Please?" He smiled. The raven-haired male glared daggers at Naruto, then smirked and reached for his wallet. Menma smiled widely when his father handed him a handful of pocket money.

"What do you think you're doing?" Naruto approached them. "That's way too much! I thought that was for our date this evening."

"Like I wanna go on a date with a moron like you. Just forget it," Sasuke said bitterly. Menma got between them and held his hands in front of him when things looked like they were turning dark.

"Hey, you two! Stop it. Don't pretend you're mad just so you can..." Menma's face reddened. "A-anyway! I'm going now, so stop this nonsense."

"Hey! Attitude," Naruto warned. Menma rolled his eyes and left after checking his watch. He was running late. He walked out of the house and headed towards the bus stop.

Just as Menma left, Naruto and Sasuke put on their angry faces again. The raven glared daggers at his husband, who more or less did the same. "If you could just apologize, we can put this whole incident behind us. But that doesn't change the fact that you're a dumb-"

"I'm not going to apologize. I did nothing wrong." Naruto cut him off, not having any of it. He was tired of always taking the blame and giving in to every little thing. Sasuke swallowed heavily, before clicking his tongue.

"Seriously, Naruto..."

Naruto looked away and crossed his arms. "You know, Sasuke, you're not the only one who gets offended sometimes. Actually, you have no idea how extremely difficult you are at times."

Sasuke looked a bit offended, and he gaped for a second before shutting his mouth angrily. "You started this shit when you decided to make me the 'woman in the relationship'!"

"But my fatherasked who's the girl! It's not my fault-"

"I'm not a girl!"

"I never said you were! But my old man doesn't understand homosexual couples, and I just went with the flow, I never intended to hurt you and you know that," Naruto was speaking very loudly and with almost no breaks. Sasuke crossed his arms, seemingly angrier now than before.

"That doesn't make it any less humiliating for me. I thought you knew better than that Naruto." Sasuke looked away, brows tightly knitted. He could not deny the sting in his chest at his lover's tone.

Their lunch with Jiraiya had gone quite well, until the old man started prodding into their private lives. Sasuke was very uncomfortable with sharing personal stuff and he thought his husband was aware of that.

They had been together for many years now and knew each other inside and out.

Naruto slumped his shoulders and tried to reach for his cheek to comfort him but Sasuke slapped his hand away. Sasuke avoided his eyes and pressed his lips tight together. Naruto sighed. "So, teme, instead of talking it out, you had to make such a scene?" He narrowed his blue eyes a bit. "You know, you have hurt me too, when you carelessly make fun of how stupid I am in front of people."

"So now you're playing the victim card, huh?" Sasuke responded, finally meeting his eyes. He really needed a drink, or two, because this conflict here seemed to grow uglier by the minute and it had to stop until they both calmed down. This was getting quite ridiculous if he had to be honest.

"You know, Sasuke, you're my world, but sometimes you literally make me wanna break something."

"The feeling is mutual."

Sasuke said bitterly, but he knew deep down that this needed to stop. They have had arguments before, of course they had. About doing the dishes, about what position to have sex in, about what Menma should and should not do. But never had they gotten this mad at each other, over such a small thing.

"Maybe we should get away from each other for a bit. At least let out some steam," Naruto proposed, sighing tiredly. He was in no mood to have this completely pointless fight right now. He loved Sasuke too much and was afraid he would hurt him more if this went on. He was already aware that he did something wrong, but Sasuke never apologized when he hurt him. So why should he?

"Fine. I don't want to see you ever again, moron," Sasuke yelled, only seconds away from breaking down. He was not fine with this. Not fine with spending the night alone, he could not function without his husband. There was no way he could sleep knowing Naruto was alone and angry at him.

"Fine, you want a divorce then?!" Naruto asked, tears stinging his eyes.

The silence that fell over the room was overwhelming. Naruto's words left an ugly and unbearable echo that never seemed to fade, ringing in their ears.

Naruto put his palm in front of his lips the moment he uttered those words. A heavy lump formed in his throat, and both his lips and hands were shaking with regret. Blue eyes were impossibly wide and glossy.

What did I just say?!

Sasuke's beautiful ebony eyes reflected so much hurt it broke his heart. The raven knew Naruto did not mean it, it was just in the heat of that moment. Still, hearing him mention the word 'divorce' scared him in ways he never thought was possible.

"Oh love, dear Sasuke," Naruto sobbed and threw himself at his husband and clung to him desperately. "I'm sorry, I don't know w-what got to me," he whispered, tears wetting the shiny onyx hair. "I didn't mean it at all. I love y-you so much my dearest." He sobbed into his hair.

