Epilogue-A Little Way Down the Road

Edward pulled me closer as we swayed to the music. I sighed and nuzzled into his chest, loving the way his arms felt around my waist.

"Are you almost ready to get out of here?" he asked, nibbling my ear.

Instead of answering him, I grabbed his ass, causing him to laugh. I turned my face up to his. "You know I am. Let's go say bye to the happy couple."

We walked hand in hand to the main table so I could hug Maggie and Liam. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Murphy. We wish you all the happiness in the world," I said.

Maggie stood to embrace us. "Thanks for everything, Bella. We couldn't have done this without you and Edward."

"Damn straight," Edward agreed. "Where else could you have had such a short notice reception?"

"No clue," she agreed, looking around at the balloons and crepe paper that we'd spent hours decorating The Library with.

"Thanks, you two." Liam wrapped his arms around us.

"You're welcome, Liam. Take good care of my bestie for me." I patted Maggie's expanding belly. Their daughter Siobhan was due in six weeks.

"Get off me, woman!" Maggie shrieked. "If you wanted to touch a pregnant belly, get one of your own."

Edward and I locked eyes as I shuddered. "No thanks," I said. "The only babies in our lives will be other people's."

"Are you sure about that?" Liam asked looking us over. "You've already been married for a year."

"We're quite happy being childless. But there could be a dog later on down the road," Edward commented.

"A dog I can handle," I agreed. We hugged Liam and Maggie once more before making the rounds to say good bye to the other guests. Overall, it had been a pretty subtle affair. Had Maggie not suddenly decided she wanted to get married prior to having Siobhan, we might have had a bit more class for her reception. Then again, since it's Maggie, maybe not.

Edward and I strolled hand in hand back to our house. Once we realized how serious we were, I sold my house and moved into his, since it was just up the road from the bar. Not long after I moved in, Edward proposed, and we had a very small wedding on the beach last year. Things have been pretty great since.

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