Chapter Thirty-three:




Sayu sighed softly, running her fingers through Beyond's hair as he traced his fingers along the scar he had left on her in L.A.

"This is distracting," Sayu uttered aloud, but she herself knew that she didn't sound the least annoyed.

In fact, she was enjoying this rare moment of peace with Beyond.

At the thought, she snorted.

"Hmm? What's so amusing?" Beyond asked, eyeing her in interest.

Sayu smiled and traced her fingers along Beyond's jawline.

"Peace," Sayu almost laughed, "I never would have imagined doing something so mundane with you of all people."

Beyond smirked, he too apparently sharing her amusement at the situation.

"I really don't care what we're doing, as long as your eyes and thoughts are only on me."

Sayu, despite knowing just how unhinged Beyond could get at the slightest things, gave the serial killer a coy smile.

"Oh? Who else would I be thinking of?"

Beyond's easy smile was replaced by a jealous look.

"That damn Nate River."

"Near? As if, he's as thought provoking as taking a dump."

It seemed her answer pleased her pseudo boyfriend, because he planted a kiss on her collarbone.

"What about that blond idiot with the dumb look?"

"Misa? You know I don't swing that way."

Sayu withheld the urge to wince as Beyond dug his nails into the scar, probably drawing a bit of blood.

"Dumb isn't a good look on you, Sayu."

"Mm, maybe you need to jog my memory a little..."

Smirking, Beyond pulled her closer to him, resting his chin on her upper stomach.

In response, Sayu hooked her arms around his neck, resisting the urge to just push him on top of the bed he was sitting on and having her way with him right there.

She was fifteen and her hormones were going to be the death of her, she knew.

"Oh, you meant Mello? He's cute when he blushes, you know? Mm, I may just kidnap him so I can have my way with him."

"Don't play," Beyond growled lowly, eliciting a shiver from her.

"But his temper is a turn off, unfortunately,"

"What about Quarter?"

"Ah, she..." Sayu closed her eyes slightly as Beyond started trailing kisses along her stomach, "...she's not picking up her phone lately. Midterms I think."

"And the redhead?"

"He's hot," Sayu answered without thinking.

She almost whined when Beyond stopped just where her scar was.

Beyond was such a fucking tease.

"Perhaps I misheard you."

"Good news is he's too busy being a mama bear over Mello to realize what a catch I am," Sayu shrugged in a what can you do manner.

"The idiot," Beyond huffed, releasing an air of hot breath upon Sayu's scar.

"Mmm," Sayu wasn't even ashamed that she moaned when Beyond started nipping on her scar.

"What about Kira?"

"If I fuck him, it would be incest."

"Is that so?"

"Fucking tease," Sayu growled as Beyond stopped, "I'm not into Light, okay?"

She was rewarded with a pleased kiss.

"And L?"

Sayu froze for a moment.

That was enough for Beyond to pull away from her with a sneering and disgusted look, "L?"

He sounded like he couldn't believe it...and was she imagining the betrayed look in his eyes?

Sayu couldn't help but gape at the serial killer. She was caught utterly off guard by the show of emotion.


Sayu stumbled back as Beyond shot up, an outraged look on his face.

"I could handle your minor feelings for the idiot trio and your brother, but L? That manipulative bastard?! My enemy? The one who turned me into this mess? You love him?!"

"No!" Sayu exclaimed, spurred into action at Beyond's accusing words.

"I don't feel anything for L!"

Beyond paused, his enraged look morphing imto surprise.

"...you have no feelings for L?"

Sayu's eyes softened at how vulnerable Beyond sounded and she grabbed his hands in her own, giving them a comforting squeeze.

"The only thing I feel for that insomniac guy is annoyance," she assured, "You're mine."

Beyond's face also softened and he allowed her to push him back on the bed.

"I'm yours," Beyond parroted as she climbed onto his lap and straddled him.

"And I'm yours, B."

She didn't give Beyond the chance to react to her admission and she planted her lips on his. She took advantage of how his mouth opened in surprise to plunge her tongue into his.

Her eyes were as wide as his as she realized that yes, she was his. Utterly and completely at his mercy.

Which of course she was, what other explanation could there be for her sudden change of heart regarding Light?

Her willingness to betray Light? It was all Beyond's fault. And maybe, just maybe she didn't care. She didn't care about how consuming this thing she had with Beyond was.

She cursed her need for air as she broke away from the kiss.

Panting at the loss of air, a part of her contemplated whether or not she would have still gone to L.A a year ago if she had known it would lead to this.

