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Some notes on the story and greetings this Autumn after a very long hiatus from this story. So many good things die here and I won't be guilty of that. With all the followers and reviews I hadn't expected this story to do so well. I want to thank everyone who has read this story, hit the follow button, the favorite button, and written a review. I look forward to those who join us in the future as the saga of Daria and Jane's romance continues in 2012. I did research for the upcoming events in the story, the most important being that in select states same-sex marriage had already been legally recognized, including Massachusetts. I placed Lawndale in that state for the purposes of this story and hint at it in earlier chapters. Massachusetts was in fact the first state to honor it back in 2003. So salute's to you Massachusetts.

I am increasing the rating for this story because surprise! The next chapter will be quite steamy. I want to reward all the fans of this story with the sexiest moments yet as Daria and Jane try to reconcile their differences in the best way they know how.

After they abandon Casa Lane the story will take quite a different direction. I imagine you are wondering if they will stay in Lawndale? Will the Morgendorffers ever appear back in the picture? What is Daria's relationship like with them beyond tidbits of passing conversation? Will Jane and Daria get beyond engagement to holy matrimony? Daria got in a fist fight and well did she win? Trent doesn't even know except for maybe the answer to that last one. All and much more to be revealed. Dust off your Belinda Carlisle CD and follow along for what it's worth. This romance is no heaven on earth.

On a side note I mention that for those diehard fans of the show you probably noticed that I had the trio eating Pop Tarts instead of sugar tarts. That branding was mentioned by Quinn I believe the first season where she mocks Daria for eating them. I'm sticking with poptarts to show that they can now at least afford brand name even though they are about to lose their house. Thank you for all your follows and reviews.


Dammittttttttt Daria

Chapter Nine Orgasm

"I can't keep my hands off you." Jane said as she lurched for Daria. The petite brunette lay under her, belly-side-down, like a piece of buttery toast. Daria shivered as Jane ran her hand up the back of Daria's black t-shirt and traced a finger down her spine. Jane circled Daria's cold back with her pair of warm hands. When she was done massaging Daria's back she glided her hands down towards Daria's stomach.

"I love your belly. It's so small."

Daria's belly sucked inside in response.

"Dont tense up." Jane purred as she crawled over Daria on all fours. The midnight haired vixen used her nose to part the hair covering the back of Daria' neck so she could kiss the tender flesh the hair shielded. Daria squealed when Jane grazed her teeth against soft pale flesh and then bit into it. A deep kiss sent them both moaning as Jane continued to caress Daria's stomach. Daria began to ache inside as she felt her shirt ride up to the bottom of her breasts. Jane put her hand onto Daria's back and bit deeper into the back of her neck while unclipping Daria's bra. Her back arched in the first throes of passion as Jane squeezed her tender boobs. Jane's thumbs pressed firmly towards Daria's nipples.

"Ooogh Jane whoa. Too fast." Daria said between Jane's arms.

"I"ll make you beg for mercy before I slow down." Jane's mouth crept down to Daria's chest and Jane twisted Daria's nipples with her tongue.

Bonnie Tyler got louder on the stereo as 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' drowned out their moaning along to the rhythms of the creaky bed frame. Jesse and Trent were both at work while the couple locked themselves in the guest room of Jesse's bungalow. Jane could feel Daria's nipples puff up in her mouth as they rolled further into each other. Daria made no attempt to stifle a moan as she rocked back into the mattress. Jane licked circles into her naked navel as she felt her jeans being unbuttoned. The sweat trickled from the soft creases of her forehead to her cheeks. Jane made no pause as she continued to work Daria's midsection while slipping her jeans down her slim hips.

When the jeans slid to Daria's ankles Jane slicked with nude sweat. She pressed her forehead to Daria's bare thigh, locked eyes with her, and said, "Open your oyster for me. It's time for some pearl diving."

"But I don't like swimming. Besides my bikini doesn't fit anymore."

"Where were going you won't need to wear anything."

Daria squirmed.

"Help me lose those jeans and part the seas."

Jane kissed Daria's collarbone as she felt the denim slip from her hands.

The next song on the mix-tape played out of Jane's trusty boombox.

"I'm glad that survived the move," Daria gasped as Jane went pearl diving.

'Don't Dream It's Over' by Crowded House blared through the speakers.

"I'm glad all your tapes survived the move. But can we open the 90s box soon."

"Daria you're distracting me. Nothing wrong with the 80s."

"I'm not killing the mood."

"Stop talking."

Daria screamed with pleasure.

The peeling wallpaper was spotted with royal pink roses encircling a skeletal corpse. It looked like a grotesque parody of wallpaper that had been bought at a seasonal department store or off an online discount site. Jesse's taste in decorating had not changed much. The dresser and side table beside the bed were covered with fancy candelabra and tealight holders. Each contained tastefully dark-waxed candles to match the wallpaper in shades of purple and blue. A faux mahogany bookshelf had leatherbound volumes layered by dust. The only object that did not match was the white box fan in the corner by the picture window. None of the candles had ever been lit in here but their artificial scents of 'lavender' and 'ocean fusion' filled the room.

Daria could feel her back slick with sweat after a fourth orgasm. Their clothes were spread in a barrage as grenades of passion exploded over the bed. Jane's foot lost a sock just then and that completed the bed's ensemble. When Daria pulled Jane in for a cuddle her stomach made a ferocious growl as their sweaty lips pressed to each other. Jane smirked as she pushed off of Daria, "I'll be right back."

"I will be here."

