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By Nari

Chapter One

"I go away for a week and all hell breaks loose. . . " Cyclops muttered to himself as he looked out over the ruins of what used to be the Xavier's Institute For Gifted Youngsters.

"Now, Scott, just calm down and I'm sure I can explain it to you," Bobby Drake said while glaring at Gambit.

"Don' listen t' him, Scotty, he only gonna lie to y'" Remy broke in shoving Bobby out of the way.

"I will not! It's your fault that this happened!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too! Your the one who refused to hire a professional!"

"Dat would have been a stupid t'ing to do when I could do it just as easily myself!"

"You blew up half the house!!!"

"And you froze de other half!!"

"I was tring to stop the fire that *you* started!"

"All right dat's it Icecube!" Swings a punch at Bobby that he just manages to dodge and then tackles Remy to the ground.

"Say it's your fault, Cajun!"


The two continue to roll around in the dirt like couple of whiny kids, while Cyclops stands by trying not to rip his hair out in frustration.

"Alright, THAT"S ENOUGH!!!" Cyclops yelled, stopping both the men in there tracks. They looked up at Scott with guilty expressions on their faces. "Stop fighting like couple of five year olds and tell me what happened from the start."

Both men stood up and dusted themselves off, glaring at each other the entire time. Cyclops tried to supress a sigh of frustration.

"Okay," Bobby started, "Heres what happened."

"Hey! You can't tell him what happened. You'll tell it wrong!"

"HAH!! You're the one who would twist everything around," Bobby sneered at Remy.

"Oh yeah?!"


"ARGH!! SHUT UP, BOTH OF YOU!!! I don't want anymore pointless arguing! Just tell the damn story!" Cylops yelled at them. His face was turning a beat red and it looked like it would explode at any moment. Both Remy and Bobby were silent for a moment, exchanging worried looks. "Well? Go on."

They both started to talk at the same time. "Well, *Bobby* here-" "*Remy* was-"


"Yes, Cyclops?"

"Do you know how this happened?"

"Yes, I saw the whole thing."

Sigh//Thank God// "Tell me what happened, please," he said in a pathetically pleading voice.

"Very well."


AN: what will happed next?! why did Bobby and Remy distroy the mansion? will scott explode and destroy everything? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! tune in next time!!!!!