The answer? Yes. Only this time, she would have killed L and take Beyond with her.

Sayu blinked as Beyond's hand caressed her cheek. She wasn't even annoyed at the smug look he had.

"You're mine."

Smiling slightly, she placed her own hands on either side of his face and looked him in the eyes.

She had never been more serious about anything before.

"I'm yours, Beyond Birthday."

For once, she wasn't even lying.

In response, Beyond grabbed her and rolled them onto the bed, somehow tangling their legs together possessively.

"Now, tell me about what you're hiding from me..."

"I made a deal with L."

"Worst decision of your life, I promise you."

Sayu glared at Beyond. She withheld the urge to tell Beyond that she made a deal with the devil for him. She knew his pride wouldn't stand for any favors from L.

"Tell me everything."

And she did.

At the end, Beyond was frowning slightly.

"What? You're against my decision?"

"You're being as foolish as A was, Sayu..."

Sayu blinked at the name. She knew that A was an orphan who committed suicide.

However, this was the first time B had ever brought up A.

"Who was A?"

It was killing her, the curiosity.

"He was my brother in all but blood...and L killed him."

Sayu's eyes widened as Beyond gained a faraway look.

It was now her turn to listen as Beyond recounted a story.


"That movie was lame," Matt bluntly commented as he took a seat at a table in the cafe.

"The protagonist was an idiot," Mello chimed in, taking a seat next to Matt.

Snickering in amusement, Sayu took a seat across the duo. Why was she amused? Well, Mello and Matt had texted her, asking her to meet up.

So, she proposed to go watch a movie together and being the vindictive shit she was, she had chosen a crappy romance movie.

Seeing Matt and Mello suffer through the whole movie was definitely going to be her best memory of the whole Kira case fiasco. She was aware of how pathetic she sounded.

"What's so funny?" Mello mildly snapped at her.

Sayu held her hands up in a surrendering gesture, but she couldn't fight the smile from her face.

"It's just, you two are acting like normal kids and it's funny," Sayu chuckled, "Sometimes I forget that you two are the same age as Sayu."

Mello and Matt slowly blinked at her and for a moment, Sayu thought they were sharing one of those moments until-

"Why are you talking in third person? It's creepy," Matt bluntly commented.

Sayu quickly recovered at the inquiry and said: "Well, didn't I sound cute? Teehee."

For added effect she even tilted her head to the side and stuck out her tongue.

Matt and Mello looked like they wanted to die, judging by the disgusted looks they were sporting. Tch.

Before she could blink, Sayu was bonked in the head by not only Mello, but Matt as well. Which was saying something.

"Never do that again," Mello sneered. "And I thought you were the lesser evil compared to Kira."

Ignoring the second part of Mello's sentence, Sayu crossed her arms. "You two just have no appreciation for the opposite sex. At this point, I wonder if you two are secretly in love or something."

A glare, courtesy of Mello, made her shut up.

Matt snorted, "Yes, I'm clearly lusting over Mello because I'm into sob stories and leather."

"Here I thought it was the blue eyes."

"It's a bonus."

Mello shook his head in disbelief, "She's corrupted you."

Sharing a mischievous look, both smirked at Mello.

"We're part of the Sociopath Foundation," Matt started.

"In which we don't give a fuck about anyone and plan on taking over the world with chocolate bunnies and videogames," Sayu finished.

Mello snorted at them, "You guys had me at chocolate bunnies," he sarcastically said, the only thing giving away his amusement was the slight curve on his lips.

Sayu couldn't help herself.

She laughed. She laughed so hard that tears gathered at the corner of her eyes, that the sound vibrated through her body.

'This must be what it feels like to have friends, to be normal...'

She used her hands to wipe at the corners of her eyes, a soft smile on her features.

When she looked up, she saw Mello and Matt gaping at her. For some reason both looked a bit flustered, going by the pink dusting on their cheeks.

She bit her lips, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

"Is something wrong?"

Mello and Matt shared a look with each other before looking back at her.

"That's the first time you've laughed."

Matt nodded, quickly adding: "Genuinely."


They noticed?

"You two are being weird. Your jobs are to dig up dirt about my brother from me, not to act like my friends," she pointed out.

"As if we give a crap about Kira," Mello scoffed.


Matt chuckled in amusement, "What this tsundere is trying to say is that you're not just a job to us anymore. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here raking up friend points or watching a crappy romance movie."