"D-don't ever say that again," Sasuke murmured, burying his face into his warm neck. His lips were trembling and he let a few tears out without holding back.

They were so silly sometimes. There was no need to fight like this.

"I won't... oh Sasuke, forgive me," Naruto pulled back, holding both his husband's hands and stared deeply into his mesmerizing eyes.

"It's fine, it's fine..." The raven whispered, smiling lightly and kissing his lover tenderly. Naruto responded weakly, feeling so ashamed of what he just said. As if he was ever going leave Sasuke. That would have to be over his dead body.

The kiss grew more passionate and the couple held into each other desperately. They let all of their feelings out, the kiss starting to taste a bit salty because of the tears.

This was their third year as a married couple, and both swore their love had never felt this strong before. It was so strong that they got too scared sometimes. Thus, their fights never lasted long. No matter how many times they fought, how angry they made each other, they always solved it in the end. Always.

Naruto pulled back to breath harshly, his nails digging into his lover's sides. He pressed his body to his until there was no space left. He cupped the fair and lovely cheeks and kissed his forehead. "I love you so much."

Sasuke leaned into the touch, placing his hands on top of Naruto's. "I love you too," he murmured. He pulled him in for another intense lip lock, this time letting his tongue freely wander into his mouth. He liked their closed-mouthed kisses, but nothing felt better than letting his tongue rub with Naruto's. It was amazing.

Both always thought it was odd how they forgave each other so quickly. Were all married couples like that?

"You smell amazing," Naruto buried his nose into the pale neck, inhaling his delicious enticing scent. Sasuke closed his eyes and buried his fingers into the golden locks when his husband suddenly started sucking on his neck. "I feel like such a douche," the blonde suddenly pulled back.

"I honestly didn't mean to call you the 'girl'," he continued, voice soft and tender. "But I don't think my old man would understand if I explained it otherwise. However, that really doesn't give me the right to call you that either. I promise to be more careful from now on." Naruto stroked his cheeks with soothing thumbs, before sighing deeply.

Sasuke shook his head lightly, leaning in to peck his husband on the lips. "I'll try being careful too, I promise," he whispered. Naruto nodded and hugged him again, a happy smile plastered on his lips. He took his husband's hand and held it tightly, bringing it to his own cheek. A huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.

"Well, to be honest..." Sasuke looked away again, feeling a bit flustered as he sighed once more. Maybe it had been more to this than just that lunch with his father-in-law. Naruto had a feeling that there were more to this too. Sasuke had always been so insecure about himself and his role in their relationship. He was also very self-aware of his looks and how people saw him.

"Maybe I sometimes feel like we don't have the same roles in the relationship." Sasuke bit his bottom lip unsurely, letting his husband's hand fall from his cheeks and held it tightly to him. "You don't think of me... as the submissive one, do you?" The raven looked deeply into the mildly surprised navy eyes and waited nervously for an answer.

The Uchiha had always thought it was bad enough he was the bottom in bed. He enjoyed it, of course, he loved it, but he never liked to mention that to others but Naruto. He was afraid of what people might think of him, as he had struggled his whole life to live up to his proud family name.

Naruto let his hands fall down his husband's sides, and he smiled comfortingly. Sasuke had many insecurities, and he shared most of them with the blonde. This one topic here was particularly a sensitive one, and Naruto wished he could explain to his love that he had nothing to worry about.

"Darling, I've never thought of you as unequal to me. Actually, I have always thought of you as someone who is so much better than me, and I have strived to be your equal-"

"That's not how you should think either..."

"I know, but I can't help it." Naruto smiled and laid his arms around Sasuke's waist. "You've always been the handsome one, the smarter one, the stronger and I can't help but admire you." There was a hint of a smile in Sasuke's lips. "You, the submissive one? Pfft..." Naruto laughed. "I am the one who follows you around like a little puppy."

"Hn. I guess..." The raven breathed, leaning more against the edge of the desk until he was trapped against it. Naruto bit his bottom lip and just took a minute to appreciate his husband's face. Sasuke had gotten his mother's looks, and he was extremely beautiful yes, but nowhere near as feminine-looking as he thought he was.

"I can't believe you think I would ever think of you as anything but a man," Naruto breathed into his ear and let his hand squeeze the front of his husband's pants. Sasuke bit back a moan when pressure was added to his groin. "This place here, that I love so much, is everything I would ever want sexually."

Sasuke pressed his husband closer and breathed hotly against him. "Pervert," he whispered. Naruto had showed a bit of his perverted sides when they were dating. But it was not until they got married that his perverted side was fully exposed. Never had Sasuke thought Naruto had this many kinks.