Jane slipped back into her shirt and jeans, wiping the sweat from her face with the hem of her shirt. Daria sighed as her own sweat chilled enough to make her hair rise. She fastened the bed sheet around herself, burrowing into it. The purple linen was enough to curb her discomfort. Her empty stomach would protest otherwise.

"We have not fucked like that in a long time." Daria remarked to the ceiling. She could feel the rage of Jane's body still bucking her. Daria decided that was not their love making, it was sex filled with tension and unspoken arguments. Fucking.

Every throttle into the bed, every bite, passion bordered possession. They needed to know they could still find each other's flesh and call out that need. The wanting could never stop where the flesh had to be bound for if it did that meant they were over.

Jane returned with a bowl of cold rice noodles and pork smothered in vinegar and sweet chili sauce. The pair picked the pork out of it first and fed one another slurpy mouthfuls of noodles once that had all been bottomed out. Jane discarded the bowl onto the floor in a few minutes.

"Now where were we." Jane said when she yanked her shirt off.

She shedded her jeans like they had caught on fire as Daria tossed back the sheet.

"Eager 'ey? Is it the spice I should be feeding you more?"

Daria frowned while wrestling Jane for a kiss.

"The fifth." Jane shouted as she dove for pearls.

Daria grabbed at Jane's hair as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Jane had not heard Daria moan that loud since the thunderstorm in the garage.

In this space, time folded between the sheets and the angry sex fogged out agony.

After a few hours the pair fell asleep once they had run each other into the mattress. Jane went in and out of sleep as Daria snored.


Jane fluttered her eyes open.

"You're such a liar."

Daria grimaced.


Daria punched at the sheets with her eyes closed. It took a moment for Jane to realize that Daria wasn't awake. Jane grabbed Daria's wrist and pulled it to herself, clasping the hand. Daria jerked a bit and then settled down as Jane held the hand between her own. Jane sighed and decided to give it a try.

"Whose a liar?"

"You Edmunds!"


"You stole my lunch from the break room?"

Jane snorted.

"Wednesday, Jane made me a sandwich and you stole it."

"I don't make you lunch? I barely touch a pot."

"Victory sandwich. She lost a bet and made me one."

Jane couldn't decide whether to be amused or confused. She did recall the wicked club sandwich piled with meat. She could've remembered what the bet was about if she wasn't thinking about sex. Daria elbowed her, then rolled over. Jane frowned at her as she started snoring. The drama ensued as Jane pursed her lips at the random things Daria mentioned in her sleep. It made Jane nervous because somehow though out of order the the things Daria shouted were not unrelated. She talked about Edmunds for awhile until the sleep talking stopped. Jane wasn't worried about an affair but she couldn't shake a different kind of feeling. Every encounter with Edmunds was hostile. Jane knew she would have to proceed with caution. She squeezed Daria's hand.

Jane allowed Daria to sleep uninterrupted while she took care of stuff around the room. She slipped back into her shirt and pants followed by braiding her hair back together. She felt her fingers pinch when she tried to make the delicate motions with her fingers. She pushed through the pain, determined to recover. Jane frowned at the spread of dirty clothes on the floor. She sorted dirty from useable with a quick sniff of the discarded garments. Once that was through Jane unpacked their suitcases, being sure to keep the loads light as she lifted them out of the bags. She decided to leave everything else stowed with the uncertainty of how long they would remain at Jesse's place hanging in the air.

It was an anxious time for them both as the promise of marriage barely kept the situation in balance. Jane could feel her shoulders tighten at the thought of being Daria's wife. She realized how long she had been craving to be bound beyond flesh to the one woman who knew her more than she knew herself. The floor felt so thin under her feet at the thought of this Edmunds character. Who was he? He didn't seem to make Daria happy. She went through a rolling mental list of all of Daria's former colleagues from the ghosts of jobs past. She never recalled Daria complaining about anyone by that name. Daria was too awkward to keep up an affair. But what about Tom. The insecurity flipped her stomach. Daria told her right away and they had been teenagers. Daria wasn't attracted to men. Or was she? Was the sad drunk Daria a person Jane didn't know? Jane resisted every urge to wake up Daria. She tried to push the negative inner conversation away by blaming Edmunds on fevered post-coitus dreams.

The simple beauty of Daria spread out on the bed and tangled in the sheets put Jane at peace. Daria reached for Jane in her sleep and woke up. Jane was drawn towards her like lightning and dove in for a kiss. Daria was caught off guard and her eyes widened when her lips smacked against Jane. The couple twisted up in the bed and got to round six for the day.

When it was done silence poured over the room like a pitcher of water as blades of pink light pierced through the blinds. A brilliant sunset brightened the wallpaper in all its glorious fuschia. Jane heard a knock at the door and the rustle of a take-out bag.

"Chinese tonight from Good Times." Trent called through the closed door. She heard her brother step down the hall to the kitchen. Jesse's quick footfalls came shortly after.

The four were gathered at the table. Trent shot Jane a look when he noticed the afterglow. Daria kept her mouth full of orange chicken before disappearing back to the bedroom. Jesse glanced at the empty chair and then asked Jane, "So how's the arm?"

Jane shrugged.

Trent swallowed hard.

"The doctor said that its scarred over down to the muscle and its likely I won't paint again. That's what we were told this morning. I'll pay for the window I broke."

Jesse glanced at Jane's bandaged knuckles, "Don't worry about it."

Trent sighed as he twirled his fork in some rice.

"Please don't ask about this in front of Daria. She blames herself for it."

"Janey, I got a phone call today and I don't know how to break it to you."