"Oi, I'm not a tsundere!"

"That's the only part you got from my speech?"

"That was the only false part."

"I think it was the more genuine part."

Sayu watched the banter going on in front of her with a surprised look. Mello and Matt considered her their friend? That...

Blushing, she ignored the weird feeling in her stomach. Maybe she was coming down with a flu or something.

"Something wrong, Yagami?"

Sayu shook her head at Matt's question, "Just thinking."


She almost snorted at the curious looks the boys were giving her, but instead she placed her elbow on the table between them and set her chin on her palm.

"About our threesome."

"Wow, you're really trying to get in our pants, aren't you?" Mello quickly shot back.

"Who would have thought that Sayu Yagami would be a fangirl?" Matt added.

"No fair, you two are ganging up on me..." Sayu mock sighed, "I'll wait until you two come around and realize what a catch I am. But, well, by then my boyfriend probably wouldn't appreciate it."

Matt snorted, "Who would be crazy enough to date you?"

Mello nodded in agreement, "I doubt you'll ever get a boyfriend."

Sayu smirked at them.

Oh, the irony.

"So, why did you two want to hang out? I doubt L would just let you two wander off during the Kira case for the foreign concept of friendship he doesn't get."

The boys grimaced, but neither said anything.

Of course they wouldn't. Even Mello, who was arguably an L-fanboy before the Kira case, had reached the point of barely tolerating L. She didn't blame him really, she couldn't imagine being stuck with L every single day.

"We used the Second Kira's diary as an excuse," Mello truthfully said, producing a folded paper from the pocket of his jeans. "We told him we'd get your input on it."

"What we really came here to do though," Matt let his eyes sweep over Sayu. "Is to see if you had lost your mind. Conclusion? You probably did since you were a kid, considering you're Kira's little sister."

"Hey!" Sayu hollered, "For your information, I lost my mind the moment the Kira case began."

"Agreed," the boys nodded, understanding in their faces.

"But, I think you did lose what was left of your sanity the moment you made a deal with L of all people."

Sayu pursed her lips. It seemed like it wasn't only Beyond who thought it was stupid of her to make a deal with L. Go figure.

"Even I wouldn't," Mello added.

Crap. She really screwed up, didn't she?

"He's a manipulative bastard," Matt reminded her.

"What if I told you I'm the one manipulating him?"

Matt snorted, "Good luck with that."

"He's the this century's greatest detective, Sayu," Mello didn't even sound awed, it was a fact.

He had a point.

"Whatever, just give me that paper so I can get rid of you two."

Rolling his eyes, Mello handed her the piece of paper.

"You should have seen L scream his head off. He actually thinks Shinigami are real," Matt, ever the skeptic, snorted. "Knowing you, you would have loved to see that happen. I'm sure even Kira was amused."

Sayu didn't bother hiding the small smile. She was sure Matt was right on only two of his three statements,

She looked down to read the paper Mello had handed to her and quickly recognized it to be Misa's hidden message to Light.

"The twenty two of May entry," Sayu didn't even blink as she handed the paper back to Mello, not bothering to elaborate on why.

She was sure that even with her input, they wouldn't catch Misa.

Before either of the boys could say anything, Mello's phone started ringing.

Sayu watched in amusement as Mello scowled and muttered something about insufferable albinos before standing out and stomping away.

Matt rolled his eyes at his best friend's dramatics before looking at Sayu.

"Be careful, Sayu. L's the same as Kira."

With that, the redhead walked away.

Sayu blinked.

Did Matt actually sound concerned about her?


Sometimes, Sayu really contemplated going to therapy. She had a serial killer with a God complex as her big brother and she had willingly decided to date a murderer with a lot of screws loose after all. Not to mention, she was friends with a fellow sociopath and a chocolate obsessed boy with a short temper and a penchant for arson who was responsible for her counterpart's trauma and near-death.


When she thought about it that way, she really did need therapy.

After all, who in their right mind would help their boyfriend hide a dead woman that said boyfriend had killed for shits and giggles?

"I can't believe I've become an accomplice to a murderer," Sayu muttered, using a shovel to start digging in the ground for the woman's left leg.

They had decided to bury pieces of the body all over the place. Sayu wasn't sure if it was Beyond being cautious or Beyond just wanting to fuck with the police if they ever found the body...or well, a limb.

"Ichigo-chan, ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black?"

Sayu threw the woman's left leg at Beyond. It hit him in the stomach and dropped down and he seemed to just get more amused.

