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Chapter 1:

Perseus' POV

Pain. So much agonizing pain. It's the only thing I've felt for a millennia in my prison in Tartarus. The 'gods" as they call themselves, locked me here after my neutrality in the Titan War. Pathetic. I was already weakened from when my 'brother' Kronos and the rest of my kin tried to destroy me for not helping them. Being the eldest Titan, I easily crushed Kronos, but in the end, he subdued me with help from the rest of my brothers.

He tortured me for 5 years until I broke. I had no emotion. The only thing I knew was war. The Titanomachy was the war of ages. No war would be like it for the rest of eternity, For that's when the gods and Titans were at their strongest. Imagine this: 50 ft immortal beings fighting each other for a straight ten years, with nearly no rest. I had to have been the strongest. I was the only Titan the gods had trouble with after the war.

They couldn't seem to subdue me, at least, not until the rest of the Olympians were born. I was able to hide, but not for long. Phoebus Apollo and Artemis could always see me, just like Helios and Selene used too in the Golden Age. They found me, called the rest of the Olympians, and dragged me into Tartarus. My last words to them probably left Zeus unable to sleep for centuries. I looked him in the eye as he watched the rest of the gods do his dirty work.

I said, "You have subdued me for now, King of Olympus. But I WILL come back. I will crawl out of this Pit with my bare hands. Whether it be tomorrow, or a millenia. I will have my revenge. I will destroy both my brethren, the Titans, and you, the gods, and become this world's supreme ruler. I will tear down your precious Mount Olympus stone by stone. I swear it." Then he threw me into the pit, where I would rot until I had my vengeance.

Today felt…. different somehow. My Celestial bronze chains felt loose. My muscles were most likely wearing them down. It has been a millennia since I've first came here. I smirked. 'It's time', I thought. I flexed and broke my chains. I cackled with laughter. "HA! PREPARE YOURSELF, GODS OF OLYMPUS! YOUR DESTRUCTION IS AT HAND! I laughed for another 10 minutes or so, and took notice of my surroundings. I've always loathed this place. The red, desert-like ground, the black mist. I was close to the Primordial Nyx's Palace, near the deepest point in Tartarus: the Pit of Chaos.

After about 5 hours of walking, I came to a wall. This must be Hades's entrance to Tartarus, I thought. I looked at my hands which were calloused from years in the pit. I started climbing. The look on Hades's face when I come into his domain will be priceless.

Hades POV

After going through Thanatos's reports, I found everything back in order. It's been about 2 years since the second Gigantomachy, and the traffic is starting to let up. I picked up my Helm of Darkness, and morphed it into my pure black ipad.

I checked my security in the fields of punishment and watched as Sisyphus tried to push his boulder to the top of the hill. When it fell down, I bursted into laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, PERSEPHONE, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!" I nearly tumbled out of my throne. What I saw next made me stop. I looked even closer at my screen. That's odd… It looks like a hand, coming out of Tartarus. My eyes widened dramatically when I saw it pull the rest of it's body up. A large man of at least 40 ft tall came out. He had tangled jet black hair, a stubble beard, and his clothes were in tatters. His eyes were like liquid gold. I realized who it was. Oh Chaos, I thought. I flashed to Olympus immediately.

Poseidon POV

Another one of my brother's pointless 'emergency' meetings. I don't know why he brought all of us hear this time, but I'm sure it was only because he was bored. I was about to depart back to my palace, when a pure black flash appeared in the middle of the throne room. It was Hades.

"HADES! WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU MUST INTERRUPT OUR VERY URGENT MEETING?!" Zeus bellowed. Hades glared at him, but I swear on myself that he was was scared for some reason.

"ZEUS! A TITAN HAS CLIMBED OUT OF TARTARUS!" The room seemed to grow dark. I stood up.

"Hades, calm down. Who was it?" I asked urgently.