They had experimented so much in the bedroom. Naruto had made Sasuke dress up in all kinds of fetish wears, used toys on him, they have done roleplay, tried a bunch of crazy positions thanks to a Kama Sutra, and even had sex in public places without being caught. Basically, Sasuke was no pervert, but he was married to one.

Did he mind that?

Hell no.

"Yes, I am a pervert, your pervert," Naruto murmured and cupped Sasuke's ass. He rubbed their crotches for a bit before placing his husband on top of the desk. He was quick to attach his lips to the beautiful creamy neck and smother it was open-mouthed kisses.

Sasuke let him work on his neck a bit before he yanked the golden locks back to lock their lips in a messy kiss. Naruto groaned into his mouth and made him wrap his legs around his waist as he deepened the kiss.

The blonde held into his dearest and lifted him off the desk. Sasuke broke the kiss surprised and wrapped his arms around him as well. Naruto captured his lips again as he pushed his husband down the bed with him on top.

"I love you," Naruto stroked the black soft bangs and kissed his cheek. Sasuke cupped his face and kissed him again.

"I love you too..."

"I'm gonna make you feel so good, Sasuke," Naruto breathed as he started unzipping his tight black jeans. There was nothing in the world the Uzumaki loved more than to pleasure his husband. He loved to hear him moan and see him fall apart for him. Just like how Sasuke made him feel.

"Oh, I'm gonna make you feel even better," Sasuke cupped his husband's impressive member through his blue jeans. Naruto sucked on his plump bottom lip before pushing his tongue into his mouth.

He was so turned on.

Sasuke used the opportunity to roll them around so he straddled his husband. He pressed his ass against his clothed erection, leaking at the thought of having that inside of him. Naruto cupped his backside and squeezed it.

"Let me suck your cock first," Sasuke breathed into his ear. The blonde tried to roll him over so he was on top again, but the pretty male would not let him.

"Hey, I said I'll do it first," Naruto said, but when his husband shook his head playfully. The blonde then trailed his hands upwards to the raven's sides, and smirked as he started tickling him. Sasuke gasped surprised and struggled against him as he started to laugh.

Naruto rolled over him and chuckled as his lover giggled and panted, kicking his legs slightly. It was so nice to see him so carefree. To hear him laugh like that and let himself go. Naruto stopped tickling when Sasuke was out of breath, and he just panted to catch his breath.

A smile played on Sasuke's lips, his big black eyes shining with his cheeks glowing pink. He looked up at Naruto as if he was the most precious thing in the world. He sighed deeply and contently before closing his eyes.

Never had he thought, when he was eighteen, nineteen, twenty... that he would ever feel like this. So much happiness, so at ease and for once content with his life. Sasuke had never pictured himself to ever get married to anyone, let alone the only boy he had ever fallen in love with. Now, he had a husband, a son, a home, a future.

What more could he wish for?

"I married my best friend," Sasuke whispered when he opened his eyes, to Naruto who was lying by his and looking at him dreamily.

"Amazing, isn't it?" The blonde murmured, holding his hand tightly.

And they chuckled, cuddling closer, feeling warmer than ever.


Menma's stomach was filled with butterflies as warmth spread through him. He had barely gotten to experience one of the biggest moments of his life when his phone suddenly started ringing. He pulled back quickly, red coloring his and the other boy's cheeks.

Shakily, Menma pressed the answer button and put the phone to his ear, flustered as he averted the boy's eyes. "Honey, it's nine already, aren't you coming home soon?" It was Naruto, his voice quite gentle. It was strange, Menma thought, he was usually strict when he stayed out too long.

"I'll be home soon," he said and put his phone down his bag without touching it further. Menma turned back to the other boy, face reddening further.

"My parents just had to interrupt my first kiss like that…" He rubbed the back of his head shyly. The boy just shook his head and gave Menma a peck on a whisker-marked cheek.

"I don't want your parents to get mad at you," he smiled and stood up. "I can walk you home." He said.

"Ah, n-no need to…" Menma stuttered, but was silenced once his boyfriend held his hand and led him out. Menma met Gaara across the hallway, and just bowed respectfully before following the other boy.

As far as Menma's fathers knew, he was only a friend of Neji and Gaara's adopted son. Well he was, until two weeks ago. Both boys attended the same school and class, and quickly became best friends.


Menma was quiet when he entered their house. It was almost ten at night now and he hoped his parents were sleeping. His hopes were however crushed when he found the two in the living room, lights on and two completely different expressions on their faces.

Naruto wore a huge grin on his face, while Sasuke had his arms crossed in front of him with a frown. Menma gulped nervously and greeted them with an innocent smile. Shit, am I in trouble?

"Dearest, come here, take a seat!" Naruto said, tapping the space beside him. Menma hesitated, eyeing them suspiciously for a second, before hiding his face with his dark bangs and approaching them.

