Chance Meetings – Prelude

The following short stories are based on a comment I made during a trip to Liège (Belgium). We had booked a hotel that turned out to be some kind of motel. Lying awake during the night and letting my mind drift I told my travel mate that if there is a Chevy Impala in the parking lot in the morning, something went wrong – regardless of the unlikely-ness of the Winchesters turning up in Belgium.

Anyway, through this comment the idea was born to take a look at different scenarios where the brothers and other characters would be confronted with people that have read the in-universe Supernatural books by Carver Edlund/Chuck Shurley.

I currently have ideas for several stories that I'll post whenever I get around to type them.
But as I think that this is an interesting concept:

Feel free to send/leave me prompts with settings, situations and characters and I'll try to turn them into a proper story.
Though, I wont promise to write something for every entry.

I'll try to publish the chapters switching between the brothers and a side character.
So far the plan is as follows (though it might change - those with titles are published):

1. Dean & Sam: A Thoughtless Comment

2. Crowley: Deal or no Deal

3. Dean & Sam: A different Opinion

4. Castiel: An Angel by any other Name

5. Dean & Sam: The Book of Siblings

6. Lucifer: Saturday Satan

7. Dean & Sam: Basically the Same

8. Death: Pie Time

9. Dean & Sam

10. Gabriel

11. Dean & Sam

12. Crowley

13. Dean & Sam

14. Becky

15. Dean & Sam (Crowley)

16. Azazel

17. Dean & Sam = Possibility to add your own prompt

18. Cain

19. Dean & Sam = Possibility to add your own prompt

20. Crowley & Castiel

21. Dean & Sam = Possibility to add your own prompt


Long story short: Have fun reading and enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer for all the following chapters: I obviously don't own the rights to Supernatural and its characters.