A Ghost Town From The Past

I don't own Transformers RID 2015, or the characters. I wish I did but unfortunately I don't own them.

Inspired by the episode "Ghosts and Imposters," and the song 'Silent Scream' by Damien Dawn.

As everyone exited the bridged they looked around. Bumblebee smiled sadly as he thought this area looked like the place where the Autobot Base Omega One used to be. But it was destroyed many years ago when the war shifted in the Decepticons favor. He shifted that thought to the back of his mind, 'Those days are over, the war is over.' He vented and smiled, "See? Isn't it beautiful?" He frowned when no one answered and he looked behind him, all of his team mates looked liked they were bored. Bee rubbed between his optics, something he picked up from the humans so long ago. "Oh come on! This is great, you can go as fast as you want out here." Strongarm frowned and crossed her arms, "You could if there weren't so many holes out here, they could cause a lot of damage."

Sideswipe jumped forward and pointed at the femme, "Wait, so you don't like it out here?" Strongarm's optics narrowed and slowly nodded in agreement. Sideswipe grinned and transformed in his alt. mode, "In that case I love it here!" His tires spun and he shot off in a cloud of dust. As the cloud of dust disappeared Strongarm was almost growling in frustration. "Sideswipe wait! You don't know what's out here," she yelled. She jumped up and transformed into her alt. mode and sped off to try to catch up to the speeding Sideswipe.

Bumblebee looked at Drift as he vented, "Those two should just tell each other already." Grimlock scratched his helm, "Tell each other what?" Bee walked up to the dinobot and put his hand on the dinobot's shoulder, "It's nothing Grim, but let's go catch up to them." When Dift and Bee were done transforming, the two Autobots and dinobot followed the trail the other two left behind. Dift and Bee kept the speed pretty low so Grimlock could keep up.

About five minutes into driving Bee looked at his surroundings looking at every detail. This place was so familiar he thought. Maybe he patrolled here when he was part of Team Prime but something in his mind said that wasn't it.

"Hey guys, we found something," Sideswipe's voice came over the comms. "What did you find? A Decepticon?" There was a moment of silence, "Better see for yourself." Bee put on a burst of speed, "Well you heard Sideswipe, come on." Drift put on some speed as well but unfortunately Grimlock could not keep up, "You guys go ahead, I'll catch up." "Okay Grim," Bee shifted gears and floored it as did Drift.

As they were driving Bee noticed they were driving on a highway, but since it was covered in sand he didn't notice it until now. 'This road must not be in use anymore,' he thought. But as he was thinking Bee almost ran into Drift, "Bumblebee, you should focus more on what is around you rather than what is in your mind." Bumblebee corrected himself, "Sorry Drift, I-" Bee slammed on his brakes and transformed and froze in shock. Drift slowed down and went in reverse to sit by Bumblebee's side, "What is it Bumblebee?" The leader said nothing but continued to stare at a green sign on the side on the road. Drift transformed and looked at the sign, to him the only thing wrong with it was that the metal was rusted and one of the metal poles that held it up was almost broken in half. "Bumblebee, what is wrong?" Bee shook his helm and transformed again and sped off. Drift looked at his speeding leader and looked back at the sign. He shrugged and transformed and sped after Bee. He didn't understand why Bumblebee was so shocked by an old rusty sign that read, Jasper, 5 miles.

Bumblebee was going fast, about 110 mph to be precise but his mind was not on his speed but of the past. 'It couldn't be, could it?' He slowed down as he spotted Strongarm and Sideswipe up ahead. He stopped and transformed but walked past the other Autobots and ignored the "Sir?" and the "Bee?" He didn't notice the other bots run to him as he fell to his knees. He opened his mouth opened to say something to his friends but he closed it when he realized that no words would escape him. He couldn't stop the tears as they ran down his face and on to the ground.

This was the place where he met Raf, Miko and Jack all those years ago. The place where he met his best friend. The place where he could run away to cool down or to take a drive just to relax. The place where he would pick up Raf every day after school. The place where he thought he could call his second home. The place of Team Prime's first big failure. The place where so many humans died. The place where the Raf's and Miko's families died. The place where Darkmount used to stand. This place was where Jasper used to stand but now it is a destroyed town that reminded him all to well of Cybertron during the war.

The only time he went to Jasper after it was destroyed was when he was storming Darkmount with his fellow Autobots to try and kill Megatron once and for all. To make sure Optimus's sacrifice was not in vain. He never really got a good look at Jasper when he was storming Darkmount so he never really saw what exactly happened to the town but now, he wished he never lain optics on this town. This place of sorrow and failure reminded him of the war of Cybertron. It reminded him of all the things he did during the war, all the bots and femmes he killed in the name of peace. It reminded him of all the friends he lost in the war, of all the friends he saw die. It reminded him of the war.

Jasper once served as a place to relax and to forget the war but now, it was a ghost town that held so many memoires. Jasper was now a ghost town from the past.

A/N... When I watched Transformers RID episode "Ghosts and Imposters," I had an idea where Bee and his group ends up in the ruins of Jasper and Bumblebee is overwhelmed by it's destruction. I know Raf's family and Miko's host parents didn't die in Transformers Prime but I think it adds to the spark ache. Sorry if there is any OC in the characters, this is the first fanfiction I have done with the Transformers RID characters. Tell me if I should continue this, like what the others think about Jasper and about Bumblebee's breakdown but for now it's complete.