There was a small awkward silence and Menma kept rubbing his thin thighs together nervously. "I-I'm sorry for being out so late…" he started.

"That's okay, dear, we were just wondering," Naruto ruffled his ebony hair and Menma had never been more confused in his life. His heart was in his throat and he could honestly not read his father's expression. Was he in trouble or not?

"We heard you had your first kiss!" Naruto grinned, and Sasuke's brow twitched when his husband hugged the small boy to him. "Who is it?" He asked excitedly.

Menma gaped openly at both of them, his whole face turning bright red. "H-h-h-how do y-you know?" He stuttered painfully.

"You didn't hang up when we finished the call, Menma," Sasuke commented. He did not seem as pleased as Naruto was.

"W-well… I…" Menma played with his hoodie sleeve, feeling so embarrassed he wished he could just disappear. No teenager would ever want this kind of discussion with his parents.

"Menma, you're too young to be doing this stuff," Sasuke started.

"Don't be so old fashioned, teme, let him kiss if he wants to," Naruto disagreed, tapping his son's shoulder. "So, who was it?"

"I don't want to talk about it…!" Menma protested, damning himself for not hanging up on them. He could have prevented this embarrassment.

"Is it because of Sasuke?" Naruto put his arms around his husband and kissed his cheek lovingly. "He is just being overprotective and cute, don't mind him. We fell in love with each other around your age."

I really did not want to know that… Menma thought, brow twitching. "I'm leaving…" The teenager said and stormed off before his parents could say anything.

Sasuke and Naruto stared at each other blankly. "You shouldn't have pressured him like that…" the raven sighed and rose to his feet. He walked over to the kitchen, where he found his son helping himself to the pork dumplings they had for dinner.

"Menma…" Sasuke said softly, and Menma glanced at him with a pout. "We won't pester you on the subject anymore, just be careful, okay?" The raven laid his arms around the boy's shoulder and hugged him.

"Whatever," Menma mumbled, pulling away. It was not like he was worried his parents would not accept his boyfriend because he was male. Obviously. He just did not want them to interfere with his private life.

Naruto entered shortly after, smiling at the sight of his husband and son sitting next to each other on the table. Such a precious sight. "You guys okay?" He smiled. Sasuke looked up at him and nodded.

Menma took a huge bite of the bun, loving the taste. He ate in comfortable silence, smiling at his parents who small-talked between themselves every now and then.

"Thanks for the meal," Menma said, finally feeling less shy as he carefully placed the used plates in the sink. Sasuke ruffled his hair, smiling down at his boy.

"Go watch some TV or something, you can stay up for another half an hour today," he smiled. Menma's eyes shined brightly and he grinned.

"Thank you dad," he said and went off to the door frame of the kitchen. Just before he disappeared, he turned to both males and waved. "Love ya both!"

Sasuke and Naruto wore a smile on their lips as they watched their son leave generically. It was amazing how much he had grown these past years and they were so proud of him.

Now that they were alone again, Naruto turned to his husband and rubbed his hip a bit.

"Are you okay, down there?" He murmured. He had seen Sasuke cringe a bit when sitting down and looking a bit funny when walking. Maybe he was too rough again.

"I'm fine," Sasuke said carefully, sliding his hand down his lover's toned chest. He looked deeply into his eyes and drowned in the emotions that were conveyed.

It was truly strange, when they thought about it, how much they had been through. In moments like this, both could not help but look back at their past and find it so distant.

Naruto took his husband's hand and kissed it lovingly, not tearing his eyes away from him. Their lives had been a huge emotional roller coaster. Going from being childhood friends, to having a crush on each other, to dating in their teen years. Then breaking up, and leaving each other for so long that both thought there was no meaning to life anymore.

Strange how that felt like a bad dream.

How did they live without each other for five whole years?

That was barely living, just surviving, both would agree.

Sasuke's heart would always beat so fast when Naruto looked at him like that. His stomach fluttered uncontrollably. And he wished for nothing more than to be wherever his husband was. "I love you…" he murmured.

Naruto cupped his cheek, looking deeply into him, before slowly kissing his forehead tenderly. "I love you too…"

Was there a need to say more?

The couple hugged tightly and sighed contently into the embrace. Sasuke looked through glossy eyes at the tap, listening to the droplets falling down the sink. The warm spicy scent of his husband filled his lungs and he closed his eyes.

Naruto buried his nose in the black, soft hair and inhaled the coconut scent. His husband's frame fit perfectly into his own, and he could spend the rest of his life like this if he could. His gaze focused on the fridge, listening to its humming.

The same thought wandered both males at that very moment.

I'm so glad I never gave up on my life.

The End

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