Hades looked very stressed. He gulped, and brought up an image. What me and my fellow Olympians saw was shocking. Just like Hades said, A large man with enough godly or titanly energy to match Gaea herself. I would hardly call him a Titan anymore.

Zeus paled. "I-Is that who I believe he is?"

Hades only nodded. "Indeed, brother. We are about to face an enemy long forgotten. My Brethren, we must put aside our differences for one last time, for this can be our end. We must face the gods bane, the Titan's bane himself. We must engage Perseus, the Eldest son of Gaea and Ouranos."

Chapter 2:

Perseus POV

After going through the River Styx in Charon's Ferry (Well, after I forced him to take me across), I decided to make an army. I was powerful but not as powerful as the entire Olympian Council. Yet, I thought. Kronos almost achieved this when he possessed that piece of demigod scum. Pathetic. It was even a son of the messenger. Even worse. Funny, he was defeated even before the gods came! I had a good laugh listening to this from my younger brother Oceanus. You probably wondering, Why don't I hate Oceanus? Well that's because in the first Titanomachy, he was neutral.

He sent some kind of seal demon to tell me this. A telkhine I think? Anyway, I thought. How am I gonna build an army? I stroked my short beard in thought. A few minutes later, I suddenly came up with an idea. Ah, yes. That might just work…

3 days later

I'm surprised the Olympians haven't come after me yet. I'm still in a very weakened state. Since I've been in the underworld, the only thing that has kept me alive has been willpower and sheer power alone. I haven't even had any food or water to eat or drink. The drink part will most likely be satisfied when I get to Oceanus's palace in what's now called the Atlantic Ocean. I came out of the entrance to the underworld in a place called 'Hollywood' in 'California'. Many things have changed since my days.

Technological advances, new, better range weapons, and the lowly insects that walk around now are so much more civilised than they were in the Golden Age. Something us Titans would never have allowed during that age. We ruled absolute. Nothing could combat the might of the Titans!

As I push these thoughts away, I try to sense Oceanus's divine energy near the bottom of the Ocean. I was near the beach, so it should be pretty easy to find him. Ah! There he is… I flash to the source and land in a large underwater palace. It had lanterns made of purple coral going up and down the hallways. The floor was made with aqua quartz, much like normal quartz, except more blue in color. It looked absolutely marvelous. With me being the Titan of the Sky, I was never really acquainted with designs like this.

I looked around to see a certain large man with a double finned fish tail, big, puffy dark green hair with what seemed to be Lobster claws poking through at the top. He was lying on his back on the floor, most likely in surprise. When he realized who it was, he smiled widely.

"Perseus! You're finally out of Tartarus!" He exclaimed excitingly.

I nod. "Indeed I am, brother." I smile back at him.

He straightens himself after picking himself off the floor. "Well, I hate to ask this, but what do you need, Perseus?"

I smirk. "I need your help. We are going to wage war on Olympus, yet again!"

Oceanus looked very skeptical. "I don't know brother, Kronos has already tried and failed. Our half-brothers, the Giants, have also failed."

I shook my head in disgust. "Kronos was a brat. A very lucky brat. He was mother's favorite. That's the only reason he got the scythe. Might I need to remind you that I was going to be father's heir before our other brothers killed him? Plus, the Giants were born failures. They failed miserably the first time, and I have no doubts that the second time was exactly the same as the first. Am I right?"

Oceanus nodded. "Kronos did indeed bite off more than he could chew, as the mortals now say. what is your plan brother, if we do strike against the Olympians?"

I sighed. "First I have to recover. I need to be at full power, and imprisonment in Tartarus is not the best workout plan. I need to train, unlike what my brothers did in the second Titanomachy. Seriously, Oceanus, what were you all thinking?"

Oceanus gave a heavy sigh. "We underestimated the gods. As much as I hate to say this, they were stronger than us. We are older, more primal, more time not training in my opinion. The gods are young, but they obviously have more power than us."