"At least I haven't murdered anyone recently," Sayu huffed, continuing to dig a hole for the limb.

"It must be the cause of your frustration."

"I assure you, murder is not an outlet for me."

"Then, I'm the cause of your frustration."

Sayu lifted her head up to see Beyond playing with the leg's toes.

"Yes, you are considering—"

"Well, I wouldn't blame you. I'd want to have my way with m—"

"—I'm doing all the work here!"

Beyond paused to look at her, confused. "But I did most of the work."

"Murdering the damn woman doesn't count."

"I drove us to this forest."

"To bury a piece of a woman you murdered."

"I read online that sharing my hobbies with you is a good idea for a date."

Sayu almost face palmed, because of course that would be Beyond's idea of a date. And of course a part of her was pleased that he didn't shy away from his dark traits when it came to her.

Of course she was pleased it didn't seem like she was trying to fix him. She wasn't. She fell for the bastard the way he is. As far as she was concerned, there was nothing to fix.

"Well, next time I'll choose our date."

"You're probably going to keep me indoors with a crappy movie or a video game."

"I was actually thinking of having a make-out session on L's grave," Sayu jested.

She blinked when when Beyond didn't immediately answer.

In fact, he looked kind of dazed. He didn't even seem to notice that he dropped the limb he was playing with.

"Beyond? What's wrong? Is there blood on my cheek again?"

"I'm in love with you."

Sayu froze at the admission.

Out of all the places Beyond could have confessed —wait, he's in love with her? How could anyone fall in love with her?— he chose a forest in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Why couldn't he be like a normal boyfriend and confess on a romantic date or something? Then again, this was probably his definition of a romantic date, wasn't it?

Honestly, she should just break up with him.

Yet, why?

Why was she walking towards him?

Why was she caressing his cheeks?

"I'm only going to say this once. I'm in love with you too."


That's why.

It was like a switch had gone off inside them. Because one moment, she was staring at him as if he was the best thing that ever happened to her and he was staring at her as if she was the first person he's ever loved and the only person he needed.

The next moment her arms were wrapped around his neck and he had automatically hooked his arms beneath her thighs, supporting them as they were wrapped around him. And she didn't waste a second to meet his lips.

Beyond, for his part, was still in a daze as he took a few steps back at the sheer force Sayu had exhibited.

His foot got caught on a branch, causing him to fall down with Sayu still on top of it. The fall caused Sayu to pull away from him.

"B, I—"

Beyond leaned forward and captured Sayu's mouth in his own. She was his. Only his. No one else's. And he was going to show her.

'You're mine, Sayu Yagami...'

He played with the idea of using his mouth to make sure Sayu couldn't breath. To let Sayu die out of lack of oxygen while pleasing him.

Sayu yelped in pain as Beyond bit on her lips, hard.

"Fucking ba—"

He wasn't giving her the chance to say anything as he used his tongue to shut her up.

'Bastard!' Sayu thought, gripping tightly on his neck.

She was going to choke him. He was going to die while pleasing her. And he was going to love it as much as she would.

Realizing that she was running out of air and that Beyond had no intention of stopping, she bit his tongue hard enough to draw blood, causing him to pull his face away from her. She was pleased to see a bit of blood dripping down his chin.

She had made Beyond bleed and she was going to kill—

"Fuck!" Sayu yelped, loosening her grip on Beyond when he dug his nails onto her hips, "Stop!"

He obeyed.

"My, my, Ichigo-chan, did you really just try to kill me?"

Sayu almost rolled her eyes at how husky and pleased he sounded. As if he didn't enjoy it.

"Remember the whole pot calling the kettle black?"

Beyond laughed.

"I can't believe I love an idiot like you," Sayu still felt weird using the word 'love' when talking to or about Beyond.

"I can't either," Beyond admitted with a smirk, "Maybe crazy is contagious."

Sayu was too distracted by the blood dripping down his chin to answer him. Without thinking, she leaned forward and started licking it off of him. She immediately felt pleased when she heard Beyond make a sound of arousal.

In fact, she could literally feel his arousal.

"Ichigo-chan, there's a fine line between playing and just being a tease."

"Play with me," Sayu whined, pulling away. "I want you too."

Beyond looked smug to hear her admission as he tucked away a piece of hair behind her ear.

Their moment however was interrupted by the sound of Sayu's phone ringing. Both the brunette and the serial killer looked annoyed as Sayu pulled out her phone to reveal the caller to be L.

"I really want to kill that bastard."

