Chapter 47: The new beginning

He pushed his chair back and stood up. Straightening his suit jacket before reaching for his champagne glass on the table and lifting it in the air. He cleared his throat to get everyones attention. Looking at his parents seated across the table he smiled. As always they were flirting and kissing. The way he had grown accustomed to seeing them was making his heart swell. He was filled with pride. His parents had always been affectionate, never afraid of showing their deep feelings for one another be it in public or private.

He was missing the love of his life, more and more with each passing day. He was hoping his Mrs Grey would come home. Make the dark and lonely penthouse a sanctuary again, make it their home. He pushed those depressing thoughts away as he widened his smile. Today was about his parents, not the lonely life he was leading.

"Ladies and gentlemen!"

He started with a clear voice and looked around the room. Only when gaining everyones attention did he divert his eyes back to his parents and slightly bowed his head to them as he continued speaking.

"Mom and dad. I won't take up much time from the celebration, it is your anniversary. I just wanted to say a couple of words. Looking at the two of you I see nothing but love. Growing up I was a witness to your everlasting, all consuming love. I hope that I one day will be blessed with such a powerful feeling"

He stopped to take a deep breath, pushing the memories that flooded his mind. He had loved her since he saw her for the first time. He had loved her more when they had married. And he still loved her. His heart ached for her. He wanted her back. Craving to show her how powerful his love for her was. Seeing his mothers tear filled eyes he swallowed the lump in his throat and continued while raising his champagne glass a bit higher.

"To Mr and Mrs Grey, may you last forever. Cheers"

Everyone raised their glasses to his parents and took a sip before the room erupted in claps and cheers. He emptied his champagne glass and set it down. He walked around the table to his parents and wiped away one of his mothers fallen tears.

"I love you so much"

She whispered as she pulled him to her and held him tightly. He pulled away, holding her shoulders and kissed her forehead. His father clapped his back.

"Thank you son. That was a beautiful speech"

He only nodded in response before giving his father a quick hug.

Walking away from the table he picked up his empty whiskey glass and headed for the bar. He needed something strong. Coming home always reminded him of what he was missing in his life. He had made the decision to live permanently in New York, but the city kept reminding him of what he had lost years ago.

"One more please"

He said to the bartender and sat down the empty glass on the countertop and pushed it towards him. The bartender nodded and turned to retrieve the bottle. He fisted his hands as more memories flooded his mind. He remembered how she smelled, the sound of her voice, how beautiful she was in the morning and how wonderful her body felt when making love. He took a deep breath and exhaled while extending his fingers and placing his palms on the countertop. He felt his right hand being squeezed and looked over at the beautiful brunette standing next to him. His sister looked at him with sadness in her eyes. She knew exactly what he was thinking about. Being with the family, everyone still asking about her made it much more difficult. The happiness in the room was suffocating him. She knew what he lost all those years ago. Or rather who he lost. He gave her a warm smile.

"I'm fine"

He said reassuringly. His voice didn´t crack, but judging by the look on his sisters face she didn´t believe him. He was grateful she didn´t push for an answer. She simply nodded and walked away. The bartender pushed the glass back to him, now filled with whiskey. He took the glass and nodded to the bartender in appreciation. Turning around he faced the room again. Taking a big sip of his glass he pushed the depressing thoughts away. Thoughts of long brown hair, soft skin and angelic voice. He took a few more sips and put down his now empty whiskey glass. He needed fresh air.

He walked towards the exit, only to be stopped on his way several times. Family and friends hadn´t seen him for so long and wanted to catch up. He only came home when necessary, mostly because of business. On few occasions did he come home for pleasantries. He had become bitter and distant.

He exchanged a few words with everyone, not engaging in long conversations and they all new better. They let him go quickly. Few minutes later he found himself outside. He pulled out his phone and punched her number. He had done that so many times, but he never went through with the call. Once again he found himself lacking the courage to do so. Gripping his phone until his knuckles turned white he was seconds away from throwing it into the red brick wall, but voices interrupted him.

He turned to look at the giggling couple behind him. Too old for acting like lovesick ass grabbing teenagers, but that was a sight he was all too accustomed to.

"Oh Ana I cannot wait to get you home and in our bed"

"Ha ha ha Christian, I really don´t think we´ll make it that far"

He cleared his throat

"Ehm guys, your son is present so please keep the sex talk to a minimum"

His parents turned to face him and he gave them a little wave. His mother put her beet red face in her hands to hide her embarrassment his father simply laughed

"Teddy! Come on sex is only natural when to people love each other"

He cringed at his fathers words. He wished his parents were more conservative, but then again he was happy to have been raised in a family where he was witnessed to faithfulness, affection and trust. He knew that there would never be another woman for Christian Grey then Anastasia Grey, nor would there ever be another man in his mothers life to replace his father. Gazing at the lovestruck couple he waved them off as they entered the SUV, driving away with Taylor.

He walked away from the restaurant. Now that his parents where gone he didn´t have a reason to stay at the party. He sent a quick text to Reynolds, his personal security, to let him know he would be walking back to Escala. He needed some time to himself.

While he walked through the dark streets of Seattle his mind wandered off to the only woman he had ever loved and would ever love. He knew she still lived in London. He had kept close tabs on her.

He sighed and loosened his tie. He was suffocating. His phone vibrated in his pocket. As he held it in his hands the all too familiar number flashed on his phone. Her number. Squeezing his phone he answered the call.


He said barely above a whisper. For several seconds it was quiet. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe he had wished it was her so badly he had seen the wrong number. He looked at the screen again. It was her. Bringing the phone back to his ear he could hear her heavy breathing.

"Yes Theo, it´s me"

Her soft voice said. He took deep breaths to calm his erratic heart. He hadn´t heard her voice in so long.

"I´m coming back"

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