I shook my head. "By Chaos, Oceanus! We are younger than the Primordials, but does that make us stronger than them?" Oceanus shook his head side to side. "We lost the war both times because we were lazy! Get the rest of the Titans that escaped unnoticed. Perses, Pallas, Lelantos! They will train, and help me raise this army! I will have my revenge on those that have wronged me. Kronos, Iapetus, Koios, even Atlas. I WILL DESTROY THEM ALL!"

Oceanus glanced at me fearfully before going to arrange a meeting with the other Titans. This is perfect. I will go help him arrange a meeting. I need a palace to work with though….

Khris POV (Son of Poseidon in Percy's place)

Life after the Titan War was great. I've been going around, hooking up with a bunch of the girls around camp. You might ask, 'Khris, don't you have Annabeth?". That, my friend, is true. She is always on Olympus redesigning, and I came to the conclusion to break up with her. She's a daughter of my father's rival. Why would I date her? I broke up with her right after the second Giant war after we defeated Gaea. On the bright side, I get to have my fun with as many daughters of Aphrodite as I want. I just need to work on remembering their names…

Chapter 3:

Perseus POV

It's been millennia since I've last stood here. Standing on what used to be Othrys brought back good and bad memories. Me being forced and tortured to enter the war, my training as the rightful heir by my father, and even my birth. I was here for one reason. Atlas. I see him under a dark, spiral of air seemingly on top of his shoulders. I walk towards him with my objective: break him. I hate him very much, but he will be a good soldier. I just have to break him. I walk behind where he was struggling, and leaned down to his left ear. I whispered.

"Karma's one hell of a bitch, am I right?" He turns his head, and see's me.

Atlas snickers and groans. "Hey there, Perseus. Finally escaped Tartarus, I see. Thank Chaos. Would you happen to want to hold my burden for me?"

I shake in rage. How can this piece of trash talk to me like that? I stomp my foot on his foot, and use my Titanly strength to increase the pressure. I smirk as I hear his bones crack. He grunts, and lets out a short scream.

"Be careful you imbecile! You don't want to drop Ouranos, do you?" I taunt. I will break his bones until I'm satisfied. He did the same to me during the Titan war, except I was bound in chains.

Atlas laughs. "I bet you want me to drop him, huh, you suicidal bastard? I heard you want to wage war on Olympus again. Hurry up and go kill yourself."

I put his head in my hands and squeeze both sides. "Listen Atlas, You will serve me. I will force you too! Just like you forced me all those years ago! Or should I say Kronos did? I remember you being his little bitch." He screams again.

Atlas yells. "Stop! I'll drop the sky if you continue! I will kill everything within a hundred leagues of this place. I don't care how strong you are now, not even you will be able to withstand it, Mr. 'Titan of the Sky'."

I laugh at Atlas's claims. "Go ahead. Drop the sky."

I kick Atlas so hard, he goes flying from where he was carrying his burden. He stood up quickly. 'You fool, You've killed us all!" The sky makes contact with the ground, and nothing happens. It just thins out. I laugh harder. Atlas' jaw is wide open. "H-how-."

"Atlas, do you know what that means?" He shakes his head. "Why would you need to hold Ouranos, when he is fully capable himself to stay off the ground?"

Atlas pales again. "You mean-"

"Yes Atlas. Ouranos is reforming as we speak. He has been since he was castrated. Nothing will be able to stop him. This WILL be the end. After Olympus has fallen, I will ascend to my birthright! My rightful place as the ruler of the universe!" I spread my arms. I look Atlas dead in the eye with my golden eyes. "Now Atlas, We can do this the easy way or the hard way, as the mortals now say it. Honestly, you have no choice in the matter. I will torture you everyday to the brink of death, and heal you so we can do the same the very next day. Now come along, 'my little nephew'. Big things are happening."

Zeus POV

"Now Athena. It's been a full week since Perseus has escaped from Tartarus, and I've felt a change in the air. What is it you think is happening?" I ask my daughter. We are now in a war council. After this meeting, we will call upon the demigods once again for war.