"Welcome to the club, Ichigo-chan."


Sayu sighed, feeling content as she used a towel to dry her hair. It took a while, but she had finally managed to get all the dirt and blood off of her.

The woes of dating a serial killer.

"Is something wrong mom?" She asked, noticing Sachiko was giving her a knowing smile for some reason.

"You know you can tell me anything, right Sayu-chan?"

Sayu almost snorted. Yeah, of course she could tell Sachiko that she wasn't actually Sayu, that she had her own mafia, was dating a serial killer and just helped said serial killer bury parts of a corpse all around the place.

"What are you talking about mom?"

"I saw a boy drop you off earlier today~!" Sachiko giggled as if she was a schoolgirl and presented her phone to Sayu.

Sayu stared blankly at the image of her and Beyond making out while Beyond was on his bike.

Quickly, she grabbed her mother's phone, sent the image to her own phone and deleted it before her mother could register what she was doing.

"He's not..." Sayu trailed off, remembering that she and Beyond had confessed earlier, "Well, he is..."

Sachiko squealed in delight, "Bring him over one day!"

"...okay." No way.

"What's his name?"

"I'll let him introduce himself when he comes over."

"How did you two meet?"

"I tried to kill him and then he tried to kill me." Sayu deadpanned.

Sachiko chuckled, clearly not believing her as she continued with another question: "When did he ask you out?"

"Well, he asked me to go eat with him and then told me it was a date."

Sachiko smiled at that. "Does he love you?"

"I'm the only person who actually hangs out with him, so I guess."

"Do you love him?"


Sachiko's smiled grew wider, "How long have you two been dating?"

"I really don't know."

"Wow, you must have been together for quite a while now then."

"...actually, I really don't know. Maybe a week?" Sayu muttered to herself before shrugging.

"What career is he studying?"

"He dabbles in Law." Well, the opposite side of the Law at least.

"Interesting. Don't worry, I'll keep your secret."

"Good, otherwise I would have had to kill you."

Sachiko giggled, but Sayu's deadpan expression didn't change.

"Do you have any other secrets?"

"Yeah, I'm actually not Sayu."

Sachiko once again giggled, "You're joking ways haven't changed one bit. And here I thought mister mysterious boyfriend may have made you a bit more serious."

Before Sayu could reply, the doorbell rang.

Curious, she and her mother went to the door.

Sachiko looked through the peephole, "Oh, it's a blonde girl...I think I've seen her in a magazine before though."

"Ah! I left the curling iron on!" Sayu quickly lied and ran up the stairs, bumping into Light on her way to her room.


"Can't talk!"

"What's wrong with your sister, Light?"

Sayu shut her door behind her and locked it. She expertly navigated her way through the mess she called her room and grabbed her laptop.

She opened it and ran a software.

Suddenly, her screen was depicting Light's room.

"Please sit," Light's smooth voice sounded.

Sayu quickly put her headphones on and clicked to record.

"Ah, thank you..."

She watched as both Misa and Light took a seat. Misa, on a chair, and Light on his bed.

Her phone vibrated, causing her to sigh in relief. At least now she had a distraction from the cringe worthy scene that was playing out in front of her.

"Hello, Sayu Yagami speaking~" She answered without glancing at the caller ID.

"We didn't find anything in Aoyama," drawled Matt.

"Was the Second Kira even there?" Mello grumbled.

"Well, nice to hear from you two too. How was my day? Oh, it was fun. I spent it planning a scavenger hunt and then taking a nice shower. Thanks for asking."

"She sounds annoyed," Matt cleverly deduced.

"I should be the annoyed one. My day was spent working with that little shit named Near."

"What did he do this time?" Sayu sighed. It seemed like when she wasn't around, Mello and Near didn't bother trying to be affable or neutral towards one another.

Matt told her it was how they expressed their friendship, but Sayu was really starting to doubt the notion.

"He grabbed the last chocolate bar just to spite me!"

"It was low, even for him," Matt chimed in.

Sayu smiled. "We can go shopping for chocolate if you want, Mello. I know this sweets shop that's always opened near the hotel."

"Probably why L decided to stay at this dump," Matt grumbled.

"Have I mentioned that I hate you less than I hate Near?"

"Well, you just did."

"Get dressed up and get here in thirty minutes."

"Demanding," Sayu muttered and she looked back at her laptop to see Light hugging Misa. With a grimace, she saved the footage she had recorded and closed her laptop. Just to be safe, she hid her laptop away in her closet. "Is L there?"

