Chapter 21: Next Stop Everywhere

As they waited outside the TARDIS, Sky and ID has already went inside, Alex and Ahsoka were discussing their future together and what it meant for the relationship. Three months had passed since Alex had stopped the Shadow Master and his plans to destroy the Jedi Council.

His scar on his right eye still showed although it didn't hurt much anymore. He had to were corrective lenses now in order to see better. Alex didn't mind them although Sky and Ahsoka didn't like them one bit.

"Glasses" Alex said laughing "are cool" well at least Sky and Ahsoka agree on one thing, it didn't help the fact that Sky would be seeing his brother less and less now as he was in a fully committed relationship with Ahsoka. And he had Jedi training with Anakin.

"Hey" Ahsoka said as Alex saw her, they embraced in a hug and kissed passionately for a few minutes until Alex had to brake away. The TARDIS stood right next to them ready for their departure.

The Jedi council had authorised Alex to use as his vehicle as a method to help with his Avatar training and to get to the four nations. However they said they could use it for other things as well such as bringing balance back to the universe.

"Hey" Alex said and he looked away in the three months that had passed Ahsoka had grown more taller and her leeku had grown, even though they were in a committed relationship Alex still worried about other things.

"Don't worry" Ahsoka said as they entered through the open doors of the TARDIS "that'll never happen"

"I know" Alex said bounding up to the console and shutting the doors as he turned to face the others in the room he smiled "so everyone" he smiled at this and laughed "all of time and space all to ourselves!"

"It's still a weird feeling" Sky said "I'd never thought I'd see this" at this all Alex could do was laugh and say

"I know" he patted his brother on the shoulder "but" at this Ahsoka sighed

"There's always a but isn't there?"

"Yes" Alex laughed "the Knights of Darkness our still out there and there's still the matter of the Trickster and" at this Sky cut him off

"The prophecy"

"Yes the mysterious prophecy" Alex said "we still, don't know what that means for the future, and" he directed this towards Sky and Ahsoka "for us"

"It says I will turn to the Dark Side" said Sky at this all Alex could do was comfort his brother

"We don't know it says that" but to be honest he knew he was lying, to cheer up Sky he pressed some buttons on the console and the scanner shifted into life. As the familair sound of the TARDIS taking off was heard Ahsoka bounded towards the console and faced Alex.

"So" he said laughing together then he turned to face the console "all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will?" He turned round and directed this towards Sky and Ahsoka "where do you wanna start?"'

At this all Sky could do was simple laugh and say "your choice bro," at this Alex smiled and put some random coordinates in.

He then turned to face Ahsoka and said "next stop everywhere" at this he then took her by the waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss, a kiss to which she didn't object. And this was the best day of Alex's life

Perfect he thought everything was just perfect! And the TARDIS began it's never ending journey through the time vortex...