"Well father, there are multiple reasons as to why there has been a shift in the air. They are simply not in your control anymore. Perseus has ascended to his full power, and it looks like he has convinced the wind gods to abandon us, which is very bad news." I nod as Athena speaks.

"Artemis, do you think that both you and Apollo can kill Perseus?" Artemis nods at both me and Apollo. They both flash out immediately.

I turn to my brothers. Poseidon is next to me in his throne and Hades is sitting in a very simple stone chair near the middle of the throne room. "Poseidon, look and see what Oceanus's movements are in your domain. He could very well be plotting with his brother." Poseidon nods and flashes out in a salty sea breeze. Finally, I turn to Hades.

"Hades, try to keep the monsters from escaping Tartarus. Have Thanatos secure the doors of death as soon as possible." Hades, like the others, flashes into black mist to get his duty done. I look to the remaining Olympians. "Hephaestus, we need armor and weapons for the demigods. This could be the worst war we've seen since the First Titan War." Hephaestus nods.

"Aye. I will begin immediately." Hephaestus flashes out in a column of fire and black smoke.

"Ares, help Dionysus ready the demigods for war. We need an army of disciplined soldiers. The seven of the great prophecy will lead the demigods into war! Listen hear, Olympians. OLYMPUS WILL PREVAIL!" The remainders of the council in the throne room pound their weapons in approval. I nod my head. "It's time to see who really is the king of the skies, Perseus. I will deal with you myself..."

Chapter 4:

Perseus POV

The days leading up to Ouranos' awakening are starting to get better. Atlas is locked inside a cage in my palace's dungeon. Speaking of my palace, it looks great. It's made of entirely black quartz. Plain and simple, just how I like it.

Oceanus. Lelantos, Perses, Pallas, Mnemosyne, and the minor wind gods are waiting for me in my council room. I push open my 60 ft dark bronze doors and go sit on my new throne. It is different from the average throne. It has Celestial bronze chains hanging from both sides and my weapon holster right beside it. It will have my weapon in it soon, after phase two of my ten step plan is completed. I assume my 40 ft form and take a seat. My council is in a big U- shape. On my right is Oceanus, Lelantos, and Perses. On my left is Mnemosyne, Pallas, and the minor wind gods we convinced to join our cause.

"Well, brother, sister, nephews, minor gods. I welcome you to my palace. So Oceanus, how is phase two coming along?"

Oceanus speaks. "I am waging war with Poseidon as we speak. A stealth mission to take the cyclopes is underway as well. We will dip them in the Lethe in the underworld and bring them here to start progress on your 'special project as soon as possible."

I nod. "Give me a date and time."

"They will be here in 36 hours."

I smirk. "Excellent. Pallas, Perses, Lelantos, how is your training coming along? We will need you at full strength as soon as possible."

They all look my way, with proud smiles on their faces. Pallas speaks for them. "Training is splendid Milord, and we will complete it in a week's time."

I smile yet again. "That's great news! Aeolus, Boreas, Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus, have you taken control of the winds? Or are they still somewhat in Zeus's control?"

They all look at me. Aeolus speaks up for them all. "Yes Milord, Zeus no longer has control with the winds. Only with lightning and thunder."

"Wonderful! Sister, Mnemosyne, have the Olympians taken the bait?" I had her spy on the Olympian's war councils lately, so we are one step ahead of them.

"Yes brother, They have sent Phoebus Apollo and Artemis to search for you so they can find and capture you before you reached full power." I laugh. Look's like they are a little too late. I've been recovered for two days now. I might hate the gods and some of my brethren, but they have one hell of a healing system. After only eating 20 squares of ambrosia and 25 flasks of nectar, I felt good as new.