"There's no way I'd let that guy into my room."

"Okay, I'll see you guys soon then," Sayu laughed, hanging up.

She quickly scrolled through her contacts and clicked on "Detective Asshole." She'd have to talk to Beyond about changing her contact names.

"Sayu, what a surprise," L's dull voice greeted her.

"I made a deal with L."

"Worst decision of your life, I promise you."

"I..." Sayu paused.

This was it. The moment she would betray her brother.

"G'night Nii."

"Good night Sayu-chan, I love you..."

"I love you too."

"Sayu?" L asked.

"Misa Amane is the second Kira."

With that, Sayu hung up and released a shaky breath. She didn't tell L about the footage. More like, she wasn't capable of doing it.

A bitter smile crept on her features and she began typing out a long message filled with instructions to Beyond.

"Looks like I just can't give up on you, Light..."


Kiraislove234: soon, Kira-sama will finally kill L!

Wife-of-Kira: Indeed! Then the world will be safe!

games&sarcasm: Well, not really. Kira might get bored and kill us all...lol xd

trollz098: How dare you? Kira is Justice! He never kills innocent people!

games&sarcasm: Have you watched the news lately? Kira's killed like a few cops and some tv dudes...

Wife-of-Kira: My darling would never harm the innocent! Those people were probably corrupt!

games&sarcasm: Of course, Kira would never harm an innocent. Anyone he kills is corrupt and we shouldn't question him.

Kiraislove234: I'm glad you've come around, games&sarcasm.

trollz098: Uh, guys, I think he was being sarcastic.

games&sarcasm: Here I thought everyone in this forum were idiots.


games&sarcasm: ohhh, I'm sooooo scared.

Wife-of-Kira: Filth like you are the reason why we need Kira.

games&sarcasm: Kira is filth.

Mello shook his head, "I can't believe you two decided to skip class to start a cyber war against fangirls."

Matt was smiling as Sayu typed out another sarcastic response to the idiots on the forum they were currently on. "Are you kidding me? This is the highlight of my day."

"Oh, don't be a killjoy Mello! You know you're secretly enjoying this."

Mello refused to confirm or deny Sayu's statement.

"Think L has arrested Misa already?" Matt wondered aloud, earning Sayu and Mello's attention.

"He's probably rubbing it in Kira's face as we speak."

Sayu simply nodded in agreement to Mello's statement, feeling a bit somber.

"We could pretend to be Kira on another forum," Mello suggested in order to break the sudden tension.

It worked, considering the mischievous smirks Sayu and Matt gained.

Sometimes, Mello wondered how he had managed to become friends with the trolls.

Oh right. It was either trolls or albino.


"Hello?" L's voice sounded.

Light resisted the urge to scowl, "Ryuuga...what are you doing with Misa's phone?"

"I found this cellphone during the earlier chaos."


It was probably when he grabbed Misa's butt.

Did L take him for an idiot?

"Like I said, it's Misa's phone. I'll return it to her later."

"Alright, but before you do I have something to tell you."


Light watched as L turned around to face him. His eyes widened at the smug look L was openly giving him. What was going on? Did L figure it out? No, he didn't have any proof. He may have proof that Misa was the second Kira. But L had nothing on him.

"Sayu-chan called me two days ago. We've become quite close friends, you see. She told me that Misa Amane is the Second Kira and that you, Light, are Kira."























Ryuk laughed.


"What the hell, L?!" Sayu roared in anger, stomping towards L with fury in her eyes.

No one tried to stop her as she grabbed L by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down towards her. "We had a deal, L!" She snarled, furious at the man in front of her who had the nerve to give her an innocent smile.

"Why are you mad Sayu? I'm a monster who lies, just like you."

Sayu reeled back her fist and then rammed it into L's face, satisfied to hear his nose crack.

In response and kicked her in her stomach, causing her to stumble back.

It was then that Matsuda, Soichiro and the others interjected. She struggled against Matt and Mello who were holding her back. "You bastard! I'm going to kill you!" She snarled at L.

"You really can pack a punch, Sayu," L observed, cradling his nose.

"Calm down Yagami," Near commanded. "Anger isn't going to solve anything."

Sayu glared at L.

"Quarter has nothing to do with the Kira case. Let her go."

"That remains to be proven."



Chapter End.



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"A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past." SI/Light's big sister. OC x ?

She Leaped Through Time

Misa commits suicide and wakes up in her three year old body. Time-travel.