"Even better. Now, by the end of this week, we will have enough resources to take on Olympus. Perses, I need you and your brother Pallas to gather the monsters and train them so they can give more of a fight. The monsters need to be able to fight the demigods. The demigods are our only problem. They are the only things that we need to look out for. Especially the seven of the last great prophecy. Among their ranks is a Roman Son of Jupiter, a greek son of Poseidon, and a roman daughter of Pluto." Both of them nod, and flash out.

"Great, everything is coming into place. Only 2 months until Ouranos' ultimate revival on top of mount Othrys. Until then, I bid you all farewell. MEETING ADJOURNED!" I pound my fist against my arm rest on my throne, and the council begin to flash out to carry out their duties. All except one.

"Mnemosyne, what is it sister?"

She walks toward me with her eyebrow raised. "Is Ouranos really awakening, or are you ascending?"

I look at her seriously. "He is rising, sister. My power might still be growing, but he will be stronger than me when he awakens. He is our father, a primordial." I spread my arms. "I can only hope that I can reach that level of power. I might be able to soon though. As the mortals say now, if I play my cards right, I will reach his level of power. I'm already at what mother's weakened state of power was, but father was always stronger. At least in his domain that is." I look at her again. "What is this about, Mnemosyne? You should've been able to figure this out. You were always smarter than the rest of us during the Golden Age."

She shook her head. "No brother, you were the cunning one. The eldest of us all. You were the true heir to father's throne. The only reason you weren't was because mother changed that. She played fate. Kronos was never supposed to lead. You were supposed to battle father, so why are you siding with him now? You were born to kill him, so why? It doesn't make sense."

I grinned. "Are you stumped, sister? I'm siding with him because he is looking for the same thing I'm looking for. Revenge against his other children, the ones who played a part in his death. I knew he would eventually reform even stronger than he was before. If I killed him then, he would return and torture me for eternity. Something worse than imprisonment in Tartarus. He would throw me into the pit of Chaos, where I would fade over and over again. I want to see him do that to Kronos. I want to see his face when he sees father again."

I grin maniacally. "Then I'm going to throw him in myself."

Chapter 5:

Third Person POV

After Perseus's uprising from Tartarus, many monsters have begun to rise out of Tartarus faster in order to help their new lord. The Olympians have taken note of this, and have already called upon the demigods to help with this war. The seven have taken their roles as leaders of the demigod army, made up of both camps; Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood. The gods have already called a meeting, and discussed the war at hand with the army made up of their children.

Athena POV

This will be a hard first battle indeed. The demigods have discussed this with me and my fellow Olympians. With an army of roughly 450 demigods, I feel that we can take Mount Othrys yet again. At the moment, the demigods seem to be safe. The seven will Iris message us when they get to the top, then we will all flash there to do battle with Perseus and his army.

I begin speaking to the council. "As I was saying, This war needs to be won fast. Artemis and Apollo, you said that you couldn't find Perseus?"

Both twins shook their head. "No, we didn't want to risk being caught, so we stayed away from Othrys", Artemis said.

I nodded. "My fellow Olympians, and Hades. Perseus is no ordinary Titan. He was born as Ouranos' chosen heir to his throne as ruler of the Titans, but Gaea disrupted this when she gave the scythe to Kronos, and Kronos took the throne. Perseus is most likely the strongest Titan, being the first born of the Titans. Last time we checked when he climbed out of Tartarus, he was on par with Gaea. He was even stronger than Kronos. We need to join forces to destroy him so he will never come out of Tartarus again."

All of the other council members pounded their weapons in approval. As I was about to speak again, an Iris message appeared in the middle of the Throne room. When the picture was clear, we saw one of the members of the seven, Jason.

He bowed. "Greetings, Olympians. We have an update. We have reached Mount Othrys, but it looks the same as It always has. Although, Atlas is not here, there seems to be no one holding the sky up, yet nothing has been crushed."

I stare at the screen confused. That makes no sense. If he's not on Mount Othrys, and Atlas is gone while no one is holding the sky, then where is Perseus, and how has the sky not flattened the Earth yet? I gasp in fear. Wait, this could only mean-.

My thoughts are interrupted with yet another Iris message. A man appeared in the mist. He was sitting in a large, black throne with chains hanging from either side. He had jet black hair, a classic white toga, black, ancient greek style he was about 40 ft tall. He had his hand holding up his head, with his eyes closed. It was fairly obvious who it was. Before I could say anything, my father began to speak.

"Perseus…" Zeus said through clenched teeth.

The man opened his eyes and smirked. He had liquid gold eyes, a little lighter than they were the first time we subdued him in Tartarus. "Why hello, Zeus! How are you today, nephew?" He sounded too cheerful for a Titan Lord in my opinion.

"What are you planning, Perseus?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing much, just your deaths, along with the deaths of some of my other brothers. Anyway, I assume you have figured out about Atlas right? Now Pallas Athena, you are probably thinking right now, 'Where are you Perseus? Why is Atlas not holding the sky?' Well, it's simple really. It's because he doesn't need to hold Ouranos! He's already had enough of Gaea. Do you realize what that means, little Olympians?" Perseus sneered.

I had deciphered what that meant already. My eyes widened on my discovery. "Ouranos is awakening." Many of the Olympians freaked out.

"Well, I have to get to planning your downfall. Goodbye." Perseus' hand swiping through the message was the last thing I saw. The council was yelling and screaming like mortal children. At least they did before father got their attention.

"SILENCE!" He threw his lightning bolt into the middle of the throne room, silencing us all. "We will NOT let a Titan come close to destroying us again! We will destroy Perseus and keep Ouranos from awakening!"

I cleared my head and spoke after Zeus. "If Perseus is not at Mount Othrys in San Francisco, that must mean he is at the original Mount Othrys in Greece. Tell the demigods! If the wind gods are no longer on our side, then we will have to travel by water." I glare at Poseidon.

He glares back. "What?!"

"Poseidon, I hate to say this, but you must help the demigods reach Greece. It will be a difficult journey, due to your war with Oceanus, but the boats must be your top priority. Can your cyclops help with building the boats?"

Poseidon sighed heavily. "Normally they would, but they have been taken from the underwater forges. Probably taken by Oceanus to supply Perseus's army. Unfortunately, I have not the slightest clue of where they are being kept."

I pinch the bridge of my nose in annoyance of his stupidity. "You didn't think to watch them during Oceanus's raids and attacks?!" Poseidon ignored me like usual. "Fine, Hephaestus, can you work with your children and build ships similar to the Argo II's design?" I ask. I look at him as he scratches his ember filled beard.

"Aye, I will have them finished in 1 month and a half's time," Hephaestus exclaimed proudly. I sigh gladly. Thankfully, father began to close the meeting.

"Ok, my fellow Olympians, go help the demigods! Prepare them further until the ships are completed. OLYMPUS SHALL NOT PERISH!" Weapons pound in approval to this statement.

Chaos, he is so theatrical. He says something like this during every meeting…

A/N By the way, here are the descriptions of Lelantos, Perseus, Pallas, and Mnemosyne as given to me by Trevor607.

Lelantos- long black hair, dark green eyes, wears a camo jacket with a black t-shirt along with a long, stygian ice long bow strapped to his back, hunting knives strapped to his thighs with brown pants.

Perses- short brown hair, red eyes, wears a drakon scale jacket ( So like leather), two dual wield, Titan Platinum xiphos, in sheaths on his back, and black baggy jeans.

Pallas- Black hair with buzzcut, Stygian Ice Broadsword strapped to his back, red eyes like his brother, black armour, with a blood red cape. Also has a Stygian Iron spear strapped to his back, crossing over his sword.

Mnemosyne- Blonde hair, purple eyes, usually wears a long, greek sleeveless, white dress, but in battle changes to silver armour and has two celestial bronze knives strapped to each side of her waist.